Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Antonia Prebble

Antonia Prebble was born on the 6th of June 1984 in Wellington, New Zealand she is mostly known for playing the part of Trudy in the TV show the tribe she first appeared on the show with Bray who was looking after her after she ran away from the Locos.

Bray found the mall and took Trudy there so she could have a safe place to have her baby in which she called Brady a combination of her and Bray's name she always argued with Bray because she really loved him but he didn't feel the same way and she kept on getting jealous when Bray talked to other women and especially when she saw Bray kissing Salene most of the way she was acting was because she had post-natal depression after the birth and she even tried to commit suicide because she couldn't deal with her responsibilities as a mother.
when that didn't work she ran away with Dal and they ran in to a tribe called the Nomads and saw them with they're children so at night when everyone was asleep she went back to the mall and was now ready to be a good mother to Brady

In season 2 Brady gets kidnapped by a tribe called the Chosen and they told Trudy that she would have to go with them if she wanted to see Brady again as they believed that Zoot was a god and that Trudy was the supreme mother as Brady was Zoot's baby but then Trudy gets abducted by the Mallrats and gets taken to see Amber and she realizes that she was wrong to believe the Chosen so she joins the Mallrats and helps them to defeat the Chosen then Trudy and Amber get kidnapped by Ned to force the Mallrats to hand over the Guardian Trudy has been through so much that she tries to be positive and strong so that she can help the pregnant Amber.

Trudy still helps Amber a lot with her pregnancy after they are freed she helps Amber give birth to her baby and then goes with them to live with the Eco tribe in season 5 Trudy falls for Jay one of the Techno's and they go out for a while but Jay is clearly in love with Amber and they eventually start going out Trudy is very angry with both of them especially Amber as Amber was Trudy's best friend but they eventually made up and they all had to leave the city on a boat when a Virus gets released and threatens to destroy everything and everyone in the city
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