Friday, June 26, 2009

The Tribe season 1 episode 6 script

Zoot: Happy

Trudy: No I won’t you mustn’t please you mustn’t no please

Salene: She’s bad isn’t she

Amber: You’d better find Bray

Salene: What about the baby

Amber: She’s sleeping and she’ll be fine with me

Salene: You need anything

Amber: Food and water, my mum she was brilliant when people were ill

Chloe: Come on, come on, come on good girl

Lex: Cereal for lunch this is revolting I mean who eats cereal without milk anyway it’s like eating bird food

Jack: Well my apologies your lord ship I didn’t have the time to lay on fresh dairy produce I did have about teals and milk but it turned in to cheese

Salene: Has anyone seen Bray I can’t find him anywhere

Lex: And we don’t want to

Zandra: How’s Trudy

Salene: Delirious calling out all sort of strange stuff

Jack: And the fever

Salene: Heavy she’s soaked through the bedding it’s dripping wet

Lex: Do you mind it’s hard enough keeping this muck down as it is

Salene: I’ve looked for him everywhere

Lex: Gone for good this time I bet run of and left us to deal with his mess

Salene: Don’t be so mean if he’s gone outside I’m sure he’s got a good enough reason

Lex: Yeah like he’s spying for another tribe for instance

Salene: There’s no proof of that Lex your just trying to stir up trouble

Jack: He does keep vanishing without a word

Lex: Exactly

Salene: Don’t listen to him Jack he’s trying to brain was you, you’ve been on Bray’s case ever since you first laid eyes on him

Zandra: And the only reason your defending him is cause you fancy him rotten

Salene: Who

Zandra: Bray of course you fancy him

Salene: No I don’t I just think it’s unfair to judge someone before having all the facts

Ryan: If my girlfriend was sick I’d stay with her

Lex: That would make her more sick

Zandra: A girl likes a man who’s considerate Lex

Lex: Is that a fact

Zandra: It is actually

Lex: Face it Bray couldn’t hack it when the going got tough he didn’t have the guts to stick around

Salene: Well I hope your wrong

Jack: It doesn’t matter either way if Dal doesn’t get back soon with the antibiotics

Zandra: Do you think he will

Lex: No way he doesn’t stand a chance out there alone if the Locos don’t get him another tribe will

Patsy: Bob, Bob

Amber: It’s alright Trudy it’ll be alright I promise you it’ll be alright

Patsy: Bob, Bob come here sit down there’s a good boy oh sit down stay still you like being groomed

Amber: Could you kids please do that somewhere else Trudy’s trying to sleep and the noise is driving me nuts

Patsy: Sorry Amber I guess we just weren’t thinking

Amber: That’s okay just go and make Bob beautiful huh

Ryan: Where are we going now

Zandra: Just follow me I’ve got a surprise for you

Amber: Zandra I need to make Trudy some soup could you look after her while I’m gone

Zandra: Sorry Amber but sick people make me feel yuck I can’t help it sorry

Chloe: Come on this, this is a fridge it keeps things cold things like food and drink like milk like what your mummy makes one day you’ll make milk aswell come on

Amber: Come on Trudy you can beat this you’ve just got to want to fight it think of all you have to live for like your baby you don’t wanna miss out on watching her grow up and then there’s Bray so much to live for where are you Bray where are you when she needs you

Salene: Jack am I disturbing you, you do that everyday don’t you

Jack: Well you never know when your gonna strike it lucky do you

Salene: You really think someone’s out there tuning in some adult

Jack: There has to be, the virus can’t have wiped out the whole planet

lene: I suppose it’s like being stranded on a desert island putting a message in to a bottle and sending it out to sea

Jack: Yeah something like that

Salene: I wanna give the baby a bath she’s starting to smell

Jack: What you telling me for

Salene: Because it’s gonna take more than one water ration and as we’re sort of a group and share everything I thought I better ask everybody first

Jack: Your not using my share to do that

Salene: Why not she needs to be clean

Jack: I need not to die of thirst

Salene: Don’t be so dramatic

Jack: I’m not I’m being pragmatic well you go ahead ask the others maybe they’ll be dumb enough to give you some of there’s

Lex: Woo-hoo go Zan you could have been a model easy

Zandra: I still might be once things get sorted out what do you think Ryan how do I look

Ryan: You look great Zandra

Salene: Hi listen I need to give the baby a bath it’s dirty

Ryan: And smelly

Salene: We’ve gotta keep it clean or it’ll get a disease

Zandra: That’s the last thing we need

Salene: But I need more than my water ration

Lex: No need to use your ration Sal take it out of mine

Zandra: What

Salene: Really

Zandra: Lex how wonderful of you sacrificing yourself for a little baby

Lex: Hey never say I’m not considerate

Zoot: It’s to dodgy

Bray: I’ll see you later

Chloe: Sshh

Ryan: I don’t get why we’re doing this

Lex: Because I’m a wonderful human being Ryan didn’t you hear it

Ryan: But you don’t even like babies

Lex: It’s politics look I know it’s a big word but trust me it don’t do any harm being popular if I can make myself look like a hero I will

Ryan: So what are we doing up here again

Lex: To take it out of the tank ya idiot

Ryan: The tank but that’s everybody’s Lex

Lex: So who’s gonna know any difference well go on make me a hero, there you are, warmed it up for you and everything

Salene: Thanks Lex but where’d you get the water from

Lex: I didn’t use all my ration Ryan will tell you I’ve been days without water I’m like a camel

Salene: That’s so very kind I have to admit I didn’t think you had it in you I’m a bit surprised

Lex: I’m full of surprises Salene so do I get a little kiss for my trouble

Salene: Oh well

Lex: No matter I don’t need a reward anyway

Bray: Chloe, Chloe

Zandra: Hi

Amber: Have you seen the tin opener

Zandra: No

Amber: Great that’s marvellous you turn your back for five minutes and this place is a tip

Zandra: Here it is

Amber: Thanks

Zandra: How’s Trudy

Amber: Not good

Zandra: I can’t make Bray out I mean does he love her or not

Amber: Trudy

Zandra: I mean where is he I thought he was so nice at first didn’t you

Amber: I didn’t give it a thought

Zandra: You’re a quiet one aren’t you I mean you say a lot but you hide stuff

Amber: I don’t well like what

Zandra: Was Lex right about you fancying him

Amber: Me fancy Lex

Zandra: No Bray you know what I mean

Amber: Zandra he’s Trudy’s boyfriend for goodness sake

Zandra: Wouldn’t stop me

Amber: Have you seen the little ones

Zandra: Paul and Patsy are playing in the toy shop but I haven’t seen Chloe all day

Amber: Great that’s marvellous here we are trying to get something together and nobody’s ever here I mean they just keep going of and disappearing what’s the point in that

Zandra: So you do like him then

Ryan: What do they look like

Lex: Batteries Ryan they look like batteries I know Jack has them hidden somewhere, that little snake

Bray: Hello Chloe who’s your friend she have a name

Chloe: Bluebell

Bray: Bluebell that’s a cool name cool name for a cool calf

Chloe: Stay away from me

Bray: Don’t be scared I’m not gonna hurt you I’m your friend remember now come on let’s go back to the mall it’s not safe here

Chloe: What were you doing with that bad man

Bray: Well that’s a secret our secret

Chloe: But that was Zit

Bray: His name is Zoot

Chloe: He’s bad if he’s your friend I should tell Amber

Bray: Believe me he’s no friend of mine now listen if you keep my secret I’ll say nothing to the others about bluebell if they find her do you know what they’ll want to do to her they’ll want to eat her that’s right they’ll wanna kill her cook her and eat her

Chloe: No

Bray: It’s your choice if you say nothing about Zoot I’ll say nothing about bluebell well our secret

Lex: Come on yes

Jack: What are you doing put that down

Ryan: Sorry

Jack: Do you have any idea how important this radio is this radio could be our only link to the outside world

Ryan: I was being careful

Jack: Yeah well never touch it again

Lex: Lay of him it’s only a useless piece of junk

Jack: Junk this radio could be our only lifeline

Lex: And what do you expect to pick up static the weather forecast

Jack: Well you’ll feel pretty stupid when I do make contact with somebody

Lex: In your dreams

Jack: And who gave you permission to use my batteries for that moronic game

Lex: It’s not just a game it’s training it’s focusing my mind and sharpening my fighting skills

Jack: It’s just a game

Lex: It’s developing my hand co-ordination my reflexes

Jack: That skill doesn’t give you the right to waste our energy sources

Lex: You want me to stop playing okay I was getting tired anyway

Jack: Hey give me those

Lex: Don’t even try it hold on to him Ryan if he comes at me again I might have to hurt him bad

Jack: Let me go

Ryan: Sorry it’s for your own good

Dal: You guys I’ve got them

Chloe: I want to play please can I

Bray: We haven’t got time we need to get back

Chloe: But I want to

Bray: Well maybe tomorrow

Chloe: If you won’t let me play I’ll tell on you I’ll tell about Zoot

Bray: Now that’s not very nice

Chloe: Please it won’t take long five minutes just five minutes

Bray: Chloe do you remember about Trudy

Chloe: She’s not very well

Bray: Oh it’s worse than that Chloe she might even die do you know what that means

Chloe: That’s what happened to all the grown ups

Bray: And if we don’t hurry up and get back we might be to late and we might not see Trudy ever again and we don’t want that do we come on

Dal: Her temperatures sky high I’m not to sure about the correct dosage

Jack: It’s never much more than two

Amber: Two sounds good, Dal

Dal: Yeah two’s the safe amount and enough to have some effect could you hold her head up

Jack: Try not spill to much water

Lex: Shut up Jack

Amber: Come on that’s enough she needs some rest she’s doesn’t need us gawking at her move it she’s not a spectator sport

Dal: I guess the same again in a few hours

Amber: Okay, I’m exhausted

Salene: I really hope you make it Trudy honestly

Ryan: Money lovely money

Bray: Now remember what I said

Chloe: No Zoot no Bluebell

Bray: Good girl

Salene: Bray, Chloe where have you been

Bray: How is she

Salene: Dal came through with the antibiotics she had some a few hours ago

Bray: It’s to early to tell

Chloe: Is Trudy going to be okay

Salene: Yes Chloe she had some medicine that’ll make her better

Bray: Hang in there Trudy hang in there

Jack: Your taking more than your share

Amber: Lex we do have a rationing system

Lex: What system I don’t see any system but first come first serve

Zandra: I don’t like sweet corn does that mean I can have more baked beans

Dal: No way if you don’t like sweet corn that’s your problem

Patsy: You can have my share I’ve got enough already

Lex: Anybody wanna give me there spaghetti

Zandra: You can have some of mine I’m watching my figure

Lex: Your not the only one

Amber: Where have you been

Bray: Searching for medical supplies went through every chemist and drug stores I could find

Amber: Get anything

Bray: They were all stripped down found her in the playground and brought her home, thanks Dal what you did for Trudy was very brave

Amber: I’m curious Bray where exactly have you been

Bray: Well I told you

Amber: Well why should we believe you, you could be lying

Lex: That’s what I’ve been saying all along

Amber: You claim you’ve been all over the city but somehow you manage to come back completely empty handed

Bray: It was all gone

Amber: Everything, every plaster every tube of toothpaste every single little aspirin

Bray: I was only looking for what Trudy needed there wasn’t time for anything else

Amber: Not even a split second to pick up something we might need something useful

Zandra: Give him a break he was trying to save Trudy’s life

Amber: So was Dal he risked his neck

Bray: And I’m very grateful to him

Amber: Only him not the rest of us you stand there stuffing down our food but you don’t seem to think you owe us anything in return what is it with you Bray the comings and goings the air of mystery is it all a pose or is it for real come on Bray what’s the big secret

Bray: None of your business

Lex: Well we better make it our business hadn’t we

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tribe Season 1 Episode 5 Script

Lex: Gotcha

Zandra: You could have helped me and Salene we’ve moved Trudy next door to give her some privacy

Lex: Look twenty-five thousand top score

Zandra: I don’t believe it

Lex: Oh neither do I the battery just died

Zandra: I mean Bray I can’t believe he’s just left her and his little daughter

Lex: Get real Zandra he’s been conning us all along I told you but did anyone listen oh Bray your so wonderful your so handsome so clever

Zandra: Any sign of him

Dal: We’ve looked everywhere

Jack: Not a sign he’s gone alright

Zandra: The rat

Chloe: Poor Trudy

Lex: Poor us we’re the ones stuck with his girlfriend and her brat

Ryan: Does she know

Zandra: Manners Ryan

Lex: Yeah we’ve gotta keep our standards up don’t we remember to say please and thank you when the Locos come and do us over

Patsy: Are the Locos coming

Amber: No of course not

Lex: Where is he then your wonderful Bray he’s gone to find the Locos and bring them here the scummy traitor

Dal: You don’t know that

Lex: Well I’ll be waiting with his precious girlfriend and the brat

Amber: Lex if you can’t say anything sensible just keep your mouth shut Bray’s not a traitor

Lex: And your defending him cause you fancy him

Zandra: Do you Amber

Amber: Of course not don’t listen to that idiot

Zandra: Mind you wouldn’t blame you

Lex: You what

Ryan: What’s that

Zandra: It’s just the baby Ryan

Ryan: What’s wrong with it, it sounds like it’s being murdered

Dal: It must be hungry

Amber: I’ll go and see

Ryan: What a racket just cause it’s hungry

Patsy: Jack we’re hungry to

Jack: Not now

Patsy: Paul says

Jack: I’m not interested

Patsy: That’s right Bob you tell him the big meany

Zandra: What

Lex: You fancy Bray aswell don’t you

Zandra: That would be telling wouldn’t it what do you think I’d better go help Amber she’s not the baby type

Salene: Can’t you just try Trudy

Trudy: No please I can’t honestly

Amber: Is she alright what’s the matter

Salene: Just hungry poor thing Trudy can’t feed her

Trudy: Where’s Bray Amber

Amber: Sleeping he’s tired out after the birth

Trudy: He’s tired I’m exhausted and I feel terrible

Amber: Your very hot

Trudy: I feel cold Amber please get Bray, what

Amber: Nothing

Salene: I’m gonna find something for it to eat here

Zandra: Me Salene wait, there, there

Dal: Jack, Jack

Jack: You idiot

Dal: Sorry

Jack: You could have been the Locos

Dal: That’s why I came here we ought to try and secure the sewer entrance it’s the only way they can surprise us

Jack: Have you got any ideas remember it’s our only emergency exit to

Dal: The best thing would be an electronic alarm system

Jack: What would we use for power

Dal: Some system of charging batteries

Jack: Is that right well why don’t we just plug them in to the mains

Dal: I was trying to be constructive

Jack: And what do you think I’m doing reading this when you’ve finished scaring the life out of me

Dal: Sorry

Amber: Dal have you still got that thermometer

Dal: Yeah

Amber: Good come with me I need your help

Jack: Peace at last

Patsy: Sshh Bob someone will hear you if Jack’s going to be mean we’ll just help ourselves sweeties you like sweeties don’t you Bob

Zandra: Trudy how do you get it to shut up there you are here

Salene: No you hold her I’ll try get her to drink this

Amber: What is it

Salene: It’s that creamer stuff you put in coffee milk substitute

Zandra: Will it be alright for her

Salene: Well it’s mostly water and I added a bit of sugar

Amber: I don’t think that’s a very good idea Salene

Salene: Well what else are we gonna give her listen to her she’s starving

Trudy: Where’s Bray

Amber: Hush a minute let Dal take your temperature

Zandra: Where’d you get that

Dal: around thought it be useful

Zandra: Oohh look just like the real thing you know a doctor I bet you use to watch all the hospital programs on the tele didn’t you I miss television it’s boring now

Amber: Boring which planet are you living on Zandra

Zandra: What do you mean

Amber: Well you could call it scary or horrid or dangerous but boring isn’t a word I’d use

Zandra: Well I miss it anyway I used to watch all the soaps never missed I could tell you everything about all the characters

Amber: Fascinating

Zandra: Now there not there anymore I don’t know what they’re doing

Amber They’re not doing anything Zandra they weren’t real, well

Dal: It’s up a bit

Amber: What do we do

Dal: Give her some paracetamol and keep bathing her in cold water

Zandra: Did you swallow a medical book or something

Dal: My father was a doctor so was my mum satisfied

Zandra: I just wish I could cut my tongue out sometimes

Trudy: Bray where’s Bray

Amber: Yes Bray where are you

Chloe: Good girl drink up your really good

Patsy: So am I he’s full to okay lets take some for later serves Jack right for keeping secrets

Jack: Tin cans that’s the lot

Amber: Not very much but if people eat sensibly I’ll draw up a daily ration

Jack: We’ll try make it nutritionally balanced as possible

Amber: Like I’ve got a lot of choice Jack

Jack: Yeah well

Lex: Nobody decides what I eat I’m not a kid

Amber: Lex we have been through this we have to ration the food

Jack: And water especially the water

Lex: What about batteries this ones dead

Jack: There aren’t anymore

Lex: I bet

Amber: We’ll all get an equal share of food each day it doesn’t grow on trees

Ryan: That’s not fair I need more than the little kids I’m big

Amber: I’m sorry Ryan but they need just as much as you they’re growing

Jack: We just can’t let people keep getting water from the tap

Ryan: Why not

Jack: The water comes from a tank on the roof there’s only so much of it

Amber: Well what do we do

Jack: Well I can cut the tap of then we can ration what’s in the tank so much a day

Lex: How much

Jack: Well I’ll have to see what’s in the tank but we’ll have to go easy until we find some water somewhere else

Amber: Can you go and check

Jack: Yeah

Lex: We’ll go with you it’s not that we don’t trust you just don’t want you falling in and drowning

Jack: It’s down quite a bit since I last checked

Lex: It’s that Trudy using it all with the baby so how’s the rationing work

Jack: You divide the volume and multiply the tanks dimensions by the amount of water

Ryan: But how much do we get

Jack: Well you divide the volume by the amount of

Lex: No how much do we get

Jack: Well I’m explaining

Lex: Let me explain brains we me and Ryan get double

Jack: Double why

Lex: Because I say so don’t I Ryan

Ryan: Oh yeah Lex

Lex: Starting now

Salene: Hiya I need some hot chocolate if we’ve got any

Amber: Oh how’s Trudy

Salene: Rambling talking about dying

Amber: Poor thing what a mess

Salene: She’ll be alright when she gets better

Amber: How do you figure that

Salene: Well she’s got Bray hasn’t she

Amber: Yeah well where is he

Salene: I don’t know but I know he’ll be back

Amber: He’s got a baby and Trudy you know

Salene: I know I just wish he was here

Amber: Maybe it would be better if he doesn’t come back

Salene: Don’t say that

Deamon Dogz: Home sweet home guard duty mate

Salene: I had to call you she’s ringing wet feel

Amber: Dal

Dal: We’ve gotta find out what’s wrong with her, her temperatures sky high and she’s getting worse

Amber: Well there’s some CD’s and stuff in the magazine store there could be something on medicine in there

Chloe: Amber, Amber Patsy and Paul have been sick

Amber: What

Chloe: It’s all over everything

Amber: It couldn’t be, it’s alright Patsy it’s alright it’s not your fault

Jack: What’s all the

Zandra: Paul and Patsy have the virus

Amber: Zandra

Patsy: Oh no we haven’t have we

Amber: Of course not don’t worry

Dal: What’s all this

Zandra: Sweets, chocolate

Amber: Where did you get these there aren’t any like this in the food store, well

Paul: I found them

Amber: Where

Patsy: At the back of the sweet shop

Ryan: Are there anymore

Patsy: No

Amber: Well if there are I want them handed over they can go in the food store

Patsy: There aren’t anymore Amber honestly

Amber: Go and get yourselves cleaned up

Zandra: And it serves you right for being so greedy, Ryan bring my mattress

Ryan: Where to

Zandra: Somewhere else I’m not leaving my stuff anywhere near this mess

Ryan: But where Zandra

Zandra: I’m thinking not downstairs there’s rats in the sewers lingerie that’s me can’t you just see me in lingerie Ryan

Jack: You fancy her don’t you

Ryan: Shut up

Jack: You won’t want Lex to know about it he’s got his eye on her

Lex: Come on, come on ya suckers you can’t catch me

Dal: Lex

Lex: Not now

Dal: What are you doing you’ll waste the batteries

Lex: Get lost

Amber: Lex get of that machine we need it

Lex: Wait your turn

Amber: It can’t wait you moronic thug we’re trying to save Trudy

Lex: What

Amber: You know how to work this thing

Dal: Of course

Amber: Try pregnancy, grow up

Lex: I can tell you about pregnancy Amber you don’t need a laptop for that just a lap you only have to say the word

Amber: And have Zandra scratch my eyes out

Lex: She fancies me you reckon

Amber: Doesn’t every girl

Dal: I’ve got it symptoms

Amber: High temperature

Dal: Any pain

Amber: Lots

Dal: Delirium vivid thoughts about dying

Amber: She’s rambling on about everything yes

Dal: Well it could be puerperal fever now rare due to improved hygiene

Amber: Treatment

Dal: Respond to antibiotics namely mega oh no

Amber: What is it

Dal: I don’t know

Amber: Dal

Dal: Batteries dead

Amber: Is there another

Dal: No

Amber: Lex

Lex: What it wasn’t my fault

Amber: Of course it’s your fault playing stupid games get out of my sight Lex before I smash this over your head, come on

Dal: Where to

Amber: The pharmacy on level one

Dal: It’s been looted Amber you know that

Amber: Any better suggestions

Dal: The whole place has been picked clean

Amber: I know this is hopeless Dal

Dal: If Trudy doesn’t get those antibiotics she’ll die

Amber: We’ve tried there’s nowhere else

Dal: There is

Salene: Trudy, Trudy

Dal: My father had a surgery in the hospital he kept stuff there

Amber: That’s in sector fifteen Dal the Locos rule that

Dal: I know

Amber: I’ll come with you

Dal: And leave Lex in charge of the mall I don’t think so

Amber: Take Lex with you then

Dal: No way I wouldn’t trust him not to beat me up himself anyway ones a smaller target than two

Amber: Dal take care

Lex: Where’s Dal

Amber: Gone

Lex: Oh so it’s just the two of us then you fancy a ride babe on my lap what’s the rush if there’s no medication to save her

Amber: Take your hands of me

Lex: What if I don’t

Amber: Falling for me are you Lex

Lex: You’ll be so lucky who’d fancy you ya stuck up cow

Salene: Trudy, Trudy can you hear me, Bray, Bray your back we didn’t know what had happened to you we were really worried

Bray: What’s wrong with Trudy

Salene: We don’t know she’s very ill Bray

Bray: She’s ice cold

Salene: She keeps going from fever to icy

Bray: I’m sorry I didn’t know I’ve been getting some things for the baby I got some nappies, a bottle and formula

Salene: I knew you hadn’t left

Bray: Left

Salene: Well some of the others thought you’d well

Bray: Run out of Trudy

Salene: I knew you hadn’t your not like that

Amber: Where have you been

Salene: He’s found some things for the baby did you get the antibiotics

Amber: No

Salene: What’s wrong Amber where’s Dal

Amber: He’s gone to his dads surgery in sector fifteen

Bray: Sector fifteen why didn’t you stop him that’s suicide

Bray: Well where were you she’s your responsibility

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Tribe Season 1 Episode 4 Script

Trudy: Oh Bray it’s coming the baby’s coming

Salene: Trudy

Amber: What’s wrong

Bray: The pains have started

Amber: Are you sure

Zandra: What’s happening

Salene: Trudy’s going in to labour

Zandra: She’s having the baby

Lex: Come on it’s a trick where do you think your going

Bray: Trudy’s not leaving here not now

Lex: We voted your out

Bray: Come on Trudy

Lex: I’m not having this

Bray: You’ve no choice

Salene: We can’t throw her out now

Zandra: Suppose it’s true Lex

Lex: True first she was to hungry to go then she was to tired now she’s having labour pains she must think we’re stupid

Salene: Trudy do you think it might be a false alarm

Bray: We won’t know until she’s rested

Lex: Listen to him it’s a put up job they’re in it together

Bray: Get out of the way

Amber: Stop it both of you fighting won’t solve anything what’s wrong

Trudy: My waters have broken

Salene: It’s coming alright

Amber: Come on

Lex: Your letting them in

Amber: We’re not throwing her out now Lex

Ryan: Is she having the baby then

Lex: Having us on more like it

Chloe: Sshh I’ve brought you some milk well it’s not milk really it’s only coffee cream but it tastes just as good come on drink up there’s a good girl they were all to busy shouting at each other as if one more person made any difference

Salene: We need plenty of hot water and towels

Amber: Alright you lot cabarets over everybody out come on make yourselves useful you to Bray

Trudy: No Bray don’t go

Bray: Don’t worry Trudy I’m here

Ryan: Come on place your bets two, two one against a boy you can’t do better than that

Patsy: Chloe you’ve missed everything where have you been

Chloe: Nowhere what’s happening

Patsy: The baby’s coming now

Amber: Do you know anything about delivering babies

Salene: Not really

Amber: Zandra

Zandra: Me your joking

Salene: Never mind births natural isn’t it all we’ve gotta do is follow our instincts we’ll manage

Amber: Suppose something goes wrong

Bray: How long have you been having these contractions Trudy

Trudy: It feels like hours I wasn’t sure what it was at first

Bray: We may not have very long

Amber: How do you know

Bray: Her contractions are quiet frequent and strong we should get ready

Amber: What do we do

Bray: We’re gonna need scissors and rubber bands lots of clean rags and tissues oh and salt

Amber: What you mean you

Bray: Any objections

Amber: You heard the man who’s got some soap

Salene: You’ve got some Zandra

Zandra: That’s my special soap

Amber: Zandra go get the soap

Ryan: I’m taking bets on weather it’s a boy or a girl

Jack: Well what do we use for money

Ryan: You must have something a pair of sunglasses, a pen knife, food

Jack: I’ve got a whistle

Ryan: That’ll do

Jack: Wait what will you give us if it’s a boy two whistles

Ryan: A couple of quid

Jack: Two quid

Ryan: That’s fair

Jack: Where can I spend them

Amber: Ryan what are you doing

Ryan: Nothing

Amber: Well in that case go and find some rubber bands

Ryan: Rubber bands

Amber: Yeah rubber bands for tying things

Dal: Hot water

Amber: Well done Dal

Jack: Hey go easy on the water it’s not gonna last forever

Amber: Can you find these it’s stuff for the baby

Dal: I might have to go outside

Amber: Well be careful Paul, Patsy see if you can find some cloth, sheets, rags anything so long as it’s clean where have you been Chloe

Chloe: Nowhere

Jack: Ask a silly question

Amber: Never mind Jack more water

Jack: Easy with the water once the tanks empty that’s it

Lex: Well in that case we better keep some back then hadn’t we two for little Trudy and one for me

Amber: Shouldn’t she have pain killers or something

Zandra: Lex has got some paracetamol should I go and get it

Bray: Keep panting Trudy

Zandra: I’ll get it shall I, Ryan what are you doing

Ryan: Nothing

Zandra: What have you got in that rucksack

Ryan: Personal items

Zoot: Power and chaos

Locos: Power and chaos

Zandra: Lex

Lex: Oh it’s you

Zandra: I need the paracetamol can I have it

Lex: What for

Zandra: Trudy

Lex: What are you gonna give me for it

Zandra: Don’t start that again

Lex: Oh Zan I’m getting desperate even Ryan’s starting to look appealing

Zandra: I’d go for him if I were you

Lex: What’s wrong don’t you fancy me anymore

Zandra: I know guys like you after they get what they want they split

Lex: Not me Zan

Zandra: And leave the girl pregnant I know where I’ve been I can’t say the same for you

Lex: I’m clean, clean as a whistle you better grab me babe before one of the others do

Trudy: It’s no good

Bray: Your doing fine don’t tire yourself take a break and relax

Patsy: You could tear this up

Amber: You little devils that’s Zandra’s is this really all you could find get that dog out of here

Bray: Where are the scissors they need to be sterilized

Amber: I’ll get on to it how she doing

Lex: Gotcha

Ryan: Lex it’s you

Lex: Just as well isn’t it

Ryan: The others are on to us I thought I’d better hide it

Lex: Good thinking Ryan we wouldn’t want the others getting there hands on it would we

Ryan: No we’ll be alright ex

Lex: Yes Ryan thanks to you we’ll be alright

Zoot: There he is get him

Zandra: You don’t think there’s something wrong do you I mean she’s not going to lose it is she

Salene: She’s just tired that’s all

Bray: Okay Trudy ready for another go

Salene: He’s amazing isn’t he

Bray: Okay push

Trudy: I can’t, I can’t push anymore

Bray: You can okay come on now just one really big effort then you can have another rest come on push

Zandra: I can’t bear to watch

Patsy: Boo

Jack: Stupid kids

Patsy: Should be glad it was only us we haven’t had any lunch

Jack: Oh what do you want

Patsy: What have you got

Jack: Spaghetti

Patsy: Chocolate got any sweets

Jack: No

Patsy: Are you sure

Jack: Yes

Patsy: Well done your secret food store is safe

Jack: Greedy pigs

Patsy: It’s not for us it’s for the baby

Bray: It’s okay Trudy we’ll get there

Amber: Well

Bray: She’s exhausted

Amber: You look pretty tired yourself

Bray: Have you had a break you’ve been great really

Zandra: What’s all that

Chloe: I’m making a present for the baby

Bray: Come on Trudy push

Chloe: I saw some kittens being born once it was major

Bray: That’s a girl come on keep it up

Trudy: I can’t, I can’t

Bray: Push yes you can push

Jack: What’s taking so long

Bray: That’s it your doing it

Amber: It’s head’s appeared

Bray: Keep going, keep going your nearly there Trudy just one more really big effort

Jack: Is he actually delivering it

Trudy:I want my mum

Ryan: Make it a girl, make it a girl

Amber: Ryan do you remember in another lifetime me asking you to get some rubber bands

Ryan: Sorry Amber I couldn’t find any

Bra: Amber come quick, come on yes this is it push

Chloe: Go on Trudy push

Zandra: Maybe we should take over from Bray

Amber: It’s a girl

Ryan: The bank wins come on cough up one whistle

Bray: Mother and baby seem fine and well thanks Amber thanks for letting us stay

Amber: I didn’t do it for you

Salene: Well Trudy do you think your ready for the rebel, alright you can come in now but be quiet

Chloe: I made you a mobile see clangs and everything

Trudy: Oh it’s lovely thank you Chloe

Chloe: Have you got anything for the baby Ryan

Ryan: I knew it was gonna be a girl

Patsy: A whistle

Chloe: Thanks Ryan

Zandra: Can I hold her

Patsy: We brought you some sweets

Salene: This is my present thanks Jack

Patsy: What do you want scales for

Salene: To weigh the baby

Patsy: Why

Zandra: So you know if it’s putting on weight

Chloe: What’s she going to eat

Salene: Milk to start with

Patsy: What breastfeeding

Salene: Yeah then after a few months you wean it on to solid food

Ryan: I hope it likes beans

Salene: Dal is that a cot

Dal: Yeah

Patsy: Did you make it Dal

Dal: Yeah Patsy I’ve just finished weaving it I’m sorry Amber I couldn’t find what I went out for

Trudy: Oh Dal thank you

Salene: Put her in it Zandra

Chloe: What are you going to call her Trudy

Trudy: Don’t know yet

Zandra: I suppose if it was a boy she would have called it Bray, Bray was amazing so cool and everything and the baby

Lex: I’m not listening Zandra

Dal: It’s got hair and everything

Jack: And it’s a great weight

Lex: Sounds like it’ll have a good appetite then

Dal: Here Chloe you can have some of my food I’m not hungry

Chloe: Thanks Dal

Amber: Hope you saved some for me where are you going now

Chloe: Nowhere

Dal: She prefers take away’s

Jack: Here Amber have some of mine

Patsy: Share and share alike

Amber: Thanks

Zandra: I’ll take some for Trudy and Salene

Amber: Just leave them in peace

Zandra: Trudy needs food

Amber: She needs sleep

Chloe: Hello did you miss me sorry I’ve been a long time I’ve been busy there was a little baby born really sweet tell you what after this shall I take you on a walk

Amber: Having a private banquet there Lex you’ve got enough food on that plate to last most of us a week this can’t go on you know all of you and it’s not just food it’s water, batteries everything I mean look at you two playing a computer game

Patsy: Jack said we could

Amber: We’ve got to set up some system of rationing

Ryan: Rationing

Amber: Yes Ryan we can’t afford to waste anything

Lex: We can stop feeding that hound for a start unless of course your fattening him up for later

Patsy: It’s alright Bob come on

Zandra: Stop it Lex

Lex: Well who comes first humans or animals I’m serious we can’t afford to feed animals unless we’re gonna eat them

Patsy: He’s horrible

Chloe: Come on walk on come on, come on we’re going to look for some grass there’s nobody out here good girl

Amber: Can we get back to the rationing please

Dal: Yeah it’s common sense

Amber: Especially now there’s a mother and baby we need to feed

Lex: What

Zandra: Here we go again

Lex: Look we voted to throw them out before the brat arrived

Dal: Well it’s here now

Lex: So

Dal: It’s just, just different

Lex: We all agreed

Zandra: You can throw out a helpless little baby Lex

Ryan: We’ve just given it presents and everything

Amber: Like it or not the babies changed things

Lex: You’ve changed your tune

Amber: Can you throw out a helpless child on to the street

Lex: It’s not our responsibility

Amber: It’s everyone’s responsibility Lex Bray’s right what kind of world are we making if we throw out a newborn child and it’s mother out on to the street

Lex: He has to sort it out he’s gotta fid them somewhere else to live

Chloe: Come on let’s go come on oh Locos we gotta get out of here

Zandra: Bray’s not gonna find another place over night is he not somewhere safe anyway

Ryan: He does need a bit of time Lex

Lex: Yeah time to get hiss feet under the table

Jack: Where is he anyway

Zandra: He’s in with Trudy

Amber: No he’s not

Zandra: Where is he then, what are you laughing at

Amber: He went out soon after the baby was born

Zandra: He’s probably having a sleep somewhere poor thing

Lex: You just don’t wanna see it do you

Zandra: What

Dal: Have you kids seen him

Patsy: No

Lex: Course they haven’t he’s done a runner ya thick heads

Zandra: He can’t have he loves his little baby

Amber: He did go of without a word

Lex: Dumping his girlfriend and brat on us

Ryan: What does he take us for

Dal: He must think we’re a lot of mugs

Zandra: I don’t believe it how could he

Lex: Well if he thinks he can treat us like that he’s got another thing coming

Zandra: What about Trudy fancy going of and leaving her like that

Amber: And who’s gonna be the one to tell her

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Tribe Season 1 Episode 3 Script

Amber: Did anyone see you come in

Bray: Nobody sees me if I don’t want them to

Salene: She can stay can’t she amber

Amber: Do you want to stay Trudy

Trudy: Yes please

Lex: Polite the answers still no

Jack: Hang on a minute I think I should have a say this is my place after all

Lex: Not anymore nerd

Salene: You can’t chuck her out just like that

Lex: Why not

Zandra: She’s going to have a baby Lex

Lex: Who rattled your cage

Zandra: I just thought

Lex: That’s a novelty you thinking just shut it Zandra

Zandra: Ryan you come with me

Lex: Are you lot thick or something we need people who are useful I am she’s not

Bray: Yeah you’re very good at shooting your mouth of what else do you do that makes you so special

Lex: You want me to show you

Bray: Try me

Salene: Kids go and play

Chloe: What with

Salene:Find something

Amber: Stay in the mall go ahead guys have a fight make a lot of noise get the Locos in here and have us all caught

Trudy: Don’t Bray

Salene: You look half starved when was the last time you had a hot meal

Trudy: I don’t remember

Salene: Come with me I’ll fix you something

Lex: Hold on we haven’t said she can stay yet

Amber: It’s just one meal Lex go on Salene

Salene: Don’t worry she’ll be alright with me we won’t go far we’ll be in the café

Bray: Thanks

Patsy: Look what I found catch

Chloe: Catch

Patsy: You have to make sure that he’s looking at you before you can throw it

Chloe: Sorry

Patsy: Jack we’re hungry

Jack: Later okay

Zandra: Lex he treats us like muck and I’m not having it I hate him

Ryan: I think he fancies you

Zandra: In his dreams what do you think then

Ryan: What about you and Lex

Zandra: The baby I think it would be really nice to have a little baby around all those little clothes, little booties and stuff

Ryan: Don’t know anything about babies

Zandra: You could be like it’s uncle you could teach it things

Ryan: Like what

Zandra: Anything Ryan babies don’t know anything when they’re born even you could teach it something

Ryan: Lex wouldn’t like that

Zandra: Lex he doesn’t own you Ryan and he certainly doesn’t own me

Ryan: Yeah

Zandra: Actually this place might not be to bad if it was done up a bit

Salene: So when’s the baby due

Trudy: I don’t know soon I think do you want to feel it

Salene: Can I

Trudy: Yeah go on oh it’s moving again it must like it here

Salene: That’s amazing what do you want a boy or a girl

Trudy: A boy definitely a boy

Salene: Like his dad he seems really nice he’s very good looking isn’t he

Trudy: Yeah

Salene: He’s really taking care of you it’s lovely to see there’s not many guys like that

Trudy: Bray’s been really good to me I don’t know what I would have done without him

Bray: I don’t expect you to take us in empty handed

Amber: Well what have you got

Lex: Whatever it is we don’t want it

Bray: And I can get more

Lex: I’m sick of this are you gonna let him buy his way in here with tins of peaches and chocolate I can get us anything we want we don’t need you and we certainly don’t need your girlfriend and her brat now get lost

Bray: I’m talking to the organ grinder not the monkey

Amber: Wait a minute I’m not in charge here anymore than Lex is it’s for everyone to decide where are you going

Dal: You don’t need me for this

Amber: Well you can’t just leave you haven’t said anything what do you think what’s that suppose to mean

Dal: It means I don’t care either way

Amber: Well you can’t just not have an opinion

Lex: We’ll take that as a no then

Salene: You been on the move long

Trudy: Seems like it I feel safe here it seems like a good place have you been living here long

Salene: We’ve only been here a couple of days except Jack he’s been here the longest thinks he owns the place here it’s just hot dogs and beans but it’s good food

Trudy: I’m sorry I can’t eat that

Salene: Why not it’s good food

Trudy: I’m a vegetarian I don’t eat meat

Salene: oh well just have the beans then you don’t believe in making things easy for yourself do you I eat anything I can get Trudy

Trudy: Salene I’m so scared I don’t know what to do I’ve never had a baby before

Salene: Don’t worry I’ll help you

Trudy: I thought we might find a doctor somewhere but there’s no one just kids

Salene: It’ll be fine I mean babies have been getting born for a long time now it’s natural isn’t it

Trudy: Not in this world it isn’t

Chloe: Hello are you lost where’s your mummy wait there don’t run away I’m coming here come here come to Chloe don’t run away come back

Paul: Yeah, yeah

Salene: Patsy, Paul I need to talk to you it’s important you know Trudy’s going to have a baby well she needs our help people to look after her we’re going to be her new family you know I told you we have to share sometimes well this is one of those times

Patsy: Have you given her our breakfast

Salene: No but we might all have to have a bit less for a while you understand

Dal: Still fiddling with that radio I don’t know why you bother there’s no one out there

Jack: There must be I can’t be the only one to get a radio to work

Dal: And if you do make contact will you like what you find

Jack: What do you mean

Dal: For a clever guy you can be pretty stupid that signal is an advert for where we are I mean all I’ve seen are mad men and crazies and just cause they’re crazy it doesn’t mean there stupid if they pick up that signal they’ll follow it straight here where you going

Jack: To get some peace this used to be my place I wish I had never let any of you guys in here

Amber: Are you sure Trudy wouldn’t be better of somewhere else

Lex: I’ll go tell her

Amber: Shut up

Bray: If there had been a better place I’d have found it the whole city is controlled by the tribe’s

Amber: Well some of them are well organised they have there own food stores wouldn’t they be a better bet

Bray: There’s a war for control going on and no one can be trusted and it’s no place for a baby I thought you lot looked different

Amber: And that’s why you’ve been watching us

Bray: Yeah it’s safer here out of the war zone everywhere else there’s just Locos and they’d use us as target practice

Lex: Look harder

Amber: We’re trying to make something work here

Bray: Well seems to me your on your own

Amber: It’s not easy

Bray: I can see that maybe I could help

Amber: You with a baby to look after your gonna be a dad soon hadn’t you better go and see how Trudy is

Lex: What’s all this

Zandra: I’m making the place look nice

Lex: For me oh Zan baby did Lexi upset you come here let me kiss it better

Ryan: Lex

Lex: Lighten up didn’t mean anything by it

Zandra: What are you staring at come on we’re not finished

Bray: Trudy

Salene: Let her sleep she’s really tired she said she’s been getting cramps she’s scared

Bray: I know

Salene: Have they said she can stay yet

Bray: No

Salene: They will I mean it’s the future isn’t it this babies the future they can’t turn there backs on that

Bray: Have any of us got a future

Salene: you have your gonna be a dad

Paul: Yeah, yeah

Lex: Shut up

Patsy: He can’t hear you he’s deaf

Lex: Read my lips shut up you got it Thank you, thank you, thank you

Chloe: Come back don’t run away I won’t hurt you I’m your friend

Zandra: I’m not sure about these blues but we’ll try them you know I think I’ve got a flare for this sort of thing

Ryan: What are these

Zandra: Scatter cushions

Ryan: What do I do with them

Zandra: Scatter them Ryan scatter them

Patsy: Sshh bob someone will hear you sshh

Jack: I’m not having it this is my place they follow my rules or they’re all out oh hello what’s he saying

Patsy: It’s fantastic all this food here all the time we can have a party come on Paul

Jack: Where are you going

Patsy: To tell Salene and Amber

Jack: Wait this is mine

Patsy: Yours

Jack: Yes mine

Patsy: But we’re suppose to share

Jack: Who says that

Patsy: Salene

Jack: Well Salene is welcome to share her stuff if she likes but this stuff is mine get it I didn’t ask you lot in here I’m not sharing this I can live for months on this if I have to share it, it wouldn’t last five minutes what’s he saying now

Patsy: L.E.X

Jack: No I don’t want him up here your not gonna tell the others about this will you they don’t have to know this could be our little secret or something couldn’t it what’s he saying

Patsy: He says he’s deaf he’s not stupid

Jack: Oh good

Patsy: But it’ll cost you

Jack: Yeah can of peaches

Patsy: Thank you

Jack: Macaroni and cheese, chocolate

Lex: Where’s lover boy

Amber: Checking on Trudy

Lex: Pity he’s already spoken for isn’t it

Amber: What do you mean

Lex: You fancy the pants of him don’t you

Amber: Don’t be a moron

Lex: So why you so keen on him staying

Amber: Lex this isn’t about if they go or stay it’s about how we make decisions I’m not letting you bully and blackmail the rest of them just so you can get your own way this is going to be a democracy right

Lex: And what you say goes does it some democracy

Amber: Democracy’s need defending

Lex: I’m not attacking you Amber I think you and me could work together matter of fact I think you and me could get on really Well if you know what I mean

Amber: Back off

Lex: Your loss I’m just trying to defend what we’ve got you don’t know anything about them they just turn up out of nowhere and you roll out the red carpet they could be with the Locos you just don’t know

Amber: No decisions been made yet

Lex: You fancy him and it’s destroying your judgement

Amber: Let’s get the others this needs sorting

Chloe: There you are come on bluebell sshh come on it’s okay come on

Amber: How is she

Salene: Tired

Bray: Well can she stay

Amber: We’re just going to have a vote

Salene: I’ll go find the kids

Chloe: We better get you back you lucky girl you could have been hamburgers

Zandra: Welcome to our humble abode make yourselves at home we’ve given the servants the night off or it would have been cocktails and conservatory well what do you think

Ryan: I know what’s missing I know

Amber: Ryan we’re going to vote where is he gone now

Lex: Let’s start without him

Amber: He gets a vote

Lex: He agrees with me

Patsy: Chloe’s not here

Lex: To bad

Chloe: Bluebell come on this way, this way good girl come on follow me

Amber: Look this is the problem to many people not enough to eat the more people there are the more mouths we have to feed and if we let Trudy stay that’s two more

Lex: Three don’t forget daddy

Salene: There are still quite a few cans in the café

Patsy: Paul and I have some chocolate

Amber: Thanks

Lex: Great that should just about do us for a mid morning snack look if we don’t eat we die

Salene: We’ve managed so far

Dal: There’s still food out there

Lex: Oh yeah there’s plenty of food out there some of it’s walking around the streets but can you get it you can’t just pop down to the supermarket with
your shopping trolley you know

Chloe: You’ll just have to stay here I can’t take you inside okay come on I’ll bring you some food when I can now be a good girl please and don’t worry I’ll look after you

Lex: And it’s not just about the food this is a baby we’re talking about you know babies that cry all night and won’t shut up it could put us all in danger

Salene: Rubbish

Lex: Yeah well don’t come crying to me when the Locos hear it and come after you

Ryan: Guys, guys look what I found I knew there was something missing

Zandra: Ryan that’s a cardboard television

Ryan: Oh there were real ones to but I couldn’t carry them

Jack: Ryan there’s no electricity the real ones wouldn’t even work

Ryan: I know, I know I just feel better with it there that’s all

Amber: We need to vote we’ll do it by a show of hands one vote per person

Lex: What they get to vote to kids

Amber: They live here to

Lex: Oh and the dog does he get to vote as well

Bray: Well they’re letting you vote

Lex: Wait a minute he doesn’t get to vote and neither does she

Amber: Agreed

Bray: Why not

Amber: Your not part of the tribe yet

Lex: And you might be a bit biased

Bray: And you aren’t

Lex: Well I’m part of the tribe aren’t I

Amber: Everyone gets a vote except Bray and Trudy so all those in favour of Trudy staying

Lex: Zandra what are you doing put down your hand

Zandra: No I won’t this is a democracy I’ve got rights and I like babies

Salene: Dal you must be on our side

Dal: I just think it’s to risky the more of us there are the more chances of getting caught

Amber: Okay four all those against

Zandra: Wouldn’t you know it all the guys

Salene: Wait a minute Amber you haven’t voted

Amber: I’m against

Salene: Amber

Zandra: I don’t believe it

Lex: Neither do I

Amber: We’re talking about a baby here not a dolly we’re a bunch of kids babies need looking after they need feeding we don’t even know if we can feed ourselves there must be somewhere else Bray somewhere better sorry Trudy

Bray: Keep your sympathy and you know where you can stick your democracy what sort of people turns away a pregnant girl what kind of world are you planning one with no babies in it cause you won’t last long then will you, you people make me sick your no better than the Locos at least they don’t try to pretend to be anything come on Trudy and you can keep your food I hope it chokes you

Lex: What’s happening now

Salene: Trudy

Trudy: Bray it’s coming the baby’s coming

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Tribe Season 1 Episode 2 Script

Zoot: Power and chaos

Dal: You know what your problem is most of this stuff is useless and not practical enough I mean what happens if you run out of batteries for your radio then we have to start again basic tools basic skills it’s what we need now

Jack: Really and who is it that trapped those elms out there the ones chasing you if you’re so smart you can help me fix this

Lex: Just shut it, I’m trying to think

Zandra: I feel terrible

Lex: You look terrible

Zandra: Well it’s not my fault you were the one who got us into this mess how are we gonna get of

Lex: That’s what I’m trying to figure out and when I do

Amber: You were saying when you get out

Lex: You’ll see you can’t keep us in here forever

Amber: Is that a fact

Lex: You’re gonna wish you never done this only by then it’ll be too late for wishing

Amber: It’s easy to make threats from behind bars

Lex: It’s not a threat it’s a promise I’m warning you

Jack: I don’t get it, it should work I’ve got the special Arial and everything maybe if we took it outside

Dal: It wouldn’t matter

Jack: Well thanks Einstein but could you tell me how you reach that blinking conclusion

Dal: The radio’s fine it’s everything else that’s wrong

Jack: Oh very scientific

Dal: There’s no one out there Jack that’s why you can’t hear anything

Jack: Don’t be stupid this radio can pick up stations from all over the world

Dal: That’s what I mean you remember those last few days the virus was everywhere it spread to fast nowhere was safe nowhere think about it Jack if there are any adults in the world what would they do there’s no television no internet the radio would be the first thing they’d use just like you’re doing

Jack: They can’t all have gone not all of them we’ve gotta keep trying

Dal: Jack we’re on our own

Amber: Jack, Dal the animals are awake we need to decide what to do

Zoot: Power and chaos

Locos: Power and chaos

Lex: For the last time let us out of here

Jack: Well it could be the last time if we just leave you in there till you starve

Lex: You, you couldn’t hurt anyone if your life depended on it nerd

Zandra: Lex he doesn’t mean it really

Dal: So what are we gonna do about them

Amber: Well the first question is what are we gonna do about us

Jack: What

Amber: Well they can’t get in but can we get out

Jack: There’s another way out through the old sewer

Dal: Come on Amber let’s just go

Amber: Dal we need somewhere to stay I think it should be here

Dal: But I thought we were heading out to the country to find an old farm that was the plan

Amber: Well plans change you and me maybe we could have done it but now there’s all the others here how do you think we’re going to get them out of the city without running into the Locos

Dal: But why do we have to look after them

Amber: Because they’d never survive without us would they this is the safest place for all of us for now if we stick together

Dal: You mean like start our own tribe

Amber: Maybe

Dal: But what do we do about them

Jack: Easy I just pull up the outside gate they have to go right back out on the street take there chances

Amber: We can’t trust them

Dal: Can we trust them outside what if they go to the Locos and lead them here

Jack: So we let them in or kick them out boss

Amber: If we’re gonna stick together we have to share what we have Jack

Jack: I um haven’t got much

Amber: Not much is better than nothing show us

Jack: That’s it that’s all I’ve got

Dal: I don’t believe you, you have ketchup I love ketchup

Amber: Thanks Patsy so who’s for beans tinned meat and ketchup

Jack: And we don’t have to have them cold not practical huh

Dal: I take it all back this man has ketchup

Ryan: I smell food

Zandra: I’m starving Lex what are we gonna do

Amber: Of course you have a choice

Zandra: What

Amber: We’ve been talking about what to do and we think the best thing would be to open the outside gate let you back out onto the streets

zandra: No please Lex say something

Lex:What choice

Amber: Ah it can listen

Lex: Are you in charge of these kids

Amber: Maybe for now you sure your in charge of them

Lex: So this choice

Amber: You can take your chance outside with the Locos or you can join us but on our terms we all share what we have we work together and maybe we stay safe maybe

Jack: Amber how can we know we can trust them the Locos may have sent them

Zandra: If that were true we’d be happy to go back outside wouldn’t we your not very smart for a nerd

Jack: Yeah well smart enough to trap you zero

Lex: You’ll wish you’d never done that

Amber: Sounds like you’ve made your choice open the outside gate Jack

Zandra: No wait I wanna stay

Patsy: Paul says you should shut up all of you he heard something listen there it is again

Lex: There was what the kids deaf

Patsy: He feels things through the floor vibrations things you don’t hear

Zandra: What was that

Lex: Could be the Locos you still don’t wanna let us in

Amber: How do you get to the sewers

Jack: Just through there past the burrows metal door

Amber: Can anyone get in

Jack: They could do I haven’t had a chance to secure it

Amber: Right I’ve gotta find out what’s going on Jack you look after the others Dal you come with me

Lex: You won’t last five minutes

Amber: Jack said it was around here this must be it

Dal: Are you sure this is a good idea

Amber: No but we’re going in anyway

Dal: Sounds like rats

Amber: I can’t see a thing down here

Dal: You want me to go in there with you good thing I brought my torch then we could get lost down here

Amber: Lost only matters when you’ve got a home Dal

Dal: Thanks for reminding me

Amber: Ssh listen

Dal: Sounds like there’s only one

Amber: Come on let’s get back

Lex: What if they don’t come back the Locos could be on there way in right now I saw them catch someone once weedy little kid just like you Jack they tied him to a tree

Salene: Stop it you’re frightening the little ones

Lex: They should be frightened and so should you

Salene: What are we gonna do Jack

Lex: You’ve no choice open up and let us in and maybe we’ll help you maybe

Jack: I don’t trust you

Lex: Trust we’re talking about survival here this is your only chance do it

Salene: Do it Jack

Amber: Jack what’s going on

Jack: We thought you weren’t coming back

Lex: We offered to help

Amber: I’ll bet

Jack: You find anything

Amber: Salene take the kids to the café please it’s okay really there was someone down there yeah

Dal: We lost him

Amber: Or her

Dal: We need to post a twenty four hour guard down there make sure it’s secure

Lex: To late there here now are you gonna let us in

Amber: You accept our terms

Lex: For now yes

Amber: For now wasn’t the deal you’re heading for the streets Jack

Lex: Okay you win now let us in

Dal: Amber

Lex: Get on with it you whimp

Amber: You accepted our terms

Lex: Did I maybe i lied you and me we’re not finished yet Ryan come on

Zandra: And me are you just gonna leave me here

Lex: Just stop your whining look you wanted to get out now your out go fix up your make up or something

Ryan: I wanted to give it back

Amber: Thanks she missed it hey you’ll need this

Lex: Got ya now come on hurry up

Ryan: Lex, Lex Locos

Zoot: Burn the books

Locos: Burn the books

Ryan: What do we do

Zoot: No more schools, no more teachers, no more books power and chaos

Locos: Power and chaos

Zoot: Burn the books

Locos: Burn the books

Lex: Let’s get outta here

Jack: They’ve been gone a long time

Dal: We should have secured the entrance

Amber: To late listen

Jack: Do you think it’s them

Amber: One way to find out who are you?

Bray: It’s alright put down your weapons I’m a friend

Lex: Give me that

Patsy: Do it again Bray do it again

Bray: Okay now you see it and now you don’t that’s one each and don’t spend it all at once

Lex: I thought I told you to put a guard on the sewer who’s this

Patsy: Bray he does tricks

Lex: I don’t like tricks Bray

Amber: Stop it Lex he just wants shelter

Lex: Can’t he speak for himself we’ve already got one deaf one here Bray are you dumb

Bray: I don’t shoot my mouth of you call that dumb

Lex: This guy’s been hanging around here spying on us did he tell you that that’s his trick why have you been spying on us Bray

Bray: I told them had to be sure it was safe here

Lex: Safe for what so you and your tribe can muscle in

Bray: I don’t have a tribe

Lex: Unlucky for you cause we have

Amber: That’s enough Lex

Lex: I haven’t even started

Amber: We told you when we let you out of the cage our terms

Lex: So this guy just shows up spy’s on us for a few days and we just welcome him with open arms what if he’s checking it out for the Locos

Bray: I’m not

Lex: Says who

Salene: Bray does

Zandra: And we believe him

Dal: We can’t be to sure

Lex: To right we should put him in the cage until we know

Amber: He hasn’t threatened us or tried to steal from us Lex unlike you

Bray: I don’t want anything from you just shelter for the night you’ll have noticed it’s dangerous outside

Lex: Exactly which is why we shouldn’t be taking in strays

Amber: Does that mean you and your friends will be leaving to Lex we’re all strays now

Lex: I say he goes

Amber: Well you in a minority of one we’ve already decided

Lex: I told you, you’re weak all of you pathetic

Amber: Why couldn’t you just stay awake Jack

Dal: There’s no point in taking it out on Jack we were wrong to believe the guy that’s all

Lex: I didn’t remember

Amber: It was my food that he took my food after I trusted him

Dal: It belonged to all of us Amber remember

Lex: You were supposed to be in charge not anymore the terms have changed it’s my turn now no more of your sweet and your do gooding and didn’t Bray look like such a nice boy got us got us a long way didn’t it Amber you getting your knickers in a twist about lover boy oh Ryan help me, help me she’s gonna tear me apart I don’t know how you lot have lasted this long you’ve all had more luck than you deserve my bet is that mr wonderful will be back only this time there’ll be others now if you want me to protect you, you do as I say let them come I’m ready

Bray: Everybody this is Trudy

Patsy: I know what that is that’s a baby

Bray: That’s right we need a safe place to stay we’ve been on the move for a week she needs somewhere to have the baby this is the safest place we’ve found

Lex: No

Bray: And you speak for the whole group do you

Salene: Of course you can stay there’s plenty of room she can stay can’t she Amber

Amber: Does she want to stay

Trudy: I’ve got a name

Amber: Sorry do you want to stay Trudy

Trudy: Yes, please
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