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The Tribe season 1 episode 6 script

Zoot: Happy

Trudy: No I won’t you mustn’t please you mustn’t no please

Salene: She’s bad isn’t she

Amber: You’d better find Bray

Salene: What about the baby

Amber: She’s sleeping and she’ll be fine with me

Salene: You need anything

Amber: Food and water, my mum she was brilliant when people were ill

Chloe: Come on, come on, come on good girl

Lex: Cereal for lunch this is revolting I mean who eats cereal without milk anyway it’s like eating bird food

Jack: Well my apologies your lord ship I didn’t have the time to lay on fresh dairy produce I did have about teals and milk but it turned in to cheese

Salene: Has anyone seen Bray I can’t find him anywhere

Lex: And we don’t want to

Zandra: How’s Trudy

Salene: Delirious calling out all sort of strange stuff

Jack: And the fever

Salene: Heavy she’s soaked through the bedding it’s dripping wet

Lex: Do you mind it’s hard enough keeping this muck down as it is

Salene: I’ve looked for him everywhere

Lex: Gone for good this time I bet run of and left us to deal with his mess

Salene: Don’t be so mean if he’s gone outside I’m sure he’s got a good enough reason

Lex: Yeah like he’s spying for another tribe for instance

Salene: There’s no proof of that Lex your just trying to stir up trouble

Jack: He does keep vanishing without a word

Lex: Exactly

Salene: Don’t listen to him Jack he’s trying to brain was you, you’ve been on Bray’s case ever since you first laid eyes on him

Zandra: And the only reason your defending him is cause you fancy him rotten

Salene: Who

Zandra: Bray of course you fancy him

Salene: No I don’t I just think it’s unfair to judge someone before having all the facts

Ryan: If my girlfriend was sick I’d stay with her

Lex: That would make her more sick

Zandra: A girl likes a man who’s considerate Lex

Lex: Is that a fact

Zandra: It is actually

Lex: Face it Bray couldn’t hack it when the going got tough he didn’t have the guts to stick around

Salene: Well I hope your wrong

Jack: It doesn’t matter either way if Dal doesn’t get back soon with the antibiotics

Zandra: Do you think he will

Lex: No way he doesn’t stand a chance out there alone if the Locos don’t get him another tribe will

Patsy: Bob, Bob

Amber: It’s alright Trudy it’ll be alright I promise you it’ll be alright

Patsy: Bob, Bob come here sit down there’s a good boy oh sit down stay still you like being groomed

Amber: Could you kids please do that somewhere else Trudy’s trying to sleep and the noise is driving me nuts

Patsy: Sorry Amber I guess we just weren’t thinking

Amber: That’s okay just go and make Bob beautiful huh

Ryan: Where are we going now

Zandra: Just follow me I’ve got a surprise for you

Amber: Zandra I need to make Trudy some soup could you look after her while I’m gone

Zandra: Sorry Amber but sick people make me feel yuck I can’t help it sorry

Chloe: Come on this, this is a fridge it keeps things cold things like food and drink like milk like what your mummy makes one day you’ll make milk aswell come on

Amber: Come on Trudy you can beat this you’ve just got to want to fight it think of all you have to live for like your baby you don’t wanna miss out on watching her grow up and then there’s Bray so much to live for where are you Bray where are you when she needs you

Salene: Jack am I disturbing you, you do that everyday don’t you

Jack: Well you never know when your gonna strike it lucky do you

Salene: You really think someone’s out there tuning in some adult

Jack: There has to be, the virus can’t have wiped out the whole planet

lene: I suppose it’s like being stranded on a desert island putting a message in to a bottle and sending it out to sea

Jack: Yeah something like that

Salene: I wanna give the baby a bath she’s starting to smell

Jack: What you telling me for

Salene: Because it’s gonna take more than one water ration and as we’re sort of a group and share everything I thought I better ask everybody first

Jack: Your not using my share to do that

Salene: Why not she needs to be clean

Jack: I need not to die of thirst

Salene: Don’t be so dramatic

Jack: I’m not I’m being pragmatic well you go ahead ask the others maybe they’ll be dumb enough to give you some of there’s

Lex: Woo-hoo go Zan you could have been a model easy

Zandra: I still might be once things get sorted out what do you think Ryan how do I look

Ryan: You look great Zandra

Salene: Hi listen I need to give the baby a bath it’s dirty

Ryan: And smelly

Salene: We’ve gotta keep it clean or it’ll get a disease

Zandra: That’s the last thing we need

Salene: But I need more than my water ration

Lex: No need to use your ration Sal take it out of mine

Zandra: What

Salene: Really

Zandra: Lex how wonderful of you sacrificing yourself for a little baby

Lex: Hey never say I’m not considerate

Zoot: It’s to dodgy

Bray: I’ll see you later

Chloe: Sshh

Ryan: I don’t get why we’re doing this

Lex: Because I’m a wonderful human being Ryan didn’t you hear it

Ryan: But you don’t even like babies

Lex: It’s politics look I know it’s a big word but trust me it don’t do any harm being popular if I can make myself look like a hero I will

Ryan: So what are we doing up here again

Lex: To take it out of the tank ya idiot

Ryan: The tank but that’s everybody’s Lex

Lex: So who’s gonna know any difference well go on make me a hero, there you are, warmed it up for you and everything

Salene: Thanks Lex but where’d you get the water from

Lex: I didn’t use all my ration Ryan will tell you I’ve been days without water I’m like a camel

Salene: That’s so very kind I have to admit I didn’t think you had it in you I’m a bit surprised

Lex: I’m full of surprises Salene so do I get a little kiss for my trouble

Salene: Oh well

Lex: No matter I don’t need a reward anyway

Bray: Chloe, Chloe

Zandra: Hi

Amber: Have you seen the tin opener

Zandra: No

Amber: Great that’s marvellous you turn your back for five minutes and this place is a tip

Zandra: Here it is

Amber: Thanks

Zandra: How’s Trudy

Amber: Not good

Zandra: I can’t make Bray out I mean does he love her or not

Amber: Trudy

Zandra: I mean where is he I thought he was so nice at first didn’t you

Amber: I didn’t give it a thought

Zandra: You’re a quiet one aren’t you I mean you say a lot but you hide stuff

Amber: I don’t well like what

Zandra: Was Lex right about you fancying him

Amber: Me fancy Lex

Zandra: No Bray you know what I mean

Amber: Zandra he’s Trudy’s boyfriend for goodness sake

Zandra: Wouldn’t stop me

Amber: Have you seen the little ones

Zandra: Paul and Patsy are playing in the toy shop but I haven’t seen Chloe all day

Amber: Great that’s marvellous here we are trying to get something together and nobody’s ever here I mean they just keep going of and disappearing what’s the point in that

Zandra: So you do like him then

Ryan: What do they look like

Lex: Batteries Ryan they look like batteries I know Jack has them hidden somewhere, that little snake

Bray: Hello Chloe who’s your friend she have a name

Chloe: Bluebell

Bray: Bluebell that’s a cool name cool name for a cool calf

Chloe: Stay away from me

Bray: Don’t be scared I’m not gonna hurt you I’m your friend remember now come on let’s go back to the mall it’s not safe here

Chloe: What were you doing with that bad man

Bray: Well that’s a secret our secret

Chloe: But that was Zit

Bray: His name is Zoot

Chloe: He’s bad if he’s your friend I should tell Amber

Bray: Believe me he’s no friend of mine now listen if you keep my secret I’ll say nothing to the others about bluebell if they find her do you know what they’ll want to do to her they’ll want to eat her that’s right they’ll wanna kill her cook her and eat her

Chloe: No

Bray: It’s your choice if you say nothing about Zoot I’ll say nothing about bluebell well our secret

Lex: Come on yes

Jack: What are you doing put that down

Ryan: Sorry

Jack: Do you have any idea how important this radio is this radio could be our only link to the outside world

Ryan: I was being careful

Jack: Yeah well never touch it again

Lex: Lay of him it’s only a useless piece of junk

Jack: Junk this radio could be our only lifeline

Lex: And what do you expect to pick up static the weather forecast

Jack: Well you’ll feel pretty stupid when I do make contact with somebody

Lex: In your dreams

Jack: And who gave you permission to use my batteries for that moronic game

Lex: It’s not just a game it’s training it’s focusing my mind and sharpening my fighting skills

Jack: It’s just a game

Lex: It’s developing my hand co-ordination my reflexes

Jack: That skill doesn’t give you the right to waste our energy sources

Lex: You want me to stop playing okay I was getting tired anyway

Jack: Hey give me those

Lex: Don’t even try it hold on to him Ryan if he comes at me again I might have to hurt him bad

Jack: Let me go

Ryan: Sorry it’s for your own good

Dal: You guys I’ve got them

Chloe: I want to play please can I

Bray: We haven’t got time we need to get back

Chloe: But I want to

Bray: Well maybe tomorrow

Chloe: If you won’t let me play I’ll tell on you I’ll tell about Zoot

Bray: Now that’s not very nice

Chloe: Please it won’t take long five minutes just five minutes

Bray: Chloe do you remember about Trudy

Chloe: She’s not very well

Bray: Oh it’s worse than that Chloe she might even die do you know what that means

Chloe: That’s what happened to all the grown ups

Bray: And if we don’t hurry up and get back we might be to late and we might not see Trudy ever again and we don’t want that do we come on

Dal: Her temperatures sky high I’m not to sure about the correct dosage

Jack: It’s never much more than two

Amber: Two sounds good, Dal

Dal: Yeah two’s the safe amount and enough to have some effect could you hold her head up

Jack: Try not spill to much water

Lex: Shut up Jack

Amber: Come on that’s enough she needs some rest she’s doesn’t need us gawking at her move it she’s not a spectator sport

Dal: I guess the same again in a few hours

Amber: Okay, I’m exhausted

Salene: I really hope you make it Trudy honestly

Ryan: Money lovely money

Bray: Now remember what I said

Chloe: No Zoot no Bluebell

Bray: Good girl

Salene: Bray, Chloe where have you been

Bray: How is she

Salene: Dal came through with the antibiotics she had some a few hours ago

Bray: It’s to early to tell

Chloe: Is Trudy going to be okay

Salene: Yes Chloe she had some medicine that’ll make her better

Bray: Hang in there Trudy hang in there

Jack: Your taking more than your share

Amber: Lex we do have a rationing system

Lex: What system I don’t see any system but first come first serve

Zandra: I don’t like sweet corn does that mean I can have more baked beans

Dal: No way if you don’t like sweet corn that’s your problem

Patsy: You can have my share I’ve got enough already

Lex: Anybody wanna give me there spaghetti

Zandra: You can have some of mine I’m watching my figure

Lex: Your not the only one

Amber: Where have you been

Bray: Searching for medical supplies went through every chemist and drug stores I could find

Amber: Get anything

Bray: They were all stripped down found her in the playground and brought her home, thanks Dal what you did for Trudy was very brave

Amber: I’m curious Bray where exactly have you been

Bray: Well I told you

Amber: Well why should we believe you, you could be lying

Lex: That’s what I’ve been saying all along

Amber: You claim you’ve been all over the city but somehow you manage to come back completely empty handed

Bray: It was all gone

Amber: Everything, every plaster every tube of toothpaste every single little aspirin

Bray: I was only looking for what Trudy needed there wasn’t time for anything else

Amber: Not even a split second to pick up something we might need something useful

Zandra: Give him a break he was trying to save Trudy’s life

Amber: So was Dal he risked his neck

Bray: And I’m very grateful to him

Amber: Only him not the rest of us you stand there stuffing down our food but you don’t seem to think you owe us anything in return what is it with you Bray the comings and goings the air of mystery is it all a pose or is it for real come on Bray what’s the big secret

Bray: None of your business

Lex: Well we better make it our business hadn’t we
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