Friday, September 11, 2009

The Tribe season 1 episode 17 script

Ebony: Think your all cool huh always did think he was a real cool dude right Bray come on Bray all you gotta do is tell me what I wanna know and then maybe you and me

Bray: In your dreams Ebony

Ebony: You wouldn't say that if you knew my dreams

Bray: I can imagine

Ebony: Can you such a nice clean living boy like you what's it feel like Bray what's it feel like to know that I can do anything I want with you, I've got plans for you

Zandra: Here comes the bride da ra da da look everybody look what I got

Chloe: Wow Zan

Patsy: It's beautiful

Salene: It's nice did Lex give it to you

Zandra: Yeah he found it in the antique shop

Salene: That's generous of him

Zandra: Isn't he great

Salene: Yeah

Zandra: Look Trud what do you think Trudy

Trudy: Leave me alone

Zandra: Oh come on Trud it's my big day don't be a wet blanket

Trudy: I said go away

Zandra: Alright then

Salene: Don't worry about her she's got other things on her mind

Chloe: I expect she's jealous

Zandra: Yeah I bet she wishes it was her that was getting married

Chloe: I think it's exciting

Patsy: Me too I've never been a bridesmaid before

Chloe: I have for my auntie it was great

Zandra: Well you'll both make lovely bridesmaids won't they Sal

Salene: You bet

Zandra: And Paul we'll dress him up like a real little page boy

Patsy: A page boy

Zandra: I remember one of those glossy mags there was this picture of a big wedding and the page boy was wearing little silk knickerbockers and buckle shoes

Chloe: Wait till I tell him

Patsy: He'll hate it

Jack/Dal: Do do do do, do do do do, do do do do

Lex: Yeah, yeah very funny guys, your suppose to be on guard duty Dal

Dal: I was helping Jack with this

Lex: What is it

Jack: I had an idea we might be able to rig up a battery charger

Dal: So we don't have to keep going outside and nicking them from cars

Jack: That is getting seriously dangerous

Lex: It's dangerous if we don't keep up our guard rota

Jack: We've got the alarm Lex that'll warn us

Lex: If it works

Dal: Relax your getting nervous

Lex: Nervous me about what

Dal: You know getting married it's a big step

Jack: Yeah total surprise didn't quite see you as a dutiful husband somehow

Lex: Don't mean nothing

Jack: Oh really well I thought

Lex: Ryan said it's not a proper ceremony is it not the real thing I can dump her anytime I feel like it

Dal: Does Zandra know that

Lex: No and you two aren't gonna tell her either

Tai-San: Look isn't it beautiful

Amber: Yeah beautiful

Tai-San: It's real crystal you know

Amber: Yeah what are you doing

Tai-San: Looking for stuff for the wedding ceremony I want it to look you know special

Amber: Why so it can make you look good

Tai-San: No for Zandra it is her special day

Amber: Oh I thought perhaps it was suppose to be your special day

Tai-San: Hey come on Amber

Amber: You come in here trying to take over messing with people's lives

Tai-San: This marriage was meant to be it's what they want

Amber: Is it

Tai-San: Well what Zandra wants have you seen her she's like a little kid

Amber: Zandra is a little kid she hasn't thought about it

Tai-San: Loosen up will you doesn't matter why she thinks she's getting married what counts is the spiritual dimension

Amber: Spiritual

Tai-San: The whole tribe this marriage will help bond everybody together in greater harmony

Amber: I don't see how

Tai-San: We can develop a group ora like a cocoon surrounding and protecting us from the perils of the world

Amber: It'll take a lot more than a cocoon to protect us from the Locos

Tai-San: Not if we have faith if we believe in ourselves strongly as a group

Amber: Come on Tai-San get real we're talking about life and death here

Tai-San: Right and there's more to life than just surviving we need spiritual values love you should try love Amber

Amber: And get hurt anyway there's not much choice around here is there

Tai-San: No I think perhaps you've already made your choice but you won't admit it for one reason or another

Ebony: Look at them Bray they can hardly wait

Bray: Like vultures

Ebony: No hyenas waiting for the lion's to finish

Bray: So why don't you

Ebony: You haven't told me where Zoot is where is he Bray what happened to him

Bray: I can't tell you

Ebony: Where is he where's Zoot

Bray: What's the matter Ebony scared if he comes back you might not be leader anymore

Ebony: No

Bray: Forget it Ebony he's not coming back

Ebony: How do you know that, tell me

Salene: There that looks great on you Zan

Zandra: You reckon

Patsy: It's beautiful it makes you look like a princess

Zandra: That's what I'm gonna be maybe a queen Lex's queen at the head of the tribe

Patsy: Will you have to wear a crown

Salene: Only on special occasions aye

Zandra: Special occasions a crown

Amber: Good grief what's going on in here

Salene: Hi Amber missing out on all the fun

Zandra: There how do I look

Amber: Lovely your really going through with it then

Zandra: Course I am it's what I want more than anything

Amber: You don't think that maybe Lex is trying to take advantage of you

Zandra: No and it wouldn't matter if he was I'd do anything for him

Amber: If I know Lex he'll want you to be his personal slave

Zandra: No he won't he loves me to much he wants to take care of me

Amber: He'll want you to look after him more like, he'll have you running around after him fetching and carrying for him bringing him tea in bed and all that kind of stuff

Salene: Lighten up will you Amber it's just a bit of fun

Zandra: No it isn't I love him

Amber: I'm sure you think you do

Zandra: What do you know your just jealous cause you can't get a man of your own

Amber: Well I wouldn't marry Lex that's for sure

Zandra: And he wouldn't marry you, your nothing but an old sour puss and i've a good mind not to invite you to the wedding

Salene: Hold on this is suppose to be a happy day

Amber: I'm sorry Zandra I want you to be happy really I do I just don't want to see you get hurt because I care about you okay

Zandra: Alright then you can come to the wedding

Amber: Thanks I wouldn't miss it for the world, what

Zandra: Oh no we're being attacked it'll spoil everything

Lex: Amber keep the women and children upstairs, Ryan, Jack, Dal lets go

Amber: Salene take care of the little ones come on Zandra hurry up we need to build a barricade

Zandra: Is Lex still there

Amber: No why

Zandra: He musn't see me before the wedding it's bad luck

Lex: Okay Ryan you and me will go down if there's anybody there we'll deal with them right

Ryan: Right

Lex: Jack, Dal you stay here just encase okay

Dal: Okay

Amber: Zandra keep it coming

Zandra: I've broken one of my nails

Amber: You'll get a lot more than that broken if the Locos get in, hey where's Tai-San

Zandra: Tai-San, Tai-San

Tai-San: Here I am

Amber: Where have you been can't you hear the alarm

Tai-San: I've been meditating preparing myself for the wedding ceremony

Amber: If we get attacked there won't be any wedding now give us a hand

Tai-San: There's no need

Amber: What do you mean

Tai-San: I sense no danger

Amber: What so you saw it in your crystal ball

Tai-San: I don't need a crystal ball to alert me to the presence of evil

Amber: Never mind all that just get stuck in

Dal: Well

Ryan: Nobody there

Lex: No sign of any break in

Jack: Oh must be a fault somewhere in the system

Lex: And you call yourself a techy

Jack: Well it's not that easy when I haven't got the right kit

Lex: Just fix it

Bray: Hey whose there

Lex: It's okay everybody it was just a false alarm

Salene: We're not being attacked

Lex: No Jack and Dal's famous early warning system failed up yet again

Amber: Great so we did all this for nothing

Tai-San: I told you there was no danger

Zandra: She did to how'd you know Tai-San

Tai-San: I would have sensed it

Amber: Yeah sure you would come on everybody we might as well get this lot cleared up I suppose you'll be to busy preparing yourself to lend a hand

Salene: The wedding there's still so much to be done

Zandra: Lex are you still there

Lex: Yeah why

Zandra: Go away

Salene: You musn't see her

Lex: Suits me I mean what do I care if they wanna do it all themselves, hows it going down there

Jack: We've found the fault

Dal: We think

Lex: Can you fix it

Jack: Yeah no problem

Lex: For Pete's sake turn it of

Jack: Sorry

Lex: Come on we might as well go upstairs and put our feet up

Ryan: We can't go back up there you heard what they said

Lex: Oh it's stupid women stuff

Ryan: But if it's what Zandra wants

Lex: I'm not gonna stay down here all day look you can go up first and make sure the coast is clear okay

Ryan: Suppose so listen Lex

Lex: Yeah

Ryan: You do want this wedding don't you

Lex: Yeah

Ryan: You do love her

Lex: Yeah of course I do

Ryan: I mean really love her not just want to you know

Lex: Would I be marrying her if I didn't love her

Ryan: I don't know that's what I'm asking cause if I thought you were gonna mess her about or anything

Lex: Don't worry she'll be safe with me

Ryan: You promise

Lex: Would I lie to you, your my best mate Ryan

Ryan: Yeah

Lex: Honest look I asked you to be best man at the wedding didn't I

Ryan: Yeah but

Lex: So why aren't you writing you speech instead of worrying about Zandra

Ryan: Speech

Lex: Yeah the best man always makes a speech didn't you know

Zandra: Oh Sal it's really brill I feel like the queen of Sheba

Salene: Who

Zandra: I don't know who she was but when my cousin got married they played her music queen of Sheba it was wild

Salene: A pity you can't have it today

Zandra: Yeah pity about a lot of things pity my mum can't be here

Salene: Yeah still you got all of us all your mates will be there

Zandra: Doesn't look like Bray will make it

Salene: That stupid Trudy driving him away again

Zandra: I don't know what he sees in her

Salene: He doesn't it's the baby he cares about not her

Zandra: Yeah course it is

Salene: I know he prefers me to her other wise he wouldn't have kissed me

Zandra: Bray kissed you

Salene: Yes and that stupid little cow had a go at him about it that's why he took of

Zandra: Wow Sal what was it like did he mean it

Salene: He meant it alright

Zandra: Is that all you did I mean did you, you know

Salene: No course not he didn't get much chance

Jack: Ryan

Ryan: What's up you got a problem

Dal: Sort of

Jack: Not really

Dal: We've been thinking we ought to do something for Lex

Ryan: I'm always doing things for Lex

Jack: No, no for the wedding

Ryan: I am I've gotta make this speech I'm gonna be his best man

Dal: Great the best man's suppose to organize it

Ryan: What

Jack: The stag party

Dal: When a guy gets married his mates throw a party for him men only

Ryan: Right

Jack: They get him drunk and they play tricks on him

Dal: They strip of his clothes and tie him to a lamp post naked

Ryan: Lex

Jack: Yeah well

Ryan: We haven't got any booze

Jack: No but maybe we could get him a gift

Dal: Like what

Ryan: I can't think I've gotta write this speech and I don't know what to say

Jack: I went to a wedding once and the best man made a lot of jokes about the bridegroom

Dal: No you should say how you hope they'll be happy together and wish them the best of luck

Jack: Wish Zandra the best of luck she's the one who's gonna need it

Ryan: Yeah I'll say how pleased I am for her

Dal: What

Ryan: Lex is promised me he'll really look after her and be a good husband

Jack: Yeah sure Ryan whatever you say

Salene: There you go you look a real picture Zan

Zandra: Thanks Sal

Salene: All ready for your big moment

Zandra: Yeah

Salene: Zan what's up your not getting cold feet are you

Zandra: I'm a bit nervous

Salene: Nervous why

Zandra: Once I'm married I'm gonna have to

Salene: What

Zandra: You know I've never been the whole way

Salene: Really oh right

Zandra: I have to know Sal

Salene: I don't know Zandra

Zandra: Oh I thought you

Salene: No your gonna have to ask someone else

Zandra: But who what about Amber do you think she

Salene: I shouldn't think so she acts so high and mighty I don't reckon she's had much romance in her life

Zandra: No wait a minute Trudy

Salene: No not her

Zandra: Come on

Salene: No Zandra you can't

Zandra: I need to know Trud what's it like

Trudy: Leave me alone

Zandra: Oh come on Trud don't be meany

Salene: Just tell her

Trudy: I don't wanna talk about it

Zandra: I'm getting married I have to know

Trudy: Ask somebody else then I don't wanna know about weddings

Salene: No and you never will either the next wedding round here will be me and Bray's

Trudy: No he wouldn't it's me he cares about

Salene: If he cares so much about you why's he left you again what did you do this time

Trudy: It wasn't me it was you

Salene: Me are you crazy

Trudy: Running after him and kissing him like a tart

Salene: It was him that kissed me I don't have to run after any guy they run after me

Trudy: Well if your so wonderful why do you have to ask me about sex

Salene: Cause we don't go jumping in to bed with anything in trousers

Trudy: I don't I never did

Salene: No just did it to get a baby was that it cause that was the only way you could get to Bray

Trudy: That is not true

Salene: He only wants the baby his brothers baby he doesn't want you

Trudy: No

Zandra: Stop it get of her somebody do something

Amber: Hey, hey, come on stop it, stop it, stop it

Locos: Hey, hey

Tai-San: You should've come to me I'd have told you all about it

Zandra: You would

Tai-San: Listen this is no big deal you know

Zandra: But I thought well you know I mean everybody says

Tai-San: Of course they do sure it's one of life's pleasures

Zandra: But does it hurt

Tai-San: You gotta stay in control

Zandra: How do you mean

Tai-San: I mean don't let the man treat you like an object or a slave that's very important

Zandra: Right

Tai-San: And don't take risks if the guy hasn't got protection say no and anyway you don't want to end up with a baby do you like poor Trudy, Lex stand next to Ryan that's it everyone else form a half circle

Zandra: Wait a minute where's Patsy and Chloe where are my bridesmaids

Salene: Patsy, Chloe come on now

Chloe: Sorry couldn't find Paul anywhere

Salene: Never mind we'll have to do it without him

Zandra: Everything's going wrong

Salene: No it isn't

Tai-San: Are you ready now

Zandra: Yes

Tai-San: Right lets have calm Lex prepare to meet you bridegroom

Bray: What's up

Salene: Bray where have you been we've been so worried

Bray: Hey hold on

Salene: I told you he'd come back I knew he would

Bray: What's going on here

Tai-San: Your interrupting the ceremony

Amber: Lex and Zandra are getting married

Bray: Married why

Tai-San: Because they want to now will you be quiet please so we can get on

Bray: Okay fine

Tai-San: Join the circle everyone join hands we need to combine our energies to create good vibrations and ospition funshui breath and concentrate we must announce the yin and yang in perfect harmony Zandra come to your husband

Lex: I thought you said you fixed that

Jack: I did

Zandra: Look Locos

Lex: get her, just shut it Zandra

Amber: Where are the rest of them

Lex: I don't know

Bray: There may not be any

Amber: Dal switch that alarm of

Dal: I'm not going down there

Bray: I think she may be on her own

Amber: Will someone just switch that alarm of before it brings the whole city in here

Lex: You lot grab your weapons Amber you organize these guys, you stay here and if it's an attack I don't want you behind me come on you three
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