Friday, June 5, 2009

The Tribe Season 1 Episode 3 Script

Amber: Did anyone see you come in

Bray: Nobody sees me if I don’t want them to

Salene: She can stay can’t she amber

Amber: Do you want to stay Trudy

Trudy: Yes please

Lex: Polite the answers still no

Jack: Hang on a minute I think I should have a say this is my place after all

Lex: Not anymore nerd

Salene: You can’t chuck her out just like that

Lex: Why not

Zandra: She’s going to have a baby Lex

Lex: Who rattled your cage

Zandra: I just thought

Lex: That’s a novelty you thinking just shut it Zandra

Zandra: Ryan you come with me

Lex: Are you lot thick or something we need people who are useful I am she’s not

Bray: Yeah you’re very good at shooting your mouth of what else do you do that makes you so special

Lex: You want me to show you

Bray: Try me

Salene: Kids go and play

Chloe: What with

Salene:Find something

Amber: Stay in the mall go ahead guys have a fight make a lot of noise get the Locos in here and have us all caught

Trudy: Don’t Bray

Salene: You look half starved when was the last time you had a hot meal

Trudy: I don’t remember

Salene: Come with me I’ll fix you something

Lex: Hold on we haven’t said she can stay yet

Amber: It’s just one meal Lex go on Salene

Salene: Don’t worry she’ll be alright with me we won’t go far we’ll be in the café

Bray: Thanks

Patsy: Look what I found catch

Chloe: Catch

Patsy: You have to make sure that he’s looking at you before you can throw it

Chloe: Sorry

Patsy: Jack we’re hungry

Jack: Later okay

Zandra: Lex he treats us like muck and I’m not having it I hate him

Ryan: I think he fancies you

Zandra: In his dreams what do you think then

Ryan: What about you and Lex

Zandra: The baby I think it would be really nice to have a little baby around all those little clothes, little booties and stuff

Ryan: Don’t know anything about babies

Zandra: You could be like it’s uncle you could teach it things

Ryan: Like what

Zandra: Anything Ryan babies don’t know anything when they’re born even you could teach it something

Ryan: Lex wouldn’t like that

Zandra: Lex he doesn’t own you Ryan and he certainly doesn’t own me

Ryan: Yeah

Zandra: Actually this place might not be to bad if it was done up a bit

Salene: So when’s the baby due

Trudy: I don’t know soon I think do you want to feel it

Salene: Can I

Trudy: Yeah go on oh it’s moving again it must like it here

Salene: That’s amazing what do you want a boy or a girl

Trudy: A boy definitely a boy

Salene: Like his dad he seems really nice he’s very good looking isn’t he

Trudy: Yeah

Salene: He’s really taking care of you it’s lovely to see there’s not many guys like that

Trudy: Bray’s been really good to me I don’t know what I would have done without him

Bray: I don’t expect you to take us in empty handed

Amber: Well what have you got

Lex: Whatever it is we don’t want it

Bray: And I can get more

Lex: I’m sick of this are you gonna let him buy his way in here with tins of peaches and chocolate I can get us anything we want we don’t need you and we certainly don’t need your girlfriend and her brat now get lost

Bray: I’m talking to the organ grinder not the monkey

Amber: Wait a minute I’m not in charge here anymore than Lex is it’s for everyone to decide where are you going

Dal: You don’t need me for this

Amber: Well you can’t just leave you haven’t said anything what do you think what’s that suppose to mean

Dal: It means I don’t care either way

Amber: Well you can’t just not have an opinion

Lex: We’ll take that as a no then

Salene: You been on the move long

Trudy: Seems like it I feel safe here it seems like a good place have you been living here long

Salene: We’ve only been here a couple of days except Jack he’s been here the longest thinks he owns the place here it’s just hot dogs and beans but it’s good food

Trudy: I’m sorry I can’t eat that

Salene: Why not it’s good food

Trudy: I’m a vegetarian I don’t eat meat

Salene: oh well just have the beans then you don’t believe in making things easy for yourself do you I eat anything I can get Trudy

Trudy: Salene I’m so scared I don’t know what to do I’ve never had a baby before

Salene: Don’t worry I’ll help you

Trudy: I thought we might find a doctor somewhere but there’s no one just kids

Salene: It’ll be fine I mean babies have been getting born for a long time now it’s natural isn’t it

Trudy: Not in this world it isn’t

Chloe: Hello are you lost where’s your mummy wait there don’t run away I’m coming here come here come to Chloe don’t run away come back

Paul: Yeah, yeah

Salene: Patsy, Paul I need to talk to you it’s important you know Trudy’s going to have a baby well she needs our help people to look after her we’re going to be her new family you know I told you we have to share sometimes well this is one of those times

Patsy: Have you given her our breakfast

Salene: No but we might all have to have a bit less for a while you understand

Dal: Still fiddling with that radio I don’t know why you bother there’s no one out there

Jack: There must be I can’t be the only one to get a radio to work

Dal: And if you do make contact will you like what you find

Jack: What do you mean

Dal: For a clever guy you can be pretty stupid that signal is an advert for where we are I mean all I’ve seen are mad men and crazies and just cause they’re crazy it doesn’t mean there stupid if they pick up that signal they’ll follow it straight here where you going

Jack: To get some peace this used to be my place I wish I had never let any of you guys in here

Amber: Are you sure Trudy wouldn’t be better of somewhere else

Lex: I’ll go tell her

Amber: Shut up

Bray: If there had been a better place I’d have found it the whole city is controlled by the tribe’s

Amber: Well some of them are well organised they have there own food stores wouldn’t they be a better bet

Bray: There’s a war for control going on and no one can be trusted and it’s no place for a baby I thought you lot looked different

Amber: And that’s why you’ve been watching us

Bray: Yeah it’s safer here out of the war zone everywhere else there’s just Locos and they’d use us as target practice

Lex: Look harder

Amber: We’re trying to make something work here

Bray: Well seems to me your on your own

Amber: It’s not easy

Bray: I can see that maybe I could help

Amber: You with a baby to look after your gonna be a dad soon hadn’t you better go and see how Trudy is

Lex: What’s all this

Zandra: I’m making the place look nice

Lex: For me oh Zan baby did Lexi upset you come here let me kiss it better

Ryan: Lex

Lex: Lighten up didn’t mean anything by it

Zandra: What are you staring at come on we’re not finished

Bray: Trudy

Salene: Let her sleep she’s really tired she said she’s been getting cramps she’s scared

Bray: I know

Salene: Have they said she can stay yet

Bray: No

Salene: They will I mean it’s the future isn’t it this babies the future they can’t turn there backs on that

Bray: Have any of us got a future

Salene: you have your gonna be a dad

Paul: Yeah, yeah

Lex: Shut up

Patsy: He can’t hear you he’s deaf

Lex: Read my lips shut up you got it Thank you, thank you, thank you

Chloe: Come back don’t run away I won’t hurt you I’m your friend

Zandra: I’m not sure about these blues but we’ll try them you know I think I’ve got a flare for this sort of thing

Ryan: What are these

Zandra: Scatter cushions

Ryan: What do I do with them

Zandra: Scatter them Ryan scatter them

Patsy: Sshh bob someone will hear you sshh

Jack: I’m not having it this is my place they follow my rules or they’re all out oh hello what’s he saying

Patsy: It’s fantastic all this food here all the time we can have a party come on Paul

Jack: Where are you going

Patsy: To tell Salene and Amber

Jack: Wait this is mine

Patsy: Yours

Jack: Yes mine

Patsy: But we’re suppose to share

Jack: Who says that

Patsy: Salene

Jack: Well Salene is welcome to share her stuff if she likes but this stuff is mine get it I didn’t ask you lot in here I’m not sharing this I can live for months on this if I have to share it, it wouldn’t last five minutes what’s he saying now

Patsy: L.E.X

Jack: No I don’t want him up here your not gonna tell the others about this will you they don’t have to know this could be our little secret or something couldn’t it what’s he saying

Patsy: He says he’s deaf he’s not stupid

Jack: Oh good

Patsy: But it’ll cost you

Jack: Yeah can of peaches

Patsy: Thank you

Jack: Macaroni and cheese, chocolate

Lex: Where’s lover boy

Amber: Checking on Trudy

Lex: Pity he’s already spoken for isn’t it

Amber: What do you mean

Lex: You fancy the pants of him don’t you

Amber: Don’t be a moron

Lex: So why you so keen on him staying

Amber: Lex this isn’t about if they go or stay it’s about how we make decisions I’m not letting you bully and blackmail the rest of them just so you can get your own way this is going to be a democracy right

Lex: And what you say goes does it some democracy

Amber: Democracy’s need defending

Lex: I’m not attacking you Amber I think you and me could work together matter of fact I think you and me could get on really Well if you know what I mean

Amber: Back off

Lex: Your loss I’m just trying to defend what we’ve got you don’t know anything about them they just turn up out of nowhere and you roll out the red carpet they could be with the Locos you just don’t know

Amber: No decisions been made yet

Lex: You fancy him and it’s destroying your judgement

Amber: Let’s get the others this needs sorting

Chloe: There you are come on bluebell sshh come on it’s okay come on

Amber: How is she

Salene: Tired

Bray: Well can she stay

Amber: We’re just going to have a vote

Salene: I’ll go find the kids

Chloe: We better get you back you lucky girl you could have been hamburgers

Zandra: Welcome to our humble abode make yourselves at home we’ve given the servants the night off or it would have been cocktails and conservatory well what do you think

Ryan: I know what’s missing I know

Amber: Ryan we’re going to vote where is he gone now

Lex: Let’s start without him

Amber: He gets a vote

Lex: He agrees with me

Patsy: Chloe’s not here

Lex: To bad

Chloe: Bluebell come on this way, this way good girl come on follow me

Amber: Look this is the problem to many people not enough to eat the more people there are the more mouths we have to feed and if we let Trudy stay that’s two more

Lex: Three don’t forget daddy

Salene: There are still quite a few cans in the café

Patsy: Paul and I have some chocolate

Amber: Thanks

Lex: Great that should just about do us for a mid morning snack look if we don’t eat we die

Salene: We’ve managed so far

Dal: There’s still food out there

Lex: Oh yeah there’s plenty of food out there some of it’s walking around the streets but can you get it you can’t just pop down to the supermarket with
your shopping trolley you know

Chloe: You’ll just have to stay here I can’t take you inside okay come on I’ll bring you some food when I can now be a good girl please and don’t worry I’ll look after you

Lex: And it’s not just about the food this is a baby we’re talking about you know babies that cry all night and won’t shut up it could put us all in danger

Salene: Rubbish

Lex: Yeah well don’t come crying to me when the Locos hear it and come after you

Ryan: Guys, guys look what I found I knew there was something missing

Zandra: Ryan that’s a cardboard television

Ryan: Oh there were real ones to but I couldn’t carry them

Jack: Ryan there’s no electricity the real ones wouldn’t even work

Ryan: I know, I know I just feel better with it there that’s all

Amber: We need to vote we’ll do it by a show of hands one vote per person

Lex: What they get to vote to kids

Amber: They live here to

Lex: Oh and the dog does he get to vote as well

Bray: Well they’re letting you vote

Lex: Wait a minute he doesn’t get to vote and neither does she

Amber: Agreed

Bray: Why not

Amber: Your not part of the tribe yet

Lex: And you might be a bit biased

Bray: And you aren’t

Lex: Well I’m part of the tribe aren’t I

Amber: Everyone gets a vote except Bray and Trudy so all those in favour of Trudy staying

Lex: Zandra what are you doing put down your hand

Zandra: No I won’t this is a democracy I’ve got rights and I like babies

Salene: Dal you must be on our side

Dal: I just think it’s to risky the more of us there are the more chances of getting caught

Amber: Okay four all those against

Zandra: Wouldn’t you know it all the guys

Salene: Wait a minute Amber you haven’t voted

Amber: I’m against

Salene: Amber

Zandra: I don’t believe it

Lex: Neither do I

Amber: We’re talking about a baby here not a dolly we’re a bunch of kids babies need looking after they need feeding we don’t even know if we can feed ourselves there must be somewhere else Bray somewhere better sorry Trudy

Bray: Keep your sympathy and you know where you can stick your democracy what sort of people turns away a pregnant girl what kind of world are you planning one with no babies in it cause you won’t last long then will you, you people make me sick your no better than the Locos at least they don’t try to pretend to be anything come on Trudy and you can keep your food I hope it chokes you

Lex: What’s happening now

Salene: Trudy

Trudy: Bray it’s coming the baby’s coming
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