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The Tribe season1 episode 8 script

Zoot: So where's Trudy if this is a trap

Bray: I told you it's safe with me stay close and keep quiet

Zoot: where is she

Bray: I'll go and get her you stay here

Zoot: No way on my own you don't catch me that easy

Bray: I'm not trying to catch you

Zoot: You swear

Bray: I swear now stay put stay out of sight some of the others might not understand okay

Zoot: You got five minutes you double cross me and your dead meat

Bray: Ssh, shh Bob go back go on

Trudy: Zoot

Zoot: What is this

Bray: Don't you wanna say hello to your daughter

Patsy: What

Zoot: How do I know it's mine

Trudy: Your the only one

Zoot: Yeah

Trudy: I've never been with anybody else not ever

Bray: She's your daughter Zoot you know she is

Zoot: So

Bray: So your responsible you've gotta take responsibility for Trudy and the baby

Zoot: You took her you keep her

Bray: I didn't take her

Zoot: She was my woman and you took her just like you always took everything

Bray: No she ran away she ran away from you and the Locos cause she was scared I found her looked after her that's all

Zoot: Oh yeah

Trudy: He's telling the truth Zoot

Bray: Somebody had to look after her

Zoot: And that somebody had to be you

Bray: There was nobody else

Zoot: That right babe you gonna come back with me then you and the kid will be safer with the Locos than him and a bunch of losers

Bray: We're not losers Zoot we're survivors

Zoot: Get real man you've seen it out there the only people that are gonna survive are the strong

Bray: There's different kinds of strength Zoot

Zoot: Sure and i'm gonna be the strongest me and my warriors we're gonna take over the world this cities just the start

Lex: What, what is it

Patsy: There's somebody in the mall

Lex: Who, where

Patsy: I don't know Paul says

Lex: Come on Paul he's a defo can't hear a thing

Patsy: He senses things he feels vibrations

Lex: Nah he's dreaming go back to bed

Zoot: That's it i'm outta here you coming babe

Trudy: I can't

Zoot: Your my woman Trudy now lets go come on

Bray: You heard her Zoot

Zoot: That is my kid you've got there

Trudy: Right you want her you stay with me

Zoot: I can't do that

Bray: Yes you can forget about all that warrior stuff

Zoot: Get lost man power and chaos it's the only way

Bray: No those who live by the sword should die by the sword

Zoot: What's that suppose to mean

Bray: It's an old saying

Zoot: Trust you to know that man your so old i'm surprised the virus didn't get you

Trudy: Stop it please

Bray: Listen Zoot the Locos and the Deamon Dogz and all the other tribe's are bad news don't you think there's been enough destruction we've gotta start putting things back together again

Zoot: Why

Bray: For her that's why

Lex: What a pretty picture real cute the great Zoot the great Loco leader

Bray: Back of Lex

Lex: Where's the others

Bray: There's no others just Zoot he's unharmed

Lex: He's on his own you don't look so tough now does he no he ain't got his tribe to back him up

Bray: Don't, listen to me

Trudy: Stop it

Lex: After him get after him ya big ox

Amber: What is it what's going on

Ryan: It's the Locos they're in here

Salene: What we're being attacked

Lex: It's alright, it's alright there's only one of them

Dal: Where is he

Lex: He's hiding somewhere he can't get out just leave him to me and Ryan we'll find him and when we do

Bray: Hold it hold everything you don't understand

Lex: Yeah I understand alright it was him he's to blame he's the one that brought him in here

Amber: Bray

Lex: Yeah that's right your beloved Bray it was him

Bray: Listen to me will you

Lex: Why so you can tell us more of your lies grab him Ryan we'll deal with the Loco lover first then we'll smoke the other one out and see to him aswell

Bray: You don't understand I wasn't gonna betray anybody

Lex: Liar, traitor

Zoot: Leave him be you wanna fight, fight me

Bray: He's dead

Lex: I showed him, I showed him nobody messes with Lex

Amber: Shut up Lex

Lex: What do you mean I saved you all didn't I

Patsy: It was Paul he heard him

Zandra: But Lex fixed him

Jack: Yeah if it hadn't been for Lex

Ryan: And me

Amber: Salene why don't you take the kids to the cafe or something

Salene: Patsy, Paul come with me you to Chloe

Chloe: Why

Patsy: We've seen dead people before

Amber: Yes of course you have but just go with Salene now please

Salene: Come on

Lex: Okay why you all standing around let's get him out of here and them

Amber: No we can't throw them out

Lex: I told you, you couldn't trust them you wouldn't listen to me well now you can see he betrayed us to the Locos he brought there chief right in here

Trudy: Stop it all of you

Ryan: He was inside the mall

Trudy: He wasn't gonna hurt anybody

Lex: What was he doing here then

Trudy: He came to see me and his baby

Amber: His baby

Trudy: Zoot's her father

Amber: But what about Bray we all thought

Trudy: Bray found me after i'd run away from the Locos he's been taking care of me that's all

Amber: Bray

Dal: I suppose he could hardly keep Trudy and the baby out there could he

Lex: Why not

Amber: Why not oh Lex grow up

Zandra: If he's so friendly with the Locos

Bray: I'm not I keep telling you

Lex: Yeah right there could be more of them out there just waiting there time

Bray: He came alone

Lex: Well i'm gonna go check it out Ryan, Jack you come with me

Dal: What about me

Lex: Take care of the woman and children

Dal: Okay

Zandra: Lex be careful don't do anything stupid

Jack: Well

Lex: We've gotta do it

Jack: Yeah

Lex: Ryan you first

Ryan: Okay

Salene: Come on finish your drinks let's get back to bed

Patsy: I don't wanna go back to bed I won't be able to sleep

Salene: Yes you will it's all over now what's he say

Patsy: He's worried he says it's all his fault

Salene: No it wasn't you did good Paul you weren't to know what was going to happen

Zandra: You were very brave

Patsy: What if the rest of the Locos come back

Zandra: Don't worry we'll see to them

Salene: But they won't come anyway your safe and the best place now for you is bed

Lex: Well see anybody

Ryan: Nah it's all clear quiet as a grave

Lex: Yeah okay

Jack: Looks like Bray was telling the truth

Lex: For once I don't trust him Jack we have to get rid of him

Bray: Perhaps she needs changing

Trudy: No I think she's hungry

Amber: Here try her with this

Trudy: Thanks

Amber: Poor little thing

Bray: Yeah

Amber: What sort of future's she got

Bray: Well that's up to us isn't it she is the future

Amber: Listen Bray we need to decide what to do about the body it can't stay here

Bray: I know

Lex: What are you two cooking up trying to figure out how to get together with the rest of the Locos

Amber: Lex your back

Lex: Yeah and not a minute to soon by the looks of it

Bray: Leave it out Lex

Amber: Did you find anything

Lex: No

Jack: Not a sound of anybody

Bray: He was on his own I told you

Lex: Yeah you did didn't you so come on what's the big secret

Amber: We were trying to decide what to do about the body

Lex: No problem just dump it in the streets with the rest of the garbage

Trudy: No

Bray: We're not gonna dump it anywhere

Lex: It's a warning for the Locos that we can look after ourselves

Jack: They won't know it's us they'll think the Deamon Dogz killed him

Amber: Unless you plan to put a notice on his chest

Lex: Yeah we could do that, that's be good wouldn't it

Trudy: No stop it

Bray: Lex that's enough

Amber: Your as bad as the rest of them the Locos and the Deamon Dogz and all the other tribe's all you want is violence and death he wasn't threatening anybody

Lex: I didn't know that did I and it wasn't my fault it was him

Bray: I was trying to persuade him to leave the Locos and look after Trudy and the baby

Trudy: He was it's true

Lex: Anyway I didn't kill him it was an accident he killed himself do what you like with him see if I care

Amber: So what do you wanna do

Bray: Well I think we should give him a proper funeral for Trudy and the baby

Amber: Trudy

Trudy: I'd like that

Amber: You loved him didn't you, right then that's what we'll do but where

Jack: I know where a cemetery is I can take you there

Amber: The graveyards are full

Bray: One more body won't make a difference, ready it'll be alright

Amber: So you'll take care of the little ones

Salene: I'll try

Amber: They're bout to be still upset

Salene: I'll try keep there minds of it

Zandra: Hey you look great

Amber: Zandra

Zandra: Sorry it would have been a great opportunity to get dolled up though but i'll stay here with Lex and Ryan i'll take care of the baby

Amber: Thanks

Lex: Come on yes

Chloe: I'm sure Lex didn't mean to hurt Zoot even though he was a bad man so please forgive them and look after Trudy and the baby and look after Bluebell and Bob too but most of all look after Zoot

Bray: How far

Jack: A kilometer maybe a bit more

Amber: We better get a move on then whose territory is this anyway

Bray: I wouldn't worry to much none of the tribe's get up very early

Amber: All the same

Dal: Jack and I will scout up ahead

Amber: Good idea we don't wanna get caught on the streets with this

Bray: Let's go then, are you sure your up for this

Lex: What are you doing

Zandra: What's it look like

Lex: Where's it mother

Zandra: Gone with the others to the cemetery

Lex: And left the baby you stupid cow

Zandra: Lex shoo-sh

Lex: I'm not gonna get dumped with somebody else's brat especially his

Zandra: Aw but she's such a cute little thing when she's not crying

Lex: I don't care keep it away from me and keep it quiet I need my sleep if i'm gonna go on protecting everybody

Salene: Are you alright what's the matter

Chloe: I was just thinking about everything I said a prayer for Zoot, Trudy and the baby and well I hope Bray is good too

Salene: Hey of course he is

Chloe: You hope

Jack: Looks like the Deamon Dogz have found there natural home

Dal: Yeah and now the place gives me twice the creeps

Jack: Let's get out of here while we still can, Deamon Dogz camping in there

Amber: Oh no what are we gonna do

Dal: We have to dump the body and get out of here

Trudy: No please

Bray: We came here to give him a proper funeral and that's what i'm gonna do

Jack: How

Bray: I'll figure something out why don't all you lot go back and leave me to it

Trudy: No Bray i'll stay with you

Amber: You can't stay here not with a whole pack of Deamon Dogz out there

Bray: I'll be okay go

Jack: I got it

Dal: What

Jack: The beach it's only about five minutes away how about a burial at sea

Bray: This should do

Amber: We can put him in it give him a push and let him float out to sea

Jack: That's no good the tides coming in

Bray: We're gonna have to row him out tip him over the side

Amber: I don't know that boat looks ready to fall apart

Dal: you guys look what I found and there's petrol too

Jack: All we gotta do is put him in start the motor and point it out to sea

Dal: And let it run right

Jack: Yeah

Bray: I've got a better idea

Amber: What

Bray: Zoot thought he was a warrior chief let's give him a proper send of set fire to the boat

Amber: Trudy

Trudy: Yeah he'd like that

Bray: Okay guys scowl the beach I want anything that'll burn

Ebony: Zoot

Locos: Power and chaos

Ebony: Zoot

Locos: Power and chaos

Ebony: Power and chaos, let's find him come on he must be somewhere

Amber: Somebody should say something

Bray: Goodnight Martin god bless have a safe journey to the other side everyone will be there waiting for you mum, dad everybody

Zoot: Power and chaos

Amber: Martin

Bray: Yes that was his real name he was my brother my kid brother
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