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The Tribe season 1 episode 9 script

Zoot: Power and chaos

Salene: Bray

Bray: Salene what are you doing up

Salene: I couldn't sleep do you mind if I join you Amber told me about Zoot I know he was evil and everything but

Bray: He was my brother Salene

Salene: Your brother

Bray: My kid brother Martin

Salene: But how why did he

Bray: Become Zoot, Martin was the baby of the family my parents left him to pieces took him everywhere they were always laughing and playing together three of them were inseparable and then when the virus struck and they dies

Salene: He changed

Bray: He was so angry so bitter you wouldn't believe this but Martin was actually a very gentle boy I had to protect him when he first started school some kids used to bully him I didn't protect him last night did I

Salene: Oh Bray it wasn't your fault

Bray: I brought him here he'd still be alive if I hadn't

Salene: But you wanted to get him and Trudy together again and for him to look after his baby it wasn't your fault Bray you were trying to help

Bray: Maybe people should just leave things as they are and not get involved

Salene: No Bray I didn't know i'm sorry i'm so sorry your cold i'll go make us a hot drink okay

Bray: Thanks Salene

Trudy: What's going on Bray

Salene: Rats all over the cafe

Lex: Is that all I thought somebody was being murdered or something

Amber: Rats aren't a joke Lex they spread diseas

Dal: And bite you if they're cornered

Lex: Or bring in the Locos to kill you in your bed

Salene: No Bray, Zoot was his brother

Ryan: His brother

Zandra: Oh it all makes sense now

Lex: What difference does it make he's still a traitor we should kick him and his tart out

Bray: You killed her baby's father she's not going anywhere

Lex: You shut that brat up

Amber: Alright everybody I think we've all had enough but as soon as we get up we clean this pig sty up

Bray: Do you want her

Trudy: No you have her

Salene: Can I help

Trudy: No

Bray: I think she needs feeding do you mind Salene

Salene: Course not here come on little no name lets get you sorted

Trudy: Cheeky cow

Bray: Trudy

Trudy: Little no name what did she mean by that

Bray: It's the truth you haven't named her yet

Trudy: What business is it of hers

Bray: Look I know your upset but don't take it out on Salene

Trudy: What were you doing out there with her anyway

Bray: I wasn't with her I was on my own thinking about Martin

Trudy: He wasn't Martin anymore he was Zoot

Bray: I thought you loved him

Trudy: I did once

Bray: Well if you changed your mind why'd you let me bring him in here

Trudy: I wanted to see what I felt

Bray: And

Trudy: Don't you know Bray can't you see I love you

Bray: Oh Trudy

Trudy: No it's true Bray I want us to be together to bring up the baby that's why I haven't given her a name I want us to choose together

Bray: Trudy so much has happened to us all we're all hurting confused I mean i don't know how I feel all I know is Martin is dead I need time give me time Trudy please

Lex: Can't sleep huh

Zandra: It's those rats i'm sure one of them's got in to my place

Lex: You can come and lie down with me babe i'll protect you

Zandra: I can do without your kind of protection thanks

Lex: Fine I hope it's nice and comfy out here for you, well that was great waking up the brat

Amber: She'll survive but we won't if we don't get our act together there's no point surviving the virus only to die of food poisoning so i've drawn up this

Zandra: What is it

Amber: It's a work rota i've divided all the chores amongst us so we all do everything

Ryan: Sweeping floors

Amber: Only in the mall everyone's responsible for there own living spaces

Jack: Cleaning windows

Lex: Where's Bray

Amber: He's down there with Dal food foraging we need to get some fresh food and vegetables we can't live on this process muck for ever

Lex: But where is he, he isn't here is he

Dal: Typical

Lex: It's alright Dal i'll come with you

Amber: Any questions

Patsy: When do we start

Amber: Now while we can still see through the dirt

Locos: Power and chaos Locos, Locos

Ebony: Locos

Ryan: What are you two doing why aren't you working

Patsy: We are we're exercising Bob

Ryan: You call that working

Patsy: Yes and after Amber said we can go play

Ryan: Play what at

Patsy: I don't know do you know any good games

Ryan: Have you ever played poker

Patsy: you mean cards like snap

Ryan: Sort of

Patsy: Shall we

Zandra: You've got a kooshty job haven't you

Salene: The baby's a bit bored poor thing it was whinging they like movement

Zandra: Pretty thing hello i'm Zandra yes your auntie Zandra that's my name has it got one yet

Salene: No

Zandra: What's she thinking we can't keep calling it, it

Salene: To be honest I don't think she's interested some people don't deserve babies

Zandra: Well I don't suppose she planned it did she not with that Zoot anyway

Salene: I think she'd rather it was Bray's

Zandra: Do you think he'll stick around

Salene: Who knows she seems to be doing alright so far lying around all day playing a tragedy queen

Zandra: I bet that's post natal depression I read all about that i'll go and see her cheer her up

Salene: Where you going Chloe

Chloe: Um i'm doing some cleaning

Salene: Funny people I wonder where your uncle Bray's got to

Lex: Look at this place it's a disgrace we'll have to write to the council about it

Dal: We're not gonna find any food along here

Lex: Plenty of time did you bring it

Dal: Yeah

Lex: Well let's see it then, you go over there you catch it

Dal: Lex we're meant to be looking for food

Lex: Dal look around you what do you see

Dal: What do you mean

Lex: Any Deamon Dogz any Locos

Dal: No

Lex: Well then let's have some fun come on catch strike one

Patsy: See you, have we won

Ryan: Yeah you've bluffed me again you've picked this up quick haven't you, another game tell you what shall we make it more interesting

Patsy: How

Ryan: Let's play for something real

Patsy: Okay

Ryan: Now what could we play for

Lex: Go on you can do it

Dal: I know i'm going to i'm just just thinking about it that's all

Lex: Chicken do I have to come over and show you how ya baby

Dal: Wait nah it's to dangerous

Lex: Your pathetic your just like a little girl I ain't cared

Dal: I am, Deamon Dogz

Deamon Dogz: Hey strays on our turf dogz get him

Lex: Go, go not that way we don't wanna lead them back to the mall split up

Deamon Dogz: Now you take this lot we'll look after the other one come on

Patsy: Oh

Ryan: Sorry so that's sweeping today washing up tomorrow cleaning doors and windows the next day and sweeping again the day after do you want another hand well back to work then I guess thanks, it's alright i'll finish walking the dog for you come on Bob

Patsy: Go on

Salene: That's nice isn't it we ought to get you some real milk though make you in to a big strong girl

Amber: Where is everyone

Salene: Who

Amber: Well Ryan for a start here's his broom but no Ryan and where's Chloe

Salene: Cleaning somewhere apparently

Amber: And what about Zandra

Salene: She's gone to cheer up Trudy

Amber: She's suppose to be washing up

Salene: Come on sunshine shall we try and find your uncle Bray he's nice isn't he shall I let you in on a little secret I think your uncle Bray is very, very nice

Ebony: Zoot, Zoot, Zoot, Zoot, Zoot, Zoot

Chloe: Did your mummy use to wash you I bet she did well i'm your mummy now aren't I

Patsy: Jack

Jack: What now

Patsy: We're hungry

Jack: Oh not now i'm busy

Patsy: But we're really hungry

Jack: Oh okay do my chores clean the windows for me and I might think about giving you some food

Patsy: We're already doing Ryan's

Jack: Why what's he giving you

Patsy: Nothing we lost at cards

Jack: Serves you right ya stupid idiots

Patsy: Paul says if you don't give us some he'll tell everybody

Jack: I'm fed up with this go on then tell everybody and then all the food will have to shared and you won't get anymore treats so what's it gonna be clean the windows or no more treats

Salene: Here we are she's been a little angel

Trudy: I thought you'd run of with her

Salene: Would you care if I did if you didn't want a baby why did you with Zoot of all people

Trudy: You don't know anything about him

Salene: I know he was a vicious thug

Trudy: He wasn't always

Salene: How long did you know him

Trudy: None of your business

Salene: You must have known Bray then if Zoot was his brother

Trudy: So

Salene: I was just wandering

Trudy: Well you can keep wandering and you can keep your hands of him aswell, where have you been Bray i've been worried

Bray: I've been trying to see what the Locos are up to now they've no leader

Salene: did you see them

Bray: Yeah down at the warehouses they

Trudy: I wished you wouldn't go out Bray I panic every time you do thanks Salene we'll look after the baby now we're going to choose a name for her

Salene: That's nice

Bray: What's been going on

Trudy: Oh she's just stirring as usual

Bray: What about

Trudy: I don't wanna talk about it what should we call her

Bray: Trudy my brother died yesterday the father of your child don't you care haven't you any feelings at all

Trudy: I do I told you I love you I always have

Bray: You mean even when you were with Martin

Trudy: Of course

Bray: So you went with my brother out of what spite, jealousy

Trudy: I don't know I thought I liked him he was nice at first i'm sorry he's dead really I am Bray i'll be very good to you we'll be good together all three of us we could look after Martin's baby together that's what we'll call her shall we Martina after him

Bray: How about Zootina

Amber: What are you two doing those aren't your jobs

Patsy: We're doing them for Ryan and Jack

Amber: Why Patsy, Dal what's wrong

Dal: Is Lex back

Amber: I don't know I thought he was with you

Dal: We got jumped by some Deamon Dogz we separated and tried to escape

Patsy: Has Lex been caught

Dal: I don't know I was to busy getting away

Amber: I'm sure Lex can look after himself but did you manage to get some food

Dal: Only this

Amber: A new type of vegetable

Lex: Could do with a cup of coffee

Zandra: Get real anyone goes outside Amber the Hun will just grab them for something

Lex: Come here and i'll grab you instead

Zandra: Get of I gotta tidy myself up I look like a mess hold that hold it

Lex: Sorry babe

Zandra: You know what I need one of those big round vanity mirrors I use to have one at home it was pink

Lex: I'll get one the next time I go out

Zandra: The Dogz might get you next time

Lex: Never i'm too quick for them I was just toying around with them so Dal could get away

Amber: Oh you did get back

Lex: Don't sound so pleased

Amber: I suppose you didn't get any food either

Lex: Dal back then

Amber: Complete with sweaty baseball mit your suppose to be washing up Zandra

Zandra: I'm having a rest

Amber: From what you haven't even started

Lex: That chick needs to chill out

Zandra: She's just a bossy cow

Lex: It's just frustration that's what it is she needs a fella to show her a good time

Zandra: And suppose your just the guy for the job have you no taste at all

Dal: Says here in black and white cooking Amber and Salene dinner five- thirty

Ryan: So where are they

Amber: Here

Patsy: Where's Salene

Amber: I've given her the night of

Lex: Where's the grub then

Amber: Sorry

Zandra: Your suppose to be making us a meal it says so on there

Amber: Oh really it also says Ryan sweeping, Zandra washing up, Jack cleaning windows shall I go on

Jack: You mean

Amber: If you don't do your chores why should I do mine no chores no food

Lex: Who says, your not the leader

Amber: Well someone's got to take charge of this chaos

Zandra: We don't need bossing about we had all that with the adults we can do as we like now

Amber: Is that what you think

Zandra: Yeah and who are you to tell us what to do

Amber: Fine do as you like eat yourself's stupid live like pigs i've had enough

Lex: Right spam and beans zandra

Trudy: I just wanted to say i'm sorry for getting you to bring him here

Bray: Yeah well it's done now

Trudy: Where are you going

Bray: I'm tired Trudy i'm going to bed

Trudy: Oh, Bray what if the Locos ever find out what happened to him

Bray: I wouldn't give much for our chances Trudy they've chosen Ebony as they're new leader

Trudy: What

Bray: Just pray she never finds out about the baby
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