Friday, August 7, 2009

The Tribe season 1 episode 12 script

Jack: What's going on

Ryan: What is it

Patsy: It's Zoot's ghost

Amber: Rubbish Patsy ghosts don't exist

Dal: Whatever it is it does exist alright

Trudy: Bray

Bray: Don't worry Trudy there's nothing to worry about

Trudy: What is it

Bray: It's nothing come back to bed

Ryan: Could be the wind

Jack: Nah it's something alive

Lex: Well it isn't gonna be alive for long Ryan put the girls in the cage

Amber: What

Lex: You'll be safer there

Amber: We'll be trapped we can fight Lex

Lex: Get in to the cafe then grab anything you can as a weapon me and the troops will investigate

Dal: Troops

Jack: I think he means us

Ryan: We've been training you remember

Lex: You to Bray

Bray: what

Lex: Your coming with us to investigate

Bray: No i'm staying with Trudy and the baby

Lex: I'm your leader and I gave you an order

Bray: And i'm refusing it

Ryan: Lex

Lex: I'll deal with you later come on

Patsy: Lex sir

Lex: What

Patsy: Paul wants to come with you

Lex: No way he's deaf he'll be a liability all the girls and cowards can stay behind

Salene: Amber what are we gonna do

Amber: Set up a barricade at the top of the stairs if anything gets through we'll have the advantage

Dal: What is it

Ryan: Sounds like an animal not one i've ever heard

Dal: Must be a mutant or something you know one from the virus

Lex: Hand me that torch I need to bring up the rear encase there's a counter attack you go first Ryan, alright

Zandra: I can't get over Bray being a coward

Salene: I'm sure he's not he must have his reasons

Zandra: For chickening out still I might have known you'd defend him

Salene: Meaning

Zandra: Come on Salene

Amber: What's going on Bray

Bray: What do you mean

Amber: Why didn't you go with the others

Bray: I'm looking after Trudy and the baby

Amber: It's not just that I mean your not even worried there's some sort of strange creature down there and you couldn't care less I mean your actually laughing you know what it is don't you you know what that noise is Bray

Salene: Amber, Chloe's missing

Jack: Sounds like it's outside

Dal: Well lets leave it there

Lex: And have it bring the Locos and the Deamon Dogz

Ryan: Yeah let them deal with it

Lex: And what if they get wind of us hold up in here so far they have no idea where we are lets keep it that way

Dal: Perhaps it will go away

Lex: Or perhaps it will come back or just lie up there and wait for the first person to go up there food for it

Chloe: Come on, come on bluebell please they can hear you they're coming bluebell please they musn't find you

Ryan: It sounds like a cow

Lex: A cow

Dal: Yeah it does just like a cow

Lex: It is a cow you know what that means

Ryan: Meat

Lex: And one do, spread out, be hamburgers for breakfast

Jack: Careful cow's can still be dangerous

Lex: Not half as dangerous as Ryan when he wants a hamburger

Jack: Chloe

Chloe: No, no keep away shoo bluebell shoo, run, please don't hurt her she's my friend

Lex: Sorry but this little beauty would just about do us for a week

Chloe: No you can't eat her you can't eat bluebell

Ryan: Hello bluebell

Chloe: She'll give you milk lots of milk

Lex: Milk

Ryan: Oh yeah

Jack: That's an idea

Dal: At least we'll have something to put in our cornflakes

Chloe: You will won't you bluebell lots of milk everyday

Jack: It'll need to be taken out to grass

Dal: There's plenty of grass in the park

Lex: Okay we'll keep her

Chloe: Thank you

Lex: Get of

Bray: It's not that funny Trudy

Trudy: I can just see Lex playing the big hero charging after a little baby calf

Amber: There you are I suppose you think this is very funny

Bray: Not especially

Amber: Letting everyone get in to a blind panic the kids terrified and all the time you knew, you knew what it was didn't you

Bray: Yes

Amber: Well why didn't you say something what are you playing at Bray

Bray: I promised Chloe I wouldn't tell her secret

Amber: Oh that's absord

Bray: No Amber I don't break promises

Amber: Oh mister high and mighty mister self righteous you are a number one selfish jerk

Trudy: Your upsetting the baby

Amber: Oh why don't you just take her away then in fact why don't you just all go all of you

Trudy: What

Amber: You are both so selfish you do nothing to help you take and never give you use Salene like a slave

Trudy: She's pushed her way in she's after Bray

Bray: Trudy

Amber: And you, you think your so intelligent so clever winding Lex up trying to humiliate him well at least he had the guts to stand for leader

Bray: Hey I don't believe in leaders

Amber: Well what precisely do you believe in then Bray anything nothing perhaps when you've figured it out you can come down of your pedastool and tell us poor little morons

Bray: If you feel that strongly Amber we can go

Trudy: Bray

Bray: No it's not gonna work with Lex as leader anyway

Amber: Don't you think I know that

Bray: I figured

Zandra: I don't care if it was only a cow I thought you were very brave

Lex: What are you gonna give me for protecting you, is that all

Zandra: Cheek some fellas would die for that

Lex: Why don't you come back to my place and i'll tell you all about it

Zandra: Some other time i'm exhausted

Lex: I'll give you a massage

Zandra: See you tomorrow

Lex: It's tomorrow today cause of that dumb cow

Zandra: Sweet though isn't it

Lex: We need an extra water ration for the calf and a rota to take her out to grass each day

Ryan: That could be dangerous

Lex: Well unless you can find a hay stack what else can we do

Ryan: What are you gonna do about Bray disobeying an order

Lex: I'm gonna let him think he got away with it then when he drops his guard get even

Ryan: How

Lex: The trick to leadership Ryan is to never be predictable keep them guessing oh and I want you, Jack and Dal to fix up the pharmacy on the balcony

Ryan: What for

Lex: For me it's gonna be my penthouse

Ryan: What about the boutique

Lex: I'm sick of it you keep it like a pig sty i'm moving out a leader needs some privacy and I can keep an eye on you lot as well

Ryan: What about Zandra

Lex: Stick a double bed in there for when i'm ready to choose a first lady

Ryan: What not Zandra you mean

Lex: Of course Zandra ya idiot i'm just not gonna rush it keep them guessing, what's that smell

Ryan: Bread

Jack: Lex the girls are refusing to cook our breakfast

Lex: What's going on

Amber: We're just sampling Salene's home made bread Lex

Zandra: Delicious

Lex: Where's our breakfast it's suppose to be ready

Salene: Sorry no can do

Lex: What do you mean why it was on the rota

Zandra: Rota

Lex: Yeah

Salene: I haven't seen it have you amber

Amber: No Salene

Lex: It was there stuck up write out another one Jack

Salene: Why bother we're not doing it

Lex: Oh yes you are

Zandra: We're not gonna be used as domestic slaves

Lex: Shut up Zan you can't even spell domestic

Salene: We're not standing for this sexist division of chores

Zandra: So we're just looking after ourselves in future

Lex: Zandra your making me very angry

Amber: Don't you even think about it Lex

Lex: You put them up to this didn't you

Amber: No you drove them to it great bread Salene, Zandra weren't you gonna show me how to do my hair

Zandra: Right

Amber: We'll clean up our pots later

Lex: You won't get away with this

Ryan: That bread smells good

Jack: Gorgeous

Ryan: I wonder if they left any

Dal: Lex

Lex: What

Dal: There's a leak, there

Ryan: The floors all wet

Lex: That'd be the water Ryan

Ryan: Is it raining

Dal: I don't think so, solar powered batteries would be going down wouldn't they Jack

Jack: Not straight away Dal

Ryan: Look it's stopped must have been the rain

Jack: Or a leak the water tanks right above there

Lex: Yeah but it's stopped a leaking tank wouldn't just stop would it

Jack: Unless

Dal: Oh no

Zandra: There you are the new you

Amber: Brilliant I like it

Zandra: I wanted to be a hairdresser I was gonna train and everything

Salene: You still can

Zandra: How there's nobody to train me

Amber: Well there should be some books around or even some CD's

Salene: There are no batteries for the computer

Amber: Well i'm Sure Jack and Dal will come up with something eventually

Zandra: Your so positive aren't you it's what I like about you Amber you always think things will get better

Amber: Well i'm sure they will it just takes time

Salene: You should have been the leader not stupid Lex sorry Zandra

Zandra: Don't look at me i'm not Lex's

Salene: Yeah but your still lucky to have someone who fancies you so much

Zandra: You could to

Salene: Who

Zandra: Come on Salene

Salene: What

Zandra: Amber tell her

Amber: Leave it Zandra

Zandra: Why everybody knows

Salene: What

Zandra: Your after Bray

Salene: I am not

Zandra: Go on don't say you don't fancy him

Salene: It's not the same as being after him

Zandra: It is your in there all the time looking after the baby taking it for walks

Salene: Only because Trudy doesn't care about it and I do

Zandra: Only because it's Bray's niece

Salene: No

Amber: Hey come on you two we're suppose to be sticking together remember against Lex and the boys we've got a real fight on our hands we don't need to make up fights for ourselves

Zandra: Well

Amber: Zandra if we fall out amongst ourselves we've had it

Salene: Sorry Amber

Zandra: Yeah sorry

Jack: It's empty

Ryan: Empty

Dal: And what's the only thing we can't live without

Jack: So what now boss

Lex: Breakfast Dal you can cook

Dal: No I can't

Lex: Well learn

Jack: Looks like we'll have to use your private water stash

Lex: Get lost it's for an emergency

Jack: What do you call this

Lex: Just a little hitch

Jack: Lex we'll die without water

Lex: I'll think of something come on, what's this

Dal: What do you think it is it's beans on crackers

Lex: They're burnt

Ryan: Even the crackers are burnt

Dal: I tried toasting them

Lex: Why can't you make bread like Salene

Dal: I never learned i'm not a girl

Lex: Well start now you've got a brain haven't you

Dal: I thought we weren't doing girls jobs

Ryan: Yeah

Lex: We're not i'll fix them

Amber: Hi Trudy

Trudy: Can I come in for a minute

Amber: Of course come in

Trudy: Wow this looks great Amber it's important to have a place all of your own isn't it

Amber: Anything the matter Trudy

Trudy: It's Bray

Amber: Yeah

Trudy: He's gone in to a mood he won't talk

Amber: He's always in some sort of mood or another

Trudy: I think he's going to leave after what you said this morning you don't really want us to go do you I don't wanna go Amber i'm scared outside even with Bray and now with the baby and everything

Amber: Have you given her a name yet

Trudy: No

Amber: Don't you think you ought to and start taking responsibility for her she is your child Trudy

Trudy: I know

Amber: And it would give Salene less opportunity to always be around

Trudy: Her

Amber: She was only trying to help Trudy she was brilliant when you were ill she can't help it if she's fallen for Bray

Trudy: Well she can just keep her hands off him

Amber: Your not listening Trudy I said she can't help the way she feels but I don't honestly think she's trying to break the two of you up your doing that yourself

Trudy: If, if I start to be a better mother and stop getting at Salene

Amber: I don't want you to go Trudy I think you and Bray could be a great help to us but that's up to Bray

Trudy: Can you talk to him Amber I know he really respects you

Amber: I'll try but Bray only does what he wants and if he's made up his mind, now what about a baby's name

Patsy: But we're hungry

Ryan: Sorry

Amber: Will you move please Ryan

Ryan: What do you want

Amber: We've come for our water ration

Ryan: It's there

Amber: Very funny just move Ryan

Zandra: Yeah shift Ryan

Ryan: That's all there is honest the tanks empty we've had to share out everybody's ration between the lot of us

Amber: What sort of game is this

Ryan: It's not a game go ask Lex

Amber: We will

Lex: Hi Amber i've been expecting you

Amber: What's all this about water Lex

Lex: I told Ryan to tell you

Ryan: I did

Lex: There's no water left nics you can go look for yourself if you don't believe me

Ryan: There was a leak

Zandra: Your serious

Lex: Yeah but don't worry Zandra i've come up with a plan

Amber: Which is

Lex: Well Jack said there was a stream not to far from here so you and the girls can go get some water from there and i'll send Ryan and the rest of them to protect you

Zandra: Why don't the boys just go and get the water

Lex: Cause they'll be guarding won't they, they can't carry water and guard at the same time

Amber: Forget it Lex

Lex: What's the problem women always used to fetch water in Africa and that

Salene: We said no sexist division of jobs

Amber: Exactly

Lex: Be reasonable you couldn't exactly protect us could you

Amber: We'll go together and all carry the water

Lex: No way i'm not putting my men at risk

Amber: Then we'll go on our own

Lex: Have Zandra out there with Deamon Dogz and Locos roaming around getting caught by that lot she'd be a real prize wouldn't she they'd really like her

Amber: I can do it on my own if I have to

Salene: And i'll come with you Amber

Patsy: And me

Lex: I wouldn't let you anyway you get caught and you'll give the rest of us away

Amber: Then when the boys go we'll come with you and fetch our own

Lex: This is all your fault you put them up to this

Amber: No it's a group rebellion Lex

Lex: We'll see who can go without water the longest

Zandra: Amber

What do we do now

Amber: We go in for the kill

Lex: They're not gonna die of thirst Ryan they'll give up before that

Ryan: But how will we get water

Lex: We'll use our own private water stash

Ryan: But Dal doesn't know about that and if we tell him he's bound to tell Amber they're mates

Lex: I'm sure you can persuade him to keep his trap shut

Ryan: What if they get to know they'll put you on trial like they did with Jack

Lex: I'm the leader they're not gonna put me on trial

Ryan: Why not

Lex: Because I wouldn't let them

Ryan: Those are the rules Lex we made them up about stealing and stuff

Lex: They're not gonna know anyway not unless somebody tells them your not thinking of telling them are you Ryan

Ryan: What if they don't give in i'm not gonna let them die of thirst Lex

Bray: Leaders never get us anywhere look at the mess they got us in to

Amber: But it can't just be everyone for themselves Bray

Bray: How about everyone for each other

Amber: A nice idea but it's a dream

Bray: Maybe for now but if you don't have dreams where are you

Amber: So when Lex cracks how do you see it

Bray: If he cracks

Amber: He will I know his type

Bray: I bet you do, do you know mine

Amber: Not yet but i'm working on it

Zandra: I wish I could make pastry

Salene: Didn't you ever learn

Zandra: Well yeah I tried it was always to messy I kept getting flour in my hair and stuff

Ryan: What are you making

Zandra: It's a special treat

Ryan: What

Zandra: Vegetable pie

Ryan: A pie

Salene: With real stock grave

Ryan: Gravy

Salene: Well it would be if we had enough water for it

Zandra: It's a sort of celebration

Ryan: What for

Zandra: Trudy's given the baby a name

Salene: At last

Ryan: What is it

Zandra: Secret

Ryan: That's a funny name

Zandra: No it is a secret dummy sometimes Ryan I could kiss you for being so daft

Ryan: Why don't you then

Zandra: Alright then I will

Ryan: I love pie I haven't had one since if I get some water for the gravy can I have a piece

Patsy: Yeah I can smell it

Chloe: It's coming

Patsy: I'm so hungry I can't wait

Lex: What's going on

Zandra: Oh hi Lex we're having a banquet

Patsy: Trudy's given the baby a name

Lex: I thought you decided not to feed us men

Amber: Well Ryan did get some water for the gravy

Salene: And we're just showing Jack and Dal what they can get as a regular treat

Zandra: As long as they agree to share the chores properly

Patsy: Not that sexy rota

Bray: Sexist Patsy

Lex: Ryan, Jack, Dal I wanna see you lot now

Ryan: But the pie will get cold Lex

Jack: And the gravy

Dal: We're just trying it out Lex we haven't decided on anything

Amber: Would you care to join us Lex

Lex: In your dreams

Zandra: Salene it smells devin

Ryan: Shall I cut the pie

Amber: Hang on well Trudy

Zandra: Oh yes

Trudy: I've decided to call her Brady

Ryan: Brady

Dal: Oh yeah I see it, it's a combination of Bray and Trudy

Jack: That's pretty cool

Dal: Hurry up and cut the pie i'm starving

Jack: Get out i'm before you

Zandra: Here Salene you better grab some before it's to late

Patsy: We better save some for Bob, i'm so hungry

Dal: Hey I hope there's enough for seconds

Patsy: Best pie i've ever tasted

Lex: You wait Amber you just wait
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