Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beth Allen

Beth Allen was born on the 28th of may 1984 in Auckland, New Zealand she is mostly known for playing the part of Amber in the TV show the tribe.

at the beginning of the show Amber and her friend Dal are wandering the streets about to leave the city when they come across a little girl wandering around on her own her name was Chloe.

Chloe then introduces them to Patsy, Paul, Bob the dog and Salene who was about to turn themselves in to the Locos they all needed a place to stay for the night and when they are out looking they came across a mall where they met Jack it was a nice big place to stay and safe because Jack had set some traps so they all decided to stay there.

Amber decided to take charge and become they're leader and she asks Lex and Ryan to help protect they're new tribe and home then Bray and the very heavily pregnant Trudy joined them at first Amber clashes with Bray a lot but she is secretly falling for him the Mallrats all take part in the tribal gathering thinking that it will eventually stop all the fighting but it doesn't all go as planned first of all they find out that Dal is being held prisoner by the Nomads so they all help release him and his new friend Sasha.

Sasha stays at the mall temporarily and Amber becomes attracted to him and when it's time for Sasha to leave he asks Amber to go with him at first she says yes but she looks back at the mall and tells Sasha that she can't leave them so she decides to stay then Amber finally confesses to her feelings for Bray and they eventually kiss but they're happiness doesn't last long as Ebony and the Locos invade the mall to steal the antidote for the virus and they take Lex and Bray prisoner all of the Mallrats decide to go to eagle mountain to find a new antidote and Bray is finally free and rejoins the Mallrats along with Ebony.

Amber is not impressed Bray tries to convince Amber that there is nothing going on with him and Ebony so Amber forgives him and they make up but the building they're in explodes Bray gets knocked out and when he wakes up Lex tells him that Amber and Zandra died in the explosion but in season 3 of the show they discover that Amber is still Alive and living with a tribe called the Ecos as they're leader and calling herself Eagle the Mallrats ask the Ecos for help in defeating the chosen and the Ecos agree.

After Amber witnesses the death of Dal she tells Bray that she still loves him and they spend the night together the next morning Amber leaves Bray to go and get more tribes to help with they're fight against the chosen when Amber returns she tells Bray that she is pregnant the Ecos and the Mallrats defeat the chosen and the Guardian after much thought Amber decides not to go back to the Ecos and stays with the Mallrats but just before a celebration party Amber and Trudy are kidnapped by Ned.

The Guardian tries to kill Amber and Trudy until Ebony comes to the rescue and because of that Ebony is elected the new city leader Bray, Trudy, Tai-San and Amber plot to question Ebony about the kidnapping but Ebony banishes Amber and Bray from the city and Amber goes in to labor Bray finds a place for her to have the baby Bray was then taken by the Technos Trudy and Brady find Amber in a barn and Trudy helps her give birth to her son in which Amber calls him Bray after his father.

She then goes looking for the Ecos along with Trudy and Brady but then Amber gets taken by the Technos then she gets rescued by the Mallrats she then meets up with the Techno Jay and tells him of her horrific experience in the game so Jay, Amber and the Mallrats plot with another Techno Mega to destroy Ram the leader of the Technos and after the Technos are destroyed Amber enlists Jay's help in finding out what happened to Bray so they use Mega's computer only to find out that Bray has been deleted.

After that Amber finds it really hard to be around Jay as she blames him for the death of Bray as he was a Techno but when she decides to forgive him then Amber starts to dought Mega's intentions and finds out from Ebony that he plans to take over the city so the Mallrats enlist the help of the still alive Ram and they overtake Mega and the Mallrats start to celebrate but the celebrations were cut short when Ram's computer goes way out of control and plans to kill all humans by releasing a new virus which will kill everything and everyone in the city so all the Mallrats have to flee the city on a boat
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