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Antonia Prebble

Antonia Prebble was born on the 6th of June 1984 in Wellington, New Zealand she is mostly known for playing the part of Trudy in the TV show the tribe she first appeared on the show with Bray who was looking after her after she ran away from the Locos.

Bray found the mall and took Trudy there so she could have a safe place to have her baby in which she called Brady a combination of her and Bray's name she always argued with Bray because she really loved him but he didn't feel the same way and she kept on getting jealous when Bray talked to other women and especially when she saw Bray kissing Salene most of the way she was acting was because she had post-natal depression after the birth and she even tried to commit suicide because she couldn't deal with her responsibilities as a mother.
when that didn't work she ran away with Dal and they ran in to a tribe called the Nomads and saw them with they're children so at night when everyone was asleep she went back to the mall and was now ready to be a good mother to Brady

In season 2 Brady gets kidnapped by a tribe called the Chosen and they told Trudy that she would have to go with them if she wanted to see Brady again as they believed that Zoot was a god and that Trudy was the supreme mother as Brady was Zoot's baby but then Trudy gets abducted by the Mallrats and gets taken to see Amber and she realizes that she was wrong to believe the Chosen so she joins the Mallrats and helps them to defeat the Chosen then Trudy and Amber get kidnapped by Ned to force the Mallrats to hand over the Guardian Trudy has been through so much that she tries to be positive and strong so that she can help the pregnant Amber.

Trudy still helps Amber a lot with her pregnancy after they are freed she helps Amber give birth to her baby and then goes with them to live with the Eco tribe in season 5 Trudy falls for Jay one of the Techno's and they go out for a while but Jay is clearly in love with Amber and they eventually start going out Trudy is very angry with both of them especially Amber as Amber was Trudy's best friend but they eventually made up and they all had to leave the city on a boat when a Virus gets released and threatens to destroy everything and everyone in the city

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The Tribe season 1 episode 19 script

Amber: Lex, Lex, Lex what happened where's Ebony

Lex: Get me out of here

Amber: Where is she

Lex: Get me out Amber wait get me out of here ya snoty cow

Amber: Wake up, Salene wake up the prisoners escaped

Salene: What happened

Patsy: Is it Paul

Amber: Ebony's escaped she might still be in the mall we have to make sure she doesn't get out

Zandra: Where's Lex

Bray: Jack, Dal come on hurry up we'll take the sewers go, go

Amber: Trudy you stay with Salene and the little ones and keep together

Trudy: Me and Brady don't need Salene to look after us

Amber: She might still be up here Tai-San you come with me

Zandra: Where is Lex

Amber: He's guarding the cage

Zandra: What for it's empty

Amber: There's no sign of her up here

Ryan: The outside grill was open she's gone

I want to know Lex tell me

Lex: Not now

Tai-San: Ebony knows we're here she'll bring the Locos back

What are we gonna do

How did she get out of the cage

How did you get in

It's not what it looks like

What does it look like

Lex: Look she said she was ill

Jack: And you believed her

Lex: Can it you, what was i suppose to do

Salene: Find some help for one thing

Lex: She said she was in pain

Tai-San: She said

Bray: So you let her out of the cage

Smart move big of you

You went in there with her

Lex: Yeah, no, look she jumped out pushed me in and locked it

Zandra: Oh yeah

Lex: Yeah what do you think i did

I don't know the way you were gawking at her all evening

Lex: Zandra please

Bray: What's important is Ebony has escaped and she know we're here

Salene: So what do we do

Jack: Get ready for an attack

Amber: There is an alternative

Dal: What

Amber: We could leave, leave the mall that way the Locos can't find us

Patsy: Leave the mall

Chloe: But it's our home

Amber: True but it might not be our home for much longer

Salene: I can't believe your saying this Amber if we leave they'll trash the place

Amber: I'm not saying that's what I want just that it's an alternative

Bray: We're wasting time lets put it to the vote all those who wanna leave put up your hands that's settled then we stay and defend our home it's down to you Lex I think you owe us

Lex: Jack, Dal we need booby traps anything you can think of

Jack: Right chief

Dal: We've seen the Locos in action if they get in we won't stand a chance

Jack: Don't remind me

Dal: So we need something to keep them out in the first place

Amber: And if they do get in we'd need an escape route

Dal: What about the market lift shaft couldn't we all hide in there

Jack: Well is the lift big enough

Dal: The little ones could hide in the top and we could jam all the doors

Amber: So we push the kids up through the man hole and the rest of us hide in the lift that's a great idea Dal I'll go and check it out

Jack: We've got to have some proper communications

Dal: We've gotta slow the Locos down we have to have a chance

Jack: A car battery connected to the sewer grill the first Loco who tries to get in

Dal: Won't work it's only twelve volts it's nothing

Lex: Well what have you got

Jack: Not a lot yet

Lex: Well get on with it then

Zandra: Lex

Lex: Zandra please I'm trying to run a military operation here

Zandra: You'll need an operation if you don't tell me the truth

Lex: You got a problem

Dal: Come on lets do what head of insecurity says

Jack: We'll be near the sewers

Zandra: I want to know what happened in the cage Lex now, I saw you eying Ebony it was gross

Lex: I told you the truth

Zandra: It makes you look like such a total idiot it could just be the truth

Lex: Thank you very much

Zandra: But your not a total idiot are you so I want the truth

Lex: Zandra the Locos are coming

Zandra: Thanks to you

Amber: Trudy it's not as bad as it seems we'll be alright we'll defeat the Locos somehow

Trudy: I don't care about that I don't care about anything none of it matters nothing

Amber: I thought you were afraid

Trudy: I don't care what they do to me

Amber: What's the matter try and tell me

Trudy: What's the point of anything, I saw them

Amber: Who you saw who

Trudy: Bray with Salene together they were kissing and he was kissing her like, like he really loved her I could stand him kissing her but I cannot stand him being in love with her

Amber: Maybe it wasn't how it looked

Trudy: I saw them

Jack: If we connect these to the lookouts we can talk direct to each other

Salene: You two help Jack and Dal these wires have to go all over the place

Dal: That's right anywhere we can get a cable

Jack: There must be enough here to get to the market lift

Dal: Lets test it and then we'll run a line down

Jack: Hope it works

Chloe: It will if you thought of it

Jack: Yeah well

Dal: To right genius at work

Jack: Here I'll hold this end

Dal: Roll it out all the way like you were going to the roof here Patsy you do this one and then join them up together

Chloe: Come on Bob

Patsy: Hang on wait for us

Salene: At least that keeps they're mind of the Locos

Jack: Yeah mine to

Amber: Haven't you got anything to do

Salene: Yes I have

Amber: Then why don't you go and do it like right now

Salene: Don't talk to me like that what's the matter with you

Amber: Your wasting time that's what the matter is

Salene: No it's not what did I do, what

Dal: What did you do

Salene: I don't know

Jack: CD's

Dal: What

Jack: CD's

Salene: Here will these do

Zandra: Hey those are mine

Salene: We all have to make sacrifices Zandra

Ryan: What are they for anyway

Salene: To confuse the Locos

Lex: What the

Jack: How was it

Zandra: Was that you

Jack: Yeah what did you think

Dal: Great action and horror movie effects get a load of this track one martian volcanoes erupt two attack of the squealing flesh spiders three alien terror cries

Jack: It's brilliant we'll blast them to death with noise

Lex: I'll freak you ya moron if you do that again get out of here

Jack: Forget Lex he's crazy

Dal: Never mind Jack a genius is never appreciated in his own home, this is the best place you can cover the stairs and the ground floor from here

Jack: We'll wire in to the shops phone lines and right around this floor so we'll need

Dal: Batteries

Jack: Check, mics, mic connections, speakers, plugs and duck tape

Dal: Check lets get this place wired up

Jack: We'll stick one in the HQ as a command center, Dal are you scared

Dal: You know I've been to busy to think about that but yeah I am petrified

Jack: But we'll make it

Dal: Yeah but if we don't it's been nice knowing you, so me and Jack will be in the art supply store one in the HQ and one in the market lift we can talk to each other

Lex: And it really works

Dal: Of course it works

Salene: Has anyone seen Bray I can't find him anywhere

Ryan: He was down below with us I haven't seen him since

Trudy: What do you want him for

Lex: Disappeared again the wonderful Bray what a hero and just when he was gonna save us all

Salene: Will you shut up about Bray your so stupid

Lex: Not stupid enough to join his fan club like you dumb bunnies

Trudy: Where is he

Chloe: Looking for Paul I bet

Lex: What if he let Ebony out and now he's gone to join her you mutts never thought of that did you

Salene: But he wasn't was he it was you

Lex: Prove it

Salene: Bray would have never let Ebony escape he's worth ten of you

Lex: Yeah you'll be glad for one of me when the Locos arrive

Amber: Could we please just all stop squabbling

Lex: What have we got to stop them, girls, kids a screaming brat apart from you all remember that oh and Jack whose gonna blind them with his science

Jack: Maybe I will

Lex: What's this balloons are you gonna throw the Locos a party

Jack: Well sort of one hot rod radio can in the sewers a matchbox strip glued on to the wheel pressing against the matches the matches are under the first balloon which is full of petrol the rest of the balloons hanging all the way down the tunnel start the car the wheels spin light the matches

Lex: And boom, boom, boom, boom fireball

Dal: Heavy

Lex: That's brilliant

Amber: Jack that's really dangerous

Jack: Yeah well so are the Locos Amber

Ryan: It'll stop them dead

Amber: That's the sort of thing they'd do

Jack: No they wouldn't they're not smart enough

Tai-San: It's horrible you can't set fire to people

Jack: And we can get boards and bang nails through them and put them all over the tunnel floor points up

Amber: Jack

Jack: They want a war I'll give them a war

Amber: And what if we have to get out that way we don't wanna turn this place in to a booby trap for ourselves

Jack: But we'd still be here

Tai-San: But we'd be changed we wouldn't be us anymore

Jack: Well maybe we have to change

Tai-San: No we have to find our own way the grass knows it's weak and so it bends the tree doesn't know it breaks and falls

Lex: And

Tai-San: The monkey gets locked in the cage

Chloe: What's gonna happen to us

Tai-San: Don't worry everything will be fine

Chloe: What are we gonna do

Patsy: I'm scared

Amber: It's like a game your going to climb through the service hatch up there

Tai-San: That be a really cool place to hide wouldn't it

Patsy: Yes

Amber: And we'll get some more cardboard boxes and pillows

Tai-San: And we'll make a place for you to hide in

Chloe: It's like hide and seek

Amber: Yes but the rules are different

Chloe: Do the Locos play aswell

Patsy: Stupid

Tai-San: No just us it's our game we don't want Locos to play

Patsy: I bet Paul's playing hide and seek

Chloe: And I stay up there with Patsy

Amber: That's right until we say it's over

Tai-San: And we all have to be extra quiet we take the lift up and we jam all the doors shut

Chloe: Where will you be

Tai-San: We'll be inside the lift no one will find us they won't know where to look we'll be safe

Zandra: Come here you

Lex: What are you doing don't push me about

Zandra: Your not getting out of here until you tell me the truth

Lex: What, what about

Zandra: About what happened with you and Ebony

Lex: I told you Zan

Zandra: Yeah well try the truth Lex

Lex: What do you mean

Zandra: I saw the way you were staring at her hanging around the cage

Lex: Oh Zan would I, I was just about to marry you

Zandra: Exactly and you couldn't wait could you

Lex: Well who could blame me the way you've been holding out

Zandra: Oh so you did, did you

Lex: No look she was ill I told you

Zandra: Yeah

Lex: She was do you think I'd get in the cage with that hellcat she kicked me in the nuts Zan

Zandra: Well so will I if I find out your lying

Lex: What's that, what's that laughter

Zandra: Look

Trudy: Where are you Bray

Ryan: Nothing

Amber: So everyone's got they're sleeping space sorted out then when the alarm goes we go straight to the service lift like we practiced

Ryan: Not a sound out there

Lex: There's a fire about two miles away but that's all

Tai-San: Listen everybody we're all tired and we're all frightened to

Lex: Speak for yourself

Tai-San: But remember we have each other

Lex: Great

Amber: Shut it Lex

Tai-San: We need to be strong for each other we're at the beginning of something new here not the end let us all join hands

Patsy: I want Paul where is he

Tai-San: When we join together we're stronger than any of us can ever be alone now all breath together slowly gently

Lex: What a load of bull

Tai-San: It is not our destiny to be destroyed by Locos one day we'll look back on tonight and remember that tomorrow we'll be different people

Lex: Oh yeah Ryan you'll still be a plank

Amber: Hey where's Bray

Trudy: I'm sorry

Lex: Yeah run where's the wonderful Bray when you need him

Amber: Your day will come Lex

Tai-San: Lets carry on close your eyes breath slowly and gently

Amber: It's gonna be alright we're all together

Trudy: We're not Bray's not here

Amber: He'll come back

Trudy: He won't not to me he'll be coming back for Salene I hate her

Amber: Listen Trudy you've got to try stop thinking about it

Trudy: I can't I'm always afraid I want him so much you don't know what it's like

Amber: We all need someone to lean on sometimes it's hard being strong on your own

Trudy: You are

Amber: Hey look you should try and get some sleep

Trudy: I can't not even if the Locos come in what's gonna happen to me if they know Brady's Zoot's baby

Amber: Brady will be alright and so will you we all will Tai-San is right I feel it

Locos: Ebony, Ebony, Ebony, Ebony, Ebony, Ebony

Ebony: Power and chaos

Locos: Power and chaos

Ryan: Dal you there hows everything up there okay

Dal: Nothing to report

Ryan: Everything's quiet down here, Salene

Salene: Fine

Lex: Alright Ryan

Ryan: I'm not a plank

Lex: It's just that Tai-San she gets up my nose, anything going on

Ryan: Hello Jack, Ryan here again what's happening

Jack: No sign of the Locos, don't waste the batteries

Ryan: Cool Ryan out, see

Lex: We should have done that petrol thing with the balloons what goes on in Jack's head

Ryan: Yeah these intercom things are brilliant

Lex: Yeah very funny Ryan

Ryan: I didn't mean, what did happen Lex did you, you know what Zandra said about Ebony

Lex: What is this a trial look I told you what happened

Ryan: Yeah but

Lex: But what Ryan

Ryan: So it's all of then you and Zandra the wedding and that

Lex: I don't wanna talk about it

Ryan: Bummer Lex

Lex: And don't get any ideas Ryan I haven't finished with Zandra yet or Ebony

Salene: Amber do you know has Bray come back

Amber: No

Salene: Why did you have a go at me

Amber: You mean you don't know

Salene: No

Amber: Trudy saw you and Bray together

Salene: Oh no

Amber: As if we don't have enough problems

Salene: Amber he's sorry for her that's all he doesn't want her

Amber: And what will happen to Trudy and the baby

Salene: She'll make it out

Amber: She can hardly look after herself Salene she's not well

Salene: She's tougher than you think she wanted to stay here she got it she wanted Bray she got him she wanted me to look after her baby she got it until she needed it back to blackmail Bray with

Amber: Is that really what you think

Salene: She wanted you fussing all over her she got it

Amber: Your not being fair

Salene: Fair who else gets everything they want you, me no only Trudy she's not so helpless

Amber: That's ridiculous I don't know what she'll do if you split them up

Salene: There's nothing to split up just her selfishness and his pity what you think I'm being cruel

Amber: No I think your wrong

Salene: Well I know I'm right anyway I have no choice

Amber: No

Salene: No I love him

Ebony: Thought you'd come

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Beth Allen

Beth Allen was born on the 28th of may 1984 in Auckland, New Zealand she is mostly known for playing the part of Amber in the TV show the tribe.

at the beginning of the show Amber and her friend Dal are wandering the streets about to leave the city when they come across a little girl wandering around on her own her name was Chloe.

Chloe then introduces them to Patsy, Paul, Bob the dog and Salene who was about to turn themselves in to the Locos they all needed a place to stay for the night and when they are out looking they came across a mall where they met Jack it was a nice big place to stay and safe because Jack had set some traps so they all decided to stay there.

Amber decided to take charge and become they're leader and she asks Lex and Ryan to help protect they're new tribe and home then Bray and the very heavily pregnant Trudy joined them at first Amber clashes with Bray a lot but she is secretly falling for him the Mallrats all take part in the tribal gathering thinking that it will eventually stop all the fighting but it doesn't all go as planned first of all they find out that Dal is being held prisoner by the Nomads so they all help release him and his new friend Sasha.

Sasha stays at the mall temporarily and Amber becomes attracted to him and when it's time for Sasha to leave he asks Amber to go with him at first she says yes but she looks back at the mall and tells Sasha that she can't leave them so she decides to stay then Amber finally confesses to her feelings for Bray and they eventually kiss but they're happiness doesn't last long as Ebony and the Locos invade the mall to steal the antidote for the virus and they take Lex and Bray prisoner all of the Mallrats decide to go to eagle mountain to find a new antidote and Bray is finally free and rejoins the Mallrats along with Ebony.

Amber is not impressed Bray tries to convince Amber that there is nothing going on with him and Ebony so Amber forgives him and they make up but the building they're in explodes Bray gets knocked out and when he wakes up Lex tells him that Amber and Zandra died in the explosion but in season 3 of the show they discover that Amber is still Alive and living with a tribe called the Ecos as they're leader and calling herself Eagle the Mallrats ask the Ecos for help in defeating the chosen and the Ecos agree.

After Amber witnesses the death of Dal she tells Bray that she still loves him and they spend the night together the next morning Amber leaves Bray to go and get more tribes to help with they're fight against the chosen when Amber returns she tells Bray that she is pregnant the Ecos and the Mallrats defeat the chosen and the Guardian after much thought Amber decides not to go back to the Ecos and stays with the Mallrats but just before a celebration party Amber and Trudy are kidnapped by Ned.

The Guardian tries to kill Amber and Trudy until Ebony comes to the rescue and because of that Ebony is elected the new city leader Bray, Trudy, Tai-San and Amber plot to question Ebony about the kidnapping but Ebony banishes Amber and Bray from the city and Amber goes in to labor Bray finds a place for her to have the baby Bray was then taken by the Technos Trudy and Brady find Amber in a barn and Trudy helps her give birth to her son in which Amber calls him Bray after his father.

She then goes looking for the Ecos along with Trudy and Brady but then Amber gets taken by the Technos then she gets rescued by the Mallrats she then meets up with the Techno Jay and tells him of her horrific experience in the game so Jay, Amber and the Mallrats plot with another Techno Mega to destroy Ram the leader of the Technos and after the Technos are destroyed Amber enlists Jay's help in finding out what happened to Bray so they use Mega's computer only to find out that Bray has been deleted.

After that Amber finds it really hard to be around Jay as she blames him for the death of Bray as he was a Techno but when she decides to forgive him then Amber starts to dought Mega's intentions and finds out from Ebony that he plans to take over the city so the Mallrats enlist the help of the still alive Ram and they overtake Mega and the Mallrats start to celebrate but the celebrations were cut short when Ram's computer goes way out of control and plans to kill all humans by releasing a new virus which will kill everything and everyone in the city so all the Mallrats have to flee the city on a boat

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The Tribe season 1 episode 18 script

Locos: Over here, what's that racket

Jack: There's no one

Lex: Ryan go and check the shaft

Locos: Okay right lets go come on

Ryan: They've gone

Lex: Good job they didn't get in, your useless

Dal: It was his alarm that warned us in the first place

Lex: Yeah come on lets go deal with that hell cat I'm looking forward to this, come on, she still up here

Amber: She must be we can't let her get away Lex

Lex: That a fact, look Ryan go down and guard the sewers encase she tries to jump the balcony

Ryan: Okay

Bray: I'll help you look

Lex: Stuff it

Bray: She's dangerous Lex I've seen her in action you couldn't handle her on your own

Lex: You and Dal stay here she gives us the slip use anything you can to stop her, where is she boy, go get the others we'll put her in the cage

Amber: Well done Bob our hero

Chloe: Well done

Trudy: I'm so glad your safe Bray

Zandra: I'd kill her she ruined my wedding

Chloe: Can't we still have it

Salene: It's not really the right time Chloe

Chloe: Aw

Patsy: We wanted to be bridesmaids

Amber: Another time first we have to decide what to do about our unwelcome wedding guest

Lex: Perhaps she could say the speech instead of Ryan

Ebony: What are you staring at

Dal: Nothing

Ebony: Who are you what are you all doing here

Dal: We live here

Amber: Dal

Dal: I'm sorry Amber

Amber: We're having a meeting come on

Dal: What about her

Amber: She's not going anywhere

Lex: Before we decide what we're gonna do with her what I wanna know is how did she get in here in the first place

Bray: She followed me, the Locos captured me they had me tied up and blind folded then when somebody cut my ropes I didn't hang about to ask questions I split

Lex: Bringing her with you

Bray: She's good I thought it might be a trap but I didn't spot her trailing me

Jack: But what I don't get is why didn't she bring the rest with her we were sitting ducks

Bray: That's what I've been wandering

Amber: One way to find out ask her

Lex: Right but I'll ask the questions

Bray: Not to close Lex

Lex: So Ebony the big question why are you here

Ebony: I'd have thought that was obvious

Lex: So tell me

Ebony: I want Zoot I know you've got him

Bray: He was here but he's gone now that's all we know

Ebony: Your lying

Bray: I don't lie

Amber: Why do you want Zoot

Lex: Hey I ask the questions, why do you want him

Ebony: He's my man and our leader and we want him back

Lex: So why didn't you bring the rest of your tribe with you

Ebony: I didn't know what we were walking in to

Lex: I don't buy that you let Bray go then you followed the stupid git back here if you thought we had Zoot you'd have come all ganged up

Ebony: I made a mistake

Lex: Yeah well don't make the mistake of underestimating me babe

Ebony: Is that possible

Amber: She's lying for some reason she doesn't want the others to find Zoot

Lex: It's not important why she came the thing is what do we do with her now

Zandra: I'd kill her ruining my wedding

Salene: We can't let her go can we

Lex: She'll bring the rest of her mob back here

Dal: So we keep her she can't escape

Jack: For how long weeks, years

Dal: Yeah well

Jack: Eating our food drinking our precious water

Ryan: She's not having any of my rations

Zandra: We could starve her to death

Patsy: That's horrible

Ryan: Yeah that'd have to be the worst way to die everything

Dal: Maybe we could get through to her you know reform her

Lex: Ebony

Dal: Well

Amber: Bray you knew her before didn't you

Bray: A little

Amber: Well what do you think could Ebony change could we change her

Bray: She could certainly convince you, you had

Lex: Then escape when we let her out

Zandra: The evil witch

Lex: We're wasting time we can't keep her and we can't let her go, It's execution what's the problem the adults used to do it

Jack: Not all of them

Dal: No some countries didn't have the death penalty

Lex: But a lot did

Salene: Yeah for murder she hasn't killed anyone

Lex: How do we know that anyway they used to have it for spying aswell

Zandra: Lex is right

Ryan: Yeah but whose gonna do it

Jack: And how

Lex: Hang her

Salene: No

Jack: We've got some pills we could put her to sleep humanly

Amber: Humanly this is ridiculous what are we barbarians

Tai-San: Amber's right of course we cannot possibly kill another human being it would create very destructive vibes within our group

Lex: So

Tai-San: We wait we keep her until it becomes clear what we must do

Lex: And how will that happen

Tai-San: Through patience thought understanding

Amber: Do we need to vote on this is anyone seriously suggesting we execute her, good I'll draw up a rota to guard her

Zandra: Lex what about the wedding

Lex: Not now babe I've got a prisoner to watch

Jack: That figures

Tai-San: That's right Zandra let it all out

Zandra: I hate her she's ruined everything

Tai-San: No

Zandra: She has I should be married by now

Tai-San: And you will be soon

Zandra: What if Lex changes him mind

Tai-San: Why should he

Zandra: He's like that you never know with him

Tai-San: But you believe he loves you

Zandra: Yes

Tai-San: And he was going to marry you today, then what reason is there for him to change as long as you don't change

Zandra: What do you mean

Tai-San: You must wait until your calm again don't do anything foolish your emotions are so hot so confused it be easy to make a mistake right now

Lex: Very good

Ebony: Better than that better than you

Lex: No way

Ebony: Your the warrior of the tribe yeah they're champion

Lex: I guess

Ebony: We should practice together some time as I'm going to be around for quite a while

Lex: Sounds cool

Amber: Alright Lex I'll take over now

Lex: It's not a problem

Amber: I'm not wasting my time drawing up a rota just for people to screw it around

Lex: It should've been me doing the rota in the first place

Amber: I didn't see you jumping up to write it and you and Ryan should look for Paul I'm getting worried about him

Lex: Ah that dummy

Amber: Have you been on at him again, Lex

Trudy: Sorry I didn't know you were

Bray: It's alright come in, water

Trudy: Are you okay

Bray: Yeah why

Trudy: The Locos didn't hurt you

Bray: No Ebony stopped them

Trudy: Oh

Bray: Well she wanted to grill me about Zoot

Trudy: Did you tell her

Bray: No I didn't think that was wise

Trudy: I feel so guilty

Bray: Why

Trudy: Because if it hadn't been for me you wouldn't have gone of and got captured

Bray: I chose to go

Trudy: Because I was so stupid so jealous I couldn't help it Bray seeing you two together like that

Bray: Trudy it was a spare of the moment thing

Trudy: I know, I know you don't have to explain I'm sorry I had no right it's just that I love you Bray and I've come to ask for another chance I know we can be so good together and for little Brady

Bray: Trudy

Trudy: Don't, don't say anything just yet just think about it I can wait

Patsy: Is she still up there that Ebony

Salene: Yes but she's locked in the cage

Chloe: She can't get out

Salene: No and somebody's guarding her all the time

Patsy: I'm scared where's Paul

Salene: Shh now he'll be alright there's nothing to worry about

Patsy: She's frightening she's a Loco

Salene: But she's our prisoner she's locked up and she can't harm you

Patsy: Bob will help guard her won't he

Salene: Come on now settle down and I'll tell you a story

Ebony: I don't get it why the guard where am I going to go

Amber: We just feel safer keeping an eye on you

Ebony: Your a strange a frightened little mob aren't you, you wouldn't last a minute outside we'd tear you apart

Amber: And that's something to be proud of is it, I pity you

Ebony: Me

Amber: Your so angry so negative because your afraid

Ebony: I'm not afraid of anything

Amber: Then your a fool

Ebony: Yeah I can go anywhere I want do anything I want I'm not hold up in some rotting mall like a frightened mouse

Amber: And what do you do that makes you so special hurt people destroy things where's that gonna get you

Ebony: To the top sugar

Amber: Of what a garbage heap honey at least we're looking to the future trying to build something better

Ebony: Well when you do I'll be there to knock it down

Amber: You know they wanted to kill you but I stopped them

Ebony: You might live to regret that

Lex: Hey babe I just came to see how my little Zan is

Zandra: Finished guarding your prisoner have you

Lex: Oh babe I've gotta job to do I'm chief of security remember

Zandra: I think she's quiet secure in there without you gawking at her all the time

Lex: Oh Zan you can't be jealous I was gonna marry you today we should be on our honeymoon right now

Zandra: Yeah well we're not so don't go getting any ideas

Lex: I feel like we're married already what's a few little words from Tai-San gonna matter

Zandra: A lot she said we shouldn't get carried away we've got to wait till things calm down

Lex: What's it got to do with her interfering weirdo

Zandra: She is not she's very intelligent and wise and I'm gonna listen to what she says, Lex you can't be angry when it happens it's gonna be wonderful I'm gonna make the best wife in the world for you

Salene: Bray your not going again are you

Bray: I need to look for Paul he's not in the mall

Salene: Can I come

Bray: No it's dark outside and dangerous

Salene: I like to look at the stars they're so bright now aren't they with no lights from the city you can see them all

Bray: Strange all this had to happen before we could see how beautiful it once was

Salene: It will be beautiful again Bray our new world I know it will

Bray: You really believe that don't you

Salene: I do I believe it when I'm with you I believe anything's possible

Ryan: Yes

Ebony: You look happy in your little world

Ryan: Don't talk Amber said we're not to talk to you

Ebony: Amber frightened little mouse

Ryan: Amber's not frightened she's very brave

Ebony: Yeah, yeah anything you say so what was going on today some sort of ceremony

Ryan: A wedding

Ebony: A wedding

Ryan: Lex and Zandra you spoiled it for her

Ebony: She ought to thank me saving her from him

Ryan: Lex is okay

Ebony: Really

Ryan: Yeah he was the leader of this lot

Ebony: Was so what happened

Ryan: Don't know exactly he's chief of security now

Ebony: And your his deputy right

Ryan: Yeah suppose so

Ebony: And this Zandra

Ryan: She's great Lex has been after her for ages

Ebony: You mean they haven't actually

Ryan: Hey I'm not suppose to be talking to you

Ebony: She's very pretty Zandra if you like that sort of thing

Ryan: What do you mean she's beautiful

Ebony: Yeah course she is

Ryan: She is

Ebony: I said it didn't I

Ryan: Well I don't like the way you said it

Ebony: Tough not my problem you've fallen for the boss's slag

Ryan: Zandra's not a slag

Ebony: Really could've fooled me I'm surprised she's held out so long looking like that she ought to be grateful for any man she can get

Ryan: Zandra's a beautiful lovely girl and if you don't take that back

Ebony: Make me fat boy come and defend your pathetic slag

Ryan: Don't say that again

Ebony: What slaggy Zandra

Lex: Ryan what's going on and why have you got the keys out

Ebony: Tell him fat boy

Lex: You shut it, calm down she ain't worth it you go and get some rest

Ryan: But I'm on guard

Lex: I'll take over go on you look like you've had it, naughty, naughty

Amber: Bray any sign

Bray: I'll look again in the morning goodnight

Amber: Night

Bray: Trudy are you alright, Trudy please answer me

Trudy: Just go away Bray leave me alone please

Ebony: Thank you kind sir

Lex: My pleasure ma'am

Ebony: Your not scared of me are you no one else would come near

Lex: No I'm not scared should I be

Ebony: Only if I'm real angry otherwise I'm a pussycat

Lex: I can believe that

Ebony: In the right circumstances

Lex: Like not now

Ebony: Afraid not the one thing I really hate is being locked up

Lex: You should get used to it you could be here a very long time

Ebony: I was a fool

Lex: Why didn't you want the rest of your mob to know about Zoot

Ebony: What's there to know Lex

Lex: You know he's dead

Ebony: I guessed, how, not Bray

Lex: Not a chance it was me

Ebony: You

Lex: It was a fair fight

Ebony: I don't believe it Zoot was the best street fighter I've ever seen

Lex: So he met his match I'm better

Ebony: In your dreams

Lex: I'm telling you

Ebony: You must have jumped him a whole bunch of you

Lex: No

Ebony: Honey even I could take you out and I'm a girl, don't worry Lex I can't get out

Lex: No but I can get in

Ebony: I'm terrified look I'm shaking

Lex: I ain't never hit a girl but I'm gonna teach you something you'll never forget

Ebony: Embroidery

Lex: Satisfied

Ebony: No way

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meryl Cassie

Meryl Cassie was born on the 2nd of April 1984 in George, Cape Province, South Africa she is mostly known for playing the part of Ebony in the TV show The Tribe she is the least popular character no one really likes her because of her evil ruthless ways and she always wants everything her own way and she would do anything to get it even murder all Ebony wants is power and nothing else.

She did have a lot of power to start with when she was going out with Zoot the leader of the Locos but she wasn't with him that long because he died but I don't think that she was that sad because with Zoot gone Ebony became the new leader of the Locos which meant more power and she was in love with someone else anyway and she had been since before the virus.

He was Zoot's brother Bray who was a member of the Mallrats and he didn't feel the same way as Ebony he was in love with Amber the leader of the Mallrats but Ebony didn't like that and decided to use her power to try and get him to change his mind but that didn't work then all the Locos turned on her and said that she had gone soft since Bray had been around.

When thay were all up on eagle mountain and the explosion happened Ebony saw that as an opportunity to get rid of Amber for good so Ebony faked Amber's death to try and get to Bray that way but instead he found someone else but she ended up joining the Mallrats and when the Technos invaded she fell for one of them called Jay.

The leader of the Technos Ram wanted Ebony to marry him and he showed Ebony a CD with Jay and Amber kissing but she didn't know that it was fake at the time so she married Ram later she found out the truth about the CD she and Jay had ran away but it didn't last long because she thought that Jay and Amber were going out with each other behind her back but they weren't so they broke up and Ebony met someone called Slade and they went out with each other all the way to the end of the show

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Tribe season 1 episode 17 script

Ebony: Think your all cool huh always did think he was a real cool dude right Bray come on Bray all you gotta do is tell me what I wanna know and then maybe you and me

Bray: In your dreams Ebony

Ebony: You wouldn't say that if you knew my dreams

Bray: I can imagine

Ebony: Can you such a nice clean living boy like you what's it feel like Bray what's it feel like to know that I can do anything I want with you, I've got plans for you

Zandra: Here comes the bride da ra da da look everybody look what I got

Chloe: Wow Zan

Patsy: It's beautiful

Salene: It's nice did Lex give it to you

Zandra: Yeah he found it in the antique shop

Salene: That's generous of him

Zandra: Isn't he great

Salene: Yeah

Zandra: Look Trud what do you think Trudy

Trudy: Leave me alone

Zandra: Oh come on Trud it's my big day don't be a wet blanket

Trudy: I said go away

Zandra: Alright then

Salene: Don't worry about her she's got other things on her mind

Chloe: I expect she's jealous

Zandra: Yeah I bet she wishes it was her that was getting married

Chloe: I think it's exciting

Patsy: Me too I've never been a bridesmaid before

Chloe: I have for my auntie it was great

Zandra: Well you'll both make lovely bridesmaids won't they Sal

Salene: You bet

Zandra: And Paul we'll dress him up like a real little page boy

Patsy: A page boy

Zandra: I remember one of those glossy mags there was this picture of a big wedding and the page boy was wearing little silk knickerbockers and buckle shoes

Chloe: Wait till I tell him

Patsy: He'll hate it

Jack/Dal: Do do do do, do do do do, do do do do

Lex: Yeah, yeah very funny guys, your suppose to be on guard duty Dal

Dal: I was helping Jack with this

Lex: What is it

Jack: I had an idea we might be able to rig up a battery charger

Dal: So we don't have to keep going outside and nicking them from cars

Jack: That is getting seriously dangerous

Lex: It's dangerous if we don't keep up our guard rota

Jack: We've got the alarm Lex that'll warn us

Lex: If it works

Dal: Relax your getting nervous

Lex: Nervous me about what

Dal: You know getting married it's a big step

Jack: Yeah total surprise didn't quite see you as a dutiful husband somehow

Lex: Don't mean nothing

Jack: Oh really well I thought

Lex: Ryan said it's not a proper ceremony is it not the real thing I can dump her anytime I feel like it

Dal: Does Zandra know that

Lex: No and you two aren't gonna tell her either

Tai-San: Look isn't it beautiful

Amber: Yeah beautiful

Tai-San: It's real crystal you know

Amber: Yeah what are you doing

Tai-San: Looking for stuff for the wedding ceremony I want it to look you know special

Amber: Why so it can make you look good

Tai-San: No for Zandra it is her special day

Amber: Oh I thought perhaps it was suppose to be your special day

Tai-San: Hey come on Amber

Amber: You come in here trying to take over messing with people's lives

Tai-San: This marriage was meant to be it's what they want

Amber: Is it

Tai-San: Well what Zandra wants have you seen her she's like a little kid

Amber: Zandra is a little kid she hasn't thought about it

Tai-San: Loosen up will you doesn't matter why she thinks she's getting married what counts is the spiritual dimension

Amber: Spiritual

Tai-San: The whole tribe this marriage will help bond everybody together in greater harmony

Amber: I don't see how

Tai-San: We can develop a group ora like a cocoon surrounding and protecting us from the perils of the world

Amber: It'll take a lot more than a cocoon to protect us from the Locos

Tai-San: Not if we have faith if we believe in ourselves strongly as a group

Amber: Come on Tai-San get real we're talking about life and death here

Tai-San: Right and there's more to life than just surviving we need spiritual values love you should try love Amber

Amber: And get hurt anyway there's not much choice around here is there

Tai-San: No I think perhaps you've already made your choice but you won't admit it for one reason or another

Ebony: Look at them Bray they can hardly wait

Bray: Like vultures

Ebony: No hyenas waiting for the lion's to finish

Bray: So why don't you

Ebony: You haven't told me where Zoot is where is he Bray what happened to him

Bray: I can't tell you

Ebony: Where is he where's Zoot

Bray: What's the matter Ebony scared if he comes back you might not be leader anymore

Ebony: No

Bray: Forget it Ebony he's not coming back

Ebony: How do you know that, tell me

Salene: There that looks great on you Zan

Zandra: You reckon

Patsy: It's beautiful it makes you look like a princess

Zandra: That's what I'm gonna be maybe a queen Lex's queen at the head of the tribe

Patsy: Will you have to wear a crown

Salene: Only on special occasions aye

Zandra: Special occasions a crown

Amber: Good grief what's going on in here

Salene: Hi Amber missing out on all the fun

Zandra: There how do I look

Amber: Lovely your really going through with it then

Zandra: Course I am it's what I want more than anything

Amber: You don't think that maybe Lex is trying to take advantage of you

Zandra: No and it wouldn't matter if he was I'd do anything for him

Amber: If I know Lex he'll want you to be his personal slave

Zandra: No he won't he loves me to much he wants to take care of me

Amber: He'll want you to look after him more like, he'll have you running around after him fetching and carrying for him bringing him tea in bed and all that kind of stuff

Salene: Lighten up will you Amber it's just a bit of fun

Zandra: No it isn't I love him

Amber: I'm sure you think you do

Zandra: What do you know your just jealous cause you can't get a man of your own

Amber: Well I wouldn't marry Lex that's for sure

Zandra: And he wouldn't marry you, your nothing but an old sour puss and i've a good mind not to invite you to the wedding

Salene: Hold on this is suppose to be a happy day

Amber: I'm sorry Zandra I want you to be happy really I do I just don't want to see you get hurt because I care about you okay

Zandra: Alright then you can come to the wedding

Amber: Thanks I wouldn't miss it for the world, what

Zandra: Oh no we're being attacked it'll spoil everything

Lex: Amber keep the women and children upstairs, Ryan, Jack, Dal lets go

Amber: Salene take care of the little ones come on Zandra hurry up we need to build a barricade

Zandra: Is Lex still there

Amber: No why

Zandra: He musn't see me before the wedding it's bad luck

Lex: Okay Ryan you and me will go down if there's anybody there we'll deal with them right

Ryan: Right

Lex: Jack, Dal you stay here just encase okay

Dal: Okay

Amber: Zandra keep it coming

Zandra: I've broken one of my nails

Amber: You'll get a lot more than that broken if the Locos get in, hey where's Tai-San

Zandra: Tai-San, Tai-San

Tai-San: Here I am

Amber: Where have you been can't you hear the alarm

Tai-San: I've been meditating preparing myself for the wedding ceremony

Amber: If we get attacked there won't be any wedding now give us a hand

Tai-San: There's no need

Amber: What do you mean

Tai-San: I sense no danger

Amber: What so you saw it in your crystal ball

Tai-San: I don't need a crystal ball to alert me to the presence of evil

Amber: Never mind all that just get stuck in

Dal: Well

Ryan: Nobody there

Lex: No sign of any break in

Jack: Oh must be a fault somewhere in the system

Lex: And you call yourself a techy

Jack: Well it's not that easy when I haven't got the right kit

Lex: Just fix it

Bray: Hey whose there

Lex: It's okay everybody it was just a false alarm

Salene: We're not being attacked

Lex: No Jack and Dal's famous early warning system failed up yet again

Amber: Great so we did all this for nothing

Tai-San: I told you there was no danger

Zandra: She did to how'd you know Tai-San

Tai-San: I would have sensed it

Amber: Yeah sure you would come on everybody we might as well get this lot cleared up I suppose you'll be to busy preparing yourself to lend a hand

Salene: The wedding there's still so much to be done

Zandra: Lex are you still there

Lex: Yeah why

Zandra: Go away

Salene: You musn't see her

Lex: Suits me I mean what do I care if they wanna do it all themselves, hows it going down there

Jack: We've found the fault

Dal: We think

Lex: Can you fix it

Jack: Yeah no problem

Lex: For Pete's sake turn it of

Jack: Sorry

Lex: Come on we might as well go upstairs and put our feet up

Ryan: We can't go back up there you heard what they said

Lex: Oh it's stupid women stuff

Ryan: But if it's what Zandra wants

Lex: I'm not gonna stay down here all day look you can go up first and make sure the coast is clear okay

Ryan: Suppose so listen Lex

Lex: Yeah

Ryan: You do want this wedding don't you

Lex: Yeah

Ryan: You do love her

Lex: Yeah of course I do

Ryan: I mean really love her not just want to you know

Lex: Would I be marrying her if I didn't love her

Ryan: I don't know that's what I'm asking cause if I thought you were gonna mess her about or anything

Lex: Don't worry she'll be safe with me

Ryan: You promise

Lex: Would I lie to you, your my best mate Ryan

Ryan: Yeah

Lex: Honest look I asked you to be best man at the wedding didn't I

Ryan: Yeah but

Lex: So why aren't you writing you speech instead of worrying about Zandra

Ryan: Speech

Lex: Yeah the best man always makes a speech didn't you know

Zandra: Oh Sal it's really brill I feel like the queen of Sheba

Salene: Who

Zandra: I don't know who she was but when my cousin got married they played her music queen of Sheba it was wild

Salene: A pity you can't have it today

Zandra: Yeah pity about a lot of things pity my mum can't be here

Salene: Yeah still you got all of us all your mates will be there

Zandra: Doesn't look like Bray will make it

Salene: That stupid Trudy driving him away again

Zandra: I don't know what he sees in her

Salene: He doesn't it's the baby he cares about not her

Zandra: Yeah course it is

Salene: I know he prefers me to her other wise he wouldn't have kissed me

Zandra: Bray kissed you

Salene: Yes and that stupid little cow had a go at him about it that's why he took of

Zandra: Wow Sal what was it like did he mean it

Salene: He meant it alright

Zandra: Is that all you did I mean did you, you know

Salene: No course not he didn't get much chance

Jack: Ryan

Ryan: What's up you got a problem

Dal: Sort of

Jack: Not really

Dal: We've been thinking we ought to do something for Lex

Ryan: I'm always doing things for Lex

Jack: No, no for the wedding

Ryan: I am I've gotta make this speech I'm gonna be his best man

Dal: Great the best man's suppose to organize it

Ryan: What

Jack: The stag party

Dal: When a guy gets married his mates throw a party for him men only

Ryan: Right

Jack: They get him drunk and they play tricks on him

Dal: They strip of his clothes and tie him to a lamp post naked

Ryan: Lex

Jack: Yeah well

Ryan: We haven't got any booze

Jack: No but maybe we could get him a gift

Dal: Like what

Ryan: I can't think I've gotta write this speech and I don't know what to say

Jack: I went to a wedding once and the best man made a lot of jokes about the bridegroom

Dal: No you should say how you hope they'll be happy together and wish them the best of luck

Jack: Wish Zandra the best of luck she's the one who's gonna need it

Ryan: Yeah I'll say how pleased I am for her

Dal: What

Ryan: Lex is promised me he'll really look after her and be a good husband

Jack: Yeah sure Ryan whatever you say

Salene: There you go you look a real picture Zan

Zandra: Thanks Sal

Salene: All ready for your big moment

Zandra: Yeah

Salene: Zan what's up your not getting cold feet are you

Zandra: I'm a bit nervous

Salene: Nervous why

Zandra: Once I'm married I'm gonna have to

Salene: What

Zandra: You know I've never been the whole way

Salene: Really oh right

Zandra: I have to know Sal

Salene: I don't know Zandra

Zandra: Oh I thought you

Salene: No your gonna have to ask someone else

Zandra: But who what about Amber do you think she

Salene: I shouldn't think so she acts so high and mighty I don't reckon she's had much romance in her life

Zandra: No wait a minute Trudy

Salene: No not her

Zandra: Come on

Salene: No Zandra you can't

Zandra: I need to know Trud what's it like

Trudy: Leave me alone

Zandra: Oh come on Trud don't be meany

Salene: Just tell her

Trudy: I don't wanna talk about it

Zandra: I'm getting married I have to know

Trudy: Ask somebody else then I don't wanna know about weddings

Salene: No and you never will either the next wedding round here will be me and Bray's

Trudy: No he wouldn't it's me he cares about

Salene: If he cares so much about you why's he left you again what did you do this time

Trudy: It wasn't me it was you

Salene: Me are you crazy

Trudy: Running after him and kissing him like a tart

Salene: It was him that kissed me I don't have to run after any guy they run after me

Trudy: Well if your so wonderful why do you have to ask me about sex

Salene: Cause we don't go jumping in to bed with anything in trousers

Trudy: I don't I never did

Salene: No just did it to get a baby was that it cause that was the only way you could get to Bray

Trudy: That is not true

Salene: He only wants the baby his brothers baby he doesn't want you

Trudy: No

Zandra: Stop it get of her somebody do something

Amber: Hey, hey, come on stop it, stop it, stop it

Locos: Hey, hey

Tai-San: You should've come to me I'd have told you all about it

Zandra: You would

Tai-San: Listen this is no big deal you know

Zandra: But I thought well you know I mean everybody says

Tai-San: Of course they do sure it's one of life's pleasures

Zandra: But does it hurt

Tai-San: You gotta stay in control

Zandra: How do you mean

Tai-San: I mean don't let the man treat you like an object or a slave that's very important

Zandra: Right

Tai-San: And don't take risks if the guy hasn't got protection say no and anyway you don't want to end up with a baby do you like poor Trudy, Lex stand next to Ryan that's it everyone else form a half circle

Zandra: Wait a minute where's Patsy and Chloe where are my bridesmaids

Salene: Patsy, Chloe come on now

Chloe: Sorry couldn't find Paul anywhere

Salene: Never mind we'll have to do it without him

Zandra: Everything's going wrong

Salene: No it isn't

Tai-San: Are you ready now

Zandra: Yes

Tai-San: Right lets have calm Lex prepare to meet you bridegroom

Bray: What's up

Salene: Bray where have you been we've been so worried

Bray: Hey hold on

Salene: I told you he'd come back I knew he would

Bray: What's going on here

Tai-San: Your interrupting the ceremony

Amber: Lex and Zandra are getting married

Bray: Married why

Tai-San: Because they want to now will you be quiet please so we can get on

Bray: Okay fine

Tai-San: Join the circle everyone join hands we need to combine our energies to create good vibrations and ospition funshui breath and concentrate we must announce the yin and yang in perfect harmony Zandra come to your husband

Lex: I thought you said you fixed that

Jack: I did

Zandra: Look Locos

Lex: get her, just shut it Zandra

Amber: Where are the rest of them

Lex: I don't know

Bray: There may not be any

Amber: Dal switch that alarm of

Dal: I'm not going down there

Bray: I think she may be on her own

Amber: Will someone just switch that alarm of before it brings the whole city in here

Lex: You lot grab your weapons Amber you organize these guys, you stay here and if it's an attack I don't want you behind me come on you three

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Caleb Ross

Caleb Ross was born on the 10th of December 1981 in Whangarei, New Zealand he is mostly known for playing the part of Lex in the TV show The Tribe he was a bit of a bad boy and he was really angry all the time.

At the start of the show he got chased by Zoot and the Locos and then he ended up getting locked in a cage by Jack because he was chasing Amber, Dal, Patsy, Paul, Chloe and Salene but they ended up letting him out and he joined them and they all made there own little tribe and called themselves the Mallrats.

He ended up marrying Zandra but they weren't married long before she died in an explosion up on eagle mountain Lex was so upset he wouldn't talk to anyone for a while because he lost two people that day because it turned out that Zandra was pregnant no one knew just exactly how hurt he was until he turned to drink that's all he would ever do day and night but all the Mallrats helped him to fight it.

He then tells Tai-San his true feelings for her then they later get married but that doesn't last long either because first they get separated by the Chosen for a while until the resistance defeated them then just as they are all trying to move on from that the Technos arrived and they took a lot of people away Tai-San included.

Lex thinks she is dead and he starts a relationship with Siva one of the Techno women and Tai-San comes back for a little while but she is now one of the Technos and Lex is really confused because he loves Siva but at the same time he still loves Tai-San Lex has starred in all but one episode of the tribe and that was the one with all the flashbacks to before the virus with Bray, Trudy, Ebony and Zoot

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Tribe season 1 episode 16 script

Salene: Trudy

Trudy: Oh what it's not how it looks, please

Salene: It's not

Trudy: After everything you said to me you little liar, you lied to me

Bray: I don't lie

Trudy: You said there was nothing going on between you and Salene

Bray: There wasn't it just happened a spontaneous spare of the moment thing

Trudy: Don't you dare say it meant nothing

Bray: Look I like Salene and I care about her but I care about you to

Trudy: That suppose to make me feel better is it Bray's little herman i'm lucky enough to be one of his girlies

Bray: Look I can't live this fantasy your creating about us

Trudy: What is so difficult we've got Brady we care about each other what do you want Bray tell me I can be it anything

Bray: What I want is some space and peace and I'm obviously never gonna get it around here

Amber: Hey your up early

Zandra: Things to organize places to go

Amber: You sound like a girl with plans

Zandra: To right man type plans

Amber: I should have guessed so what's Lex in for now then

Zandra: Just a zap of romance it's what's missing in our lives

Amber: And the rest

Zandra: This survival business is all very well but we women need a bit of love and attention at times

Amber: So your gonna bombard him with champagne and roses

Zandra: I'm just planning a cozy candlelit dinner for two whip up something amazing from the food store wear my sexiest number

Amber: I think I get the picture

Zandra: I'll have him whispering sweet nothings in my ear by the end of the evening

Amber: You'll have him hot and bothered more like

Zandra: Fine I can handle Lex

Amber: Me to which makes me wonder

Zandra: What

Amber: Why do you bother

Zandra: We're not all frigid Amber

Chloe: Look what I found in the antique shop

Patsy: We had an atlas like that at school, Miss Jenkins used to make us point and say Paris is the capital of France and Austria's the capital of Holland

Chloe: That's not right it's Amsterdam Austria's a whole different country stupid

Patsy: What's Austria's capital then smarty pants

Chloe: It's, it hasn't got one

Patsy: Course it has all countries have got capitals, Amber

Amber: What

Patsy: Haven't all countries got capitals

Amber: Yes why do you ask

Patsy: Chloe said Austria doesn't have one

Chloe: so what it doesn't matter

Amber: Well Geography's important so we know where we are in the world

Chloe: I know exactly where we are stuck in this stupid mall and I suppose we'll be here forever

Lex: Hiya sexy fancy getting in

Zandra: Now why would I wanna do that

Lex: Warm this cold, cold bed

Zandra: Time you were up anyway

Lex: Says who

Zandra: Can't have our chief of security lying around drooling over Ferrari's

Lex: It's a weird world we live in now before Ferrari's were totally out of reach you had to be a rock star to own one

Zandra: Or go out with one

Lex: Now there's all the Ferrari's you can lay your hand on but no juice

Zandra: Never mind you can still have the things that matter like me

Lex: Depends what you mean by have

Zandra: Lets not get in to that

Lex: Where's the fun in life

Zandra: I can answer that, tonight candlelit dinner for two

Lex: Which two

Zandra: Your a pig

Lex: As invites go I've had better

Zandra: It'll be great your favorite grub food rationing permitting

Lex: Sounds more promising

Zandra: Just you and me alone together

Lex: It's getting better by the minute

Zandra: Do I take that as a yes

Lex: Depends

Zandra: On what

Lex: Whether your gonna wear your feathers and lace

Zandra: You'll just have to wait and see, my place seven thirty and don't be late

Chloe: Up Bob come on lie down Bob, sometimes do you hate it here

Trudy: Yes

Chloe: I do and I hate everyone to except you and Brady, sorry I didn't mean to upset you

Trudy: No it's not you Chloe it's Bray he's gone

Chloe: You mean gone, gone forever

Trudy: I don't know

Chloe: Men aren't good things are they, they always upset you and make you cry

Trudy: The ones I meet do

Chloe: Did you love Bray

Trudy: Do I do love Bray

Chloe: I'm never going to love boys they're to much trouble

Trudy: I wish I'd thought the same way as you

Tai-San: You'll get married very late in life and have three children

Amber: If it's so late when will I get the chance to have three kids

Tai-San: Fate will arrange it for you, you have to trust Amber

Amber: You really believe all this

Tai-San: Most definitely there more things in heaven and earth Horacio than I dreamt of in your philosophy

Amber: Shakespeare Hamlet

Tai-San: You remembered something from school then

Amber: Which is more than can be said for those kids they didn't know what the capital of Austria was

Tai-San: Oops

Amber: So I've been thinking we need to start some lessons

Tai-San: Great idea

Amber: Is that great as in boring or great as in you'll help

Tai-San: You've twisted my arm

Amber: Cool well I'm okay at Maths and English but I'm rubbish at Physics and Chemistry

Tai-San: Forget them

Amber: But they're important

Tai-San: Tell me why

Amber: Well Physics for example Jack's building all sorts of stuff for us to communicate with

Tai-San: All we need to cmununicate is mouths, ears, eyes, heart

Amber: Well fine for in here but what about out there

Tai-San: You've got to learn to deal with present reality Amber right now you and arare all that exists

Amber: Sounds heavy, Tai-San

Tai-San: Yes

Amber: Do you think you can come down of the ether long ougugh to teach the kids they're times tables

Tai-San: I'll try and fit it in between meditations

Amber: Your on

Dal: Trudy do you think Brady needs changing

Trudy: I don't know

Dal: Or maybe she's hungry

Trudy: Maybe

Dal: Trudy what's happened is there anything we can do

Trudy: It's just something Chloe said

Dal: Something Chloe said upset you

Trudy: She asked if Bray had gone, gone like forever

Jack: Well I didn't know he's had gone at all and if he has it's nothing new

Dal: Shut up Jack, he's left you again, did you argue

Trudy: I think I've really done it this time scared him of for good

Dal: I'm sorry

Trudy: I couldn't handle it Dal if he never came back what would I do

Jack: I think the baby's a bit pongy

Dal: Trudy

Jack: I think we better take sprog lit away don't you Dal

Dal: She needs changing

Amber: Like it needs saying

Salene: Why isn't Trudy doing it

Dal: She's sleeping

Amber: You mean she doesn't want to, why not

Dal: She's depressed about Bray

Amber: What's he gone and done now

Dal: He's just gone

Amber: Why they seemed to be getting on really well

Salene: Relationships who can tell

Dal: Anyway we better get going Jack's got a

Jack: Fish to fry

Amber: I am tired of being lumbered with her responsibilities

Salene: It must be hard though

Amber: Why

Salene: Coping with a new born baby and a free spirited guy who doeoesn't know what he wants

Amber: Very sympathetic of you, what do you mean doesn't know what he wants

Salene: Okay I mean who doesn't know who he wants

Amber: You or Trudy what have you done Salene

Salene: It was just one kiss a quick snog I don't know why she's making such a fuss about it

Amber: You kissed Bray

Salene: At Chloe's party we didn't mean to

Amber: That's the most pathetic excuse I've ever heard

Salene: It wasn't an excuse it's a fact and I don't want any lectures tank you

Amber: You realize you could've just crashed the whole group shaky as it is

Salene: Don't be so dramatic Amber guys have dumped girls before and the world survived

Amber: You think he might come back to you then

Salene: If that kiss was anything to go by

Amber: You said it was just one quick snog

Salene: I lied

Zandra: It's amazing what you can do with tuna, tinned beans and mash isn't it

Lex: And I thought I was eating pepperoni pizza

Zandra: Idiot, I'm a women of many talents even if I do say so myself

Lex: You've got a lot babe

Zandra: Go on list them then

Lex: Well you cook you look drop dead sexy and I bet you'd be great in bed

Zandra: Lex don't spoil things

Lex: You know you don't mean that

Zandra: Don't Lex

Lex: I've had enough of this you little tease you know you want it and babe your gonna get it

Zandra: Don't Lex please stop it get of me

Ryan: What are you doing Lex

Lex: Who invited you

Ryan: Get of, get of

Lex: It was her own fault she asked for it

Zandra: Stop it Ryan your strangling him

Ryan: You alright

Zandra: Now how could he

Ryan: I don't know I suppose he got a bit carried away

Zandra: A bit he almost raped me he would have if you hadn't stopped him your a hero

Ryan: Anyone would do the same

Zandra: You saved me Ryan and I'm really truly grateful, one minute we were snogging and next he jumped on me

Salene: What did you expect him to do suggest a game of ludo

Amber: Cut it out Salene can't you see she's still freaked

Zandra: It was so awful I was terrified

Amber: Not half as terrified as Lex will be when I get a hold of him

Zandra: Why what are you gonna do to him

Amber: I haven't figured out something horrible enough yet before he would have been put on trial for assault

Zandra: That's going a bit far isn't it

Amber: He has to to be punished

Zandra: No just forget it please

Amber: Zandra if we let him get away with it what kind of message does that send to the others you want to sleep safe in your bed at night don't you

Zandra: Well yeah but

Amber: But

Zandra: What if it wasn't all his fault

Amber: What do you mean

Zandra: What if I might have been leading him on a tiny bit

Salene: Hard to imagine

Amber: Shut up Salene, so you want him to get away with it

Zandra: I expect he's feeling horribly guilty I'm sure he won't try it again

Tai-San: Lex isn't getting away with it he's really messed up his psychic energy

Salene: Who cares

Tai-San: It's not good for the group bad vibes

Amber: What about Zandra's psychic energy he certainly gave that a bashing

Tai-San: Your right Amber they both need to do something to repair the damage

Zandra: Well I know what I'll be doing staying as far away from him as possible

Tai-San: That's not the answer what you both need is healing communion

Amber: Tai-San's getting weird again what I need is a cup of tea

Salene: Me to

Zandra: So what's healing communion when it's at home

Tai-San: Like marriage

Zandra: You've got to be joking

Tai-San: You won't give him what he wants because your afraid he'll dump you

Zandra: To right he would

Tai-San: Mean while he's so frustrated he's jumping on you

Zandra: Don't remind me

Tai-San: Doesn't marriage solve both problems

Zandra: Well if you put it like that

Tai-San: I'll even perform the ceremony

Zandra: Your serious aren't you

Locos: Priestess power, Priestess power, Priestess power, priestess power,

Ebony: Look get him

Locos: Lets get him

Ryan: You okay now

Zandra: Much better thanks

Ryan: He shouldn't have done it

Zandra: I expect he's hold up somewhere feeling dead guilty

Ryan: Lex

Zandra: Maybe not

Ryan: I brought you this

Zandra: We don't have bath's Ryan but it's a lovely thought I'll keep it for when we do

Ryan: So your single now

Zandra: I suppose so

Ryan: Me to

Zandra: That's right

Ryan: We're both single

Zandra: Yes Ryan

Ryan: I'd take much better care of you than he ever did please Zandra give me a chance

Zandra: You mean us go out together

Ryan: I could make you happy I know I could

Zandra: Your so sweet

Ryan: I didn't wanna be sweet I wanna be like Lex so you'll fancy me

Zandra: No you don't your a far better man than Lex only

Ryan: You don't fancy me

Zandra: I've always gone for the bums it's in my nature if only I could fall for a good guy like you

Ryan: So your saying no

Zandra: I'm saying find a girl that deserves you and I'm really sorry it's not me

Amber: Okay lets try eleven in to one hundred and seventy six, Chloe what do we do first

Chloe: Eleven goes in to seventeen nearly twice

Patsy: Your suppose to say once and six left over

Amber: Well done Patsy come and write that up

Tai-San: What do we do now Paul

Paul: Have some more chocolate

Amber: Paul

Patsy: I know eleven in to the sixty six goes six so the answers sixteen

Chloe: Clever clogs

Patsy: Just because you can't do Maths

Chloe: I could if someone else wasn't always butting in first

Tai-San: Kids this isn't a competition anyway we've all got different talents

Patsy: She's best at sucking her thumb

Chloe: You promised you wouldn't say you promised

Patsy: What's it matter anyway

Amber: it does to her that was unkind

Tai-San: I told you we'd have been better of teaching them about caring and sharing

Chloe: I'm never sharing anything with her

Amber: I think I've gone of this idea in a big way class dismiss

Lex: I'd suppose you've come for an apology

Zandra: That would be nice yes

Lex: Alright I'm sorry but a man can only take so much come on

Zandra: I was only flirting

Lex: Well when it works and I get excited what am I supposed to do

Zandra: Show some restraint and respect

Lex: You should try being a man it's not that easy, you alright

Zandra: Yeah thanks for asking

Lex: I suppose that's it then

Zandra: Not exactly

Lex: You wanna give it another go

Zandra: I want us to get married

Lex: You've gotta be winding me up right

Zandra: No

Lex: How come

Zandra: Tai-San said we'd both be getting what we wanted and it'd be spiritually uplifting

Lex: Oh in that case yeah

Zandra:So what do you say

Lex: I say your completely of your trolly

Ryan: Oh sorry

Zandra: No you stay Ryan I'm out of here

Ryan: You were way out of order you shouldn't treat women like that you

Lex: She just asked me to marry her

Ryan: Not seriously

Lex: Dead

Ryan: But, but there's no one proper to marry you both so it couldn't be real

Lex: Good point, good point

Locos: Get him, get him

Ebony: Tie him up then we'll have some fun

Lex: About this wedding

Zandra: What about it

Lex: Shall we ask Ryan to be the best man

Salene: You certainly got up on the right side of the bed this morning

Zandra: Well it's not everyday you get

Salene: Get what

Zandra: Nothing I promised I wouldn't say

Salene: You are such a tease, sorry that wasn't very tactful not after what you've just been through

Zandra: Oh that's all history

Salene: You certainly forgive and forget pretty quickly

Zandra: Neither actually I took a different approach

Salene: You kneed him in the whatsits

Zandra: I asked him to marry me oh I've told you now

Salene: You what

Zandra: I'm getting married Salene

Salene: What's the catch

Zandra: I don't know what your on about

Salene: I'm on about why

Zandra: Simple Lex and I love each other and want to tie the knot Tai-San's gonna do it

Salene: We're talking the same Lex here the one who ignores you and puts you down and has been known to attack you

Zandra: But that was before we were committed

Salene: You think just because Tai-San's gonna perform some wacky ceremony the guys gonna change

Zandra: It won't be wacky and Lex wouldn't be doing it if he wasn't serious

Salene: So when's the big day

Zandra: Soon as I've got a dress sorted out

Dal: I'm worried about her she's just lying there

Jack: You think she's broken up for good with Bray

Ryan: Relationships who needs them

Chloe: Bray shouldn't keep going of like that anyway he should be a good dad

Ryan: He's not the dad

Chloe: Well a good pretend dad then

Salene: You'll never guess what I've just been told

Jack: Give up what

Salene: Although it was in confidence

Amber: Well keep it that way then

Salene: I can't Zandra and Lex are getting hitched

Amber: They're what

Tai-San: So she took my advice

Amber: This was your idea

Tai-San: She gets her wedding ring he gets his oats

Amber: For a spiritual person you can be amazingly corse

Tai-San: I prefer to call it being grounded

Jack: She needs her head examined I always thought she had a screw loose

Dal: She does love him

Amber: Yeah but he doesn't know the meaning of the word

Salene: The scary thing is she thinks it's gonna change Lex

Dal: Only a knock on the head with a large hammer would change Lex

Amber: And will it mean anything if you do the ceremony

Tai-San: Thanks a bunch

Amber: You know what I mean your not qualified

Tai-San: Your looking to the past again Amber things have changed we are making new rules we're whatever we want to be

Zandra: Hi gang you'll never believe what I'm doing

Locos: Who's the tough guy now

Ebony: Stop, go I need to talk to him alone, I've seen you with Zoot and I wanna know where he is you will answer me because if you don't I'll let the boys have they're fun
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