Friday, June 12, 2009

The Tribe Season 1 Episode 4 Script

Trudy: Oh Bray it’s coming the baby’s coming

Salene: Trudy

Amber: What’s wrong

Bray: The pains have started

Amber: Are you sure

Zandra: What’s happening

Salene: Trudy’s going in to labour

Zandra: She’s having the baby

Lex: Come on it’s a trick where do you think your going

Bray: Trudy’s not leaving here not now

Lex: We voted your out

Bray: Come on Trudy

Lex: I’m not having this

Bray: You’ve no choice

Salene: We can’t throw her out now

Zandra: Suppose it’s true Lex

Lex: True first she was to hungry to go then she was to tired now she’s having labour pains she must think we’re stupid

Salene: Trudy do you think it might be a false alarm

Bray: We won’t know until she’s rested

Lex: Listen to him it’s a put up job they’re in it together

Bray: Get out of the way

Amber: Stop it both of you fighting won’t solve anything what’s wrong

Trudy: My waters have broken

Salene: It’s coming alright

Amber: Come on

Lex: Your letting them in

Amber: We’re not throwing her out now Lex

Ryan: Is she having the baby then

Lex: Having us on more like it

Chloe: Sshh I’ve brought you some milk well it’s not milk really it’s only coffee cream but it tastes just as good come on drink up there’s a good girl they were all to busy shouting at each other as if one more person made any difference

Salene: We need plenty of hot water and towels

Amber: Alright you lot cabarets over everybody out come on make yourselves useful you to Bray

Trudy: No Bray don’t go

Bray: Don’t worry Trudy I’m here

Ryan: Come on place your bets two, two one against a boy you can’t do better than that

Patsy: Chloe you’ve missed everything where have you been

Chloe: Nowhere what’s happening

Patsy: The baby’s coming now

Amber: Do you know anything about delivering babies

Salene: Not really

Amber: Zandra

Zandra: Me your joking

Salene: Never mind births natural isn’t it all we’ve gotta do is follow our instincts we’ll manage

Amber: Suppose something goes wrong

Bray: How long have you been having these contractions Trudy

Trudy: It feels like hours I wasn’t sure what it was at first

Bray: We may not have very long

Amber: How do you know

Bray: Her contractions are quiet frequent and strong we should get ready

Amber: What do we do

Bray: We’re gonna need scissors and rubber bands lots of clean rags and tissues oh and salt

Amber: What you mean you

Bray: Any objections

Amber: You heard the man who’s got some soap

Salene: You’ve got some Zandra

Zandra: That’s my special soap

Amber: Zandra go get the soap

Ryan: I’m taking bets on weather it’s a boy or a girl

Jack: Well what do we use for money

Ryan: You must have something a pair of sunglasses, a pen knife, food

Jack: I’ve got a whistle

Ryan: That’ll do

Jack: Wait what will you give us if it’s a boy two whistles

Ryan: A couple of quid

Jack: Two quid

Ryan: That’s fair

Jack: Where can I spend them

Amber: Ryan what are you doing

Ryan: Nothing

Amber: Well in that case go and find some rubber bands

Ryan: Rubber bands

Amber: Yeah rubber bands for tying things

Dal: Hot water

Amber: Well done Dal

Jack: Hey go easy on the water it’s not gonna last forever

Amber: Can you find these it’s stuff for the baby

Dal: I might have to go outside

Amber: Well be careful Paul, Patsy see if you can find some cloth, sheets, rags anything so long as it’s clean where have you been Chloe

Chloe: Nowhere

Jack: Ask a silly question

Amber: Never mind Jack more water

Jack: Easy with the water once the tanks empty that’s it

Lex: Well in that case we better keep some back then hadn’t we two for little Trudy and one for me

Amber: Shouldn’t she have pain killers or something

Zandra: Lex has got some paracetamol should I go and get it

Bray: Keep panting Trudy

Zandra: I’ll get it shall I, Ryan what are you doing

Ryan: Nothing

Zandra: What have you got in that rucksack

Ryan: Personal items

Zoot: Power and chaos

Locos: Power and chaos

Zandra: Lex

Lex: Oh it’s you

Zandra: I need the paracetamol can I have it

Lex: What for

Zandra: Trudy

Lex: What are you gonna give me for it

Zandra: Don’t start that again

Lex: Oh Zan I’m getting desperate even Ryan’s starting to look appealing

Zandra: I’d go for him if I were you

Lex: What’s wrong don’t you fancy me anymore

Zandra: I know guys like you after they get what they want they split

Lex: Not me Zan

Zandra: And leave the girl pregnant I know where I’ve been I can’t say the same for you

Lex: I’m clean, clean as a whistle you better grab me babe before one of the others do

Trudy: It’s no good

Bray: Your doing fine don’t tire yourself take a break and relax

Patsy: You could tear this up

Amber: You little devils that’s Zandra’s is this really all you could find get that dog out of here

Bray: Where are the scissors they need to be sterilized

Amber: I’ll get on to it how she doing

Lex: Gotcha

Ryan: Lex it’s you

Lex: Just as well isn’t it

Ryan: The others are on to us I thought I’d better hide it

Lex: Good thinking Ryan we wouldn’t want the others getting there hands on it would we

Ryan: No we’ll be alright ex

Lex: Yes Ryan thanks to you we’ll be alright

Zoot: There he is get him

Zandra: You don’t think there’s something wrong do you I mean she’s not going to lose it is she

Salene: She’s just tired that’s all

Bray: Okay Trudy ready for another go

Salene: He’s amazing isn’t he

Bray: Okay push

Trudy: I can’t, I can’t push anymore

Bray: You can okay come on now just one really big effort then you can have another rest come on push

Zandra: I can’t bear to watch

Patsy: Boo

Jack: Stupid kids

Patsy: Should be glad it was only us we haven’t had any lunch

Jack: Oh what do you want

Patsy: What have you got

Jack: Spaghetti

Patsy: Chocolate got any sweets

Jack: No

Patsy: Are you sure

Jack: Yes

Patsy: Well done your secret food store is safe

Jack: Greedy pigs

Patsy: It’s not for us it’s for the baby

Bray: It’s okay Trudy we’ll get there

Amber: Well

Bray: She’s exhausted

Amber: You look pretty tired yourself

Bray: Have you had a break you’ve been great really

Zandra: What’s all that

Chloe: I’m making a present for the baby

Bray: Come on Trudy push

Chloe: I saw some kittens being born once it was major

Bray: That’s a girl come on keep it up

Trudy: I can’t, I can’t

Bray: Push yes you can push

Jack: What’s taking so long

Bray: That’s it your doing it

Amber: It’s head’s appeared

Bray: Keep going, keep going your nearly there Trudy just one more really big effort

Jack: Is he actually delivering it

Trudy:I want my mum

Ryan: Make it a girl, make it a girl

Amber: Ryan do you remember in another lifetime me asking you to get some rubber bands

Ryan: Sorry Amber I couldn’t find any

Bra: Amber come quick, come on yes this is it push

Chloe: Go on Trudy push

Zandra: Maybe we should take over from Bray

Amber: It’s a girl

Ryan: The bank wins come on cough up one whistle

Bray: Mother and baby seem fine and well thanks Amber thanks for letting us stay

Amber: I didn’t do it for you

Salene: Well Trudy do you think your ready for the rebel, alright you can come in now but be quiet

Chloe: I made you a mobile see clangs and everything

Trudy: Oh it’s lovely thank you Chloe

Chloe: Have you got anything for the baby Ryan

Ryan: I knew it was gonna be a girl

Patsy: A whistle

Chloe: Thanks Ryan

Zandra: Can I hold her

Patsy: We brought you some sweets

Salene: This is my present thanks Jack

Patsy: What do you want scales for

Salene: To weigh the baby

Patsy: Why

Zandra: So you know if it’s putting on weight

Chloe: What’s she going to eat

Salene: Milk to start with

Patsy: What breastfeeding

Salene: Yeah then after a few months you wean it on to solid food

Ryan: I hope it likes beans

Salene: Dal is that a cot

Dal: Yeah

Patsy: Did you make it Dal

Dal: Yeah Patsy I’ve just finished weaving it I’m sorry Amber I couldn’t find what I went out for

Trudy: Oh Dal thank you

Salene: Put her in it Zandra

Chloe: What are you going to call her Trudy

Trudy: Don’t know yet

Zandra: I suppose if it was a boy she would have called it Bray, Bray was amazing so cool and everything and the baby

Lex: I’m not listening Zandra

Dal: It’s got hair and everything

Jack: And it’s a great weight

Lex: Sounds like it’ll have a good appetite then

Dal: Here Chloe you can have some of my food I’m not hungry

Chloe: Thanks Dal

Amber: Hope you saved some for me where are you going now

Chloe: Nowhere

Dal: She prefers take away’s

Jack: Here Amber have some of mine

Patsy: Share and share alike

Amber: Thanks

Zandra: I’ll take some for Trudy and Salene

Amber: Just leave them in peace

Zandra: Trudy needs food

Amber: She needs sleep

Chloe: Hello did you miss me sorry I’ve been a long time I’ve been busy there was a little baby born really sweet tell you what after this shall I take you on a walk

Amber: Having a private banquet there Lex you’ve got enough food on that plate to last most of us a week this can’t go on you know all of you and it’s not just food it’s water, batteries everything I mean look at you two playing a computer game

Patsy: Jack said we could

Amber: We’ve got to set up some system of rationing

Ryan: Rationing

Amber: Yes Ryan we can’t afford to waste anything

Lex: We can stop feeding that hound for a start unless of course your fattening him up for later

Patsy: It’s alright Bob come on

Zandra: Stop it Lex

Lex: Well who comes first humans or animals I’m serious we can’t afford to feed animals unless we’re gonna eat them

Patsy: He’s horrible

Chloe: Come on walk on come on, come on we’re going to look for some grass there’s nobody out here good girl

Amber: Can we get back to the rationing please

Dal: Yeah it’s common sense

Amber: Especially now there’s a mother and baby we need to feed

Lex: What

Zandra: Here we go again

Lex: Look we voted to throw them out before the brat arrived

Dal: Well it’s here now

Lex: So

Dal: It’s just, just different

Lex: We all agreed

Zandra: You can throw out a helpless little baby Lex

Ryan: We’ve just given it presents and everything

Amber: Like it or not the babies changed things

Lex: You’ve changed your tune

Amber: Can you throw out a helpless child on to the street

Lex: It’s not our responsibility

Amber: It’s everyone’s responsibility Lex Bray’s right what kind of world are we making if we throw out a newborn child and it’s mother out on to the street

Lex: He has to sort it out he’s gotta fid them somewhere else to live

Chloe: Come on let’s go come on oh Locos we gotta get out of here

Zandra: Bray’s not gonna find another place over night is he not somewhere safe anyway

Ryan: He does need a bit of time Lex

Lex: Yeah time to get hiss feet under the table

Jack: Where is he anyway

Zandra: He’s in with Trudy

Amber: No he’s not

Zandra: Where is he then, what are you laughing at

Amber: He went out soon after the baby was born

Zandra: He’s probably having a sleep somewhere poor thing

Lex: You just don’t wanna see it do you

Zandra: What

Dal: Have you kids seen him

Patsy: No

Lex: Course they haven’t he’s done a runner ya thick heads

Zandra: He can’t have he loves his little baby

Amber: He did go of without a word

Lex: Dumping his girlfriend and brat on us

Ryan: What does he take us for

Dal: He must think we’re a lot of mugs

Zandra: I don’t believe it how could he

Lex: Well if he thinks he can treat us like that he’s got another thing coming

Zandra: What about Trudy fancy going of and leaving her like that

Amber: And who’s gonna be the one to tell her
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