Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Tribe Season 1 Episode 2 Script

Zoot: Power and chaos

Dal: You know what your problem is most of this stuff is useless and not practical enough I mean what happens if you run out of batteries for your radio then we have to start again basic tools basic skills it’s what we need now

Jack: Really and who is it that trapped those elms out there the ones chasing you if you’re so smart you can help me fix this

Lex: Just shut it, I’m trying to think

Zandra: I feel terrible

Lex: You look terrible

Zandra: Well it’s not my fault you were the one who got us into this mess how are we gonna get of

Lex: That’s what I’m trying to figure out and when I do

Amber: You were saying when you get out

Lex: You’ll see you can’t keep us in here forever

Amber: Is that a fact

Lex: You’re gonna wish you never done this only by then it’ll be too late for wishing

Amber: It’s easy to make threats from behind bars

Lex: It’s not a threat it’s a promise I’m warning you

Jack: I don’t get it, it should work I’ve got the special Arial and everything maybe if we took it outside

Dal: It wouldn’t matter

Jack: Well thanks Einstein but could you tell me how you reach that blinking conclusion

Dal: The radio’s fine it’s everything else that’s wrong

Jack: Oh very scientific

Dal: There’s no one out there Jack that’s why you can’t hear anything

Jack: Don’t be stupid this radio can pick up stations from all over the world

Dal: That’s what I mean you remember those last few days the virus was everywhere it spread to fast nowhere was safe nowhere think about it Jack if there are any adults in the world what would they do there’s no television no internet the radio would be the first thing they’d use just like you’re doing

Jack: They can’t all have gone not all of them we’ve gotta keep trying

Dal: Jack we’re on our own

Amber: Jack, Dal the animals are awake we need to decide what to do

Zoot: Power and chaos

Locos: Power and chaos

Lex: For the last time let us out of here

Jack: Well it could be the last time if we just leave you in there till you starve

Lex: You, you couldn’t hurt anyone if your life depended on it nerd

Zandra: Lex he doesn’t mean it really

Dal: So what are we gonna do about them

Amber: Well the first question is what are we gonna do about us

Jack: What

Amber: Well they can’t get in but can we get out

Jack: There’s another way out through the old sewer

Dal: Come on Amber let’s just go

Amber: Dal we need somewhere to stay I think it should be here

Dal: But I thought we were heading out to the country to find an old farm that was the plan

Amber: Well plans change you and me maybe we could have done it but now there’s all the others here how do you think we’re going to get them out of the city without running into the Locos

Dal: But why do we have to look after them

Amber: Because they’d never survive without us would they this is the safest place for all of us for now if we stick together

Dal: You mean like start our own tribe

Amber: Maybe

Dal: But what do we do about them

Jack: Easy I just pull up the outside gate they have to go right back out on the street take there chances

Amber: We can’t trust them

Dal: Can we trust them outside what if they go to the Locos and lead them here

Jack: So we let them in or kick them out boss

Amber: If we’re gonna stick together we have to share what we have Jack

Jack: I um haven’t got much

Amber: Not much is better than nothing show us

Jack: That’s it that’s all I’ve got

Dal: I don’t believe you, you have ketchup I love ketchup

Amber: Thanks Patsy so who’s for beans tinned meat and ketchup

Jack: And we don’t have to have them cold not practical huh

Dal: I take it all back this man has ketchup

Ryan: I smell food

Zandra: I’m starving Lex what are we gonna do

Amber: Of course you have a choice

Zandra: What

Amber: We’ve been talking about what to do and we think the best thing would be to open the outside gate let you back out onto the streets

zandra: No please Lex say something

Lex:What choice

Amber: Ah it can listen

Lex: Are you in charge of these kids

Amber: Maybe for now you sure your in charge of them

Lex: So this choice

Amber: You can take your chance outside with the Locos or you can join us but on our terms we all share what we have we work together and maybe we stay safe maybe

Jack: Amber how can we know we can trust them the Locos may have sent them

Zandra: If that were true we’d be happy to go back outside wouldn’t we your not very smart for a nerd

Jack: Yeah well smart enough to trap you zero

Lex: You’ll wish you’d never done that

Amber: Sounds like you’ve made your choice open the outside gate Jack

Zandra: No wait I wanna stay

Patsy: Paul says you should shut up all of you he heard something listen there it is again

Lex: There was what the kids deaf

Patsy: He feels things through the floor vibrations things you don’t hear

Zandra: What was that

Lex: Could be the Locos you still don’t wanna let us in

Amber: How do you get to the sewers

Jack: Just through there past the burrows metal door

Amber: Can anyone get in

Jack: They could do I haven’t had a chance to secure it

Amber: Right I’ve gotta find out what’s going on Jack you look after the others Dal you come with me

Lex: You won’t last five minutes

Amber: Jack said it was around here this must be it

Dal: Are you sure this is a good idea

Amber: No but we’re going in anyway

Dal: Sounds like rats

Amber: I can’t see a thing down here

Dal: You want me to go in there with you good thing I brought my torch then we could get lost down here

Amber: Lost only matters when you’ve got a home Dal

Dal: Thanks for reminding me

Amber: Ssh listen

Dal: Sounds like there’s only one

Amber: Come on let’s get back

Lex: What if they don’t come back the Locos could be on there way in right now I saw them catch someone once weedy little kid just like you Jack they tied him to a tree

Salene: Stop it you’re frightening the little ones

Lex: They should be frightened and so should you

Salene: What are we gonna do Jack

Lex: You’ve no choice open up and let us in and maybe we’ll help you maybe

Jack: I don’t trust you

Lex: Trust we’re talking about survival here this is your only chance do it

Salene: Do it Jack

Amber: Jack what’s going on

Jack: We thought you weren’t coming back

Lex: We offered to help

Amber: I’ll bet

Jack: You find anything

Amber: Salene take the kids to the cafĂ© please it’s okay really there was someone down there yeah

Dal: We lost him

Amber: Or her

Dal: We need to post a twenty four hour guard down there make sure it’s secure

Lex: To late there here now are you gonna let us in

Amber: You accept our terms

Lex: For now yes

Amber: For now wasn’t the deal you’re heading for the streets Jack

Lex: Okay you win now let us in

Dal: Amber

Lex: Get on with it you whimp

Amber: You accepted our terms

Lex: Did I maybe i lied you and me we’re not finished yet Ryan come on

Zandra: And me are you just gonna leave me here

Lex: Just stop your whining look you wanted to get out now your out go fix up your make up or something

Ryan: I wanted to give it back

Amber: Thanks she missed it hey you’ll need this

Lex: Got ya now come on hurry up

Ryan: Lex, Lex Locos

Zoot: Burn the books

Locos: Burn the books

Ryan: What do we do

Zoot: No more schools, no more teachers, no more books power and chaos

Locos: Power and chaos

Zoot: Burn the books

Locos: Burn the books

Lex: Let’s get outta here

Jack: They’ve been gone a long time

Dal: We should have secured the entrance

Amber: To late listen

Jack: Do you think it’s them

Amber: One way to find out who are you?

Bray: It’s alright put down your weapons I’m a friend

Lex: Give me that

Patsy: Do it again Bray do it again

Bray: Okay now you see it and now you don’t that’s one each and don’t spend it all at once

Lex: I thought I told you to put a guard on the sewer who’s this

Patsy: Bray he does tricks

Lex: I don’t like tricks Bray

Amber: Stop it Lex he just wants shelter

Lex: Can’t he speak for himself we’ve already got one deaf one here Bray are you dumb

Bray: I don’t shoot my mouth of you call that dumb

Lex: This guy’s been hanging around here spying on us did he tell you that that’s his trick why have you been spying on us Bray

Bray: I told them had to be sure it was safe here

Lex: Safe for what so you and your tribe can muscle in

Bray: I don’t have a tribe

Lex: Unlucky for you cause we have

Amber: That’s enough Lex

Lex: I haven’t even started

Amber: We told you when we let you out of the cage our terms

Lex: So this guy just shows up spy’s on us for a few days and we just welcome him with open arms what if he’s checking it out for the Locos

Bray: I’m not

Lex: Says who

Salene: Bray does

Zandra: And we believe him

Dal: We can’t be to sure

Lex: To right we should put him in the cage until we know

Amber: He hasn’t threatened us or tried to steal from us Lex unlike you

Bray: I don’t want anything from you just shelter for the night you’ll have noticed it’s dangerous outside

Lex: Exactly which is why we shouldn’t be taking in strays

Amber: Does that mean you and your friends will be leaving to Lex we’re all strays now

Lex: I say he goes

Amber: Well you in a minority of one we’ve already decided

Lex: I told you, you’re weak all of you pathetic

Amber: Why couldn’t you just stay awake Jack

Dal: There’s no point in taking it out on Jack we were wrong to believe the guy that’s all

Lex: I didn’t remember

Amber: It was my food that he took my food after I trusted him

Dal: It belonged to all of us Amber remember

Lex: You were supposed to be in charge not anymore the terms have changed it’s my turn now no more of your sweet and your do gooding and didn’t Bray look like such a nice boy got us got us a long way didn’t it Amber you getting your knickers in a twist about lover boy oh Ryan help me, help me she’s gonna tear me apart I don’t know how you lot have lasted this long you’ve all had more luck than you deserve my bet is that mr wonderful will be back only this time there’ll be others now if you want me to protect you, you do as I say let them come I’m ready

Bray: Everybody this is Trudy

Patsy: I know what that is that’s a baby

Bray: That’s right we need a safe place to stay we’ve been on the move for a week she needs somewhere to have the baby this is the safest place we’ve found

Lex: No

Bray: And you speak for the whole group do you

Salene: Of course you can stay there’s plenty of room she can stay can’t she Amber

Amber: Does she want to stay

Trudy: I’ve got a name

Amber: Sorry do you want to stay Trudy

Trudy: Yes, please
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