Friday, October 2, 2009

The Tribe season 1 episode 20 script

Lex: Would you stop that

Jack: What

Lex: That biting your nails it's like listening to someone eat insects

Jack: Sorry I didn't even notice

Dal: Well we did

Jack: It's the waiting I can't stand, the waiting and waiting and waiting if the Locos are gonna attack I just wish they'd hurry up and get on with it

Lex: Don't wish your life away get back to your own station you two

Ebony: I see what your saying man but that's your talent making what you want seem like the best thing for everybody

Bray: White man speaks with fortes

Ebony: Always

Bray: Even Zoot

Ebony: Especially Zoot

Bray: You don't trust my word

Ebony: Why should I you put me in a cage remember I escaped you didn't let me go why shouldn't I have my revenge

Bray: I told you we mean you no harm we don't wanna conquer anybody and we don't want an empire what we want is to be left alone to do our own thing

Ebony: And Zoot what did you do to him did you leave him alone

Bray: Do you think I'm glad he's dead he was my brother I didn't want that

Ebony: How did it happen

Bray: It was a stupid accident there was a struggle and he fell we gave him a warrior funeral we tried to give him some dignity

Ebony: If the Locos find out they'll want revenge

Bray: Then don't tell them you could use this I've seen your rituals you've got them eating out of your hand

Ebony: Pretend he's still alive

Bray: Pretend what you like as long as you keep the name alive the legend of Zoot

Ebony: Cool a new religion with me as the high priestess

Bray: And a direct line to god

Ebony: How do I know he's dead you could be working together to set me up

Bray: Want proof remember this

Ebony: It's Zoot's he never took it of and in return I leave the mall alone

Bray: Do we have a deal

Amber: Trudy what on earth is going on you have to keep her quiet we're expecting an attack

Trudy: Don't tell me what to do you of all people

Amber: What's that suppose to mean

Trudy: Oh I've seen how you look at Bray making big eyes at him

Amber: Trudy your baby is screaming and your ignoring it

Trudy: Who do you think you are you come in here boss me around accuse me I don't have to take that

Amber: Then look after Brady properly

Trudy: I will if you get out of my face and leave my boyfriend alone

Lex: There she blows lets move

Amber: Salene, Zandra you come with me Tai-San get the kids on top of the lift come on lets go

Lex: Hey hold it right there

Bray: Lex it's me

Lex: So what Ryan take him prisoner

Ryan: But it's only Bray

Bray: Aren't you glad I'm home safely

Lex: I said grab him there could be a dozen Locos back there waiting for his signal

Bray: If they were down there I don't think they'd need a signal from me I think the alarm might have alerted them, okay officer I'll come quietly, congratulations on the trip wire guys nice going

Jack: Thanks, you can turn it of it's only Bray, what are you doing

Lex: We're taking Bray in I'm going to interrogate him

Jack: But it's Bray

Ryan: That's what I said

Lex: Listen I'm the head of security and I say there's a few questions we have to ask him

Bray: I think I'm gonna need a good lawyer

Lex: It's not funny

Salene: Bray, Bray thank god your alright, I'll go get the kids

Amber: Where have you been did you find Paul

Bray: No he just vanished

Lex: Hey I'm in charge it's a security matter and I'll ask the questions, where have you been

Bray: I found Ebony and made a deal we're safe from her and the Locos for the time being

Lex: I see Bray says it's okay and it's okay anything else you wanna tell us

Bray: See I knew Ebony from before I know how to talk to her and I know what she wants

Amber: Do you trust her

Bray: Well she's different from Zoot her word is her word it's for real

Lex: Isn't this cozy you and Ebony soul mates you have such a way with the ladies how do you do it

Amber: Oh shut up Lex

Zandra: Don't talk to him like that, that's my job Lex shut up

Jack: What deal did you make

Bray: All you need to know is we're fine

Amber: You'd better go and see Trudy she's in a state

Lex: This is unbelievable just letting him walk of

Zandra: Can't you just be pleased that we're not in danger anymore

Lex: Honey we're always in danger

Zandra: Don't call me honey

Trudy: Where have you been

Bray: Where are all the clean nappies she's soaked

Trudy: I asked you a question

Bray: I've been with Ebony she's promised to leave the tribe alone

Trudy: Oh really how did you manage that

Bray: Got on her wave length I told her about Zoot

Trudy: And that was enough for Ebony what she didn't want anything else

Bray: Like what

Trudy: Like you she's always fancied you I bet she'd do anything for a night of passion

Bray: That's nonsense Trudy where are all the nappies

Trudy: I think they ran out yesterday

Bray: I'll go and see what I can find you'll be okay

Tai-San: How we all feeling now

Chloe: I'm still scared

Patsy: Me to

Tai-San: You shouldn't be where we live is very secure our mall is like a great castle do you know what a castle is

Chloe: Isn't a castle very old

Tai-San: Yes

Chloe: But our homes new how can it be the same

Tai-San: Because they both keep out bad people would you like to hear a story about an ancient castle right well this castle was built thousands of years ago on top of a great mountain a big family like us lived there

Zandra: What do you want if you've come to grovel it's not gonna work

Lex: Look Zandra I was a fool a total idiot Ebony led me on I was powerless it was like she cast some spell over me yeah that's it like she hypnotised me used magic or something

Zandra: Your pathetic

Lex: None of this would have happened if you weren't being so funny

Zandra: Funny if you love me you'd be happy to wait

Lex: It's not fair we should be on our honeymoon right now

Zandra: But we're not

Lex: Doesn't mean we can't practice

Zandra: Lex

Lex: Okay fine suit yourself

Zandra: Lex

Salene: Bray

Bray: Oh hi I was just

Salene: It's okay I'll only take a minute of your time

Bray: I'm listening

Salene: It's about the other night well not just that the whole thing

Bray: Salene I'm sorry I shouldn't have

Salene: Please hear me out I know about your loyalty to Trudy but I also know that kiss meant something Bray I think I'm in love with you

Bray: Don't say that

Salene: Why not it's true that's why you have to make up your mind choose me or Trudy it can't go on like this I have to know Bray I have to know

Dal: Man I'd have loved to seen Bray's face when the alarm went of

Jack: Yeah it sounded great didn't it

Dal: Like the end of the world

Jack: If we could get enough power together we could rig up some security cameras to

Dal: We could do that we could do anything

Jack: That's right first the rain water filter, a trap then the alarm knockout me and you Dal we're the A team

Dal: I bet you we could even do this battery charger

Jack: That's brilliant isn't it starting from scratch a whole new way of life and we get to invent it ourselves

Dal: Don't get to carried away there's no one out there anymore who can hand out Noble prizes

Jack: Doesn't matter okay so when I was a kid I always did want to win the Noble prize for Science but who didn't

Dal: I didn't

Jack: Really didn't you ever dream of inventing a machine that would change the world

Dal: It was more of a hobby you know messing with cars fixing things

Trudy: Where is she

Jack: Who

Trudy: Salene of course

Dal: Haven't seen her why

Trudy: I'm going to kill her

Amber: Bray we need to talk

Bray: About Ebony

Amber: No about Trudy about you Trudy and Salene

Bray: I see

Amber: What's going on Bray can't you see what you are doing to Trudy and Salene are you playing with her or are you for real

Bray: I don't know, I don't know what to feel

Amber: The group can't afford this sort of disruption not if we're gonna stay together

Bray: This is the last thing I wanted in the beginning all I cared about was getting her safe and making sure the baby was okay I hadn't thought about what might happen if, if I fell for somebody else

Amber: Look it might be different if Trudy was more stable or Brady was more grown up but you can't abandon them now

Bray: You don't need to remind me but isn't it worse to pretend to live a lie I mean what about love Amber doesn't that count for anything

Trudy: Where's Brady

Salene: How should I know she's your kid why isn't she with you

Trudy: Someone's stolen her

Salene: Are you sure

Trudy: She didn't just get up and walk of by herself now did she

Salene: You think I stole her

Trudy: Why not first my man now my baby

Salene: That's crazy

Trudy: Is it just give her back and I'll go

Salene: I haven't got her and if you ask me your not fit to look after her

Trudy: How dare you I almost died bringing her in to this world and you accuse me of neglect

Salene: Well where is she then

Trudy: I don't know

Chloe: Heel Bob heel over here heel Bob

Patsy: I know what's wrong your missing Paul aren't you

Chloe: We all are we all miss him Bob

Patsy: I wonder where he is I think it was Lex shouting at him I hate him I hate Lex

Chloe: Hey Trudy we're training Bob

Trudy: I don't have time for games

Chloe: Don't worry Patsy you've still got me and Bob

Trudy: There you are

Bray: Where have you been

Trudy: Looking for Brady I thought Salene had taken her

Bray: That's absurd

Trudy: Is it are you and Salene plotting to take Brady to label me an unfit mother

Bray: Trudy

Trudy: Are you gonna tell me there's nothing going on between you and her

Bray: I can't deny I'm attracted to her

Trudy: I knew it, I knew it

Bray: It's not what you think yes we kissed but Trudy I made a mistake I was weak and selfish I forgot about my commitment to you and to Brady and to Zoot's memory I let it all slip I'm so sorry

Trudy: Don't I do not want your sympathy I don't want you to be with me because you feel it's your duty I want some love

Bray: Please listen

Trudy: Don't leave me alone I don't wanna see you again ever

Tai-San: Very impressive

Lex: Thanks

Tai-San: You make it yourself

Lex: Yeah punch bags don't usually hang up in service areas it's an old piece of leather from the leather shop

Tai-San: How resourceful must have really wanted a punch bag

Lex: Yeah I did if I don't do anything physical I go nuts

Tai-San: I see, may I

Lex: Sure careful not to hurt yourself, that was pretty cool for a girl

Tai-San: I'm not a girl

Lex: You could've fooled me

Tai-San: Don't I look more like a women in so called parimative societies a female of the tribe became an adult a women as soon as puberty began

Lex: I can see the sense in that

Tai-San: Another thing they did was to allow warriors to take more than one bride the greater the warrior the more wives he had

Lex: Whatever happened to the good old days I would've been alright back then would've had dozens of women however here in the 21st century can't get any

Tai-San: Zandra not forgiven you yet

Lex: No

Tai-San: Maybe if she was giving you what you wanted you wouldn't need a punch bag

Lex: Can you just shut up about Zandra it makes me angry just thinking about her

Zandra: That's unbelievable

Salene: It's true Trudy flat out accused me of kidnap

Zandra: Do you think she's got a screw loose

Salene: I don't know how Bray puts up with her

Zandra: He won't if she carries on behaving like that he'll come running to you

Salene: I hope so I told him I loved him

Zandra: You didn't

Salene: I did

Zandra: What did he say

Salene: Not much he was a bit shocked

Zandra: So am I it's a bit quick isn't it

Salene: What about love at first sight

Zandra: What about it how well do you really know him

Salene: What do you mean

Zandra: Well what about Ebony

Salene: What about her

Zandra: What if she and Bray knew each other better than we thought after all Zoot was his brother

Salene: What are you on about

Zandra: All I'm saying is we don't actually know what kind of relationship Bray had with Ebony

Salene: Don't be ridiculous she's not his type

Zandra: How can you be sure how do you think Bray convinced Ebony to leave us alone

Ebony: Last night I had a dream, a dream so real so clear so true that it wasn't a dream at all it was a vision and you know who came to me in this vision

Locos: Zoot

Ebony: Yes Zoot our glorious leader

Locos: Zoot, Zoot, Zoot

Ebony: And he spoke of a quest his great quest to find the ultimate power in the universe with which the Locos would be invincible

Locos: Locos, Locos, Locos, Locos

Ebony: But wait my people there is more I asked Zoot who should lead us while he was gone it is you Ebony you must lead in my absence and I woke to find this on the bed beside me it is Zoot's talisman the talisman that never left him my vision was true I Ebony must be your queen as Zoot commands

Locos: Ebony, Ebony, Ebony, Ebony, Ebony

Ryan: Zandra may I have a minute, to formal, hey Zandra hows it going, to casual, Zandra I love you more than Lex ever could what happened at the wedding was fake you weren't meant to be with Lex you were meant to be with me, it's never gonna work

Lex: Zandra baby

Tai-San: It's Tai-San

Lex: What are you doing here

Tai-San: Don't worry I'm not gonna force you

Lex: Is this for real

Tai-San: That depends on you relax it's no big deal think of it as therapy

Lex: Why there's nothing wrong with me

Tai-San: Lex let me explain your deeply frustrated right

Lex: Well that's no big secret

Tai-San: Well frustrations like an illness left untreated it can spill over

Lex: Your doing this for my health

Tai-San: And the health of the tribe if you become unstable it could be bad for all of us

Lex: This is pretty weird

Tai-San: Your not scared are you

Lex: No

Tai-San: Not even a little bit

Lex: No I'm not

Tai-San: Because if you are that's okay I understand

Lex: Look I'm not scared I'm ready for anything

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