Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tribe Season 1 Episode 5 Script

Lex: Gotcha

Zandra: You could have helped me and Salene we’ve moved Trudy next door to give her some privacy

Lex: Look twenty-five thousand top score

Zandra: I don’t believe it

Lex: Oh neither do I the battery just died

Zandra: I mean Bray I can’t believe he’s just left her and his little daughter

Lex: Get real Zandra he’s been conning us all along I told you but did anyone listen oh Bray your so wonderful your so handsome so clever

Zandra: Any sign of him

Dal: We’ve looked everywhere

Jack: Not a sign he’s gone alright

Zandra: The rat

Chloe: Poor Trudy

Lex: Poor us we’re the ones stuck with his girlfriend and her brat

Ryan: Does she know

Zandra: Manners Ryan

Lex: Yeah we’ve gotta keep our standards up don’t we remember to say please and thank you when the Locos come and do us over

Patsy: Are the Locos coming

Amber: No of course not

Lex: Where is he then your wonderful Bray he’s gone to find the Locos and bring them here the scummy traitor

Dal: You don’t know that

Lex: Well I’ll be waiting with his precious girlfriend and the brat

Amber: Lex if you can’t say anything sensible just keep your mouth shut Bray’s not a traitor

Lex: And your defending him cause you fancy him

Zandra: Do you Amber

Amber: Of course not don’t listen to that idiot

Zandra: Mind you wouldn’t blame you

Lex: You what

Ryan: What’s that

Zandra: It’s just the baby Ryan

Ryan: What’s wrong with it, it sounds like it’s being murdered

Dal: It must be hungry

Amber: I’ll go and see

Ryan: What a racket just cause it’s hungry

Patsy: Jack we’re hungry to

Jack: Not now

Patsy: Paul says

Jack: I’m not interested

Patsy: That’s right Bob you tell him the big meany

Zandra: What

Lex: You fancy Bray aswell don’t you

Zandra: That would be telling wouldn’t it what do you think I’d better go help Amber she’s not the baby type

Salene: Can’t you just try Trudy

Trudy: No please I can’t honestly

Amber: Is she alright what’s the matter

Salene: Just hungry poor thing Trudy can’t feed her

Trudy: Where’s Bray Amber

Amber: Sleeping he’s tired out after the birth

Trudy: He’s tired I’m exhausted and I feel terrible

Amber: Your very hot

Trudy: I feel cold Amber please get Bray, what

Amber: Nothing

Salene: I’m gonna find something for it to eat here

Zandra: Me Salene wait, there, there

Dal: Jack, Jack

Jack: You idiot

Dal: Sorry

Jack: You could have been the Locos

Dal: That’s why I came here we ought to try and secure the sewer entrance it’s the only way they can surprise us

Jack: Have you got any ideas remember it’s our only emergency exit to

Dal: The best thing would be an electronic alarm system

Jack: What would we use for power

Dal: Some system of charging batteries

Jack: Is that right well why don’t we just plug them in to the mains

Dal: I was trying to be constructive

Jack: And what do you think I’m doing reading this when you’ve finished scaring the life out of me

Dal: Sorry

Amber: Dal have you still got that thermometer

Dal: Yeah

Amber: Good come with me I need your help

Jack: Peace at last

Patsy: Sshh Bob someone will hear you if Jack’s going to be mean we’ll just help ourselves sweeties you like sweeties don’t you Bob

Zandra: Trudy how do you get it to shut up there you are here

Salene: No you hold her I’ll try get her to drink this

Amber: What is it

Salene: It’s that creamer stuff you put in coffee milk substitute

Zandra: Will it be alright for her

Salene: Well it’s mostly water and I added a bit of sugar

Amber: I don’t think that’s a very good idea Salene

Salene: Well what else are we gonna give her listen to her she’s starving

Trudy: Where’s Bray

Amber: Hush a minute let Dal take your temperature

Zandra: Where’d you get that

Dal: around thought it be useful

Zandra: Oohh look just like the real thing you know a doctor I bet you use to watch all the hospital programs on the tele didn’t you I miss television it’s boring now

Amber: Boring which planet are you living on Zandra

Zandra: What do you mean

Amber: Well you could call it scary or horrid or dangerous but boring isn’t a word I’d use

Zandra: Well I miss it anyway I used to watch all the soaps never missed I could tell you everything about all the characters

Amber: Fascinating

Zandra: Now there not there anymore I don’t know what they’re doing

Amber They’re not doing anything Zandra they weren’t real, well

Dal: It’s up a bit

Amber: What do we do

Dal: Give her some paracetamol and keep bathing her in cold water

Zandra: Did you swallow a medical book or something

Dal: My father was a doctor so was my mum satisfied

Zandra: I just wish I could cut my tongue out sometimes

Trudy: Bray where’s Bray

Amber: Yes Bray where are you

Chloe: Good girl drink up your really good

Patsy: So am I he’s full to okay lets take some for later serves Jack right for keeping secrets

Jack: Tin cans that’s the lot

Amber: Not very much but if people eat sensibly I’ll draw up a daily ration

Jack: We’ll try make it nutritionally balanced as possible

Amber: Like I’ve got a lot of choice Jack

Jack: Yeah well

Lex: Nobody decides what I eat I’m not a kid

Amber: Lex we have been through this we have to ration the food

Jack: And water especially the water

Lex: What about batteries this ones dead

Jack: There aren’t anymore

Lex: I bet

Amber: We’ll all get an equal share of food each day it doesn’t grow on trees

Ryan: That’s not fair I need more than the little kids I’m big

Amber: I’m sorry Ryan but they need just as much as you they’re growing

Jack: We just can’t let people keep getting water from the tap

Ryan: Why not

Jack: The water comes from a tank on the roof there’s only so much of it

Amber: Well what do we do

Jack: Well I can cut the tap of then we can ration what’s in the tank so much a day

Lex: How much

Jack: Well I’ll have to see what’s in the tank but we’ll have to go easy until we find some water somewhere else

Amber: Can you go and check

Jack: Yeah

Lex: We’ll go with you it’s not that we don’t trust you just don’t want you falling in and drowning

Jack: It’s down quite a bit since I last checked

Lex: It’s that Trudy using it all with the baby so how’s the rationing work

Jack: You divide the volume and multiply the tanks dimensions by the amount of water

Ryan: But how much do we get

Jack: Well you divide the volume by the amount of

Lex: No how much do we get

Jack: Well I’m explaining

Lex: Let me explain brains we me and Ryan get double

Jack: Double why

Lex: Because I say so don’t I Ryan

Ryan: Oh yeah Lex

Lex: Starting now

Salene: Hiya I need some hot chocolate if we’ve got any

Amber: Oh how’s Trudy

Salene: Rambling talking about dying

Amber: Poor thing what a mess

Salene: She’ll be alright when she gets better

Amber: How do you figure that

Salene: Well she’s got Bray hasn’t she

Amber: Yeah well where is he

Salene: I don’t know but I know he’ll be back

Amber: He’s got a baby and Trudy you know

Salene: I know I just wish he was here

Amber: Maybe it would be better if he doesn’t come back

Salene: Don’t say that

Deamon Dogz: Home sweet home guard duty mate

Salene: I had to call you she’s ringing wet feel

Amber: Dal

Dal: We’ve gotta find out what’s wrong with her, her temperatures sky high and she’s getting worse

Amber: Well there’s some CD’s and stuff in the magazine store there could be something on medicine in there

Chloe: Amber, Amber Patsy and Paul have been sick

Amber: What

Chloe: It’s all over everything

Amber: It couldn’t be, it’s alright Patsy it’s alright it’s not your fault

Jack: What’s all the

Zandra: Paul and Patsy have the virus

Amber: Zandra

Patsy: Oh no we haven’t have we

Amber: Of course not don’t worry

Dal: What’s all this

Zandra: Sweets, chocolate

Amber: Where did you get these there aren’t any like this in the food store, well

Paul: I found them

Amber: Where

Patsy: At the back of the sweet shop

Ryan: Are there anymore

Patsy: No

Amber: Well if there are I want them handed over they can go in the food store

Patsy: There aren’t anymore Amber honestly

Amber: Go and get yourselves cleaned up

Zandra: And it serves you right for being so greedy, Ryan bring my mattress

Ryan: Where to

Zandra: Somewhere else I’m not leaving my stuff anywhere near this mess

Ryan: But where Zandra

Zandra: I’m thinking not downstairs there’s rats in the sewers lingerie that’s me can’t you just see me in lingerie Ryan

Jack: You fancy her don’t you

Ryan: Shut up

Jack: You won’t want Lex to know about it he’s got his eye on her

Lex: Come on, come on ya suckers you can’t catch me

Dal: Lex

Lex: Not now

Dal: What are you doing you’ll waste the batteries

Lex: Get lost

Amber: Lex get of that machine we need it

Lex: Wait your turn

Amber: It can’t wait you moronic thug we’re trying to save Trudy

Lex: What

Amber: You know how to work this thing

Dal: Of course

Amber: Try pregnancy, grow up

Lex: I can tell you about pregnancy Amber you don’t need a laptop for that just a lap you only have to say the word

Amber: And have Zandra scratch my eyes out

Lex: She fancies me you reckon

Amber: Doesn’t every girl

Dal: I’ve got it symptoms

Amber: High temperature

Dal: Any pain

Amber: Lots

Dal: Delirium vivid thoughts about dying

Amber: She’s rambling on about everything yes

Dal: Well it could be puerperal fever now rare due to improved hygiene

Amber: Treatment

Dal: Respond to antibiotics namely mega oh no

Amber: What is it

Dal: I don’t know

Amber: Dal

Dal: Batteries dead

Amber: Is there another

Dal: No

Amber: Lex

Lex: What it wasn’t my fault

Amber: Of course it’s your fault playing stupid games get out of my sight Lex before I smash this over your head, come on

Dal: Where to

Amber: The pharmacy on level one

Dal: It’s been looted Amber you know that

Amber: Any better suggestions

Dal: The whole place has been picked clean

Amber: I know this is hopeless Dal

Dal: If Trudy doesn’t get those antibiotics she’ll die

Amber: We’ve tried there’s nowhere else

Dal: There is

Salene: Trudy, Trudy

Dal: My father had a surgery in the hospital he kept stuff there

Amber: That’s in sector fifteen Dal the Locos rule that

Dal: I know

Amber: I’ll come with you

Dal: And leave Lex in charge of the mall I don’t think so

Amber: Take Lex with you then

Dal: No way I wouldn’t trust him not to beat me up himself anyway ones a smaller target than two

Amber: Dal take care

Lex: Where’s Dal

Amber: Gone

Lex: Oh so it’s just the two of us then you fancy a ride babe on my lap what’s the rush if there’s no medication to save her

Amber: Take your hands of me

Lex: What if I don’t

Amber: Falling for me are you Lex

Lex: You’ll be so lucky who’d fancy you ya stuck up cow

Salene: Trudy, Trudy can you hear me, Bray, Bray your back we didn’t know what had happened to you we were really worried

Bray: What’s wrong with Trudy

Salene: We don’t know she’s very ill Bray

Bray: She’s ice cold

Salene: She keeps going from fever to icy

Bray: I’m sorry I didn’t know I’ve been getting some things for the baby I got some nappies, a bottle and formula

Salene: I knew you hadn’t left

Bray: Left

Salene: Well some of the others thought you’d well

Bray: Run out of Trudy

Salene: I knew you hadn’t your not like that

Amber: Where have you been

Salene: He’s found some things for the baby did you get the antibiotics

Amber: No

Salene: What’s wrong Amber where’s Dal

Amber: He’s gone to his dads surgery in sector fifteen

Bray: Sector fifteen why didn’t you stop him that’s suicide

Bray: Well where were you she’s your responsibility
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