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The Tribe season 1 episode 15 script

Locos: That thing credits for a stray, hey you

Lex: You okay Salene

Salene: Fine thanks

Zandra: I thought I told you to lay of

Lex: What I was only trying to console her

Zandra: Well don't

Lex: When did you get so heartless Zandra you never been dumped before

Zandra: Bray didn't dump her

Lex: I thought you said he was sleeping with Trudy

Zandra: He's just confused that's all

Lex: Ah that's the sort of confusion I could live with

Zandra: Drop it Lex unless you wanna know what it feels like to be dumped

Chloe: Ow, ow

Jack: Look at that clear as a bell I'm a genius, I am a genius

Dal: What are you on about

Jack: Pure rain water collected and filtered for drinking just looking at it makes me feel kind of

Dal: Humble

Jack: Yeah, yeah that's it that's the word

Dal: Give me that

Jack: What for

Dal: Ryan needs it he's gonna the stream with Bray

Jack: Why take the risk we've got our own supply

Dal: Sorry to break it to you Jack but we need a lot more water than that thing can provide unless you've found a way to make it rain three times a day shouldn't be to hard for a genius

Zandra: He's a two timing rat all men are the same you think Bray's different just cause he's always rushing around being a super hero

Salene: He is different he has principles

Zandra: What principles leading you on like that he's no better than any of them

Salene: Leave it Zandra

Zandra: Tell me I'm wrong

Salene: First of all he isn't two timing anyone he had a choice and and he chose Trudy and that's the end of it

Zandra: I know it may seem that way but lets not be haste

Salene: What do you mean

Zandra: Well have it out with him at least don't give up without a fight

Salene: You've just been telling me he's not worth it

Zandra: True but at least he's good looking I mean all I'm saying is if you really want him do something about it

Jack: Dal wait I didn't mean it like that obviously you played your part to

Dal: Thanks

Jack: I was on the driving seat but you were the best assistant I could've wished for

Dal: It's always a pleasure to serve Jack

Jack: Which reminds me i've got another project in mind a new way of keeping out unwanted visitors, interested, so touchy all of a sudden

Dal: Here's another one for you

Jack: Careful with that it's got rain water in it

Ryan: What am I suppose to do with that

Jack: Well I don't know pour it out somewhere, no, oh yeah good call Ryan have a good trip bring back lots of nice water

Paul: What you can't just give up

Amber: What

Paul: What are you deaf

Patsy: He says we just can't give up

Amber: I know, look finding Chloe is more important than finding water I agree but listen Paul we're not giving up when we've stocked up on supplies we'll be better able to search for Chloe okay

Lex: Poor kid

Amber: Who Paul

Lex: Aren't you ashamed of yourself leading them on like that

Amber: How do you mean

Lex: Come of it Amber we're never gonna see Chloe again and you know it look my guess is she's already left the sector probably even the city that's if she hasn't been captured

Amber: How can you be so sure

Lex: We looked everywhere all the places she used to sneak of to she's gone

Amber: Listen Lex you've got your job to do security leave missing persons to me

Lex: You just don't wanna face it she never wanted to be part of this outfit in the first place

Amber: Wonder why

Bray: We're leaving

Amber: Good luck

Lex: Get some food while your out there a spare rib or two wouldn't go a miss

Salene: Bray I'm coming with you

Amber: Salene

Salene: What, those water bottles will be heavy

Amber: I'm sure they can manage

Salene: I can't believe this do I need to get written permission now every time I wanna go outside

Amber: Look lets just talk about this

Salene: Nothing to talk about I volunteered to help get water

Amber: Bray

Bray: I guess I mean another pair of hands

Salene: Thank you

Lex: It'll all end in tears

Chloe: Ow

Tai-San: Forgive me this will reduce the swelling

Chloe: Who are you

Tai-San: My name is Tai-San but please no more questions we must be quiet we're not out of danger yet

Lex: It's all genetic that's what they say

Zandra: It's what who says grownups

Lex: What they used to say from the moment your born you either take the lead or you follow I mean look at Ryan carrying those water bottles for Bray the sad part is he enjoys doing it

Zandra: So

Lex: Well one day and probably pretty soon by the looks of things your gonna want a baby of your own and I'm just saying that's where you should start looking in my genes

Trudy: Have either of you seen Bray

Lex: No not for a while he took Salene and went of in to the woods for some reason

Trudy: He what

Lex: Now what

Trudy: Is it true

Amber: Is what true

Trudy: Bray and Salene

Amber: Trudy they're collecting water

Trudy: Sure, your in on it you planned this didn't you, you and Salene

Amber: I did what

Trudy: Don't deny it your all against me you didn't want me when I first arrived and you still don't want me now

Amber: That is crazy

Trudy: Bray was mine before we ended up in this dump but you couldn't leave us alone could you, you had to break us up

Amber: Me I'm the one who tried to stop her going

Trudy: Oh so you admit she's after him

Amber: Well that's not exactly hard to spot you'd have to be Ryan to miss that one look why come to me anyway I'm admin not marriage guidance

Trudy: Your on her side you always have been

Amber: Look just believe whatever you want Trudy, it's not my problem

Bray: That's about all we can carry thanks Salene it was a good idea you coming

Salene: Don't mention it

Bray: Are you okay

Salene: I didn't really come here to help out at least that was one reason, I needed to talk to you about some things but I guess I'll never be like Zandra I can never be angry with you even if I tried

Bray: That's nice to know

Salene: Bray why are you doing this I thought we had something special between us why do you wanna hurt me

Bray: Well if it's not to much to ask what exactly are you talking about

Salene: You and Trudy what else, don't lie to me that's what's so hurtful when you lie about it you could've let me down gently

Bray: Can we start over with this if you must know I'm not getting on with Trudy she's driving me nuts though it's any of your business

Salene: Well that's even worse

Bray: What

Salene: Sleeping with her when you don't even care about her

Ryan: Bray Loco camp over there they can't be very far away

Bray: Okay we've finished here, lets go

Chloe: It feels better already what did you put on it

Tai-San: Wild herb Hanaka and Comfrey

Chloe: Where to

Tai-San: I was hoping you'd tell me what are you doing here in the woods all alone Chloe

Chloe: It's a long story I had this pet calf Bluebell they wanted to eat her so I brought her here then she ran of I didn't have a chance to say goodbye what about you

Tai-San: My stories not important except that it brought me to you

Chloe: Thank you for saving me

Tai-San: It was written just as it is written that I must follow you

Chloe: Follow me but I'm lost

Tai-San: Often when people say they're lost they're just not listening hard enough

Chloe: Listening to what

Tai-San: They're heart if you had to choose a path which way would you go, no don't look listen you remember the way you've just forgotten that you remember it

Lex: I thought you said all the batteries were dead

Jack: Well nearly all, I had a couple saved encase of a real emergency, okay suppose your a Loco armed to the teeth walking through the sewer trying to break in and it's dark and quiet but your not scared your a Loco but your pulse rate is up just a little bit your palms are beginning to get a bit sweaty

Lex: Get on with it

Jack: The trip wires so fine you don't feel a thing next thing you know your surrounded by wolves, pretty affective huh

Lex: Soon as you get it working let me know

Jack: Doesn't that guy ever praise anybody

Dal: True men of vision are never recognized in there own time Jack

Trudy: What's that

Bray: Water what do you think

Trudy: Exactly what am I suppose to think, you've been collecting water you and your friend

Bray: No

Bray: Well I hope your satisfied everyone's laughing at me stuck here holding the baby while you are of partying how do you think that makes me feel, so was she good was it worth it, where are you going

Bray: I'm not even gonna bother to explain you wouldn't understand anyway

Trudy: Bray don't go

Bray: I just want five minutes peace we'll talk later

Paul: Chloe, Chloe,Chloe

Trudy: What's he saying

Amber: Chloe we were so worried

Salene: What happened

Jack: Are you alright

Amber: Hey what happened to your foot

Chloe: I got chased by the Locos I fell over and broke it

Tai-San: It's not broken only sprained she'll be fine

Chloe: She rescued me if it wasn't for her I'd be a prisoner of the Locos now

Amber: Thank you and welcome

Lex: What's going on here and who is she

Amber: She brought Chloe back to us

Lex: How'd you get in here, Jack didn't you get that alarm fixed up yet, what are you trying to do get us all killed

Amber: You must be starving both of you welcome to the mall

Chloe: Tai-San: this is everyone, everyone this is Tai-San

Tai-San: Thank you

Dal: Weren't you scared when night fell

Chloe: At least I could hide from the Locos but if I'd known the secret I could've found my way home anytime

Patsy: Secret

Chloe: Listening, Tai-San showed my how

Amber: But why did you run away Chloe were you upset about Bluebell

Lex: Yeah well it's all ancient history forget it

Chloe: I took her of to be safe but then she ran of

Amber: You, Lex I thought you said the Locos had taken of with Bluebell

Lex: That's right, they must have let her go again

Amber: Oh that'll be it they'll all have turned vegetarian

Lex: Am I the only one that's noticed we're faced with a serious breach of security here a total stranger walks in to the mall and nobody bats an eyelid nobody questions it well I've got a couple of questions for you Tai-San or whatever you call yourself, who are you? Where'd you come from? And what do you want?

Ryan: That's three questions

Lex: Shut it

Amber: If you've finished, Tai-San is our guest are you gonna show some manners

Lex: Have it your way Amber you usually do I'm gonna go see about making this place secure, Jack, Dal with me

Chloe: I didn't mean to cause so much trouble

Amber: You haven't don't be silly

Patsy: We should have a party to celebrate getting Chloe back

Lex: So how does the trip wire set of the laptop

Jack: That's Dal's area

Dal: Since when don't tell me since you realized you didn't know how to do it

Jack: Well I'm the ideas man technical adviser your chief engineer

Lex: Given each other titles

Jack: Oh is there something wrong with that mister chief of security

Amber: We're gonna have a little party for Chloe, could you organize some music Jack

Jack: Sure Dal can you finish of there please

Lex: A party

Amber: Oh don't start

Lex: With music don't you think this could be what she planned this could be a signal for the rest of her tribe before we know it we could be on the run

Amber: Better fix that alarm then

Lex: You don't know anything about her

Amber: Your right we have to be careful but I'm pretty sure about one thing she's not a Locust or a Demon Dog anyway we could do a lot worse than being over run by a tribe of space style hippies

Lex: I'd like to know how

Salene: Trudy

Trudy: Get out leave me alone

Salene: Listen I did go with Bray to fetch the water well to talk to him I thought, I don't know what I thought

Trudy: You thought you'd take him of me

Salene: Yes maybe I did well I was wrong and I just wanted to say I'm sorry and that I won't interfere anymore okay

Jack: There's something not right about that girl every time you look around she's staring at you, spooky

Dal: Jack remember what you were saying about you being in charge and me being the assistant

Jack: You know I wasn't being serious about that

Dal: No but I was I think you should be the boss take responsibility for everything

Jack: Really oh okay

Dal: Good first thing you can do is go tell Lex we're not sure whether the alarms working

Tai-San: It is a time of great loneliness we all feel the need to belong that's why it's a good thing to be part of a tribe

Zandra: If you met the Demon Dogs you wouldn't think so

Tai-San: But all this will pass in time even a Demon Dog must grow older and wiser

Ryan: If the virus doesn't get them first

Amber: What about you Tai-San do you belong to a tribe

Tai-San: Of sorts but my path is different I've elected to follow my heart wherever it may lead me I cannot stop until I find what I'm seeking

Amber: And what is that

Tai-San: Truth

Lex: I think I'm gonna throw up

Tai-San: So what are you called

Zandra: Called

Tai-San: Your tribe

Chloe: We don't have a name

Amber: We just sort of came together accidentally

Tai-San: There are no accidents in this world

Lex: I've got a name for us, the rats

Bray: No

Lex: Why not we live like them, Mallrats scratching for food

Patsy: I know how about the Dolphins

Bray: No

Salene: No way

Lex: Come on lets be the rats I can be the king rat I got a battle cry that'll strike fear in to the hearts of all our enemies

Jack: It's the alarm it's working

Bray: Go ahead I'm with you

Lex: We know your out there we're not afraid come out and face us

Bray: Bob it's you

Lex: Stupid animal

Amber: Bob what were you doing frightening us like that

Chloe: We thought you were a Loco

Tai-San: You see

Amber: What

Tai-San: The spirit of the tribe spelling hope for the future

Lex: What she on about now

Amber: Lex be quiet go on Tai-San

Tai-San: We've come together for a purpose we are a tribe but we are still lacking something that something is pride

Lex: What's this we are a tribe nobody's invited you to join us

Tai-San: And yet I'm here perhaps that's why I've come to restore your pride in one another by giving you a name, please lets form a circle everyone join hands

Amber: What harm can it do

Lex: All this for a name

Tai-San: It's more than a name it's the future

Lex: Ryan your kidding me not you to

Amber: Lex just grab someone's hand

Lex: I'll join hands on one condition we're called the Mallrats any objections

Jack: Well actually rats are very intelligent creatures highly developed family units

Amber: So we could do worse

Lex I can't believe I'm doing this

Tai-San: Lets all close our eyes and focus for a moment

Trudy: Wait

Amber: That's it we're all here

Tai-San: As of this day all who join hands are bound together as one brothers and sisters to the end

Salene: Bray can I talk to you

Amber: How are you feeling

Trudy: Better thanks

Amber: Listen I'm sorry about what I said

Trudy: No your right it isn't your problem I guess it's just I've always thought of you as leader I suppose that's why I thought you were in on it

Amber: Well that's what I've been talking to Tai-San about maybe we don't need leaders anymore maybe there's hope for us yet

Salene: I just wanted to apologize

Bray: No it's me not you I ought to tell you I know what it looks like but I'm not sleeping with Trudy

Salene: Your not

Bray: I don't want that sort of complication in my life trying to play happy families in a looted shopping mall I mean it's crazy there's to much to be done

Salene: What about Brady

Bray: I'll do my best for my brothers sake but the truth is Salene I'm glad Brady's not mine I don't want the responsibility of trying to raise a baby in a world like this

Salene: Sorry

Bray: What's the matter

Salene: I don't want a baby either all I've ever wanted is to feel I belong somewhere

Bray: It's alright

Trudy: Bray
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