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The Tribe season 1 episode 10 script

Salene: Pigs look at this place it's disgusting

Amber: Salene

Salene: They're all pigs I hate them

Amber: What's the matter

Salene: Who wrote this descent mother wanted i'm trying my best

Amber: Salene it's not about you it's about

Bray: What was that crash you alright

Lex: Hey Zan is it cozy

Zandra: What's it to you

Lex: Oh just thought I might be able to tuck you in one night

Zandra: Get real

Lex: We can settle down now have a little place of our own

Zandra: Since when where you interested in a place of our own the only reason you'd want one is so you'd have someone to clean up after you oh and a bit of the other of course

Lex: Say no more Ryan will have to leave

Zandra: I'm not going anywhere near your place you can clean it up yourself

Lex: Come on babe it's woman's work

Zandra: What do you mean by that

Lex: Great warriors don't do the washing up

Zandra: Great warriors don't spend all day doing nothing sitting on there

Bray: Is this your idea of a joke

Lex: I think you'll find the rota was Amber's idea Bray

Bray: You know what i'm talking about

Lex: I don't actually

Bray: Descent mother wanted

Lex: I don't know anything about it I didn't write it

Bray: Nah I don't suppose you know how to

Lex: What's the matter can't take a little joke missing mummy to much are we

Bray: I've had enough of this

Lex: I should've killed you along with your brother

Bray: Why don't you come and try

Amber: Not this way

Zandra: Don't you dare mess up this room

Lex: It seems no one's paying much attention to that

Amber: Have you got any better ideas

Lex: Some discipline for starters

Amber: discipline right

Lex: Yeah and with a strong leader to enforce it

Amber: Anyone in mind

Lex: There's only one man around here for the job

Amber: Shouldn't we get a choice it's only fair

Lex: Alright we'll fight for it is that good enough for you

Bray: Go play your mind games on somebody else Lex i'm not interested

Amber: I'm not gonna spend my life running after you

Bray: Don't then

Amber: You just gonna walk away from this

Bray: From what Lex's little mind games

Amber: Call them what you like you have to play them to win them

Bray: Win what i'm not trying to win anything if Lex wants to be leader that's fine that's no problem for me

Amber: Go on then just walk away like always give up on us

Bray: Us who you talking about Amber what us there is no us

Amber: There is you just don't like to see it, it get's in the way of thinking about yourself doesn't it

Bray: Rubbish

Amber: You don't even care about the baby

Bray: Don't give me that

Amber: Well it sure doesn't look like it what sort of future does she get

Bray: A good one that's why I brought her here

Amber: And now that she's here that's your job done is it and if Lex becomes leader your happy with that your happy to leave her future in his hands

Bray: Not especially no

Amber: Well do something about it then

Bray: No Amber just stop and think for a minute who would be good for you all

Amber: You could be

Bray: Amber I don't have to spell it out for you do I it should be you, your what they need have an election a fair vote you against Lex let them decide

Amber: Me

Bray: I'll see you later

Ryan: Raise one beans i'm sick of beans, marbles nah what do I want with them sorry no can do chewing gum that's more like it

Patsy: See you

Amber: I think i've found a way to solve our leader problem

Lex: Is he chicken

Amber: He's not interested i'm putting myself up for it

Lex: I'm not fighting a girl

Amber: There won't be any fighting we'll have a democratic election

Zandra: An election how exciting

Amber: May the best man win we'll have a vote tonight then at six

Lex: I don't believe this

Bray: you alright

Trudy: Oh yeah perfect

Bray: Where's the baby

Trudy: Don't know

Bray: Hey Trud

Trudy: Salene's got her

Bray: Good without her I don't know

Trudy: What

Bray: Nothing

Trudy: Just say it Bray

Bray: Don't be ridiculous

Trudy: She's the perfect little mother a perfect little angel isn't she

Bray: Don't take it out on her

Trudy: Oh sorry your precious Salene

Bray: Thanks to her your baby's still alive I think she deserves a little respect don't you

Trudy: You thank her i'm sure you'd enjoy that and if she wants the baby she can keep it

Bray: You don't mean that

Trudy: The only reason your staying here is because of it

Bray: It's not an it

Trudy: Stop playing at being daddy why don't you just go

Bray: I'm worried about both of you

Trudy: Your not worried about me you care about your niece that's all oh and Salene

Bray: They're gonna elect a proper leader vote at least for the baby's sake for her future

Trudy: What future

Bray: Just vote for Amber

Trudy: Oh of course it's her you really want isn't it

Bray: Oh that's enough just shut up

Trudy: Why are you wasting your time with me anyway

Bray: I'm sorry I didn't know you were there

Salene: Are you okay

Bray: Yeah

Dal: Who's this Edison fella

Jack: He invented the lightbulb

Dal: The book should be in a museum where'd you get it anyway

Jack: Zandra gave it to me she found it in the antique shop

Dal: That explains it what does she want you to make a hairdryer, that election thing everyone's to get a secret vote you know like a private ballet

Jack: What's wrong with sticking your hands in the air

Dal: Who'd vote against Lex

Jack: Yeah suppose, hey, hey check this out

Dal: It's the simplest system x marks the spot

Jack: Won't we need something like a voting booth

Dal: I don't know

Jack: Well there's gotta be a simpler way than that

Dal: How about everyone writes a name on a piece of paper

Jack: Yeah but does everyone know how to write

Lex: What are you talking about

Dal: Voting of tonight

Lex: Why can't everybody just stick up there hands

Jack: Well it's not democratic

Lex: What

Dal: Everybody will know who you voted for then

Lex: What's wrong with that

Jack: Come on

Lex: Look whatever but writing down's a bad idea Ryan can't write

Dal: No

Lex: Yeah and you don't wanna make him embarrassed do you he might get cross, of course what we need is a bit more adventure get out and about a bit more a leader who can find you some milk

Trudy: Yes

Lex: Oh I hope I can count on your vote Trudy

Trudy: I don't think i'll bother

Lex: Of course you must where would we be without democracy if you vote for me now you won't have to vote again I promise

Trudy: Why not

Lex: Cause i'll make the decision for you

Jack: Some democracy

Lex: Vote Lex the vote to end all votes

Ryan: What's the matter what does it mean

Paul: Okay

Ryan: Okay raise you

Zoot: I'm gonna be the strongest me and my warriors we're gonna take over the world

Bray: Martin

Jack: Ah stupid thing, what do you want

Patsy: I need some food

Jack: What now

Patsy: Right now

Jack: What for

Patsy: For a game we're playing poker with Ryan

Jack: Forget it

Patsy: Please

Jack: No this is gone to far

Dale: What's gone to far

Jack: Nothing, nothing

Patsy: Jack's got a secret

Jack: Come on then

Dal: What secret, got ya, you alright

Amber: This election we need to vote for Lex we need him to win

Dal: Lex your kidding

Amber: No I think it's for the best

Dal: But he's impossible he'll bully everyone

Amber: Yeah I know but I don't think anyone will put up with him for very long he'll give it a go and then hate it

Dal: You can win tonight easy

Amber: If I win Lex will never get of my back not until he's the leader if he wins he'll lose interest pretty quickly

Dal: You know that

Amber: Trust me

Dal: But why not just drop out now

Amber: It's better this way if he thinks he's won properly

Dal: Your the boss

Amber: What is that thing

Dal: Beginnings of a hairdryer

Amber: A hairdryer

Dal: Well sort of

Amber: I'm getting worried about you Dal

Ryan: I didn't know you could sign swear words, thought you said you'd no rations left

Patsy: We've got a secret store

Bray: Forget about all that warrior stuff

Zoot: Get lost man power and chaos it's the only way

Bray: We've gotta start putting things back together again

Zoot: Why

Bray: For her that's why, for you Martin

Lex: Well, well this is getting exciting

Ryan: Yeah Lex can you keep an eye on these for me

Lex: Sure, so what have we here then, so you bet all of this and you only had Jack high that's good bluffing but I don't think Ryan's gonna fold with this so what we need to do is spice up your hand a bit three jacks plus your one jack make four jacks now I expect you want these but what can you do for me you want these you have to vote for me tonight you understand you want these you have to vote for me tonight okay good you stick with me and everything will be sweet

Jack: You see what's happening you've ruined yourself's and now your ruining me

Ryan: what the

Jack: Ryan listen I can explain

Ryan: Macaroni cheese, beef casserole, creamed rice all yours are they Jack

Jack: It's not what you think

Ryan: Wait till Lex sees this lot

Jack: Ryan stop I can explain

Lex: When i'm leader i'll take you to a real casino hows that there's one on sector 2 round by the Dogz it gets pretty heavy down there but hey we're talking about Lex here ah they got girls, drinks it's wild have you ever played roulette

Ryan: Lex look at this I haven't had creamed rice for ages

Lex: You what

Ryan: Creamed rice

Lex: And

Ryan: It's Jack he's got a whole supermarket around there

Lex: Oh really now listen to me Jack you've got this sly food store right your gonna be in serious trouble when these good people hear about it now I can probably keep these chumps quiet until we know what to do you're gonna vote for me tonight huh good it's our little secret yeah, you enjoying yourself look stop stuffing your face we got a game to finish here whose call was it

Ryan: I'll have to see you it's all i've got left

Lex: Well would you look at that

Zandra: This one

Ryan: Yeah great

Zandra: I don't know it's a bit sparkly

Ryan: What's it for

Zandra: It's a big night it's our first election you should show a sense of occasion

Ryan: You look class

Zandra: course behind every great woman there's a line of great idiots

Lex: What are you on about

Zandra: Nothing this colors very Amber she'd look lovely in it she could do with a bit of a makeover

Lex: I hope your not thinking of voting for her

Zandra: Well look at all the male leaders all trousers and no common sense take Zoot for example

Lex: I'm not Zoot

Zandra: Of course you aren't Lex still you know

Lex: What do you think I should do with this Ryan

Zandra: Electric rouge it's my favourite

Lex: After the election I think

Jack: Okay so the marbles go in this bag and it's passed around and everyone takes one

Dal: Without showing anyone else

Jack: Yeah right so

Lex: Get on with it

Dal: Okay say each voter that's all of us secretly picks the colored marble for the person we want to vote for as the bags comes around then on the signal we throw the marbles in to the center of the table really fast so that no one else notices what color you picked any questions

Zandra: What if it's a tie

Patsy: What's a tie

Bray: Ask Lex

Lex: So the great wanderer returns

Bray: Did you miss me

Jack: Amber, Lex step forward

Bray: Everything alright

Salene: Yeah we were I was anyway getting a bit worried you know

Bray: Don't worry about me

Dal: Okay black marble if you wanna elect Lex and a white one for Amber let's start go on Patsy

Amber: Thanks

Jack: Paul, Chloe, Ryan

Trudy: Where have you been

Bray: Nowhere special

Trudy: Don't lie to me

Bray: I'll tell you later

Amber: I was beginning to wander about you

Bray: Yeah well I had a bit of a think

Amber: About time

Jack: Dal, Jack

Dal: Everyone ready one, two, throw

Lex: Yes

Jack: It looks like Lex: is the winner

Lex: Anybody who voted for me there's a party in order my place

Ryan: Hey Lex now your leader lets dish out the creamed rice

Salene: Who's got creamed rice

Ryan: Didn't you know Jack's got loads of it in his food store

Dal: Oh yeah since when

Amber: What food store Jack

Ryan: He's got a whole load of food he was keeping for himself tinned meat, creamed rice, chocolate everything

Dal: Chocolate

Zandra: You greedy little pig you had all that food and you didn't tell us

Amber: Is it true Jack, did you know about this

Lex: Of course not what do you take me for

Amber: Well what are you gonna do about it

Zandra: I say we should sling him out

Lex: Just shut it Zandra I decide that

Zandra: Well we should here we are half starving when we could've had a decent meal I say we go get it now

Lex: Nobody touches it till I say so i'm the leader you all just elected me

Bray: Yeah to sort this kind of thing out

Ryan: Zandra's right sling him out

Zandra: Let the Locusts Have him

Jack: No Lex

Lex: We'll have a trial then we'll decide what happens to him

Jack: If you put me on trial

Lex: You can either have a fair trial now or walk out with nothing what's it gonna be
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