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The Tribe season 1 episode 19 script

Amber: Lex, Lex, Lex what happened where's Ebony

Lex: Get me out of here

Amber: Where is she

Lex: Get me out Amber wait get me out of here ya snoty cow

Amber: Wake up, Salene wake up the prisoners escaped

Salene: What happened

Patsy: Is it Paul

Amber: Ebony's escaped she might still be in the mall we have to make sure she doesn't get out

Zandra: Where's Lex

Bray: Jack, Dal come on hurry up we'll take the sewers go, go

Amber: Trudy you stay with Salene and the little ones and keep together

Trudy: Me and Brady don't need Salene to look after us

Amber: She might still be up here Tai-San you come with me

Zandra: Where is Lex

Amber: He's guarding the cage

Zandra: What for it's empty

Amber: There's no sign of her up here

Ryan: The outside grill was open she's gone

I want to know Lex tell me

Lex: Not now

Tai-San: Ebony knows we're here she'll bring the Locos back

What are we gonna do

How did she get out of the cage

How did you get in

It's not what it looks like

What does it look like

Lex: Look she said she was ill

Jack: And you believed her

Lex: Can it you, what was i suppose to do

Salene: Find some help for one thing

Lex: She said she was in pain

Tai-San: She said

Bray: So you let her out of the cage

Smart move big of you

You went in there with her

Lex: Yeah, no, look she jumped out pushed me in and locked it

Zandra: Oh yeah

Lex: Yeah what do you think i did

I don't know the way you were gawking at her all evening

Lex: Zandra please

Bray: What's important is Ebony has escaped and she know we're here

Salene: So what do we do

Jack: Get ready for an attack

Amber: There is an alternative

Dal: What

Amber: We could leave, leave the mall that way the Locos can't find us

Patsy: Leave the mall

Chloe: But it's our home

Amber: True but it might not be our home for much longer

Salene: I can't believe your saying this Amber if we leave they'll trash the place

Amber: I'm not saying that's what I want just that it's an alternative

Bray: We're wasting time lets put it to the vote all those who wanna leave put up your hands that's settled then we stay and defend our home it's down to you Lex I think you owe us

Lex: Jack, Dal we need booby traps anything you can think of

Jack: Right chief

Dal: We've seen the Locos in action if they get in we won't stand a chance

Jack: Don't remind me

Dal: So we need something to keep them out in the first place

Amber: And if they do get in we'd need an escape route

Dal: What about the market lift shaft couldn't we all hide in there

Jack: Well is the lift big enough

Dal: The little ones could hide in the top and we could jam all the doors

Amber: So we push the kids up through the man hole and the rest of us hide in the lift that's a great idea Dal I'll go and check it out

Jack: We've got to have some proper communications

Dal: We've gotta slow the Locos down we have to have a chance

Jack: A car battery connected to the sewer grill the first Loco who tries to get in

Dal: Won't work it's only twelve volts it's nothing

Lex: Well what have you got

Jack: Not a lot yet

Lex: Well get on with it then

Zandra: Lex

Lex: Zandra please I'm trying to run a military operation here

Zandra: You'll need an operation if you don't tell me the truth

Lex: You got a problem

Dal: Come on lets do what head of insecurity says

Jack: We'll be near the sewers

Zandra: I want to know what happened in the cage Lex now, I saw you eying Ebony it was gross

Lex: I told you the truth

Zandra: It makes you look like such a total idiot it could just be the truth

Lex: Thank you very much

Zandra: But your not a total idiot are you so I want the truth

Lex: Zandra the Locos are coming

Zandra: Thanks to you

Amber: Trudy it's not as bad as it seems we'll be alright we'll defeat the Locos somehow

Trudy: I don't care about that I don't care about anything none of it matters nothing

Amber: I thought you were afraid

Trudy: I don't care what they do to me

Amber: What's the matter try and tell me

Trudy: What's the point of anything, I saw them

Amber: Who you saw who

Trudy: Bray with Salene together they were kissing and he was kissing her like, like he really loved her I could stand him kissing her but I cannot stand him being in love with her

Amber: Maybe it wasn't how it looked

Trudy: I saw them

Jack: If we connect these to the lookouts we can talk direct to each other

Salene: You two help Jack and Dal these wires have to go all over the place

Dal: That's right anywhere we can get a cable

Jack: There must be enough here to get to the market lift

Dal: Lets test it and then we'll run a line down

Jack: Hope it works

Chloe: It will if you thought of it

Jack: Yeah well

Dal: To right genius at work

Jack: Here I'll hold this end

Dal: Roll it out all the way like you were going to the roof here Patsy you do this one and then join them up together

Chloe: Come on Bob

Patsy: Hang on wait for us

Salene: At least that keeps they're mind of the Locos

Jack: Yeah mine to

Amber: Haven't you got anything to do

Salene: Yes I have

Amber: Then why don't you go and do it like right now

Salene: Don't talk to me like that what's the matter with you

Amber: Your wasting time that's what the matter is

Salene: No it's not what did I do, what

Dal: What did you do

Salene: I don't know

Jack: CD's

Dal: What

Jack: CD's

Salene: Here will these do

Zandra: Hey those are mine

Salene: We all have to make sacrifices Zandra

Ryan: What are they for anyway

Salene: To confuse the Locos

Lex: What the

Jack: How was it

Zandra: Was that you

Jack: Yeah what did you think

Dal: Great action and horror movie effects get a load of this track one martian volcanoes erupt two attack of the squealing flesh spiders three alien terror cries

Jack: It's brilliant we'll blast them to death with noise

Lex: I'll freak you ya moron if you do that again get out of here

Jack: Forget Lex he's crazy

Dal: Never mind Jack a genius is never appreciated in his own home, this is the best place you can cover the stairs and the ground floor from here

Jack: We'll wire in to the shops phone lines and right around this floor so we'll need

Dal: Batteries

Jack: Check, mics, mic connections, speakers, plugs and duck tape

Dal: Check lets get this place wired up

Jack: We'll stick one in the HQ as a command center, Dal are you scared

Dal: You know I've been to busy to think about that but yeah I am petrified

Jack: But we'll make it

Dal: Yeah but if we don't it's been nice knowing you, so me and Jack will be in the art supply store one in the HQ and one in the market lift we can talk to each other

Lex: And it really works

Dal: Of course it works

Salene: Has anyone seen Bray I can't find him anywhere

Ryan: He was down below with us I haven't seen him since

Trudy: What do you want him for

Lex: Disappeared again the wonderful Bray what a hero and just when he was gonna save us all

Salene: Will you shut up about Bray your so stupid

Lex: Not stupid enough to join his fan club like you dumb bunnies

Trudy: Where is he

Chloe: Looking for Paul I bet

Lex: What if he let Ebony out and now he's gone to join her you mutts never thought of that did you

Salene: But he wasn't was he it was you

Lex: Prove it

Salene: Bray would have never let Ebony escape he's worth ten of you

Lex: Yeah you'll be glad for one of me when the Locos arrive

Amber: Could we please just all stop squabbling

Lex: What have we got to stop them, girls, kids a screaming brat apart from you all remember that oh and Jack whose gonna blind them with his science

Jack: Maybe I will

Lex: What's this balloons are you gonna throw the Locos a party

Jack: Well sort of one hot rod radio can in the sewers a matchbox strip glued on to the wheel pressing against the matches the matches are under the first balloon which is full of petrol the rest of the balloons hanging all the way down the tunnel start the car the wheels spin light the matches

Lex: And boom, boom, boom, boom fireball

Dal: Heavy

Lex: That's brilliant

Amber: Jack that's really dangerous

Jack: Yeah well so are the Locos Amber

Ryan: It'll stop them dead

Amber: That's the sort of thing they'd do

Jack: No they wouldn't they're not smart enough

Tai-San: It's horrible you can't set fire to people

Jack: And we can get boards and bang nails through them and put them all over the tunnel floor points up

Amber: Jack

Jack: They want a war I'll give them a war

Amber: And what if we have to get out that way we don't wanna turn this place in to a booby trap for ourselves

Jack: But we'd still be here

Tai-San: But we'd be changed we wouldn't be us anymore

Jack: Well maybe we have to change

Tai-San: No we have to find our own way the grass knows it's weak and so it bends the tree doesn't know it breaks and falls

Lex: And

Tai-San: The monkey gets locked in the cage

Chloe: What's gonna happen to us

Tai-San: Don't worry everything will be fine

Chloe: What are we gonna do

Patsy: I'm scared

Amber: It's like a game your going to climb through the service hatch up there

Tai-San: That be a really cool place to hide wouldn't it

Patsy: Yes

Amber: And we'll get some more cardboard boxes and pillows

Tai-San: And we'll make a place for you to hide in

Chloe: It's like hide and seek

Amber: Yes but the rules are different

Chloe: Do the Locos play aswell

Patsy: Stupid

Tai-San: No just us it's our game we don't want Locos to play

Patsy: I bet Paul's playing hide and seek

Chloe: And I stay up there with Patsy

Amber: That's right until we say it's over

Tai-San: And we all have to be extra quiet we take the lift up and we jam all the doors shut

Chloe: Where will you be

Tai-San: We'll be inside the lift no one will find us they won't know where to look we'll be safe

Zandra: Come here you

Lex: What are you doing don't push me about

Zandra: Your not getting out of here until you tell me the truth

Lex: What, what about

Zandra: About what happened with you and Ebony

Lex: I told you Zan

Zandra: Yeah well try the truth Lex

Lex: What do you mean

Zandra: I saw the way you were staring at her hanging around the cage

Lex: Oh Zan would I, I was just about to marry you

Zandra: Exactly and you couldn't wait could you

Lex: Well who could blame me the way you've been holding out

Zandra: Oh so you did, did you

Lex: No look she was ill I told you

Zandra: Yeah

Lex: She was do you think I'd get in the cage with that hellcat she kicked me in the nuts Zan

Zandra: Well so will I if I find out your lying

Lex: What's that, what's that laughter

Zandra: Look

Trudy: Where are you Bray

Ryan: Nothing

Amber: So everyone's got they're sleeping space sorted out then when the alarm goes we go straight to the service lift like we practiced

Ryan: Not a sound out there

Lex: There's a fire about two miles away but that's all

Tai-San: Listen everybody we're all tired and we're all frightened to

Lex: Speak for yourself

Tai-San: But remember we have each other

Lex: Great

Amber: Shut it Lex

Tai-San: We need to be strong for each other we're at the beginning of something new here not the end let us all join hands

Patsy: I want Paul where is he

Tai-San: When we join together we're stronger than any of us can ever be alone now all breath together slowly gently

Lex: What a load of bull

Tai-San: It is not our destiny to be destroyed by Locos one day we'll look back on tonight and remember that tomorrow we'll be different people

Lex: Oh yeah Ryan you'll still be a plank

Amber: Hey where's Bray

Trudy: I'm sorry

Lex: Yeah run where's the wonderful Bray when you need him

Amber: Your day will come Lex

Tai-San: Lets carry on close your eyes breath slowly and gently

Amber: It's gonna be alright we're all together

Trudy: We're not Bray's not here

Amber: He'll come back

Trudy: He won't not to me he'll be coming back for Salene I hate her

Amber: Listen Trudy you've got to try stop thinking about it

Trudy: I can't I'm always afraid I want him so much you don't know what it's like

Amber: We all need someone to lean on sometimes it's hard being strong on your own

Trudy: You are

Amber: Hey look you should try and get some sleep

Trudy: I can't not even if the Locos come in what's gonna happen to me if they know Brady's Zoot's baby

Amber: Brady will be alright and so will you we all will Tai-San is right I feel it

Locos: Ebony, Ebony, Ebony, Ebony, Ebony, Ebony

Ebony: Power and chaos

Locos: Power and chaos

Ryan: Dal you there hows everything up there okay

Dal: Nothing to report

Ryan: Everything's quiet down here, Salene

Salene: Fine

Lex: Alright Ryan

Ryan: I'm not a plank

Lex: It's just that Tai-San she gets up my nose, anything going on

Ryan: Hello Jack, Ryan here again what's happening

Jack: No sign of the Locos, don't waste the batteries

Ryan: Cool Ryan out, see

Lex: We should have done that petrol thing with the balloons what goes on in Jack's head

Ryan: Yeah these intercom things are brilliant

Lex: Yeah very funny Ryan

Ryan: I didn't mean, what did happen Lex did you, you know what Zandra said about Ebony

Lex: What is this a trial look I told you what happened

Ryan: Yeah but

Lex: But what Ryan

Ryan: So it's all of then you and Zandra the wedding and that

Lex: I don't wanna talk about it

Ryan: Bummer Lex

Lex: And don't get any ideas Ryan I haven't finished with Zandra yet or Ebony

Salene: Amber do you know has Bray come back

Amber: No

Salene: Why did you have a go at me

Amber: You mean you don't know

Salene: No

Amber: Trudy saw you and Bray together

Salene: Oh no

Amber: As if we don't have enough problems

Salene: Amber he's sorry for her that's all he doesn't want her

Amber: And what will happen to Trudy and the baby

Salene: She'll make it out

Amber: She can hardly look after herself Salene she's not well

Salene: She's tougher than you think she wanted to stay here she got it she wanted Bray she got him she wanted me to look after her baby she got it until she needed it back to blackmail Bray with

Amber: Is that really what you think

Salene: She wanted you fussing all over her she got it

Amber: Your not being fair

Salene: Fair who else gets everything they want you, me no only Trudy she's not so helpless

Amber: That's ridiculous I don't know what she'll do if you split them up

Salene: There's nothing to split up just her selfishness and his pity what you think I'm being cruel

Amber: No I think your wrong

Salene: Well I know I'm right anyway I have no choice

Amber: No

Salene: No I love him

Ebony: Thought you'd come
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