Friday, September 18, 2009

The Tribe season 1 episode 18 script

Locos: Over here, what's that racket

Jack: There's no one

Lex: Ryan go and check the shaft

Locos: Okay right lets go come on

Ryan: They've gone

Lex: Good job they didn't get in, your useless

Dal: It was his alarm that warned us in the first place

Lex: Yeah come on lets go deal with that hell cat I'm looking forward to this, come on, she still up here

Amber: She must be we can't let her get away Lex

Lex: That a fact, look Ryan go down and guard the sewers encase she tries to jump the balcony

Ryan: Okay

Bray: I'll help you look

Lex: Stuff it

Bray: She's dangerous Lex I've seen her in action you couldn't handle her on your own

Lex: You and Dal stay here she gives us the slip use anything you can to stop her, where is she boy, go get the others we'll put her in the cage

Amber: Well done Bob our hero

Chloe: Well done

Trudy: I'm so glad your safe Bray

Zandra: I'd kill her she ruined my wedding

Chloe: Can't we still have it

Salene: It's not really the right time Chloe

Chloe: Aw

Patsy: We wanted to be bridesmaids

Amber: Another time first we have to decide what to do about our unwelcome wedding guest

Lex: Perhaps she could say the speech instead of Ryan

Ebony: What are you staring at

Dal: Nothing

Ebony: Who are you what are you all doing here

Dal: We live here

Amber: Dal

Dal: I'm sorry Amber

Amber: We're having a meeting come on

Dal: What about her

Amber: She's not going anywhere

Lex: Before we decide what we're gonna do with her what I wanna know is how did she get in here in the first place

Bray: She followed me, the Locos captured me they had me tied up and blind folded then when somebody cut my ropes I didn't hang about to ask questions I split

Lex: Bringing her with you

Bray: She's good I thought it might be a trap but I didn't spot her trailing me

Jack: But what I don't get is why didn't she bring the rest with her we were sitting ducks

Bray: That's what I've been wandering

Amber: One way to find out ask her

Lex: Right but I'll ask the questions

Bray: Not to close Lex

Lex: So Ebony the big question why are you here

Ebony: I'd have thought that was obvious

Lex: So tell me

Ebony: I want Zoot I know you've got him

Bray: He was here but he's gone now that's all we know

Ebony: Your lying

Bray: I don't lie

Amber: Why do you want Zoot

Lex: Hey I ask the questions, why do you want him

Ebony: He's my man and our leader and we want him back

Lex: So why didn't you bring the rest of your tribe with you

Ebony: I didn't know what we were walking in to

Lex: I don't buy that you let Bray go then you followed the stupid git back here if you thought we had Zoot you'd have come all ganged up

Ebony: I made a mistake

Lex: Yeah well don't make the mistake of underestimating me babe

Ebony: Is that possible

Amber: She's lying for some reason she doesn't want the others to find Zoot

Lex: It's not important why she came the thing is what do we do with her now

Zandra: I'd kill her ruining my wedding

Salene: We can't let her go can we

Lex: She'll bring the rest of her mob back here

Dal: So we keep her she can't escape

Jack: For how long weeks, years

Dal: Yeah well

Jack: Eating our food drinking our precious water

Ryan: She's not having any of my rations

Zandra: We could starve her to death

Patsy: That's horrible

Ryan: Yeah that'd have to be the worst way to die everything

Dal: Maybe we could get through to her you know reform her

Lex: Ebony

Dal: Well

Amber: Bray you knew her before didn't you

Bray: A little

Amber: Well what do you think could Ebony change could we change her

Bray: She could certainly convince you, you had

Lex: Then escape when we let her out

Zandra: The evil witch

Lex: We're wasting time we can't keep her and we can't let her go, It's execution what's the problem the adults used to do it

Jack: Not all of them

Dal: No some countries didn't have the death penalty

Lex: But a lot did

Salene: Yeah for murder she hasn't killed anyone

Lex: How do we know that anyway they used to have it for spying aswell

Zandra: Lex is right

Ryan: Yeah but whose gonna do it

Jack: And how

Lex: Hang her

Salene: No

Jack: We've got some pills we could put her to sleep humanly

Amber: Humanly this is ridiculous what are we barbarians

Tai-San: Amber's right of course we cannot possibly kill another human being it would create very destructive vibes within our group

Lex: So

Tai-San: We wait we keep her until it becomes clear what we must do

Lex: And how will that happen

Tai-San: Through patience thought understanding

Amber: Do we need to vote on this is anyone seriously suggesting we execute her, good I'll draw up a rota to guard her

Zandra: Lex what about the wedding

Lex: Not now babe I've got a prisoner to watch

Jack: That figures

Tai-San: That's right Zandra let it all out

Zandra: I hate her she's ruined everything

Tai-San: No

Zandra: She has I should be married by now

Tai-San: And you will be soon

Zandra: What if Lex changes him mind

Tai-San: Why should he

Zandra: He's like that you never know with him

Tai-San: But you believe he loves you

Zandra: Yes

Tai-San: And he was going to marry you today, then what reason is there for him to change as long as you don't change

Zandra: What do you mean

Tai-San: You must wait until your calm again don't do anything foolish your emotions are so hot so confused it be easy to make a mistake right now

Lex: Very good

Ebony: Better than that better than you

Lex: No way

Ebony: Your the warrior of the tribe yeah they're champion

Lex: I guess

Ebony: We should practice together some time as I'm going to be around for quite a while

Lex: Sounds cool

Amber: Alright Lex I'll take over now

Lex: It's not a problem

Amber: I'm not wasting my time drawing up a rota just for people to screw it around

Lex: It should've been me doing the rota in the first place

Amber: I didn't see you jumping up to write it and you and Ryan should look for Paul I'm getting worried about him

Lex: Ah that dummy

Amber: Have you been on at him again, Lex

Trudy: Sorry I didn't know you were

Bray: It's alright come in, water

Trudy: Are you okay

Bray: Yeah why

Trudy: The Locos didn't hurt you

Bray: No Ebony stopped them

Trudy: Oh

Bray: Well she wanted to grill me about Zoot

Trudy: Did you tell her

Bray: No I didn't think that was wise

Trudy: I feel so guilty

Bray: Why

Trudy: Because if it hadn't been for me you wouldn't have gone of and got captured

Bray: I chose to go

Trudy: Because I was so stupid so jealous I couldn't help it Bray seeing you two together like that

Bray: Trudy it was a spare of the moment thing

Trudy: I know, I know you don't have to explain I'm sorry I had no right it's just that I love you Bray and I've come to ask for another chance I know we can be so good together and for little Brady

Bray: Trudy

Trudy: Don't, don't say anything just yet just think about it I can wait

Patsy: Is she still up there that Ebony

Salene: Yes but she's locked in the cage

Chloe: She can't get out

Salene: No and somebody's guarding her all the time

Patsy: I'm scared where's Paul

Salene: Shh now he'll be alright there's nothing to worry about

Patsy: She's frightening she's a Loco

Salene: But she's our prisoner she's locked up and she can't harm you

Patsy: Bob will help guard her won't he

Salene: Come on now settle down and I'll tell you a story

Ebony: I don't get it why the guard where am I going to go

Amber: We just feel safer keeping an eye on you

Ebony: Your a strange a frightened little mob aren't you, you wouldn't last a minute outside we'd tear you apart

Amber: And that's something to be proud of is it, I pity you

Ebony: Me

Amber: Your so angry so negative because your afraid

Ebony: I'm not afraid of anything

Amber: Then your a fool

Ebony: Yeah I can go anywhere I want do anything I want I'm not hold up in some rotting mall like a frightened mouse

Amber: And what do you do that makes you so special hurt people destroy things where's that gonna get you

Ebony: To the top sugar

Amber: Of what a garbage heap honey at least we're looking to the future trying to build something better

Ebony: Well when you do I'll be there to knock it down

Amber: You know they wanted to kill you but I stopped them

Ebony: You might live to regret that

Lex: Hey babe I just came to see how my little Zan is

Zandra: Finished guarding your prisoner have you

Lex: Oh babe I've gotta job to do I'm chief of security remember

Zandra: I think she's quiet secure in there without you gawking at her all the time

Lex: Oh Zan you can't be jealous I was gonna marry you today we should be on our honeymoon right now

Zandra: Yeah well we're not so don't go getting any ideas

Lex: I feel like we're married already what's a few little words from Tai-San gonna matter

Zandra: A lot she said we shouldn't get carried away we've got to wait till things calm down

Lex: What's it got to do with her interfering weirdo

Zandra: She is not she's very intelligent and wise and I'm gonna listen to what she says, Lex you can't be angry when it happens it's gonna be wonderful I'm gonna make the best wife in the world for you

Salene: Bray your not going again are you

Bray: I need to look for Paul he's not in the mall

Salene: Can I come

Bray: No it's dark outside and dangerous

Salene: I like to look at the stars they're so bright now aren't they with no lights from the city you can see them all

Bray: Strange all this had to happen before we could see how beautiful it once was

Salene: It will be beautiful again Bray our new world I know it will

Bray: You really believe that don't you

Salene: I do I believe it when I'm with you I believe anything's possible

Ryan: Yes

Ebony: You look happy in your little world

Ryan: Don't talk Amber said we're not to talk to you

Ebony: Amber frightened little mouse

Ryan: Amber's not frightened she's very brave

Ebony: Yeah, yeah anything you say so what was going on today some sort of ceremony

Ryan: A wedding

Ebony: A wedding

Ryan: Lex and Zandra you spoiled it for her

Ebony: She ought to thank me saving her from him

Ryan: Lex is okay

Ebony: Really

Ryan: Yeah he was the leader of this lot

Ebony: Was so what happened

Ryan: Don't know exactly he's chief of security now

Ebony: And your his deputy right

Ryan: Yeah suppose so

Ebony: And this Zandra

Ryan: She's great Lex has been after her for ages

Ebony: You mean they haven't actually

Ryan: Hey I'm not suppose to be talking to you

Ebony: She's very pretty Zandra if you like that sort of thing

Ryan: What do you mean she's beautiful

Ebony: Yeah course she is

Ryan: She is

Ebony: I said it didn't I

Ryan: Well I don't like the way you said it

Ebony: Tough not my problem you've fallen for the boss's slag

Ryan: Zandra's not a slag

Ebony: Really could've fooled me I'm surprised she's held out so long looking like that she ought to be grateful for any man she can get

Ryan: Zandra's a beautiful lovely girl and if you don't take that back

Ebony: Make me fat boy come and defend your pathetic slag

Ryan: Don't say that again

Ebony: What slaggy Zandra

Lex: Ryan what's going on and why have you got the keys out

Ebony: Tell him fat boy

Lex: You shut it, calm down she ain't worth it you go and get some rest

Ryan: But I'm on guard

Lex: I'll take over go on you look like you've had it, naughty, naughty

Amber: Bray any sign

Bray: I'll look again in the morning goodnight

Amber: Night

Bray: Trudy are you alright, Trudy please answer me

Trudy: Just go away Bray leave me alone please

Ebony: Thank you kind sir

Lex: My pleasure ma'am

Ebony: Your not scared of me are you no one else would come near

Lex: No I'm not scared should I be

Ebony: Only if I'm real angry otherwise I'm a pussycat

Lex: I can believe that

Ebony: In the right circumstances

Lex: Like not now

Ebony: Afraid not the one thing I really hate is being locked up

Lex: You should get used to it you could be here a very long time

Ebony: I was a fool

Lex: Why didn't you want the rest of your mob to know about Zoot

Ebony: What's there to know Lex

Lex: You know he's dead

Ebony: I guessed, how, not Bray

Lex: Not a chance it was me

Ebony: You

Lex: It was a fair fight

Ebony: I don't believe it Zoot was the best street fighter I've ever seen

Lex: So he met his match I'm better

Ebony: In your dreams

Lex: I'm telling you

Ebony: You must have jumped him a whole bunch of you

Lex: No

Ebony: Honey even I could take you out and I'm a girl, don't worry Lex I can't get out

Lex: No but I can get in

Ebony: I'm terrified look I'm shaking

Lex: I ain't never hit a girl but I'm gonna teach you something you'll never forget

Ebony: Embroidery

Lex: Satisfied

Ebony: No way
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