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The Tribe Season 1 Episode 1 Script

The evacuation: Code one civil priority isolation now in affect to avoid the risk of contamination please stay indoors and await further instructions medical advice will be given code one civil priority isolation now in affect

The news: Authorities are appealing for calm throughout the evacuation process all children under the age of eighteen years should report to there local centre for transportation

Trudy's mum: You have to go

Trudy: But what about you and dad

Trudy's dad: It's to late for us Trudy you have to accept that save yourself for your mother's sake and mine

Trudy: No

Bray: Hey what is it

Trudy: I had the dream again mum dad they were there here in the house like it was yesterday i didn't want to go i didn't want to leave them but there was nothing i could do

Bray: Trudy there was nothing anybody could do come on we better go the Roosters are moving in we're not safe here

Trudy: We're not safe anywhere

Bray: In sector ten we may have a chance Trudy i heard there are only strays and nomads we've gotta get through

Trudy: I don't wanna go back there Locos

Bray: We've gotta at least try there isn't much time

Dal: They're getting closer what do we do

Amber: We can't out run them we just have to get out of sight come on Dal through here

Dal: What are the gangs doing here

Amber: Sunday afternoon drive

Dal: Is it Sunday

Amber: Who knows get down

Dal: They can't have been chasing us afterall

Amber: Unless they're toying with us Locos do that they love to catch you of guard

Zandra: Where is he Lex maybe we got it wrong i mean are you sure this is the meeting place or maybe we got the Wrong time these guys don’t wear watches you know

Lex: Quiet I’m thinking

Glen: Yeah Zandra let the man think if he can’t think he can’t come up with one of those brilliant plans

Zandra: I don’t like it here out in the open anything could happen

Lex: Shut up the both of you Zoot will keep his word

Glen: Where is he then legendary leader of the locos

Lex: You heard the siren

Glen: Siren that could have been anyone it could have been the Demon Dogs this is there patch or the Roosters any of the gangs this sectors a war zone

Lex: The whole city is a war zone encase you hadn’t noticed

Dal: If we could steal there wheels we could be out of the city in an hour

Amber: Forget it they’ve got lookouts everywhere we wouldn’t get more than a couple Dal look they’re sure to pick her up what she doing out there on her own

Dal: She’s a stray

Amber: Are we talking about the girl or the cat

Dal: You know the rule Amber look after number one

Amber: Yeah well there’s always an exception for one here come here come on hurry up come on
Chloe: Here pussy

Bray: It’s not far now come on if we keep going we can take shelter in the city by nightfall

Glen: They’re coming

Lex: What’s the matter Glen you’re not getting scared are you

I want to know what you’ve agreed with Zoot

Zandra: What do you mean

Glen: Don’t be stupid Zandra you really think we’re gonna be aloud to join the locos just like that now I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen old Lex here he’ll be in the tribe you can bet you’re life the rest of us might not be so lucky

Lex: Anyone who doesn’t like the plan can leave now

Glen: And how far would I get before I was hunted down by the locos along with you and stupid here

Zandra: Stop it Ryan do something

Lex: They're here

Zandra: I thought you said they’d be alone

Glen: The welcoming committee

Zandra : They don’t look very welcoming to me

Lex: I’ll do the talking

Glen: Suits me not getting scared are you lex

Lex: Zoot I was starting to think you weren’t coming I guess time keeping's not your thing oh yeah me neither times dead that’s the old way we make all the rules now right

Zoot: What’s in the bag

Glen: Glad you asked friend glad you asked walkie talkies, CD players, batteries you name it

Zoot: Food

We’ve only got enough for ourselves

Zoot: Give it to me why do you wanna be a locust

Lex: You guys are the best outfit around you’re cuttered your really

Ebony: What really what

Lex: You’re scandalous

Zoot: We’re what

Lex: Get ready to run

Amber: It’s alright we’re not going to hurt you what’s you’re name? I’m Amber and this is Dal we’re friends do you have anyone? Any family brothers and sisters?

Dal: She doesn’t understand let’s just go

Amber: She needs help

Dal: We all need help that’s the way things are I’m sorry Amber but we decided that we were gonna leave the city by nightfall nothing was gonna change that you said it how are we gonna do that with this thing tagging along

Amber: I bet I know his name Teddy right what about you


Amber: What are you doing out here Chloe

Chloe: Playing

Amber: Can we play?

Chloe: If you like but there’s no room on the swings Patsy and Paul are hogging them there’s a slide you could play on that

Amber: Yeah, yeah maybe I will you’ll have to go without me I can’t leave her Dal

Dal: That’s okay we’ve come this far together

Glen: Lex what are you doing

Lex: Just another one of my brilliant plans good luck friend

Zandra: Where’s Glen

Lex: They’ve got him there’s nothing we can do Zandra we have to save ourselves Glen would have wanted us to come on

Amber: You really think that it’s gonna be different in the countryside

Dal: Can’t be any worse can it

Amber: Fewer places to hide

Dal: There’ll be no one to hide from look all I wanna do is find a little place of my own which I can call home a little piece of land where I can grow my own food not scratching left overs like some animal

Amber: It’s a nice dream

Dal: It’s more than a dream Amber look around you there’s no future here the tribe’s have got the city let them live of tinned food

Amber: And what happens when the tinned food runs out do you think they’re gonna leave you alone on your country estate

Dal: I don’t believe this you’ve changed you’re mind you’re not coming with me

Amber: No Dal I haven’t changed my mind it’s just that I don’t know it feels like running away I know there’s nothing we can do we can’t stop the tribe’s from taking over I just hate to see them get away with it this is where I grew up it’s where you grew up Dal you might be able to walk away but I can’t it’s not that simple wait where’s Chloe oh no we’ve lost her already

Dal: No we haven’t look

Chloe: Good boy bring it here ready teddy

Lex: Did you see that guy what was his problem just trying to wig us they get to much power I’ll show them I’ll get even with them it’s a promise what’s the matter with you

Zandra: Don’t touch me

Lex: For the last time Zan I’m sorry about Glen it couldn't’t be helped you got a thing about the guy is that it

Zandra: no

Lex: Then stop you’re sniffling he wanted to be a locust now he’s got his wish you know what I think I think he sacrificed himself deliberately to save us I can’t even think about it

Zandra: Lex

Lex: What are you looking at is this thing gonna start or what?

Ryan: It’s out of gas I did find something though gum

Lex: Let’s get out of here

Salene: Who are you with what tribe

Amber: We’re not with any tribe we found Chloe a couple of streets away and you obviously know her I’m Amber by the way this is Dal

Salene: Salene

Amber: Did you know Chloe wandered of

Salene: I can’t stop her what difference does it make we can’t run anymore I was gonna give us up then I found this place I thought they could have a play one more time before

Dal: I’ll scout around and see if I can find some shelter for the night

Amber: Okay I’ll share the food out

Lex: Yeah you’d better friend you’d just better see I own this sector and your trespassing but I’ll tell you what I’m feeling generous today why don’t you just give me the bag and I’ll say no more about it oh and don’t try running you might get away but they won’t

Amber: Who are you I don’t recognise your tribe

Lex: Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of what

Ryan: Locos

Dal: Let’s get out of here

Lex: Demon Dogs

Amber: I wonder where this car park leads to

Dal: It must be a shopping mall or something there should be a way out up ahead

Amber: I hope your right

Lex: Come on

Salene: I hope it’s safe

Amber: Come on let’s check it out

Patsy: Maybe there’s some food hear

Dal: I’ll go have a look around it look like the place has been looted but you never know

Amber: Dal be careful

Lex: Come on in here what's up there

Ryan: Nothing

Lex: We'd better get back to sector 12 while it's still light come on

Amber: So your Patsy and your name is

Patsy: Paul

Amber: And who's this

Patsy: Bob

Amber: Did you have any luck

Dal: No

Amber: Well

Dal: We don't have much so we have to share

Amber: This is Patsy and Paul Patsy does all the talking i think her brother's a bit shy

Patsy: He's not shy

Paul: I'm deaf

Dal: He doesn't seem to have any trouble talking

Patsy: When he feels like it

Amber: oh i see do you lip read Paul

Patsy: He says he prefers to sign

Amber: What does that mean

Dal: It means we're in trouble

Lex: Now where was i before i was so rudely interrupted how the hell did you do that we'll find another way in you're not getting away that easy

Amber: Looks like you're the one not getting away

Dal: What do you want with us we've got no argue with the Locusts

Amber: These aren't locusts if they where they would have done the job right

Lex: Open it up, open it up now or you'll regret it I'm gonna count to ten 1,2,3

Jack: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 so what happens now i think you'll find that was a fairly empty threat you didn't quiet think it through did you not to worry hi I'm Jack and i think you've got something to say to me

Amber: Like what

Jack: Well in my day it was thanks but times are changing

Amber: Thanks

Jack: Don't mention it um these gates can only be lifted with a special wrench I'll let the gate up when you guy's have had a chance to cool of come on I'll show you around

Lex: Hey where are you going

Bray: Stay here and don't move your safe here

Trudy: But what about you

Bray: Well I'll scout out the area and see what i can find

Amber: Why are you doing this

Jack: Doing what

Amber: Helping us we could be Demon Dogs for all you know

Jack: You guy's

Amber: Maybe not all the same you didn't have to let us in here

Jack: It's simple I've been living out of a tin of baked beans for about a week now and even that's running low

Amber: Well we haven't got much food either

Jack: But you can help me find some it's the least you can do after i helped you with your little problem back there

Dal: Look thanks for your help but we have to move on first thing in the morning right Amber

Jack: Suit yourself you won't find a better place to crash than this

Salene: It's so big and empty

Chloe: I'm tired

Patsy: Me too

Salene: It's getting dark look what are we gonna do about sleeping

Amber: I've got a blanket the younger ones can have that the rest of us will just have to make do

Jack: Sounds good but ah i could go one better

Paul: Look beds

Jack: What do you think

Amber: It's like heaven

Salene: Clean sheets real feather pillows

Jack: Of course i sleep in the electrical shop sort of feel attached to the place

Lex: Hey open this gate

Amber: What are we gonna do about those three locked in a cage

Jack: Oh forget it it's what you do with animals lock them up

Zandra: You're wasting your time they're not gonna let us out save your strength

Ryan: This place ain't so bad we've been in worse places than this

Lex: Who asked you give me that

Dal: What's wrong

Amber: She can't find her teddy

Chloe: I wanna go home

Amber: I know it's alright this is your home for now at least

Zandra: Come on Lex there's nothing you can do

Ryan: Right sounds like the Locos we're all dead meat

Lex: You'll see I'm warning you
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