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The Tribe season 1 episode 13 script

Lex: Ryan your out, get your own place

Ryan: Thought you were moving out

Lex: Nah i'm gonna stay here

Ryan: What am I gonna do

Lex: That's your problem

Ryan: You still mad about the pie thing

Lex: Yeah the pie thing the rota thing the fact there's a traitor on my own camp

Ryan: It was just a bit of gravy

Lex: I'm sure the rotas pretty clear on who makes the gravy around here

Ryan: They didn't have any water

Lex: Well they would have done if they had bothered to go fetch it

Ryan: It's hardly fair though is it we all need water

Lex: Fair where do you think we live Ryan toy town look there's a bunch of crazies out there who'd tear this lot apart unless they have a strong leader

Zandra: Isn't it time you were up

Lex: Get lost

Zandra: We've no water we're filthy and our wonderful leader lies in bed, come on Ryan there's still some bread left over from breakfast

Ryan: Great

Jack: Get it done alright

Dal: Yeah thanks

Jack: Well why are you so muddy

Dal: I don't think the water tanks on the cleaning rota Jack

Jack: No I suppose not, you gonna start well you know doing a bit of the girls stuff helping out

Dal: I don't know suppose a little bit of this and that nothing to much

Jack: Yeah so long as there's a pie in the oven aye

Dal: Or a bit of Salene's bread

Jack: Great breakfast wasn't it

Dal: Spot on course Lex is gonna murder us

Jack: Well yeah but did he really think the girls are gonna put up with it

Dal: He doesn't know Amber

Jack: Hey if it's that muddy up there do you think we can grow stuff on it

Dal: Lets try and get some water fixed up first aye jack

Trudy: Haven't you finished yet

Salene: Just about

Trudy: She slept so well lastnight didn't you, you like sleeping next to mummy

Salene: Here

Trudy: Thanks Salene you've been ever so sweet, hi Amber i'm just collecting some of little brady's toys she likes having them around her don't you pet

Amber: Salene have you seen the little ones, what's up

Salene: That tramp

Amber: What's she done now

Salene: She just walks all over everyone

Amber: Yeah well

Salene: And she doesn't care one bit about that baby

Amber: She is her mum

Salene: She wasn't her mum last week was she just when she feels like it

Amber: Salene give her a break she's had it rough

Salene: Haven't we all

Amber: Look you'll still get to see Brady she'll need plenty of help

Salene: And Bray

Amber: Salene give them a chance

Salene: Why should I

Amber: Bray will see who he wants to see just give him time let things work themselves out don't stir things please we've got enough problems, look that piano why don't you teach the kids some songs they'd love that

Zandra: He's brave i'll give him that but totally bone idol never done a days work in his life I mean you don't mind doing a bit of sweeping every now and then do you for a nice bit of bread

Ryan: Oh no of course not

Zandra: Quite right too equality of the sexes hey you could teach us girls how to fight

Ryan: Ah that hurt

Zandra: Sorry I didn't mean where's it hurt, let me kiss it better

Lex: Oh yeah it's like that is it

Zandra: It's not what you think Lex we were just mucking around

Lex: Get lost fat boy

Zandra: It's alright Ryan thanks for your help, what's got in to you

Lex: What's got in to me, you wanna tell me what was going on

Zandra: Nothings going on I told you

Lex: Doesn't look like nothing to me

Zandra: Get of me Lex

Lex: Oh yeah saving it for him are you

Zandra: Don't be daft what's got you so angry

Lex: Cause even you've turned against me

Zandra: Don't be stupid it's just you know you've gotta start listening to other peoples points of view

Lex: I'm the leader they'll do what they're told

Zandra: It doesn't work like that here it's about co-operation

Lex: Co-operation well when the Locos come and get you pathetic lot we'll see how they like to co-operate

Patsy: Well

Paul: Hey

Salene: Oh lovely well done Patsy

Paul: It was me who played it

Salene: Well done Paul

Patsy: Your not even listening

Salene: Look i'm sorry, Bray any luck with the supplies

Bray: I'm in a bit of a hurry Salene i'll catch you later

Amber: Doing all the dirty work Dal

Dal: As ever

Amber: Hows the view up there

Dal: Clear skies no smoke remember that

Jack: Bad news for us

Amber: Why

Dal: No rain

Jack: What's lunch

Zandra: Soup nothing special just canned

Amber: It smells great

Lex: I thought I said no lunch till we have some water

Jack: But we're famished

Lex: It's not good enough

Dal: Chill out

Lex: What do you mean chill out

Amber: We have to wait for rain Lex

Lex: That the best you can do

Dal: You promised us milk is that the best you can do

Lex: You volunteering for cow duty then

Dal: Suits me

Amber: Look Dal is working on the water

Lex: What's the rush, cow duty

Bray: Can I take something over to Trudy she's having a rest

Zandra: Course how is little Brady

Lex: We were just talking about getting little Brady wadi some milky wilky

Bray: And how you gonna do that Lex

Lex: Well we've got a cow now haven't we

Bray: Problem is Lex you've no bull

Zandra: Just full of it

Lex: Bull's don't make milk

Bray: But no bull no milk get it end of story

Lex: Well it looks as if we're gonna have steaks for dinner after all

Dal: Your not gonna kill it

Lex: Ryan you'd fancy a quarter pounder wouldn't you

Ryan: What the calf

Jack: We could use the fat for burning lamps

Dal: What are you a caveman

Chloe: You can't kill Bluebell

Amber: Lex stop upsetting them

Zandra: You can't kill a sweet little calf Lex

Lex: What do you wanna do keep it as a pet eating all our food

Bray: We'll let it go

Ryan: What if it comes straight back

Jack: Yeah with the Locos following it

Lex: You gonna give it your rations

Chloe: I'll give it mine

Amber: Chloe we can't afford to feed it not if it's not gonna give anything back

Lex: We're not feeding anything the calf dies

Bray: Hey shut it Lex

Lex: Get of me you little

Bray: Hey pick on someone a bit bigger aye Lex

Lex: Your all weak soft in the head anyone who wants to eat decent follow me

Chloe: Your as bad as him

Amber: We're sorry Chloe

Chloe: I hate you I hate you all

Bray: Should have kept my mouth shut

Lex: Come on Ryan in the neck

Ryan: Can't do it

Lex: I don't believe this, here

Jack: I can't I couldn't kill anything

Lex: But you'll eat it won't you ah your pathetic the pair of you

Ryan: It's the way it looks at you Lex

Lex: What are you looking at this isn't a bull fight go on get out of here, don't look at me like that

Trudy: It's much better over here isn't it

Bray: Yeah

Trudy: Baby's like to look at there mums, well what do you think so far, Bray

Bray: Oh yeah great

Trudy: What's wrong

Bray: I'm just thinking about Chloe

Trudy: I don't suppose there's much you could have done about it I mean it couldn't stay could it, well now there's room for your things

Bray: My things

Trudy: Well I thought that now i'm looking after the baby properly your so good with her and I feel safer too I don't trust that Lex

Bray: Nah he wouldn't touch you

Trudy: I'm not attractive enough

Bray: Oh Trudy

Trudy: Where are you going

Bray: I let Chloe down i've gotta make it up to her

Trudy: She'll get over it

Bray: Trudy it was her pet

Lex: Okay Bluebell this is my number one lucky coin i'm giving you one chance okay that's it one chance heads you live tails you die alright best out of three

Dal: Why didn't you just let it go and hunt it down that would have been fun hey just like the cavemen

Jack: You don't eat meat Dal that's your business don't break my back about it

Dal: It was a pet Jack

Jack: Alright, alright I get younit was a pet and a walking burger bar

Dal: You

Ryan: Hey

Jack: Sorry

Ryan: What's the matter with you two

Dal: Nothing

Jack: Got some sensitive vegetarians around here

Ryan: Well I could do with a big fat steak myself rare

Dal: Lets just finish this rubbish

Jack: Hey it's not rubbish I worked out scientifically it'll work

Dal: Not without wire it won't got anymore

Jack: That was the last of that Gage

Dal: Great we're stuffed then

Ryan: Is that for the water

Dal: Brilliant

Jack: Course it's for the water you great lunk

Ryan: I'll get you some wire

Lex: Go on get out of here you ungrateful cow quick get out of here shoo come on

Zandra: Lex what happened

Lex: The Locos they got me, that's all I could do to save myself

Patsy: What happened to Bluebell

Lex: Well last I saw there were twenty of them easy hunting her down probably sacrificed her to some god or other slice open her throat eat her alive most likely

Amber: That's real funny Lex

Salene: Chloe he was joking

Trudy: Hey

Salene: I'm sorry I was after Chloe I didn't see you

Trudy: You wanna watch your kiddies games you could have hurt my baby

Salene: It wasn't a game she was upset

Trudy: She is always upset

Salene: Look i'm sorry I didn't mean lets just forget it okay

Trudy: Are you following us

Salene: What

Trudy: Your everywhere I go always creeping about

Salene: I don't believe this

Trudy: Just stay away from us

Salene: Us

Trudy: You think Bray's wrapped around your little finger don't you well he isn't Salene so forget it he's family he's with me now isn't he darling

Salene: We'll see

Trudy: Come anywhere near Bray or Brady and I will scratch your eyes out

Salene: I think Bray will make up his own mind don't you

Zandra: He's just beaten of a hoard of Locos

Amber: Yeah you want my opinion he had a fight with the calf and the calf won easy

Lex: I've had enough of this you don't believe me I couldn't care less

Amber: Where's the calf Lex

Ryan: Hey where's the meat

Amber: Sorry Ryan it's of the menu

Ryan: What happened

Zandra: The Locos attacked him they took the calf, you've really got it in for him haven't you

Amber: It isn't him I care about it's us he's doing a pretty good job of stuffing up everything we got going for us

Zandra: You'd do better I suppose, yeah suppose you would but Lex isn't gonna give up being leader no way

Jack: Right Dal, here hold that, we did it

Ryan: This, this is it, this mud

Jack: It will be fine when it rains

Chloe: I knew you'd be alright Bluebell come on

Lex: There stupid pathetic I should let them fend for themselves see how they get on

Chloe: Lets get away from these bullies perhaps we can find your mummy come on Bluebell we have to get away from here come on, come on hurry come on Bluebell

Salene: Just copy my fingers

Patsy: I can't

Salene: It's alright Patsy we'll try again

Patsy: I can't do it

Salene: You'll break it

Patsy: It's not making any noise

Salene: Well what's wrong with it

Amber: So hows our great leader

Lex: What do you want

Amber: It's not easy getting folks to follow is it

Lex: Thanks to your little rebellion

Amber: It's not my rebellion

Lex: No

Amber: If you force people to do stuff that they think is unfair that's what happens

Lex: It helps to have a ring leader like you though doesn't it

Amber: It just happened Lex it didn't need a leader the girls don't wanna be cooks, cleaners and skivvies any more than you do

Lex: Different people are better at doing different things

Amber: I know that like you

Lex: What about me

Amber: Your the best person for defending the mall protecting us that's what you should be concentrating on

Lex: I would be if everybody else would stay out of my hair and do what they are told

Amber: Why don't you leave all that hassle to me, i'll sort out the chores the day to day stuff take that of your hands

Lex: You make it sound so easy

Amber: Let me try

Lex: Anything else

Amber: Food, water and stuff Bray would be good for that

Lex: No way

Amber: I'm just trying to free you up so you can do what you do best head of security

Chloe: It's okay Bluebell we're safe now i'll come back and visit you okay Bluebell stay

Salene: Have fun did you

Dal: What

Salene: Wrecking the piano

Jack: Where's you get those

Salene: From your contraption up there

Dal: Oh Salene you didn't

Jack: What have you done to it

Salene: You uncultured pigs

Ryan: Anyone seen the rolling pin

Dal: Why couldn't you tell us where you got the wires from

Ryan: You didn't ask

Jack: But Ryan the piano

Ryan: Yeah good idea wasn't it

Patsy: You've ruined it

Ryan: You can still play half of it

Salene: Your putting these back

Dal: We're putting them straight back in to the rain water shoot

Salene: No your not, you great oaf

Ryan: Hey come on we need water

Zandra: He's right Salene it's much more important

Salene: Than what they're education

Ryan: Never did me any good

Salene: You stupid, stupid

Zandra: Calm down Sal I know your upset about the baby but don't take it out on Ryan

Bray: Woo, woo steady there

Paul: How come that's a TV

Bray: Oh it's not a TV they're for Chloe to make up for the calf

Paul: A chicken

Lex: What's that doing here

Patsy: Bray brought them

Lex: Where did they come from

Bray: Ah around

Lex: Well lets kill them before it gets to friendly

Patsy: No way

Amber: Well we can still get eggs can't we I mean we don't need a rooster for that

Bray: No just feed and I can get that

Ryan: Omelets

Zandra: Meringues

Amber: I think we've found our provisions man, like the chickens

Bray: Yeah I felt bad about Chloe

Amber: They'll cheer her up listen Bray i've been talking to Lex he's had it with this leader business so I cut him a deal he can look after defense i'll look after the day to day stuff and you can take care of the provisions

Bray: You don't give up do you

Amber: Well where would that get us

Bray: Have I a choice

Amber: Not really no well is that a yes

Bray: I'll give it a try

Amber: Good one, I think you have something to tell everyone Lex

Lex: Listen up everyone as leader i've been making a few routine appointments Amber's now in charge of chores and all the other day to stay stuff and Bray's looking after food and water so any problems go to them first understood and don't bother me i'm chief of security

Ryan: It's rain

Chloe: Bluebell, Bluebell, Bluebell where are you come back we're safe now Bluebell

Jack: Lets hope this works

Dal: Get on with it Jack it's gonna burst the bar

Jack: Stand back here goes

Patsy: Trudy we got water

Trudy: We don't want water do we Brady we want Bray

Salene: It's disgusting

Zandra: It's all mucky

Lex: Better get the shampoo out babe

Zandra: Forget it

Bray: It'll be alright

Lex: Your kidding aren't you

Jack: We got you the water didn't we

Salene: If you call it that

Dal: Keep your hair on we'll fix it somehow

Zandra: Well i'll let you drink it first

Patsy: Where's Chloe

Salene: I haven't seen her since that business with the calf

Jack: Three guesses like she's run away

Amber: Oh no not again
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