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The Tribe season1 episode 7 script

Zoot: Power and chaos

No violence, peace we go back to the earth grow our own food get strong
and healthy live in communities we care for one another we're gonna make
it happen Trudy your gonna be apart of it you and the baby

Amber: Your not being fair Jack

Jack: What a bit of rudimentarily science never did anyone any harm

Amber: Giving her hope making her believe

Jack: Believe what that there might be someone wiser and older than us still

Amber: Exactly

Jack: Why not

Amber: Because

Jack: It's like the planets it's a lot stupider to think that we're the only ones left
alive in the universe

Amber: Well then call me stupid but for me and the little one here it's better if we
don't believe

Chloe: I'm not that little

Jack: You mean give up hope

Amber: No just put the hope somewhere else like in ourselves we're the ones who've
gotta make this work Jack don't waste your time looking for miracles come
on Chloe

Salene: As Amber's food deputy I'm not authorised to give you anymore

Lex: Amber's food deputy come on Salene I'm a growing boy

Amber: Sames true for Ryan

Lex: Not as much brain to feed

Salene: And Dal

Lex: Not as much muscle

Zandra: You can have mine if your really starving

Amber: You'd have the baby's food if she was on solids ever heard of thank you

Ryan: Where's the clean plates

Lex: In the dishwasher

Ryan: Have we even got a dishwasher

Lex: We have now

Salene: How about we all wash and dry together get the lot done in no time

Lex: That's girls stuff

Amber: Oh your so predictable

Dal: Trudy's lying out there so sick she might not make it through the day and all
you lot can argue about is dirty dishes your pathetic

Amber: Any change

Bray: She's moving more than she was and she's opened her eye lids a couple of

Amber: Sounds encouraging why don't you take a break you look exhausted

Bray: She needs me here

Amber: I'll watch over her and I'll call you if there's any change I promise

Bray: It's my job

Amber: Don't you wanna see your daughter

Bray: I'm sure she's being well looked after have Zandra and Salene come to
blows over her yet

Amber: She's going to end up a very fat baby with both of them insisting on feeding
her but other than that she's fine

Bray: I only hope her mothers gonna be she's had it rough

Amber: Haven't we all

Bray: No in different ways from the rest of us

Amber: Why what makes her so special I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that

Bray: Trudy your gonna pull through do you hear me

Amber: She's a lucky girl

Bray: How's that

Amber: For having such a devoted nurse

Zandra: Who do you think she looks like Bray or Trudy

Lex: Pity the kid if it's Bray

Jack: Babies never look like anyone if you ask me they just look like well ah

Patsy: My mum said that Paul had his granddad's face how can a baby have an old
man's face

Salene: That's it I'm on strike my turn for nanny duty

Zandra: No chance I've just settled her off you might wake her

Salene: Babies sleep through anything come on Zandra hand her over

Zandra: You had her earlier it's my turn

Jack: She's not just a toy to pass around she's a living breathing thing

Lex: Zandra give Salene the baby be a good girl

Zandra: She only wants it so I'll have to do the washing up

Patsy: Oh what's the baby done

Zandra: Done I'm wet you want her you can have her

Salene: Couldn't possibly Zandra I might wake her

Ryan: Nine hundred, nine hundred and fifty, one thousand, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine

Dal: Hey Jack could you give me a hand

Jack: Yeah sure

Dal: Thanks just hold that

Jack: What is this anyway it looks like a box on wheels

Dal: It's a pram present for Trudy

Jack: Why the baby shops are full of them it's not like there on top of the Locos
most looted list

Dal: It's the thought that counts

Jack: It's not gonna be your fault you know

Dal: What's not

Jack: Well if she dies you did as much as anyone could more than the rest of us

Dal: Sometimes you just feel I don't know responsible for another humans life

Lex: Goal

Ryan: Lex, Lex someone's stolen our money

Lex: You'd better call the police then quick

Ryan: Lex don't be soft there aren't any police

Lex: Oh sorry I forgot our world was crashed

Ryan: This was our life savings what are we gonna do

Lex: You should set a trap catch the thief red handed

Ryan: Great idea like what

Lex: Oh that's why you have to use your loaf shouldn't be to hard

Ryan: Any ideas Lex anything at all

Lex: Surprise me Sherlock

Bray: Your back

Trudy: Where did I go

Bray: To a far away place and we were all scared you might stay there

Trudy: Stop talking in riddles Bray what happened to me

Bray: Well you've been very ill and you had a fever which new mum's sometimes

Trudy: And you thought I might die

Bray: Yes

Trudy: How long have you been here

Bray: Well I haven't left your side didn't you notice

Trudy: Thank you for taking such good care of me

Bray: All I did was hold your hand

Trudy: Don't let go Bray

Bray: It's not me you've gotta thank

Trudy: What do you mean

Bray: Well Dal was the one who risked going back to his fathers surgery to get
your antibiotics he saved your life

Trudy: Really I barely even know the guy

Bray: Don't worry about it you and the baby are in good hands

Trudy: The baby

Bray: I'll get one of the girls to bring her over

Trudy: Not just yet in a little while

Bray: I'll go and tell the others that your back in the land of the living

Trudy: Bray you might not have saved my life but you did save me I'll always be
grateful for that

Jack: Hey Ryan what are you up to

Ryan: Your brainy aren't you

Jack: Yeah

Ryan: Well can I have a word

Jack: Go ahead

Ryan: In private

Dal: I can take a hint

Jack: What's this um private word about

Ryan: This isn't for real it's just

Jack: Hypothetical so hypothetically speaking

Ryan: If you had something that everyone else wanted

Jack: Yeah

Ryan: And you hid it and someone stole some of it

Jack: I'm with you so far

Ryan: How would you set a trap to find out who it was

Jack: Well that depends

Ryan: What on

Jack: If you can mark it or not

Ryan: Say it was hypothetically money some notes

Jack: That's easy you put your name on them then if you find someone with a wad
of cash you can check to see if your signatures on them and then hey presto
you got the thief

Ryan: Jack that's brilliant I gotta go now

Jack: Yeah don't mention it

Zandra: What are you looking at

Lex: What do you think it was very nice to

Zandra: Your disgusting Lex

Lex: Me

Zandra: It's the baby weed all over me

Lex: Oh did it

Zandra: As if you care

Lex: Come here I'll show you how much I care I'm not gonna wait around
forever Zandra

Zandra: You will unless you change your attitude

Lex: I've stuck with you I've looked after you what more do you want

Zandra: For you to be more like Bray

Lex: Your on dangerous ground

Zandra: I mean the way he cares about Trudy

Lex: Bray can take a run and jump I mean it Zandra I'm getting rid of him his girl
and the brat whatever it takes

Dal: Sorry did I wake you

Trudy: No I was just drifting

Dal: Bray said you wanted to see me these are for you

Trudy: What a sweet thought

Dal: They sold out of roses at the florist I'm glad your

Trudy: You go

Dal: Ladies first

Trudy: Bray said you saved my life

Dal: I went to get a few pills that's all

Trudy: At a huge risk lurking Locos and Demon Dogz

Dal: That wasn't a problem

Trudy: But something else was

Dal: Going back to my fathers surgery family photos and all that

Trudy: I'm sorry you had to go through all that for me

Dal: Hey I'm the one who's meant to be comforting you

Trudy: All the same I appreciate what you did for me more than ever and I won't
forget it

Patsy: I remember this, this was my favourite it has the warlords and freedom
troopers there's sonic blasters I was gonna get it for Christmas I don't know
when the next Christmas is either or where we'll get a tree from I'm hungry
to are you thinking what I'm thinking come on

Salene: Now you can have your baby back

Trudy: She looks so peaceful you hold on to her for a while longer

Salene: Don't you wanna hold her

Trudy: Yes but later

Zandra: I've had her most of the time actually

Salene: Only because she wouldn't let go actually

Zandra: I've fed her and washed her and

Salene: Watch out Trudy she'll be painting her toe nails next

Trudy: I'm getting good at rocking her to sleep to

Salene: In fact there's only one thing you didn't do

Zandra: I did everything else

Salene: Except change her nappy anyway we're going on about the baby what about

Trudy: Oh I'll be back to my pump class in no time

Zandra: Hey that's a great idea we should get one together soon as your strong
enough that's if

Salene: If what

Zandra: If the boys gone raid a sports store I look fab in lycra

Salene: You scared us all especially Bray

Trudy: You've all been great taking care of me and the baby of course

Salene: Look she's awake go to mummy sweetheart

Zandra: Isn't she just the cutest thing your so lucky

Trudy: Aren't I

Patsy: Think you can, go for it bro think of all those chocy bars maybe not crisps

Jack: I'd expect you'd like the combination well your not getting it this cupboard
is now pee and pee proof and it's staying that way

Patsy: We were hungry

Jack: We're all hungry

Patsy: He says just one packet of crisps each

Jack: One packet will turn in to two befor you know it you've stuffed yourselves and your sick again now you wouldn't want that would you

Lex: So you on the mend

Trudy: Feeling stronger by the minute

Lex: Good

Bray: Glad your pleased

Lex: I wouldn't chuck out a mother and her baby on the streets what do you take
me for

Bray: Fine as long as we've got that sorted was there anything else you wanted

Lex: It was only a friendly visit I'll leave you two love birds to snog in peace

Bray: I don't trust him an inch

Trudy: He gives me the creeps

Bray: Speaking of your favourite people

Trudy: Do we have to

Bray: He wants to see you

Trudy: You've seen him

Bray: Yesterday

Trudy: No way I can't Bray

Bray: That's what I told him you'd say

Trudy: Good

Bray: So he asked me to ask you again

Trudy: The answers still the same

Bray: Will you at least think about it

Trudy: Alright but that's not saying I'll change my mind

Salene: I'm sorry no wash dishes no food

Jack: Stop fooling around Salene give us the keys

Salene: How else am I going to convince you this is a job we all need to do

Lex: What's the problem you take your plate you clean it you eat

Salene: Leaving this humongous dirty pile to fester attracting rats

Chloe: Rats

Salene: It's feast for them Chloe

Chloe: I'll help you clean

Salene: Thanks but I'm trying to convince you all this is a group chore

Dal: Can we talk about it over dinner I'm starving

Salene: Then you'll just ignore the problem till next time

Jack: Have you got the message we're not in to washing dishes

Salene: We still have to do them just the same that's the way life is now

Zandra: We can do without the preaching to

Lex: Right I've had enough hand over the keys

Salene: No

Zandra: Lex leave the keys to me

Salene: Stop it Zandra stop it

Lex: Nice one Zandra that'll teach you to mess with our stomachs

Salene: Why won't anyone listen to me we've got a problem but we can solve it
together it's called team work

Trudy: It's not a good idea reading these things from before

Lex: Don't do it then

Trudy: I was addicted to these magazines guess the habits hard to break

Lex: So what are your plans

Trudy: How do you mean

Lex: Well now you don't need all of us running after you what you gonna do

Trudy: I still don't understand same as the rest of you

Lex: I don't think so

Trudy: Do you know something I don't

Lex: Yeah your not welcome

Trudy: You've changed your tune

Lex: Oh that just sweet talk for the boyfriend I want you out you and the brat

Trudy: When

Lex: As soon as your well enough to get up

Trudy: Are you sure you don't want me to go now when I can barely crawl out of

Lex: I wouldn't be so mean

Trudy: What have I done to you

Lex: Nothing personal girl we voted you out and now your leaving

Trudy: Bray invited me to stay

Lex: And who's he to do that some of us didn't want him either

Trudy: Do I have a choice

Lex: Yeah you can go tomorrow or the next day

Trudy: Gee thanks

Lex: Don't mention it especially not to lover boy you wouldn't wanna see him get
his face messed up would you

Bray: What's going on

Lex: Talk of the devil we were just missing you weren't we Trudy

Bray: I bet would you like to leave now Lex

Lex: My pleasure

Bray: Has he been hassling you

Trudy: Nothing I can't handle

Bray: Because if he has

Trudy: I said it's nothing but I have had a chance to think

Bray: And

Trudy: I'll see him

Bray: Good

Trudy: Only inside the mall I'm not setting foot outside tell him those are my terms
take it or leave it

Bray: Okay

Jack: Serves you right ya stupid bully

Patsy: Alright firing blast your ships destroyed

Chloe: You can't do that

Patsy: Why not

Chloe: Your still in warp seven you can't attack from there

Patsy: Rubbish

Chloe: Anyway you've counted the squares wrong one, two, three, four see you
can't attack from there either

Patsy: Paul your go

Chloe: I've seen the film of this

Patsy: Well we had it out on video at home didn't we Paul we had a nice house I
miss it

Chloe: I miss my mum and my dad

Amber: Hey there you are you had us all, hey what's up chicken

Patsy: She misses her mum and dad me to why did they have to die Amber

Amber: I'm afraid I don't know sweetheart wish I did anyway it's way past your
curfew bed all of you
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