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The Tribe season 1 episode 14 script

Chloe: Bluebell, Bluebell where are you

Amber: No sign of her

Ryan: She's not in the mall

Zandra: Or the car park

Amber: She's got to stop this

Lex: Right could put us all in danger if one of the other tribe's decide to follow her back here

Trudy: Aw look who's back it's your uncle Bray

Bray: We have to look outside for her

Lex: We ain't

Bray: You can't leave Chloe out there just to get one up on me it's pathetic

Lex: And your pathetic if you think I'd do that there's a storm out there it'll be pitch black in half an hour you got x-ray eyes superman

Zandra: She's only little Lex out there on her own

Lex: You don't have to be big to be an idiot

Amber: Lex is right it's too dangerous to go out now

Lex: Thanks Amber at least somebody realizes I ain't head of security for nothing look if she's not back we'll look in the morning tonight she's on her own

Salene: What am I going to tell Patsy and Paul they're really upset about Chloe

Trudy: Aw You'd never do anything as stupid as that would you Brady no we look after you don't we

Salene: What are you trying to say Trudy

Bray: Tell them we'll find her Salene

Paul: She's dead I know she is

Patsy: No don't say that don't

Salene: Hey, hey what's wrong

Patsy: Chloe's not dead is she

Salene: Of course not I'm sure she's just sheltering from the rain

Patsy: Wish Bob was with her

Salene: She's gonna be alright I promise

Trudy: We were just of to bed who wants to say goodnight to Brady just a quick night, night to Patsy and Paul then we have to go cause someone's coming to see us yes they are your uncle Bray

Jack: It's still yucky

Dal: Maybe we should taste it might not be as horrible as it looks

Jack: You first

Dal: It was your invention you should have the honor

Jack: No way no one else will want to either

Trudy: Oh sweet not again

Bray: She's just tired she was nearly asleep

Trudy: She hardly ever sleeps not unless your around she's really happy then she really loves you Bray you can tell she'll be up again as soon as you go I won't get a wink of sleep I never do

Bray: Well that's what babies do there's not much you can do about it

Trudy: Well perhaps if you stayed

Bray: No I don't think that's a good idea

Trudy: I do the best I can you know I do try

Bray: I know you do Trudy

Trudy: It's so hard being on my own without a dad for her

Bray: Your tired Trudy you should get some rest

Trudy: How can I she won't let me she'll start again as soon as you go

Bray: Okay I'll stay

Trudy: Thank you

Bray: Now get some rest okay, sweet dreams

Jack: Come on, come on, water mills that's no use filtration ancient systems

Dal: This what your looking for mister technology

Jack: What gravel and sand filters

Dal: And what's in those bags at the back of the hardware store

Jack: Gravel and sand

Trudy: Oh for god sake not again

Bray: It's alright, it's okay ssh, ssh

Trudy: Bray try bringing her in here with me maybe she'll settle, don't go

Bray: Trudy I'm tired

Trudy: Hold me Bray please just for a minute, Bray you forgot your oh morning Salene

Lex: Right all those volunteers for operation stupid kid put up your hands

Jack: Dal and I can't go

Dal: We've almost finished the water purification system

Jack: Been up all night

Bray: Three of us will be enough

Salene: I could come

Trudy: Don't be ridiculous

Salene: What's so ridiculous girls are as good as boys

Zandra: That's true

Amber: Patsy and Paul need you here Salene we don't need them worrying about you as well

Jack: What about Bob he could track her

Lex: Leave it out

Dal: He knows her smell

Lex: But he's a mutt not a tracking dog he'll go chasing after some bunny rabbit and we'll all be stuffed look forget it

Zandra: I'll look after the children Salene, Chloe will be really happy to see you

Amber: And what if they don't find Chloe your like a mother to Patsy and Paul you can't leave them here fretting on there own

Salene: Okay I'll stay, your right Amber I am the best mother here

Lex: Right lets hit it before the Locos get on the move and remember I do security around here

Amber: Lets hope they don't end up killing each other

Lex: Hurry up, where you going

Bray: To the woods

Lex: On whose orders

Bray: Chloe will be looking for the calf you said so yourself, the calf will head for grass not concrete

Lex: But the Locos have her haven't they brain

Ryan: So you said

Lex: Right I saw them now correct me if I'm wrong I mean you do know the Locos a lot better than I do but green trees pretty grass not exactly they're choice of hangouts look we're going for the city concrete and decay that's where she'll be looking unless of course you want to make something of it

Jack: Turn it on slowly amazing is it that simple

Dal: Apparently the microbes attach themselves to the gravel and sand

Jack: Well I know but does it work

Salene: Okay I'll be captain Dan, what

Patsy: Chloe's piece

Salene: Oh sorry I'll be the blue one then commander Stellar okay

Zandra: Oh you don't mind if I do this in here do you it's miserable on my own and Amber's no fun at all

Patsy: I love the freedom troopers the warlords dumb

Zandra: I don't know what's wrong with her I mean all I said was did you see where Bray slept last night and she snapped my head of

Patsy: Where did he sleep

Salene: It's your turn

Zandra: Looks like mother superior is finally got her claws in to him I mean he's never slept there before has he

Salene: Patsy that's five and you moved six

Paul: Cheat

Patsy: No I'm not it was a mistake

Zandra: Well I suppose it had to happen eventually the way she uses that baby to get his attention got more than his attention now I expect, where you going

Salene: You take over

Zandra: But Salene my nails, what's got in to her

Patsy: Did Bray sleep with Trudy

Zandra: Oh me and my big mouth

Amber: Hey Salene what's the rush, hey what's wrong is it Chloe are the others back

Salene: No it's nothing

Amber: Doesn't look like nothing

Salene: Just leave it Amber

Amber: Hey come on we're all in this together you can talk to me

Salene: Not about this

Amber: Try me

Salene: I don't want to

Amber: Oh I get it this is about Trudy and the baby

Salene: Congratulations you can add psychic to your long list of skill

Amber: Hey don't take it out on me the baby belongs to Trudy Salene you always knew that

Salene: No she may have had her and given her that stupid name but it was me who fed her and got up with her at night until Trudy suddenly saw her as a way to get Bray in to bed

Amber: Oh and you never thought of the baby in that way did you

Salene: Just keep your nose out of it Amber your not as important in everyone's lives as you think some of us actually like to do things without checking with you first

Ebony: Spread out and cover the area if Zoot's alive we'll find him, move

Patsy: Will you do my hair after Zandra

Zandra: Sure I can cut it if you like, what's he say

Patsy: He says if you'll cut it I'll look like a Demon Dog

Zandra: I won't cut it that short Paul I'll just style it for you then shall I how about a french plait

Patsy: Please, can you do Salene's after

Zandra: Yeah, what do you say Salene fancy a makeover

Salene: I don't think so Zandra

Patsy: Come on Salene, Zandra's really good

Salene: Not today

Zandra: Oh go on you'll feel better

Salene: I feel fine

Zandra: You don't look like it

Salene: Just leave me alone will you

Paul: Grumpy pants

Zandra: What

Salene: I am not a grumpy pants

Zandra: Least it wasn't my big mouth this time

Bray: Should've looked in the woods

Lex: She ain't there

Ryan: She could have been Lex

Lex: Yeah and she could have been in one of the Locos cooking pots too

Amber: You didn't find her then, well where did you look

Bray: The city

Trudy: Look uncle Bray's back, the children are looking for you Salene

Bray: Not not Trudy I'm tired

Trudy: See you later then I'm going back to bed I'm worn out

Lex: Oh yeah

Ryan: What are we gonna do about Chloe

Amber: There is only one thing for it we'll look in the woods

Lex: No way man

Bray: You don't have to go

Lex: Look I'm chief of security remember nobody's going

Amber: We can't leave her out there on her own Lex

Lex: And we can't keep on wondering around out there either what if somebody see's us and follows us back it's too risky better one of us gets caught than all of us and if it's her just pray she doesn't blab

Bray: Well all the more reason to find her surely

Lex: What if she doesn't wanna be found she doesn't exactly stick around here much does she

Zandra: I thought I might find you in here it's a good place to be on your own isn't it

Salene: I thought it was

Zandra: Oh it is no one ever thinks of looking in here

Salene: Except you

Zandra: Yeah well I'm a girl aren't we're in tune you and me

Salene: Yeah look Zandra

Zandra: It's okay you don't have to explain that Trudy's a right cow don't worry Salene I'm sure Bray fancies you really

Salene: I don't think so Zandra

Zandra: He does I can read the signs there's a real chemistry between you two

Salene: And there's a baby between him and Trudy

Zandra: Oh that's just a responsibility that's all it is with her, duty hassle he has a laugh with you

Salene: And spends the night with her

Zandra: Yeah well he's a guy isn't he they can't help themselves don't give up girl just keep giving him them smoldering looks he'll come round listen to your Auntie Zandra

Salene: I do not give him smoldering looks

Zandra: Well you should start I'll show you

Salene: No thanks Bray isn't like Lex

Zandra: Sweetheart they're all the same and we girls have got to stick together haven't we

Patsy: I can't eat this I want Chloe back

Lex: I'll have it then

Amber: Try to eat Patsy what will Chloe say if she comes back and finds you've made yourself ill

Jack: Ta-da

Dal: It's ready

Jack: Clean water grab your glasses

Amber: Is that really the same stuff

Jack/Dal: Yep

Zandra: How did you do it

Dal: Sand and gravel filter

Ryan: I can't see any sand or gravel in it

Jack: There isn't any sand in it because it's been filtered through it

Zandra: Probably still some germs in it though you can't see germs

Jack: Well it hasn't it's purified

Lex: Who said taken it down to the lab have you had it tested

Jack: They've been doing this for years Lex

Dal: Centuries

Amber: Look why don't we all just try it

Lex: You first

Amber: To Jack and Dal our technological wizards

Zandra: Lex

Amber: This is great

Ryan: Give me some, it tastes like real water

Dal: It is real water dummy

Ryan: Hey watch it

Amber: It's amazing though out of the clouds on to our roof to this

Zandra: It's like a miracle

Patsy: Perhaps it is

Lex: Oh give me a break, oi what are you playing at

Patsy: It's for Bob

Lex: No it's for humans

Bray: I'm in charge of food around here, carry on Patsy

Lex: Hey babe what's up you missed supper

Salene: Very observant

Lex: I feel for you really Zandra told me about Bray messing you around and he's no right not a classy babe like you

Salene: What do you want Lex

Lex: I don't like seeing good people treated bad after all you've done for Trudy and that

Salene: What is this, Lex the agony aunt

Lex: Look I'm tough okay but it's a tough world out there and I wanna survive it doesn't mean I don't have feelings

Salene: What exactly are you doing

Lex: Best way to unwind massage feel good look relax let Lexi take care of you

Salene: Just remember I've got a great right hook, Lex

Lex: Trust me Sal, you got very soft skin

Zandra: Salene Patsy wants, what the

Salene: It was nothing Zandra Lex was just

Zandra: I can see what Lex was just, thank you very much, you out now

Lex: It was you that told me she was upset Zan I was just

Zandra: Save it Lex

Lex: Another time

Trudy: She's settled now it's lovely isn't it

Bray: All babies are lovely

Trudy: Not just her I'm so glad you decided to be with us Bray

Bray: Well she's family

Trudy: We're family almost you me and Brady

Paul: Where's Chloe going to sleep

Amber: You musn't worry about Chloe now must they Salene

Patsy: Salene's very upset isn't she

Amber: She misses Chloe aswell

Patsy: I think it's about Bray and Trudy

Amber: Ssh, look we all miss Chloe Paul but she's gonna be fine

Patsy: Who's gonna look after her while she's in the woods

Amber: Remember Hansel and Gretel they lived for ages in the forest didn't they with all the little animals covering them with leaves and stuff

Patsy: That's babes in the wood

Amber: Oh never mind anyway the point is that Chloe's at least as clever as them and she doesn't have a wicked witch to worry about

Paul: They didn't have the Locos to worry about

Amber: Look first thing in the morning we'll look for her again okay

Patsy: Bob would have found her by now

Amber: We don't know that

Patsy: Lex is horrible

Amber: Yeah well we do know that, sweet dreams night Salene

Lex: Oh come on Zan how long you gonna keep this up, Zan, doll, this is all I was doing just a neck rub hey Zan you're my girl

Zandra: Yeah then stay away from Salene just cause she can't have Bray doesn't mean she's having you Lex no way

Lex: So your having me instead then

Zandra: Get of

Trudy: It's all been so horrible Zoot dying and then my illness

Bray: It's all over now

Trudy: I've been so scared she's only a tiny baby but she needs so much

Bray: I know, I know it's been hard

Trudy: But it's all gonna be okay now isn't it I don't know what we'd do without you Bray

Bray: Oh you'd cope

Trudy: I don't think so

Bray: Hey don't Trudy

Trudy: It's okay I want this

Bray: No you've had a long day okay your tired

Trudy: No I want you, I want us

Bray: No

Trudy: Why you know you want to

Bray: Trudy I

Trudy: You know I never loved Zoot

Bray: This isn't the time

Trudy: Well what's the matter

Bray: Chloe's out there on her own Trudy aren't you just a little bit concerned for her

Trudy: Oh shut up Brady

Locos: We've searched everywhere for him he's not here, hey do you want a drink
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