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The Tribe season 1 episode 11 script

Patsy: How come Lex and Bob get more than the rest of us

Lex: Shut up

Trudy: Listen to them all squabbling like animals over food that's the future isn't it that's my daughters future

Bray: It doesn't have to be like that

Trudy: Yeah well hows it going to be then

Bray: People will learn to look after each other they have to

Trudy: But who's going to be there for me who's going to want a single mother when there's all that talent flaunting itself

Bray: I told you i'm not interested in Salene

Trudy: She's interested in you can't keep away

Bray: She wants to help and she does help you couldn't manage without her

Trudy: Oh so i'm a lousy mother now is that it

Bray: Please don't do this

Trudy: There

Salene: I'm sorry am I interrupting

Bray: No what is it

Salene: The trials starting soon aren't you coming

Bray: I don't think so we'll stay here

Salene: I'll look after the baby

Trudy: It's quite alright

Bray: We'll be fine you go along

Salene: Okay

Jack: You promised you wouldn't let anything happen to me if I go on trial

Lex: Nothing has happened yet

Jack: So what am I doing in here

Lex: Exactly you're in here and not out there on the streets you got me to thank for that how would it look if I just let you get away with it i'll try and get you off with just a bit more extra work

Jack: No this is my place and the food if you don't stop them i'll tell them about you ripping of the water

Lex: Are you threatening me because if you are I can still arrange for you to leave now

Jack: Yeah well I haven't got anything to lose have I

Lex: That's called blackmail

Jack: Yeah I know just how it feels

Bray: Hello

Amber: Salene says your not coming to the trial

Bray: Well Trudy's not feeling to good

Amber: We could do with you there we need someone sensible encase it gets out of control

Bray: Oh that's me is it someone sensible

Amber: Amongst other things they're talking about throwing Jack out we can't do that he's too valuable

Bray: You insisted on something being done Lex wanted to leave it

Amber: Well that wouldn't be right either I just don't want it getting out of hand

Bray: I'm sure you can handle it

Amber: Tell me something when are you gonna decide whether your apart of us or not

Bray: I've changed my mind i'm going to this trial

Trudy: Suit yourself you always do anyway

Bray: Well maybe you should come to your spending to much time on your own

Trudy: I'm sure Salene will be pleased, Bray i'm sorry

Dal: But if you throw someone out for hording food what do you do if someone does something really bad

Zandra: Like what

Salene: Like seriously hurting someone

Ryan: Starve them no food for a week

Amber: I think we should make up our own set of rules like a law and then agree to it so that everyone knows where they stand

Salene: Here I saved you a seat

Zandra: We don't want a law we wanna be able to do as we like

Ryan: What about flogging that'd make people think if you had a public flogging one, two, three, four

Lex: Ryan lets get this over with, you sit there, shift, now then you know what your accused of how do you plead guilty or not guilty

Jack: Not guilty

Amber: Oh come on we saw the

Lex: Quiet now we'll hear the evidence against Jack we'll hear what he has to say then i'll decide what happens

Amber: You'll decide I think we should all have a say

Lex: I'm the leader i'll decide

Bray: Why don't you trust us to make the right decision

Lex: What's that suppose to mean

Amber: If someone's going to be punished it's too important to be one person's decision just because you're the leader doesn't give you the power to do whatever you like to us

Dal: That's right it's not a proper trial without a jury

Jack: I think Lex should decide

Amber: Do you why is that Jack

Bray: Yes why Jack

Jack: I don't know

Lex: Okay you want a jury we'll have a jury lets set up a proper court room or something

Ryan: Who's gonna be the judge

Lex: You can

Ryan: Thanks, cheer up Jack there's probably some vacancies with the Locusts, i'll need my special hat for this one

Lex: Well who's gonna begin then

Amber: I will

Trudy: Thirsty weren't you what's gonna happen to you no dad and me for a mum at least you've got your uncle Bray he could be your dad that'd be alright wouldn't it we'd like that wouldn't we shall we go and see him shall we go and see your new dad

Amber: So if someone is selfish and they steal

Jack: I didn't steal anything it was my food

Amber: Are you gonna make him be quiet

Lex: Do you wanna go back in to the lift shaft

Jack: I'm not a thief

Amber: Your as good as a thief because you had food you knew we all needed if we allow this to go on you can forget about staying alive for very long because everyone will be too busy looking after themselves so we have to stamp it out now or we'll end up like the Locusts so i'm sorry Jack but there has to be a penalty for this if we let one person get away with it everyone else will think they can too it has to be a real punishment but it shouldn't be something we'll regret later lets remember that Jack is very intelligent and we need people like him in the tribe

Ryan: Okay all those in favor of slinging him out

Lex: Hang on we haven't found him guilty yet

Ryan: Of course he's guilty

Amber: We have to hear what he has to say first

Lex: Thank you, now then Jack do you deny hoarding the food

Jack: No

Ryan: There you are

Lex: Why'd you do it then

Jack: Beacause I wanted to keep it to make it last longer

Zandra: Oh come on

Lex: Let him talk, what else

Jack: I knew that if I told everyone it would all go in a couple of days the only reason we ration our food is because we don't think we have very much

Amber: Why are you only telling us this now

Lex: You didn't like it when he interrupted you so don't interrupt him, go on Jack

Jack: The other thing I thought was that if the fighting stopped we could trade with the other tribe's so I wanted us to keep something to trade with

Lex: Do you think this is funny

Bray: I think it's a good story

Lex: I can tell you there are other people out there who wanna trade the tribe's are making peace

Amber: How do you know

Lex: I keep my ear to the ground

Bray: I haven't heard anything about a truce

Lex: You've been too busy playing daddy but it's a fact

Amber: Tell me something why do you want to get Jack off so badly

Lex: I'm interested in the truth that's all and here's another thing if we find Jack guilty and punish him it's only fair to look at all the other crimes like people gambling for rations and all the other people who knew about the stash and kept quiet, right all those that think Jack is guilty put up there hands

Zandra: What are you looking at me like that for

Lex: Not guilty, Salene

Salene: I don't know it's difficult

Patsy: Chloe put up your hand

Salene: I think i'll obstain

Patsy: Do it

Lex: Chloe

Chloe: Not guilty

Lex: Right then five to four Jack's innocent

Dal: Innocent, he's guilty

Zandra: He deserves to be thrown out

Lex: So how was I

Zandra: You were alright what is it with you and Jack anyway

Lex: Nothing it was a fair vote

Zandra: Yeah

Lex: Yeah, i've been thinking about what you said bout getting our act together

Zandra: Gotta go Lex

Lex: Look I told you i'd take this place over

Zandra: Yeah you've done alright, Lex no

Lex: Come on Zan

Zandra: No way Lex I haven't changed my mind

Lex: I've been waiting a long time Zandra

Zandra: Well you'll have to wait a little bit longer

Lex: Women

Dal: Come on Jack give us a hand

Ryan: Why couldn't you have had one of the smaller ones

Lex: The boss always gets the biggest desk it's obvious

Dal: No one else has a desk

Lex: A bit more this way very nice

Ryan: I found these you can keep your papers in them

Lex: That'd be useful

Dal: I told you he'd like them

Ryan: Oh and this oh yeah it says executive director

Lex: Very good so where were we Jack

Jack: Week one floor cleaning

Lex: Chloe and Patsy even they should be able to do that oh and put Paul down to, what's next

Jack: Cooking

Lex: Amber and Salene

Jack: Washing up

Lex: It'll have to be Zandra

Ryan: She won't like it

Lex: Well you don't want her cooking do you, defense training put down the four of us here

Dal: What exactly do we have to do

Lex: Me and Ryan are gonna teach you the noble art of berrying arms you'll have to find some sticks Ryan

Jack: What about Bray

Lex: Yeah Bray put him on guard duty

Bray: I can't believe your still on about this i'm not repeat not interested in her

Trudy: You are lying I saw you sitting next to her

Bray: So what was I doing holding her hand

Trudy: You probably were for all I know they were probably all watching and saying poor Trudy poor girl hasn't got a chance

Bray: Listen to me, what do you want

Jack: Lex sent me to tell you your on guard duty

Bray: Tell him to forget it

Jack: Is that wise

Bray: Tell him what you like go on

Trudy: Now look what you've done

Salene: Look at this who does he think he is

Amber: Our leader

Salene: Well I didn't vote for him and I still don't understand why you did

Amber: I thought he'd make a good leader lets hope I wasn't wrong

Salene: What are we gonna do

Amber: Well if you don't like it tell him

Salene: Me

Amber: Sure why not come on

Salene: I'm no good at this sort of thing why don't you tell him

Amber: If I complain he'll think i'm plotting against him

Salene: Are you sure you aren't

Amber: Of course not

Patsy: Someone took the handles of the brooms so we have to do it like this

Amber: Have you told Lex

Chloe: We don't want to he might shout at us

Amber: We have to go and see Lex about something why don't you come along with us

Zandra: How am I suppose to do this lot without any rubber gloves

Lex: You don't need rubber gloves

Zandra: Of course I do what do you think these are gonna look like after i've been through all that

Lex: So do them again

Zandra: Are you saying I haven't got anything better to do than paint my finger nails is that what you think of me

Lex: Of course not

Zandra: Then get me some gloves

Lex: What are you lot doing here

Salene: Why have you given all the work to the girls and none to the boys

Zandra: Because the boys couldn't possibly get there precious little hands wet

Lex: I think if you read the roster again you'll see the men are doing weapon training so if we're attacked we can protect you

Amber: I thought all the tribe's were about to kiss and make up

Lex: They are but a good commander has to keep his guard up

Zandra: How is a little shrimp like Jack going to protect me

Lex: That's the point he needs to learn

Amber: Well wouldn't it be better if we all learned and then we could all protect each other

Lex: Don't you understand we're living in primitive times again that means the men do the protecting and the women look after the home

Zandra: Your not doing much to protect my hands

Amber: So that's it there's no way the boys are doing any of the cooking and cleaning

Lex: No

Amber: Right we'd better get on with it then

Lex: Well go on get back to work

Patsy: We can't someone's taken the handles of the brooms

Zandra: Who'd do a thing like that

Lex: Only somebody very stupid

Ryan: You said to get sticks so I did

Lex: I didn't say get broom handles

Ryan: You didn't say not to

Lex: You two watch this, i'm attacking

Ryan: Ah that hurt

Lex: Sorry Ryan, alright you two come on ya wimps lets see what you can do

Amber: Boys and sticks

Salene: It's pathetic

Lex: Girls would say that until they're threatened, begin

Chloe: It's all I could bring I have to get back if I get caught they'll put me on trial then there'll be no one to look after you I know you want to go out but I can't don't you'll hurt yourself i'll think of something I promise I will

Salene: There it's alright, there you are

Trudy: Put her down

Salene: What

Trudy: You heard me

Salene: Trudy

Trudy: Keep your hands of her

Salene: But she was all alone

Trudy: I know what you want you want her for yourself

Salene: No

Trudy: And Bray too, you've been eying him up ever since we got here

Salene: It's not true

Trudy: Well your not getting him so stay away from him

Bray: What's going on

Trudy: Your tarts trying to take our baby that's what

Salene: I am not his tart

Bray: Trudy stop it

Salene: How can you speak to me like this after everything I have done for you

Trudy: I don't want you to do anything for me just leave the baby alone and leave him alone too

Bray: Have you completely lost it you need all the help you can get and you drive her away

Trudy: I hate this place I don't wanna be here anymore

Ryan: How come you get more than anyone else

Lex: Leaders get double rations I have to keep up my strength

Ryan: You haven't done anything

Lex: I've been using my brain something you'll never experience

Zandra: She's just going through another bad patch you don't wanna take it to seriously

Salene: but what about the baby if she falls apart what will happen to it

Zandra: It's not your problem

Lex: Who cooked this

Zandra: I did do you like it

Lex: Your suppose to be doing the washing up not the cooking

Zandra: The other girls helped me so i'm helping them I did yours specially

Lex: Well it's burnt

Zandra: Only a tiny bit stop making such a fuss

Ryan: Mines not burnt

Lex: What are you doing here

Bray: I've come to eat

Lex: I don't recall you doing your guard duty

Bray: Well I had to stay with Trudy sh'e not well

Lex: If you don't do your bit for the tribe you can't expect the tribe to feed you

Bray: Well doesn't seem to be any shortages

Lex: Sorry

Bray: Alright I'll take Trudy's share

Lex: If she wants it she can come and get it

Bray: She won't come i've tried

Lex: That's tough then

Bray: Don't you understand she's not well if she doesn't eat she'll get worse

Salene: Think about the baby Lex

Lex: I said no

Bray: I'm not leaving here without her food

Dal: Come on Lex she's gotta eat

Salene: How can you be so mean

Bray: Yours is getting cold

Amber: Lex if Bray was willing to do guard duty tonight maybe we could give him Trudy's share of the food would you be willing to do that Bray

Lex: Double guard duty

Amber: Because if you were the rest of us could get on with our dinner

Bray: Double guard duty it is then

Salene: Don't let him see

Bray: I'm really sorry about Trudy

Salene: It's okay I was only trying to help you do know that

Bray: Yes thank you

Salene: I'm sorry but it's staring us right in the face

Zandra: No need to apologize he thinks i'm doing this for the rest of my life he can forget it

Patsy: It wouldn't be like this if you were leader

Amber: We've got to give him some time to learn

Salene: For how long we could be washing and scrubbing and cooking until we are old women

Amber: Maybe there's some way we could help Lex see reason

Salene: But what about the other boys they're no better

Amber: Them to

Ryan: I fixed it, it's a bit wobbly so don't push to hard on the broom

Zandra: And your telling us they can be made to see reason

Amber: Believe it or not yes look we'll meet later while they're asleep and i'll tell you what i've got in mind

Zandra: It can't be much worse than this

Salene: Shh come on

Amber: Are you sure no one saw you

Salene: Yes

Amber: Okay now listen we're doing this for the sake of the tribe right the problem is we have a system that isn't working and sometimes you have to give a system a bit of a shock

Patsy: An electric shock

Amber: Sort of but stronger

Chloe: What are we gonna do

Amber: Nothing

Zandra: Nothing

Amber: Absolutely nothing we don't cook we don't clean we don't wash up we don't lift a finger you saw how much the boys liked how we cleaned up the cafe well we'll give them a choice if they want it this way they can do they're share of the work or do it all themselves

Zandra: I love it Lex will go ballistic

Chloe: What will he do to us

Amber: What can he do the other boys won't let him hurt us

Patsy: How long do we do it for

Amber: As long as it takes

Zandra: I'm in

Amber: Who else is in

Zandra: I can't wait to see the look on his face

Salene: What was that do you think it was the Locusts

Chloe: I think it's Zoot's ghost

Amber: There's no such thing

Patsy: What is it then

Amber: I don't know but I think we're about to find out
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