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The Tribe season 1 episode 11 script

Patsy: How come Lex and Bob get more than the rest of us

Lex: Shut up

Trudy: Listen to them all squabbling like animals over food that's the future isn't it that's my daughters future

Bray: It doesn't have to be like that

Trudy: Yeah well hows it going to be then

Bray: People will learn to look after each other they have to

Trudy: But who's going to be there for me who's going to want a single mother when there's all that talent flaunting itself

Bray: I told you i'm not interested in Salene

Trudy: She's interested in you can't keep away

Bray: She wants to help and she does help you couldn't manage without her

Trudy: Oh so i'm a lousy mother now is that it

Bray: Please don't do this

Trudy: There

Salene: I'm sorry am I interrupting

Bray: No what is it

Salene: The trials starting soon aren't you coming

Bray: I don't think so we'll stay here

Salene: I'll look after the baby

Trudy: It's quite alright

Bray: We'll be fine you go along

Salene: Okay

Jack: You promised you wouldn't let anything happen to me if I go on trial

Lex: Nothing has happened yet

Jack: So what am I doing in here

Lex: Exactly you're in here and not out there on the streets you got me to thank for that how would it look if I just let you get away with it i'll try and get you off with just a bit more extra work

Jack: No this is my place and the food if you don't stop them i'll tell them about you ripping of the water

Lex: Are you threatening me because if you are I can still arrange for you to leave now

Jack: Yeah well I haven't got anything to lose have I

Lex: That's called blackmail

Jack: Yeah I know just how it feels

Bray: Hello

Amber: Salene says your not coming to the trial

Bray: Well Trudy's not feeling to good

Amber: We could do with you there we need someone sensible encase it gets out of control

Bray: Oh that's me is it someone sensible

Amber: Amongst other things they're talking about throwing Jack out we can't do that he's too valuable

Bray: You insisted on something being done Lex wanted to leave it

Amber: Well that wouldn't be right either I just don't want it getting out of hand

Bray: I'm sure you can handle it

Amber: Tell me something when are you gonna decide whether your apart of us or not

Bray: I've changed my mind i'm going to this trial

Trudy: Suit yourself you always do anyway

Bray: Well maybe you should come to your spending to much time on your own

Trudy: I'm sure Salene will be pleased, Bray i'm sorry

Dal: But if you throw someone out for hording food what do you do if someone does something really bad

Zandra: Like what

Salene: Like seriously hurting someone

Ryan: Starve them no food for a week

Amber: I think we should make up our own set of rules like a law and then agree to it so that everyone knows where they stand

Salene: Here I saved you a seat

Zandra: We don't want a law we wanna be able to do as we like

Ryan: What about flogging that'd make people think if you had a public flogging one, two, three, four

Lex: Ryan lets get this over with, you sit there, shift, now then you know what your accused of how do you plead guilty or not guilty

Jack: Not guilty

Amber: Oh come on we saw the

Lex: Quiet now we'll hear the evidence against Jack we'll hear what he has to say then i'll decide what happens

Amber: You'll decide I think we should all have a say

Lex: I'm the leader i'll decide

Bray: Why don't you trust us to make the right decision

Lex: What's that suppose to mean

Amber: If someone's going to be punished it's too important to be one person's decision just because you're the leader doesn't give you the power to do whatever you like to us

Dal: That's right it's not a proper trial without a jury

Jack: I think Lex should decide

Amber: Do you why is that Jack

Bray: Yes why Jack

Jack: I don't know

Lex: Okay you want a jury we'll have a jury lets set up a proper court room or something

Ryan: Who's gonna be the judge

Lex: You can

Ryan: Thanks, cheer up Jack there's probably some vacancies with the Locusts, i'll need my special hat for this one

Lex: Well who's gonna begin then

Amber: I will

Trudy: Thirsty weren't you what's gonna happen to you no dad and me for a mum at least you've got your uncle Bray he could be your dad that'd be alright wouldn't it we'd like that wouldn't we shall we go and see him shall we go and see your new dad

Amber: So if someone is selfish and they steal

Jack: I didn't steal anything it was my food

Amber: Are you gonna make him be quiet

Lex: Do you wanna go back in to the lift shaft

Jack: I'm not a thief

Amber: Your as good as a thief because you had food you knew we all needed if we allow this to go on you can forget about staying alive for very long because everyone will be too busy looking after themselves so we have to stamp it out now or we'll end up like the Locusts so i'm sorry Jack but there has to be a penalty for this if we let one person get away with it everyone else will think they can too it has to be a real punishment but it shouldn't be something we'll regret later lets remember that Jack is very intelligent and we need people like him in the tribe

Ryan: Okay all those in favor of slinging him out

Lex: Hang on we haven't found him guilty yet

Ryan: Of course he's guilty

Amber: We have to hear what he has to say first

Lex: Thank you, now then Jack do you deny hoarding the food

Jack: No

Ryan: There you are

Lex: Why'd you do it then

Jack: Beacause I wanted to keep it to make it last longer

Zandra: Oh come on

Lex: Let him talk, what else

Jack: I knew that if I told everyone it would all go in a couple of days the only reason we ration our food is because we don't think we have very much

Amber: Why are you only telling us this now

Lex: You didn't like it when he interrupted you so don't interrupt him, go on Jack

Jack: The other thing I thought was that if the fighting stopped we could trade with the other tribe's so I wanted us to keep something to trade with

Lex: Do you think this is funny

Bray: I think it's a good story

Lex: I can tell you there are other people out there who wanna trade the tribe's are making peace

Amber: How do you know

Lex: I keep my ear to the ground

Bray: I haven't heard anything about a truce

Lex: You've been too busy playing daddy but it's a fact

Amber: Tell me something why do you want to get Jack off so badly

Lex: I'm interested in the truth that's all and here's another thing if we find Jack guilty and punish him it's only fair to look at all the other crimes like people gambling for rations and all the other people who knew about the stash and kept quiet, right all those that think Jack is guilty put up there hands

Zandra: What are you looking at me like that for

Lex: Not guilty, Salene

Salene: I don't know it's difficult

Patsy: Chloe put up your hand

Salene: I think i'll obstain

Patsy: Do it

Lex: Chloe

Chloe: Not guilty

Lex: Right then five to four Jack's innocent

Dal: Innocent, he's guilty

Zandra: He deserves to be thrown out

Lex: So how was I

Zandra: You were alright what is it with you and Jack anyway

Lex: Nothing it was a fair vote

Zandra: Yeah

Lex: Yeah, i've been thinking about what you said bout getting our act together

Zandra: Gotta go Lex

Lex: Look I told you i'd take this place over

Zandra: Yeah you've done alright, Lex no

Lex: Come on Zan

Zandra: No way Lex I haven't changed my mind

Lex: I've been waiting a long time Zandra

Zandra: Well you'll have to wait a little bit longer

Lex: Women

Dal: Come on Jack give us a hand

Ryan: Why couldn't you have had one of the smaller ones

Lex: The boss always gets the biggest desk it's obvious

Dal: No one else has a desk

Lex: A bit more this way very nice

Ryan: I found these you can keep your papers in them

Lex: That'd be useful

Dal: I told you he'd like them

Ryan: Oh and this oh yeah it says executive director

Lex: Very good so where were we Jack

Jack: Week one floor cleaning

Lex: Chloe and Patsy even they should be able to do that oh and put Paul down to, what's next

Jack: Cooking

Lex: Amber and Salene

Jack: Washing up

Lex: It'll have to be Zandra

Ryan: She won't like it

Lex: Well you don't want her cooking do you, defense training put down the four of us here

Dal: What exactly do we have to do

Lex: Me and Ryan are gonna teach you the noble art of berrying arms you'll have to find some sticks Ryan

Jack: What about Bray

Lex: Yeah Bray put him on guard duty

Bray: I can't believe your still on about this i'm not repeat not interested in her

Trudy: You are lying I saw you sitting next to her

Bray: So what was I doing holding her hand

Trudy: You probably were for all I know they were probably all watching and saying poor Trudy poor girl hasn't got a chance

Bray: Listen to me, what do you want

Jack: Lex sent me to tell you your on guard duty

Bray: Tell him to forget it

Jack: Is that wise

Bray: Tell him what you like go on

Trudy: Now look what you've done

Salene: Look at this who does he think he is

Amber: Our leader

Salene: Well I didn't vote for him and I still don't understand why you did

Amber: I thought he'd make a good leader lets hope I wasn't wrong

Salene: What are we gonna do

Amber: Well if you don't like it tell him

Salene: Me

Amber: Sure why not come on

Salene: I'm no good at this sort of thing why don't you tell him

Amber: If I complain he'll think i'm plotting against him

Salene: Are you sure you aren't

Amber: Of course not

Patsy: Someone took the handles of the brooms so we have to do it like this

Amber: Have you told Lex

Chloe: We don't want to he might shout at us

Amber: We have to go and see Lex about something why don't you come along with us

Zandra: How am I suppose to do this lot without any rubber gloves

Lex: You don't need rubber gloves

Zandra: Of course I do what do you think these are gonna look like after i've been through all that

Lex: So do them again

Zandra: Are you saying I haven't got anything better to do than paint my finger nails is that what you think of me

Lex: Of course not

Zandra: Then get me some gloves

Lex: What are you lot doing here

Salene: Why have you given all the work to the girls and none to the boys

Zandra: Because the boys couldn't possibly get there precious little hands wet

Lex: I think if you read the roster again you'll see the men are doing weapon training so if we're attacked we can protect you

Amber: I thought all the tribe's were about to kiss and make up

Lex: They are but a good commander has to keep his guard up

Zandra: How is a little shrimp like Jack going to protect me

Lex: That's the point he needs to learn

Amber: Well wouldn't it be better if we all learned and then we could all protect each other

Lex: Don't you understand we're living in primitive times again that means the men do the protecting and the women look after the home

Zandra: Your not doing much to protect my hands

Amber: So that's it there's no way the boys are doing any of the cooking and cleaning

Lex: No

Amber: Right we'd better get on with it then

Lex: Well go on get back to work

Patsy: We can't someone's taken the handles of the brooms

Zandra: Who'd do a thing like that

Lex: Only somebody very stupid

Ryan: You said to get sticks so I did

Lex: I didn't say get broom handles

Ryan: You didn't say not to

Lex: You two watch this, i'm attacking

Ryan: Ah that hurt

Lex: Sorry Ryan, alright you two come on ya wimps lets see what you can do

Amber: Boys and sticks

Salene: It's pathetic

Lex: Girls would say that until they're threatened, begin

Chloe: It's all I could bring I have to get back if I get caught they'll put me on trial then there'll be no one to look after you I know you want to go out but I can't don't you'll hurt yourself i'll think of something I promise I will

Salene: There it's alright, there you are

Trudy: Put her down

Salene: What

Trudy: You heard me

Salene: Trudy

Trudy: Keep your hands of her

Salene: But she was all alone

Trudy: I know what you want you want her for yourself

Salene: No

Trudy: And Bray too, you've been eying him up ever since we got here

Salene: It's not true

Trudy: Well your not getting him so stay away from him

Bray: What's going on

Trudy: Your tarts trying to take our baby that's what

Salene: I am not his tart

Bray: Trudy stop it

Salene: How can you speak to me like this after everything I have done for you

Trudy: I don't want you to do anything for me just leave the baby alone and leave him alone too

Bray: Have you completely lost it you need all the help you can get and you drive her away

Trudy: I hate this place I don't wanna be here anymore

Ryan: How come you get more than anyone else

Lex: Leaders get double rations I have to keep up my strength

Ryan: You haven't done anything

Lex: I've been using my brain something you'll never experience

Zandra: She's just going through another bad patch you don't wanna take it to seriously

Salene: but what about the baby if she falls apart what will happen to it

Zandra: It's not your problem

Lex: Who cooked this

Zandra: I did do you like it

Lex: Your suppose to be doing the washing up not the cooking

Zandra: The other girls helped me so i'm helping them I did yours specially

Lex: Well it's burnt

Zandra: Only a tiny bit stop making such a fuss

Ryan: Mines not burnt

Lex: What are you doing here

Bray: I've come to eat

Lex: I don't recall you doing your guard duty

Bray: Well I had to stay with Trudy sh'e not well

Lex: If you don't do your bit for the tribe you can't expect the tribe to feed you

Bray: Well doesn't seem to be any shortages

Lex: Sorry

Bray: Alright I'll take Trudy's share

Lex: If she wants it she can come and get it

Bray: She won't come i've tried

Lex: That's tough then

Bray: Don't you understand she's not well if she doesn't eat she'll get worse

Salene: Think about the baby Lex

Lex: I said no

Bray: I'm not leaving here without her food

Dal: Come on Lex she's gotta eat

Salene: How can you be so mean

Bray: Yours is getting cold

Amber: Lex if Bray was willing to do guard duty tonight maybe we could give him Trudy's share of the food would you be willing to do that Bray

Lex: Double guard duty

Amber: Because if you were the rest of us could get on with our dinner

Bray: Double guard duty it is then

Salene: Don't let him see

Bray: I'm really sorry about Trudy

Salene: It's okay I was only trying to help you do know that

Bray: Yes thank you

Salene: I'm sorry but it's staring us right in the face

Zandra: No need to apologize he thinks i'm doing this for the rest of my life he can forget it

Patsy: It wouldn't be like this if you were leader

Amber: We've got to give him some time to learn

Salene: For how long we could be washing and scrubbing and cooking until we are old women

Amber: Maybe there's some way we could help Lex see reason

Salene: But what about the other boys they're no better

Amber: Them to

Ryan: I fixed it, it's a bit wobbly so don't push to hard on the broom

Zandra: And your telling us they can be made to see reason

Amber: Believe it or not yes look we'll meet later while they're asleep and i'll tell you what i've got in mind

Zandra: It can't be much worse than this

Salene: Shh come on

Amber: Are you sure no one saw you

Salene: Yes

Amber: Okay now listen we're doing this for the sake of the tribe right the problem is we have a system that isn't working and sometimes you have to give a system a bit of a shock

Patsy: An electric shock

Amber: Sort of but stronger

Chloe: What are we gonna do

Amber: Nothing

Zandra: Nothing

Amber: Absolutely nothing we don't cook we don't clean we don't wash up we don't lift a finger you saw how much the boys liked how we cleaned up the cafe well we'll give them a choice if they want it this way they can do they're share of the work or do it all themselves

Zandra: I love it Lex will go ballistic

Chloe: What will he do to us

Amber: What can he do the other boys won't let him hurt us

Patsy: How long do we do it for

Amber: As long as it takes

Zandra: I'm in

Amber: Who else is in

Zandra: I can't wait to see the look on his face

Salene: What was that do you think it was the Locusts

Chloe: I think it's Zoot's ghost

Amber: There's no such thing

Patsy: What is it then

Amber: I don't know but I think we're about to find out

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Tribe season 1 episode 10 script

Salene: Pigs look at this place it's disgusting

Amber: Salene

Salene: They're all pigs I hate them

Amber: What's the matter

Salene: Who wrote this descent mother wanted i'm trying my best

Amber: Salene it's not about you it's about

Bray: What was that crash you alright

Lex: Hey Zan is it cozy

Zandra: What's it to you

Lex: Oh just thought I might be able to tuck you in one night

Zandra: Get real

Lex: We can settle down now have a little place of our own

Zandra: Since when where you interested in a place of our own the only reason you'd want one is so you'd have someone to clean up after you oh and a bit of the other of course

Lex: Say no more Ryan will have to leave

Zandra: I'm not going anywhere near your place you can clean it up yourself

Lex: Come on babe it's woman's work

Zandra: What do you mean by that

Lex: Great warriors don't do the washing up

Zandra: Great warriors don't spend all day doing nothing sitting on there

Bray: Is this your idea of a joke

Lex: I think you'll find the rota was Amber's idea Bray

Bray: You know what i'm talking about

Lex: I don't actually

Bray: Descent mother wanted

Lex: I don't know anything about it I didn't write it

Bray: Nah I don't suppose you know how to

Lex: What's the matter can't take a little joke missing mummy to much are we

Bray: I've had enough of this

Lex: I should've killed you along with your brother

Bray: Why don't you come and try

Amber: Not this way

Zandra: Don't you dare mess up this room

Lex: It seems no one's paying much attention to that

Amber: Have you got any better ideas

Lex: Some discipline for starters

Amber: discipline right

Lex: Yeah and with a strong leader to enforce it

Amber: Anyone in mind

Lex: There's only one man around here for the job

Amber: Shouldn't we get a choice it's only fair

Lex: Alright we'll fight for it is that good enough for you

Bray: Go play your mind games on somebody else Lex i'm not interested

Amber: I'm not gonna spend my life running after you

Bray: Don't then

Amber: You just gonna walk away from this

Bray: From what Lex's little mind games

Amber: Call them what you like you have to play them to win them

Bray: Win what i'm not trying to win anything if Lex wants to be leader that's fine that's no problem for me

Amber: Go on then just walk away like always give up on us

Bray: Us who you talking about Amber what us there is no us

Amber: There is you just don't like to see it, it get's in the way of thinking about yourself doesn't it

Bray: Rubbish

Amber: You don't even care about the baby

Bray: Don't give me that

Amber: Well it sure doesn't look like it what sort of future does she get

Bray: A good one that's why I brought her here

Amber: And now that she's here that's your job done is it and if Lex becomes leader your happy with that your happy to leave her future in his hands

Bray: Not especially no

Amber: Well do something about it then

Bray: No Amber just stop and think for a minute who would be good for you all

Amber: You could be

Bray: Amber I don't have to spell it out for you do I it should be you, your what they need have an election a fair vote you against Lex let them decide

Amber: Me

Bray: I'll see you later

Ryan: Raise one beans i'm sick of beans, marbles nah what do I want with them sorry no can do chewing gum that's more like it

Patsy: See you

Amber: I think i've found a way to solve our leader problem

Lex: Is he chicken

Amber: He's not interested i'm putting myself up for it

Lex: I'm not fighting a girl

Amber: There won't be any fighting we'll have a democratic election

Zandra: An election how exciting

Amber: May the best man win we'll have a vote tonight then at six

Lex: I don't believe this

Bray: you alright

Trudy: Oh yeah perfect

Bray: Where's the baby

Trudy: Don't know

Bray: Hey Trud

Trudy: Salene's got her

Bray: Good without her I don't know

Trudy: What

Bray: Nothing

Trudy: Just say it Bray

Bray: Don't be ridiculous

Trudy: She's the perfect little mother a perfect little angel isn't she

Bray: Don't take it out on her

Trudy: Oh sorry your precious Salene

Bray: Thanks to her your baby's still alive I think she deserves a little respect don't you

Trudy: You thank her i'm sure you'd enjoy that and if she wants the baby she can keep it

Bray: You don't mean that

Trudy: The only reason your staying here is because of it

Bray: It's not an it

Trudy: Stop playing at being daddy why don't you just go

Bray: I'm worried about both of you

Trudy: Your not worried about me you care about your niece that's all oh and Salene

Bray: They're gonna elect a proper leader vote at least for the baby's sake for her future

Trudy: What future

Bray: Just vote for Amber

Trudy: Oh of course it's her you really want isn't it

Bray: Oh that's enough just shut up

Trudy: Why are you wasting your time with me anyway

Bray: I'm sorry I didn't know you were there

Salene: Are you okay

Bray: Yeah

Dal: Who's this Edison fella

Jack: He invented the lightbulb

Dal: The book should be in a museum where'd you get it anyway

Jack: Zandra gave it to me she found it in the antique shop

Dal: That explains it what does she want you to make a hairdryer, that election thing everyone's to get a secret vote you know like a private ballet

Jack: What's wrong with sticking your hands in the air

Dal: Who'd vote against Lex

Jack: Yeah suppose, hey, hey check this out

Dal: It's the simplest system x marks the spot

Jack: Won't we need something like a voting booth

Dal: I don't know

Jack: Well there's gotta be a simpler way than that

Dal: How about everyone writes a name on a piece of paper

Jack: Yeah but does everyone know how to write

Lex: What are you talking about

Dal: Voting of tonight

Lex: Why can't everybody just stick up there hands

Jack: Well it's not democratic

Lex: What

Dal: Everybody will know who you voted for then

Lex: What's wrong with that

Jack: Come on

Lex: Look whatever but writing down's a bad idea Ryan can't write

Dal: No

Lex: Yeah and you don't wanna make him embarrassed do you he might get cross, of course what we need is a bit more adventure get out and about a bit more a leader who can find you some milk

Trudy: Yes

Lex: Oh I hope I can count on your vote Trudy

Trudy: I don't think i'll bother

Lex: Of course you must where would we be without democracy if you vote for me now you won't have to vote again I promise

Trudy: Why not

Lex: Cause i'll make the decision for you

Jack: Some democracy

Lex: Vote Lex the vote to end all votes

Ryan: What's the matter what does it mean

Paul: Okay

Ryan: Okay raise you

Zoot: I'm gonna be the strongest me and my warriors we're gonna take over the world

Bray: Martin

Jack: Ah stupid thing, what do you want

Patsy: I need some food

Jack: What now

Patsy: Right now

Jack: What for

Patsy: For a game we're playing poker with Ryan

Jack: Forget it

Patsy: Please

Jack: No this is gone to far

Dale: What's gone to far

Jack: Nothing, nothing

Patsy: Jack's got a secret

Jack: Come on then

Dal: What secret, got ya, you alright

Amber: This election we need to vote for Lex we need him to win

Dal: Lex your kidding

Amber: No I think it's for the best

Dal: But he's impossible he'll bully everyone

Amber: Yeah I know but I don't think anyone will put up with him for very long he'll give it a go and then hate it

Dal: You can win tonight easy

Amber: If I win Lex will never get of my back not until he's the leader if he wins he'll lose interest pretty quickly

Dal: You know that

Amber: Trust me

Dal: But why not just drop out now

Amber: It's better this way if he thinks he's won properly

Dal: Your the boss

Amber: What is that thing

Dal: Beginnings of a hairdryer

Amber: A hairdryer

Dal: Well sort of

Amber: I'm getting worried about you Dal

Ryan: I didn't know you could sign swear words, thought you said you'd no rations left

Patsy: We've got a secret store

Bray: Forget about all that warrior stuff

Zoot: Get lost man power and chaos it's the only way

Bray: We've gotta start putting things back together again

Zoot: Why

Bray: For her that's why, for you Martin

Lex: Well, well this is getting exciting

Ryan: Yeah Lex can you keep an eye on these for me

Lex: Sure, so what have we here then, so you bet all of this and you only had Jack high that's good bluffing but I don't think Ryan's gonna fold with this so what we need to do is spice up your hand a bit three jacks plus your one jack make four jacks now I expect you want these but what can you do for me you want these you have to vote for me tonight you understand you want these you have to vote for me tonight okay good you stick with me and everything will be sweet

Jack: You see what's happening you've ruined yourself's and now your ruining me

Ryan: what the

Jack: Ryan listen I can explain

Ryan: Macaroni cheese, beef casserole, creamed rice all yours are they Jack

Jack: It's not what you think

Ryan: Wait till Lex sees this lot

Jack: Ryan stop I can explain

Lex: When i'm leader i'll take you to a real casino hows that there's one on sector 2 round by the Dogz it gets pretty heavy down there but hey we're talking about Lex here ah they got girls, drinks it's wild have you ever played roulette

Ryan: Lex look at this I haven't had creamed rice for ages

Lex: You what

Ryan: Creamed rice

Lex: And

Ryan: It's Jack he's got a whole supermarket around there

Lex: Oh really now listen to me Jack you've got this sly food store right your gonna be in serious trouble when these good people hear about it now I can probably keep these chumps quiet until we know what to do you're gonna vote for me tonight huh good it's our little secret yeah, you enjoying yourself look stop stuffing your face we got a game to finish here whose call was it

Ryan: I'll have to see you it's all i've got left

Lex: Well would you look at that

Zandra: This one

Ryan: Yeah great

Zandra: I don't know it's a bit sparkly

Ryan: What's it for

Zandra: It's a big night it's our first election you should show a sense of occasion

Ryan: You look class

Zandra: course behind every great woman there's a line of great idiots

Lex: What are you on about

Zandra: Nothing this colors very Amber she'd look lovely in it she could do with a bit of a makeover

Lex: I hope your not thinking of voting for her

Zandra: Well look at all the male leaders all trousers and no common sense take Zoot for example

Lex: I'm not Zoot

Zandra: Of course you aren't Lex still you know

Lex: What do you think I should do with this Ryan

Zandra: Electric rouge it's my favourite

Lex: After the election I think

Jack: Okay so the marbles go in this bag and it's passed around and everyone takes one

Dal: Without showing anyone else

Jack: Yeah right so

Lex: Get on with it

Dal: Okay say each voter that's all of us secretly picks the colored marble for the person we want to vote for as the bags comes around then on the signal we throw the marbles in to the center of the table really fast so that no one else notices what color you picked any questions

Zandra: What if it's a tie

Patsy: What's a tie

Bray: Ask Lex

Lex: So the great wanderer returns

Bray: Did you miss me

Jack: Amber, Lex step forward

Bray: Everything alright

Salene: Yeah we were I was anyway getting a bit worried you know

Bray: Don't worry about me

Dal: Okay black marble if you wanna elect Lex and a white one for Amber let's start go on Patsy

Amber: Thanks

Jack: Paul, Chloe, Ryan

Trudy: Where have you been

Bray: Nowhere special

Trudy: Don't lie to me

Bray: I'll tell you later

Amber: I was beginning to wander about you

Bray: Yeah well I had a bit of a think

Amber: About time

Jack: Dal, Jack

Dal: Everyone ready one, two, throw

Lex: Yes

Jack: It looks like Lex: is the winner

Lex: Anybody who voted for me there's a party in order my place

Ryan: Hey Lex now your leader lets dish out the creamed rice

Salene: Who's got creamed rice

Ryan: Didn't you know Jack's got loads of it in his food store

Dal: Oh yeah since when

Amber: What food store Jack

Ryan: He's got a whole load of food he was keeping for himself tinned meat, creamed rice, chocolate everything

Dal: Chocolate

Zandra: You greedy little pig you had all that food and you didn't tell us

Amber: Is it true Jack, did you know about this

Lex: Of course not what do you take me for

Amber: Well what are you gonna do about it

Zandra: I say we should sling him out

Lex: Just shut it Zandra I decide that

Zandra: Well we should here we are half starving when we could've had a decent meal I say we go get it now

Lex: Nobody touches it till I say so i'm the leader you all just elected me

Bray: Yeah to sort this kind of thing out

Ryan: Zandra's right sling him out

Zandra: Let the Locusts Have him

Jack: No Lex

Lex: We'll have a trial then we'll decide what happens to him

Jack: If you put me on trial

Lex: You can either have a fair trial now or walk out with nothing what's it gonna be

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Tribe season 1 episode 9 script

Zoot: Power and chaos

Salene: Bray

Bray: Salene what are you doing up

Salene: I couldn't sleep do you mind if I join you Amber told me about Zoot I know he was evil and everything but

Bray: He was my brother Salene

Salene: Your brother

Bray: My kid brother Martin

Salene: But how why did he

Bray: Become Zoot, Martin was the baby of the family my parents left him to pieces took him everywhere they were always laughing and playing together three of them were inseparable and then when the virus struck and they dies

Salene: He changed

Bray: He was so angry so bitter you wouldn't believe this but Martin was actually a very gentle boy I had to protect him when he first started school some kids used to bully him I didn't protect him last night did I

Salene: Oh Bray it wasn't your fault

Bray: I brought him here he'd still be alive if I hadn't

Salene: But you wanted to get him and Trudy together again and for him to look after his baby it wasn't your fault Bray you were trying to help

Bray: Maybe people should just leave things as they are and not get involved

Salene: No Bray I didn't know i'm sorry i'm so sorry your cold i'll go make us a hot drink okay

Bray: Thanks Salene

Trudy: What's going on Bray

Salene: Rats all over the cafe

Lex: Is that all I thought somebody was being murdered or something

Amber: Rats aren't a joke Lex they spread diseas

Dal: And bite you if they're cornered

Lex: Or bring in the Locos to kill you in your bed

Salene: No Bray, Zoot was his brother

Ryan: His brother

Zandra: Oh it all makes sense now

Lex: What difference does it make he's still a traitor we should kick him and his tart out

Bray: You killed her baby's father she's not going anywhere

Lex: You shut that brat up

Amber: Alright everybody I think we've all had enough but as soon as we get up we clean this pig sty up

Bray: Do you want her

Trudy: No you have her

Salene: Can I help

Trudy: No

Bray: I think she needs feeding do you mind Salene

Salene: Course not here come on little no name lets get you sorted

Trudy: Cheeky cow

Bray: Trudy

Trudy: Little no name what did she mean by that

Bray: It's the truth you haven't named her yet

Trudy: What business is it of hers

Bray: Look I know your upset but don't take it out on Salene

Trudy: What were you doing out there with her anyway

Bray: I wasn't with her I was on my own thinking about Martin

Trudy: He wasn't Martin anymore he was Zoot

Bray: I thought you loved him

Trudy: I did once

Bray: Well if you changed your mind why'd you let me bring him in here

Trudy: I wanted to see what I felt

Bray: And

Trudy: Don't you know Bray can't you see I love you

Bray: Oh Trudy

Trudy: No it's true Bray I want us to be together to bring up the baby that's why I haven't given her a name I want us to choose together

Bray: Trudy so much has happened to us all we're all hurting confused I mean i don't know how I feel all I know is Martin is dead I need time give me time Trudy please

Lex: Can't sleep huh

Zandra: It's those rats i'm sure one of them's got in to my place

Lex: You can come and lie down with me babe i'll protect you

Zandra: I can do without your kind of protection thanks

Lex: Fine I hope it's nice and comfy out here for you, well that was great waking up the brat

Amber: She'll survive but we won't if we don't get our act together there's no point surviving the virus only to die of food poisoning so i've drawn up this

Zandra: What is it

Amber: It's a work rota i've divided all the chores amongst us so we all do everything

Ryan: Sweeping floors

Amber: Only in the mall everyone's responsible for there own living spaces

Jack: Cleaning windows

Lex: Where's Bray

Amber: He's down there with Dal food foraging we need to get some fresh food and vegetables we can't live on this process muck for ever

Lex: But where is he, he isn't here is he

Dal: Typical

Lex: It's alright Dal i'll come with you

Amber: Any questions

Patsy: When do we start

Amber: Now while we can still see through the dirt

Locos: Power and chaos Locos, Locos

Ebony: Locos

Ryan: What are you two doing why aren't you working

Patsy: We are we're exercising Bob

Ryan: You call that working

Patsy: Yes and after Amber said we can go play

Ryan: Play what at

Patsy: I don't know do you know any good games

Ryan: Have you ever played poker

Patsy: you mean cards like snap

Ryan: Sort of

Patsy: Shall we

Zandra: You've got a kooshty job haven't you

Salene: The baby's a bit bored poor thing it was whinging they like movement

Zandra: Pretty thing hello i'm Zandra yes your auntie Zandra that's my name has it got one yet

Salene: No

Zandra: What's she thinking we can't keep calling it, it

Salene: To be honest I don't think she's interested some people don't deserve babies

Zandra: Well I don't suppose she planned it did she not with that Zoot anyway

Salene: I think she'd rather it was Bray's

Zandra: Do you think he'll stick around

Salene: Who knows she seems to be doing alright so far lying around all day playing a tragedy queen

Zandra: I bet that's post natal depression I read all about that i'll go and see her cheer her up

Salene: Where you going Chloe

Chloe: Um i'm doing some cleaning

Salene: Funny people I wonder where your uncle Bray's got to

Lex: Look at this place it's a disgrace we'll have to write to the council about it

Dal: We're not gonna find any food along here

Lex: Plenty of time did you bring it

Dal: Yeah

Lex: Well let's see it then, you go over there you catch it

Dal: Lex we're meant to be looking for food

Lex: Dal look around you what do you see

Dal: What do you mean

Lex: Any Deamon Dogz any Locos

Dal: No

Lex: Well then let's have some fun come on catch strike one

Patsy: See you, have we won

Ryan: Yeah you've bluffed me again you've picked this up quick haven't you, another game tell you what shall we make it more interesting

Patsy: How

Ryan: Let's play for something real

Patsy: Okay

Ryan: Now what could we play for

Lex: Go on you can do it

Dal: I know i'm going to i'm just just thinking about it that's all

Lex: Chicken do I have to come over and show you how ya baby

Dal: Wait nah it's to dangerous

Lex: Your pathetic your just like a little girl I ain't cared

Dal: I am, Deamon Dogz

Deamon Dogz: Hey strays on our turf dogz get him

Lex: Go, go not that way we don't wanna lead them back to the mall split up

Deamon Dogz: Now you take this lot we'll look after the other one come on

Patsy: Oh

Ryan: Sorry so that's sweeping today washing up tomorrow cleaning doors and windows the next day and sweeping again the day after do you want another hand well back to work then I guess thanks, it's alright i'll finish walking the dog for you come on Bob

Patsy: Go on

Salene: That's nice isn't it we ought to get you some real milk though make you in to a big strong girl

Amber: Where is everyone

Salene: Who

Amber: Well Ryan for a start here's his broom but no Ryan and where's Chloe

Salene: Cleaning somewhere apparently

Amber: And what about Zandra

Salene: She's gone to cheer up Trudy

Amber: She's suppose to be washing up

Salene: Come on sunshine shall we try and find your uncle Bray he's nice isn't he shall I let you in on a little secret I think your uncle Bray is very, very nice

Ebony: Zoot, Zoot, Zoot, Zoot, Zoot, Zoot

Chloe: Did your mummy use to wash you I bet she did well i'm your mummy now aren't I

Patsy: Jack

Jack: What now

Patsy: We're hungry

Jack: Oh not now i'm busy

Patsy: But we're really hungry

Jack: Oh okay do my chores clean the windows for me and I might think about giving you some food

Patsy: We're already doing Ryan's

Jack: Why what's he giving you

Patsy: Nothing we lost at cards

Jack: Serves you right ya stupid idiots

Patsy: Paul says if you don't give us some he'll tell everybody

Jack: I'm fed up with this go on then tell everybody and then all the food will have to shared and you won't get anymore treats so what's it gonna be clean the windows or no more treats

Salene: Here we are she's been a little angel

Trudy: I thought you'd run of with her

Salene: Would you care if I did if you didn't want a baby why did you with Zoot of all people

Trudy: You don't know anything about him

Salene: I know he was a vicious thug

Trudy: He wasn't always

Salene: How long did you know him

Trudy: None of your business

Salene: You must have known Bray then if Zoot was his brother

Trudy: So

Salene: I was just wandering

Trudy: Well you can keep wandering and you can keep your hands of him aswell, where have you been Bray i've been worried

Bray: I've been trying to see what the Locos are up to now they've no leader

Salene: did you see them

Bray: Yeah down at the warehouses they

Trudy: I wished you wouldn't go out Bray I panic every time you do thanks Salene we'll look after the baby now we're going to choose a name for her

Salene: That's nice

Bray: What's been going on

Trudy: Oh she's just stirring as usual

Bray: What about

Trudy: I don't wanna talk about it what should we call her

Bray: Trudy my brother died yesterday the father of your child don't you care haven't you any feelings at all

Trudy: I do I told you I love you I always have

Bray: You mean even when you were with Martin

Trudy: Of course

Bray: So you went with my brother out of what spite, jealousy

Trudy: I don't know I thought I liked him he was nice at first i'm sorry he's dead really I am Bray i'll be very good to you we'll be good together all three of us we could look after Martin's baby together that's what we'll call her shall we Martina after him

Bray: How about Zootina

Amber: What are you two doing those aren't your jobs

Patsy: We're doing them for Ryan and Jack

Amber: Why Patsy, Dal what's wrong

Dal: Is Lex back

Amber: I don't know I thought he was with you

Dal: We got jumped by some Deamon Dogz we separated and tried to escape

Patsy: Has Lex been caught

Dal: I don't know I was to busy getting away

Amber: I'm sure Lex can look after himself but did you manage to get some food

Dal: Only this

Amber: A new type of vegetable

Lex: Could do with a cup of coffee

Zandra: Get real anyone goes outside Amber the Hun will just grab them for something

Lex: Come here and i'll grab you instead

Zandra: Get of I gotta tidy myself up I look like a mess hold that hold it

Lex: Sorry babe

Zandra: You know what I need one of those big round vanity mirrors I use to have one at home it was pink

Lex: I'll get one the next time I go out

Zandra: The Dogz might get you next time

Lex: Never i'm too quick for them I was just toying around with them so Dal could get away

Amber: Oh you did get back

Lex: Don't sound so pleased

Amber: I suppose you didn't get any food either

Lex: Dal back then

Amber: Complete with sweaty baseball mit your suppose to be washing up Zandra

Zandra: I'm having a rest

Amber: From what you haven't even started

Lex: That chick needs to chill out

Zandra: She's just a bossy cow

Lex: It's just frustration that's what it is she needs a fella to show her a good time

Zandra: And suppose your just the guy for the job have you no taste at all

Dal: Says here in black and white cooking Amber and Salene dinner five- thirty

Ryan: So where are they

Amber: Here

Patsy: Where's Salene

Amber: I've given her the night of

Lex: Where's the grub then

Amber: Sorry

Zandra: Your suppose to be making us a meal it says so on there

Amber: Oh really it also says Ryan sweeping, Zandra washing up, Jack cleaning windows shall I go on

Jack: You mean

Amber: If you don't do your chores why should I do mine no chores no food

Lex: Who says, your not the leader

Amber: Well someone's got to take charge of this chaos

Zandra: We don't need bossing about we had all that with the adults we can do as we like now

Amber: Is that what you think

Zandra: Yeah and who are you to tell us what to do

Amber: Fine do as you like eat yourself's stupid live like pigs i've had enough

Lex: Right spam and beans zandra

Trudy: I just wanted to say i'm sorry for getting you to bring him here

Bray: Yeah well it's done now

Trudy: Where are you going

Bray: I'm tired Trudy i'm going to bed

Trudy: Oh, Bray what if the Locos ever find out what happened to him

Bray: I wouldn't give much for our chances Trudy they've chosen Ebony as they're new leader

Trudy: What

Bray: Just pray she never finds out about the baby

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Tribe season1 episode 8 script

Zoot: So where's Trudy if this is a trap

Bray: I told you it's safe with me stay close and keep quiet

Zoot: where is she

Bray: I'll go and get her you stay here

Zoot: No way on my own you don't catch me that easy

Bray: I'm not trying to catch you

Zoot: You swear

Bray: I swear now stay put stay out of sight some of the others might not understand okay

Zoot: You got five minutes you double cross me and your dead meat

Bray: Ssh, shh Bob go back go on

Trudy: Zoot

Zoot: What is this

Bray: Don't you wanna say hello to your daughter

Patsy: What

Zoot: How do I know it's mine

Trudy: Your the only one

Zoot: Yeah

Trudy: I've never been with anybody else not ever

Bray: She's your daughter Zoot you know she is

Zoot: So

Bray: So your responsible you've gotta take responsibility for Trudy and the baby

Zoot: You took her you keep her

Bray: I didn't take her

Zoot: She was my woman and you took her just like you always took everything

Bray: No she ran away she ran away from you and the Locos cause she was scared I found her looked after her that's all

Zoot: Oh yeah

Trudy: He's telling the truth Zoot

Bray: Somebody had to look after her

Zoot: And that somebody had to be you

Bray: There was nobody else

Zoot: That right babe you gonna come back with me then you and the kid will be safer with the Locos than him and a bunch of losers

Bray: We're not losers Zoot we're survivors

Zoot: Get real man you've seen it out there the only people that are gonna survive are the strong

Bray: There's different kinds of strength Zoot

Zoot: Sure and i'm gonna be the strongest me and my warriors we're gonna take over the world this cities just the start

Lex: What, what is it

Patsy: There's somebody in the mall

Lex: Who, where

Patsy: I don't know Paul says

Lex: Come on Paul he's a defo can't hear a thing

Patsy: He senses things he feels vibrations

Lex: Nah he's dreaming go back to bed

Zoot: That's it i'm outta here you coming babe

Trudy: I can't

Zoot: Your my woman Trudy now lets go come on

Bray: You heard her Zoot

Zoot: That is my kid you've got there

Trudy: Right you want her you stay with me

Zoot: I can't do that

Bray: Yes you can forget about all that warrior stuff

Zoot: Get lost man power and chaos it's the only way

Bray: No those who live by the sword should die by the sword

Zoot: What's that suppose to mean

Bray: It's an old saying

Zoot: Trust you to know that man your so old i'm surprised the virus didn't get you

Trudy: Stop it please

Bray: Listen Zoot the Locos and the Deamon Dogz and all the other tribe's are bad news don't you think there's been enough destruction we've gotta start putting things back together again

Zoot: Why

Bray: For her that's why

Lex: What a pretty picture real cute the great Zoot the great Loco leader

Bray: Back of Lex

Lex: Where's the others

Bray: There's no others just Zoot he's unharmed

Lex: He's on his own you don't look so tough now does he no he ain't got his tribe to back him up

Bray: Don't, listen to me

Trudy: Stop it

Lex: After him get after him ya big ox

Amber: What is it what's going on

Ryan: It's the Locos they're in here

Salene: What we're being attacked

Lex: It's alright, it's alright there's only one of them

Dal: Where is he

Lex: He's hiding somewhere he can't get out just leave him to me and Ryan we'll find him and when we do

Bray: Hold it hold everything you don't understand

Lex: Yeah I understand alright it was him he's to blame he's the one that brought him in here

Amber: Bray

Lex: Yeah that's right your beloved Bray it was him

Bray: Listen to me will you

Lex: Why so you can tell us more of your lies grab him Ryan we'll deal with the Loco lover first then we'll smoke the other one out and see to him aswell

Bray: You don't understand I wasn't gonna betray anybody

Lex: Liar, traitor

Zoot: Leave him be you wanna fight, fight me

Bray: He's dead

Lex: I showed him, I showed him nobody messes with Lex

Amber: Shut up Lex

Lex: What do you mean I saved you all didn't I

Patsy: It was Paul he heard him

Zandra: But Lex fixed him

Jack: Yeah if it hadn't been for Lex

Ryan: And me

Amber: Salene why don't you take the kids to the cafe or something

Salene: Patsy, Paul come with me you to Chloe

Chloe: Why

Patsy: We've seen dead people before

Amber: Yes of course you have but just go with Salene now please

Salene: Come on

Lex: Okay why you all standing around let's get him out of here and them

Amber: No we can't throw them out

Lex: I told you, you couldn't trust them you wouldn't listen to me well now you can see he betrayed us to the Locos he brought there chief right in here

Trudy: Stop it all of you

Ryan: He was inside the mall

Trudy: He wasn't gonna hurt anybody

Lex: What was he doing here then

Trudy: He came to see me and his baby

Amber: His baby

Trudy: Zoot's her father

Amber: But what about Bray we all thought

Trudy: Bray found me after i'd run away from the Locos he's been taking care of me that's all

Amber: Bray

Dal: I suppose he could hardly keep Trudy and the baby out there could he

Lex: Why not

Amber: Why not oh Lex grow up

Zandra: If he's so friendly with the Locos

Bray: I'm not I keep telling you

Lex: Yeah right there could be more of them out there just waiting there time

Bray: He came alone

Lex: Well i'm gonna go check it out Ryan, Jack you come with me

Dal: What about me

Lex: Take care of the woman and children

Dal: Okay

Zandra: Lex be careful don't do anything stupid

Jack: Well

Lex: We've gotta do it

Jack: Yeah

Lex: Ryan you first

Ryan: Okay

Salene: Come on finish your drinks let's get back to bed

Patsy: I don't wanna go back to bed I won't be able to sleep

Salene: Yes you will it's all over now what's he say

Patsy: He's worried he says it's all his fault

Salene: No it wasn't you did good Paul you weren't to know what was going to happen

Zandra: You were very brave

Patsy: What if the rest of the Locos come back

Zandra: Don't worry we'll see to them

Salene: But they won't come anyway your safe and the best place now for you is bed

Lex: Well see anybody

Ryan: Nah it's all clear quiet as a grave

Lex: Yeah okay

Jack: Looks like Bray was telling the truth

Lex: For once I don't trust him Jack we have to get rid of him

Bray: Perhaps she needs changing

Trudy: No I think she's hungry

Amber: Here try her with this

Trudy: Thanks

Amber: Poor little thing

Bray: Yeah

Amber: What sort of future's she got

Bray: Well that's up to us isn't it she is the future

Amber: Listen Bray we need to decide what to do about the body it can't stay here

Bray: I know

Lex: What are you two cooking up trying to figure out how to get together with the rest of the Locos

Amber: Lex your back

Lex: Yeah and not a minute to soon by the looks of it

Bray: Leave it out Lex

Amber: Did you find anything

Lex: No

Jack: Not a sound of anybody

Bray: He was on his own I told you

Lex: Yeah you did didn't you so come on what's the big secret

Amber: We were trying to decide what to do about the body

Lex: No problem just dump it in the streets with the rest of the garbage

Trudy: No

Bray: We're not gonna dump it anywhere

Lex: It's a warning for the Locos that we can look after ourselves

Jack: They won't know it's us they'll think the Deamon Dogz killed him

Amber: Unless you plan to put a notice on his chest

Lex: Yeah we could do that, that's be good wouldn't it

Trudy: No stop it

Bray: Lex that's enough

Amber: Your as bad as the rest of them the Locos and the Deamon Dogz and all the other tribe's all you want is violence and death he wasn't threatening anybody

Lex: I didn't know that did I and it wasn't my fault it was him

Bray: I was trying to persuade him to leave the Locos and look after Trudy and the baby

Trudy: He was it's true

Lex: Anyway I didn't kill him it was an accident he killed himself do what you like with him see if I care

Amber: So what do you wanna do

Bray: Well I think we should give him a proper funeral for Trudy and the baby

Amber: Trudy

Trudy: I'd like that

Amber: You loved him didn't you, right then that's what we'll do but where

Jack: I know where a cemetery is I can take you there

Amber: The graveyards are full

Bray: One more body won't make a difference, ready it'll be alright

Amber: So you'll take care of the little ones

Salene: I'll try

Amber: They're bout to be still upset

Salene: I'll try keep there minds of it

Zandra: Hey you look great

Amber: Zandra

Zandra: Sorry it would have been a great opportunity to get dolled up though but i'll stay here with Lex and Ryan i'll take care of the baby

Amber: Thanks

Lex: Come on yes

Chloe: I'm sure Lex didn't mean to hurt Zoot even though he was a bad man so please forgive them and look after Trudy and the baby and look after Bluebell and Bob too but most of all look after Zoot

Bray: How far

Jack: A kilometer maybe a bit more

Amber: We better get a move on then whose territory is this anyway

Bray: I wouldn't worry to much none of the tribe's get up very early

Amber: All the same

Dal: Jack and I will scout up ahead

Amber: Good idea we don't wanna get caught on the streets with this

Bray: Let's go then, are you sure your up for this

Lex: What are you doing

Zandra: What's it look like

Lex: Where's it mother

Zandra: Gone with the others to the cemetery

Lex: And left the baby you stupid cow

Zandra: Lex shoo-sh

Lex: I'm not gonna get dumped with somebody else's brat especially his

Zandra: Aw but she's such a cute little thing when she's not crying

Lex: I don't care keep it away from me and keep it quiet I need my sleep if i'm gonna go on protecting everybody

Salene: Are you alright what's the matter

Chloe: I was just thinking about everything I said a prayer for Zoot, Trudy and the baby and well I hope Bray is good too

Salene: Hey of course he is

Chloe: You hope

Jack: Looks like the Deamon Dogz have found there natural home

Dal: Yeah and now the place gives me twice the creeps

Jack: Let's get out of here while we still can, Deamon Dogz camping in there

Amber: Oh no what are we gonna do

Dal: We have to dump the body and get out of here

Trudy: No please

Bray: We came here to give him a proper funeral and that's what i'm gonna do

Jack: How

Bray: I'll figure something out why don't all you lot go back and leave me to it

Trudy: No Bray i'll stay with you

Amber: You can't stay here not with a whole pack of Deamon Dogz out there

Bray: I'll be okay go

Jack: I got it

Dal: What

Jack: The beach it's only about five minutes away how about a burial at sea

Bray: This should do

Amber: We can put him in it give him a push and let him float out to sea

Jack: That's no good the tides coming in

Bray: We're gonna have to row him out tip him over the side

Amber: I don't know that boat looks ready to fall apart

Dal: you guys look what I found and there's petrol too

Jack: All we gotta do is put him in start the motor and point it out to sea

Dal: And let it run right

Jack: Yeah

Bray: I've got a better idea

Amber: What

Bray: Zoot thought he was a warrior chief let's give him a proper send of set fire to the boat

Amber: Trudy

Trudy: Yeah he'd like that

Bray: Okay guys scowl the beach I want anything that'll burn

Ebony: Zoot

Locos: Power and chaos

Ebony: Zoot

Locos: Power and chaos

Ebony: Power and chaos, let's find him come on he must be somewhere

Amber: Somebody should say something

Bray: Goodnight Martin god bless have a safe journey to the other side everyone will be there waiting for you mum, dad everybody

Zoot: Power and chaos

Amber: Martin

Bray: Yes that was his real name he was my brother my kid brother
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